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War is not an Instagram post.
~ Amber Poole

Sunflowers at my Table: War Diaries of a Ukrainian Community by Amber Poole
Sunflowers at my Table
On February 24, 2022, war broke out in Ukraine when Russia invaded the country. It started with a barrage of bombing of major Ukrainian cities. Troops were mobilized on both sides and the shooting began. Refugees began to stream into Poland, mostly women and children. Ukrainian men of military age were forbidden to leave the country. Very soon our friends began to call us asking whether we could take in some families they knew about. We said, “Yes,” and waited. Forty people arrived. What happened next would be life changing for all of us. This is our story. Read more...
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  Recollections of an old Soldier: A seaman’s Near-death experience
It is late autumn, 1762… While I was on board that vessel, it appears to me that I died
  The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die: The Life Review by Michael Tymn
After many years of murdering, raping, plundering, and pillaging with malice and forethought, twin brothers Jed and Ned were finally stopped by the police. Jed was shot and killed instantly, while Ned was apprehended and sent to prison for life. During his confinement, Ned “found” God and repented.
  Survival? Death as a Transition: Post-mortem Life-review by David Lorimer
During his lifetime as one of the pioneers of psychical research, F. W. H. Myers wrote the classic "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death." After his death he was ostensibly instrumental in establishing the complex scholarly evidence for survival which came to be known as the cross-correspondences.
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30 Witnesses Say: “No One Really Dies” by Michael Tymn: When an aging friend appeared to be suffering from “existential angst” as he recovered from serious health challenges, I gave him one of my books, No One Really Dies, in the hope that he might see a larger… Read more
An Interview with Professor William James by Michael Tymn: During his final years at Harvard and immediately thereafter, William James, is said to have suffered from fits of depression, what he called “soul sickness,” and even considered suicide. Apparently, the… Read more
A Novel set in the Afterlife by Stafford Betty by Stafford Betty: My new novel, "Guardians of the Afterworld," has just been released. It’s the third such novel. The others are "The Imprisoned Splendor" (2011) and "The Afterlife Therapist" (2020). Together they form… Read more
How Much Do We Remember After Death? by Michael Tymn: While sorting through boxes of old papers and photos not long ago, I came upon a stack of letters I wrote to my parents between 1958 and 1961, while I was in the Marine Corps. My mother saved everything.… Read more
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