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The Nine have stated that, while other planets do have choice, the consciousness is collective. Only on Earth can a being experience individual choice.

BACK IN PRINT! The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space by Stuart Holroyd
The Nine
The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space (originally titled Briefing For a Landing on Planet Earth) tells the story of a group of inter-dimensional beings called “The Nine” who are trying to save us from ourselves, and in turn save the planet from being destroyed. This spiritual, religious, and new age geopolitical tale includes seemingly outlandish accounts of extraterrestrial civilizations such as Hoova from which the “chosen” descendants of Abraham originate, while Israel we are told is a microcosm of our planet. Read more...
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  The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space by Stuart Holroyd
Dear Reader: This story began in the late sixties and continues to this day. It could have happened to any one of you. It is the story of three people coming together to follow some apparently cosmic guidance on faith, while they repeatedly asked themselves the question “what if?” I am one of those people. The other two were Andrija Puharich MD from upstate New York, and Sir John Whitmore from England.
  Friedel’s Conversations with the Dead: Recordings on New Year’s Eve by Anabela Cardoso
On New Year’s Eve of 1959, Friedel could not refrain from sending a New Year’s greeting to his friends on the other side. He had placed the tape recorder in the studio and pulled a cord to the microphone positioned about three meters from the radio in the living room. In Radio Sweden they broadcasted a New Year program that would run over midnight. At the end of that year, Radio Sweden did not broadcast the usual poem “Nyarsklockan.” The tradition ended in 1956 when the Swedish actor Anders de Wahl passed away and was not taken up again until the Swedish Television started a new tradition in 1977.
A case for Possession   The Case for Possession:The Relationship between Culture and Belief by Cynthia Pettiward
The Case for Possession:The Relationship between Culture and Belief by Cynthia Pettiward Allowances must be made for the fact that paranormal phenomena tend to be linked with the type of culture where they occur. Thus, reincarnation has been most frequently recorded in countries where it is believed in, for instance in India, China, Ceylon, Alaska, and what used to be Tibet. In Brazil, where Spiritism is more popular than any other creed, political organisation or philosophical school, there is more emphasis on the influence of spirits, whether reincarnating or possessing, than there is in European countries.
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The 13th Witness for Life After Death:  Dr. Gustave Geley by Michael Tymn: A French physician and Laureate of the French Medical Faculty at the University of Lyons, Dr. Gustave Geley (1868 – 1924, upper right photo) gave up his medical practice in 1918 to become the first director… Read more
Do Earthbound Spirits Really Influence Humans? by Michael Tymn: Do the dead influence the living? That’s the subtitle of "The Case for Possession," authored by Cynthia Pettiward in 1975 and recently republished by White Crow Books. There is no indication that Pettiward… Read more
Remembering Three Men of God by Michael Tymn: If I begin with 1953, when I served as sports editor of my high school newspaper, this year marks 70 years of contributing to newspapers, magazines, journals, and other media. While recently sorting through… Read more
Conversations with the Dead: Real or Imagination? by Michael Tymn: Of the 350 or so blogs I have written over the past 14 years, only two or three have involved Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), or as it is more broadly categorized today Instrumental Trans Communication… Read more
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