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  A Doorway to the Light: After Death Experiences
Carmen de Sayve and Jocelyn Arellano

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In A Doorway to the Light, psychic medium Carmen de Sayve and speaker and channeler Jocelyn Arellano, offer a glimpse into the afterlife. Channelling teachers from planes beyond the physical world, they explore the spiritual realms and the potential obstacles that hinder our transition to our corresponding spiritual plane after death. Communicators tell us: “A successful transition depends on the vibrational frequencies of the mind. Those who cannot, or will not, cross over, are still tuned to the frequency of the material world, rather than the light beckoning from the world of spirit.”

The overarching theme is “God is love” and anything not pursued with love hinders us on our journey home.

The book explores reincarnation, altered states of consciousness, the illusion of death, possession, and life in the so-called hells, purgatory and Heaven.
Messages come from those who have already crossed over, detailing the various stages souls encounter as they continue their evolutionary journey into the light

About the author

Carmen de Sayve is a Mexican psychic and writer. Thanks to her mediumship and extra sensory faculties she has written several books based on the teachings she receives from higher dimension masters.
Through her capabilities, she provides help to those who, after death, find themselves lost or in a difficult transition due to their attachments to the material world and their limiting beliefs. She helps them to clarify their beliefs that keep them stuck in the low astral world so that they can see the light of heaven. At the same time she brings comfort to the bereaved.  She gives lectures and conferences on these subjects.

Speaker and channeler Jocelyn Arellano is a professional researcher in the field of the soul´s evolutionary process in the third dimension which includes life on planet Earth and on the different stages on the Astral world. She also sheds light into how our lives impact our lives on the other side. At the same time she brings depth into how the shift in consciousness that this planet is undergoing affects our daily experience bringing exceptional opportunities for the soul´s opening into higher frequencies.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published Spring 2024
ISBN 9781786772688
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