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“Nothing is lost in the thought world. Space is a false and wrong idea, belonging to separation. Let your hearts and minds rest undisturbed in the thought of the omnipresence of God, until, even in the flesh, you may come to realize that there is no space or distance, for you dwell in God and there is absolutely nothing outside God.” ~ Christ in You

Katsugoro and Other Reincarnation Cases in Japan by Ohkado Masayuki
Katsugoro and Other Reincarnation Cases in Japan
An Afterwords Press Release! “Where did you come from before you were born to our house?” eight-year-old Katsugoro asked his brother and sister. To his surprise, neither of them remembered a previous life as he did. In this book, the linguist and parapsychologist Ohkado Masayuki examines this and other historical Japanese cases suggestive of reincarnation, alongside his own contemporary research into the phenomenon. Read more...
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  Psychology and the Near-Death Experience: A Personal Revelation by Roy Hill, Psy.D
The book you are about to read has foundation in personal revelation. There is a great distinction, I have discovered, between learning facts from a book and learning by experience. This lesson peaked during my clinical training in graduate school. I quickly determined that learning about therapy in a textbook was different than actually doing psychotherapy. Whereas psychology textbooks cover technical procedures, the act of psychotherapy involves the interplay of emotions, personality forces, and personal histories. In my clinical experience, all these relationship dynamics become charged during every session.
  Ukraine War: A Story of Survival, Sacrifice, and Service
If charitable service to those in need is the ultimate in spirituality here in the physical life, this book most certainly deals with spiritual matters. The author, Amber Poole, an American woman and her husband, Paul, from Scotland but with Polish roots, operated an educational center in Poland when the Russians attacked Ukraine in 2022. As many Ukrainians fled to Poland, they turned their center into a home for as many as 40 refugees. The author kept a very interesting “war diary” over the first 18 months of the war, discussing everything from the cultural adjustments required by both the Polish and the Ukrainians to her own reactions and adjustments, as well as philosophical concerns and conflicts that often surfaced. In spite of the adversity and distress, she embraced the adversity.
  Murder with Roots in the Past by Zofia Weaver and Krzysztof Janoszka
In the winter of 2006 the fire brigade was called out to a fire in a block of flats at a street in the town of Będzin, in southern Poland. The firemen succeeded in putting out the fire and preventing the whole building from being destroyed. One flat was badly damaged by the fire, the one inhabited by the owner of the block. When the firemen and the police examined the damaged flat they made a macabre discovery: in the kitchen there were two charred bodies. The post-mortems showed that in both cases death was caused not by fire but by knife wounds. There was no doubt that the two people were murdered before their bodies were set on fire.
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Taking Your Toys With You At Death! by Michael Tymn: An aging friend who appears to be nearing the end of his life has become a very angry man recently. There was a time not long ago when he was very jovial as we talked over coffee or tea about such trivial… Read more
Family Feuds in the Afterlife – Part II by Michael Tymn: This is a continuation of the prior blog. It involves the renowned Irish medium Geraldine Cummins (GC) and four sisters. Molly Ross, the youngest and only living sister, had nine sittings with GC from… Read more
Feuds & Regrets in the Afterlife by Michael Tymn: The story of the Ross sisters, as communicated through the mediumship of Geraldine Cummins, perhaps the most accomplished automatist of the 20th Century, suggests that family grudges and feuds carry over… Read more
Remembering Professor William Newbold and His Research with Leonora Piper by Michael Tymn: As a member of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR), William Romaine Newbold (1865 – 1926, lower left photo), a University of Pennsylvania professor of philosophy and psychology, carried… Read more
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