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  An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium
Stewart Alexander

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In the little known and controversial world of physical mediumship, Stewart Alexander, Britain’s most accomplished living physical medium, is probably the least controversial and most respected among his peers and skeptics alike. His abilities - including extraordinary physical phenomena, evidence from loved ones, and book tests – have been experienced and put to the test by countless people for more than forty years.

What started out as a curiosity through reading and study more than fifty years ago became his life’s work – a life of patience, perseverance and service to the living and to the Spirit world, as he gradually overcame his own doubt and developed the ability to join the two worlds together.

An Extraordinary Journey is personal and moving – yet it’s more than a memoir – it’s a spiritual guide, a history of Spiritualism and it includes a plethora of sitter’s first hand experiences – often wondrous, sometimes deeply emotional, but never dull. 

Through Stewart’s mediumship, the bereaved are connected with their deceased loved ones, which demonstrates the likelihood that consciousness survives physical death. 

Praise for An Extraordinary Journey

This book provides us with an exceptionally clear, well written and convincing account of what it is to be a physical medium, and of what it means to act as a channel between one level of reality and another. It is a must for everyone with an interest in this extraordinary and baffling field of psychical research. It serves as a landmark in the literature on mediumship. I wish it every success.

~ Professor David Fontana, Former President of the Society for Psychical Research, author of Is There an Afterlife?

There are few, if any, individuals today who possess such a high standard of physical mediumship as Stewart Alexander. Over the years he has shared this gift with people from all walks of life, including respected psychical researchers, and has been the instrument whereby life’s continuity after physical death has been proved time and again. Stewart has dedicated himself to this work in a most humble way, always with the intention of being of service. This unique book forms a fascinating record of his remarkable partnership with the Spirit World.

~ Eric Hatton, Honorary President, Spiritualists’ National Union.

Stewart Alexander is not only a well-known physical medium, he is also a dedicated researcher of paranormal phenomena and critical analyst of his own mediumistic talent. In addition he is a gifted writer.  This book reveals all aspects of Stewart Alexander’s mediumship, from its beginning to the fantastic phenomena which are achieved today. No reader who makes the effort to read this treasure chest of physical mediumship will remain untouched by the honest and serious descriptions of Stewart’s development and cannot but accept that there exist proven contacts between the spiritual and the material world.

~ Dr Hans Schaer, Member of Schweizensche Parapsychologische Gesellschaft.

Anyone who meets Stewart Alexander is always impressed by his obvious honesty and sincerity, and the love and respect in which he is held by all who attend his séances is very apparent.  His patience and perseverance during his many years of development shows the strength of his faith.  And this patience has been rewarded in abundance as he has become one of the greatest physical mediums of his day.  After many years of running a large and popular circle he still retains his humility and desire to learn and spread the word. I had the privilege of attending one of his seances, a very moving and memorable occasion. This book is a beautifully written and easy to read description of physical mediumship, how it works and why it has to be as it is. It is a must read for those who have little or no understanding of the subject as it is also for those who are greatly experienced in physical mediumship.

~ William Roache, MBE

Over a period of more than fifteen years my wife and I have had the rare opportunity of listening to, speaking with, observing and touching the Spirit communicators whom we have come to regard as valued friends, at many of Stewart’s séances. This book is a remarkable account of the gradual development of the rare séance room phenomena by a sincere ‘gentleman’ of physical mediumship.

~ Malcolm A. Lewis PhD, social scientist.

About the author

Stewart Alexander was born in 1946 in England. Until the age of 22 he had no knowledge of Spiritualism until one day his brother purchased a copy of ‘On the Edge of the Etheric’ by Arthur Findlay. First published in 1931, the book is about Findlay’s experiences with Scottish physical medium John Campbell Sloan, and today is a part of the Spiritualist canon.

Stewart is quoted as saying: “That book inspired us and during the years that followed my brother and I read many books about Spiritualism, particularly physical mediumship, and sometime later we began to occasionally attend our local Spiritualist churches. Eventually that led us to being invited to join a local home-circle run by a trance medium”.

Despite believing he had no psychic or spiritual attributes, eventually Stewart and his brother started their own home circle with a group of like-minded family and friends. This was the beginning of a fifty-two year journey, cumulating in Stewart becoming one of the most accomplished physical mediums in the United Kingdom.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published August 2020
Size: 6 x 9 inches / 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-137-7
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