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  Exploration into God
George Trevelyan

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“AN ELDER statesman of the New Age movement, Sir George Trevelyan saw the mission of his later years as an ‘exploration into God’. From the moment when in 1942 he first tagged along to a lecture given by one of Rudolph Steiner’s students – “I have no doubt”, he later said, “that this event in my life was staged by higher destiny, and that the time was ripe for a leap in consciousness” – he began to work towards the promotion of an alternative spirituality.”

THIS BOOK, the third of a trilogy, follows A Vision of the Aquarian Age and Operation Redemption. As I worked on it, I suddenly knew that its title must be Exploration into God. What presumption I thought! Who am I, who have no qualifications whatever as a theologian, to use such a title? Yet I knew it was right and fitting. The phrase comes from a passage in Christopher Fry’s play A Sleep of Prisoners. Prisoners of war, locked in an empty church at night (itself a powerful symbol) talk and banter, joke and smoke, but one after another they are taken over and speak from higher inspiration out of the spiritual world. Finally Meadows, the Sergeant, touched with the higher consciousness, says this:

The human heart can go the lengths of God.
Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;

The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.
Thank God our Time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,

Never leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul men ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake
But will you wake for pity’s sake?

I have quoted this frequently in lectures, since it gives a powerful expression of the age we live in and the hope of a change in consciousness which will usher in a New Age.

While Principal of Attingham Park, I invited a distinguished theologian and Shakespearean scholar to conduct a weekend course on the work of Christopher Fry. I spoke of my admiration of the above passage and to my great surprise he responded:

Oh, Christopher went badly wrong there! There can be no question of our exploring into God. All we can do is to pray and wait for God’s grace to be granted to us.

And then I saw that the emergence of the spiritual and holistic world view in our time was calling and challenging us to go beyond academic or traditional viewpoints and really take our own initiative in exploring into the field of God-thought. So I offer it, with due humility, as truth.

About the author

Sir George Trevelyan Bt (1906-1996) was an educational pioneer, a founding father of the New Age movement, furniture maker and visionary - a man with a mission to teach enlightenment in what he saw as a world of chaos and tumult.

In his youngest years, following parental example, Trevelyan had been an agnostic, but in 1942 he attended a lecture that revealed to him the spiritual dimension of the world. Thereafter his study of anthroposophy profoundly altered his view of life and laid the basis for much of his future work.

After World War II he became the Principal of a college of adult education in Shropshire where he spent 24 years. The college drew large and enthusiastic audiences for courses on subjects such as ‘Frontiers of Reality’ and ‘Spiritual Awakening’. Trevelyan attracted leading speakers and took an active part himself in almost all the courses.

When he retired in 1971, he founded the Wrekin Trust to continue this work. An educational charity, the Trust did not espouse any single doctrine or dogma; its purpose, rather, was to help people find the path most suited to them, organising conferences - including meetings of mystics and scientists, doctors and healers - on the holistic world view, introductory approaches to various disciplines and a curriculum for ongoing spiritual training. His inspiration was derived from the medieval concept of the university, which was concerned to find methods and systems of knowledge leading to union with the One - as revealed by the Latin word universus, meaning ‘turned to the one’.

Trevelyan invented ‘the network’, encouraging the setting up of small energy centres, which could draw strength from one another. Among those he helped to inspire were the Soil Association, the Findhorn Trust, the Teilhard de Chardin Society and the Essene Network. The last 15 years of his active life were spent in a ceaseless round of lecture tours and meetings. During his time he wrote three books: (sic) A Vision of the Aquarian Age (1977), Operation Redemption (1981) and Summons to a High Crusade (1985). He saw his later years as an Exploration into God, which was also the title of his last book, published in 1991.

Man as a spiritual being chose to use his intellect to render matter into its smallest condition and master it. The price we had to pay was the loss of vision of the subtler worlds of being and spirit. The question now is whether we can learn creatively to handle that freedom and work with the ocean of creative life.
George Trevelyan


Sample chapter

Part One. Vision of Hope

A Letter to the Reader

I greet you. This letter is written to you, for you. I do not know you – or do I? We are linked by the mere fact of your opening this book. And because, on the deeper, higher, grander level, we are all parts of one stupendous Whole, an awakening being, called Humanity. Through us both pulsates the flow of life. We are alive. And life axiomatically is something which cannot die.

It makes no sense to think it can be extinguished. We experience ourselves as a being of life, inhabiting a very astonishing structure of sensitivity and capacity called a body. Think imaginatively. Start from here.

If you are young, then I urge you to see, with courage, that you are incarnated in perhaps the most dramatic and exciting period and generation in human history. If you, like me, are of advancing years, then look forward with keen anticipation to what may come after your release and realise that the present period of alarms and disturbances is one of transition and cleansing of the planet at the opening of a new age. We each of us have a part to play in this cosmic drama.

We are called on to change our thinking. “Change your thinking, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand within you.” That is the clarion call, given two thousand years ago by Him who now overlights the great transition into a new epoch. “Repent” as it is usually translated, gives the wrong connotation. The Greek word was Metanoia, which implies deliberate change in our thinking. Here’s the challenge.

Let me say again what I find so necessary to repeat. In no sense is this dogma which you are meant to believe. Nobody is forcing anything on you. If you don’t chime with it, drop it, bless you. The New Age is not a proselytizing religious cult. We are called on to explore into the realm of living divine ideas. This is a stage of breakthrough for the human mind. Let’s try to summarise it.

The basic concept is that the thing in you and me which can say “I” is a droplet of divinity, a spark of God, housed temporarily in a body in order to experience lessons of creative freedom which only Earth can teach. Now, I can’t prove that. It is an idea. The critical intellect can demand proof before accepting it. But spiritual ideas can’t be proven in the way science studies facts. The spirit bloweth where it listeth.

We are challenged to think ideas which we cannot prove intellectually. Now let me offer a technique vital for our entry into the Aquarian Age. Do please master it.

You obviously recognise in yourself the faculty of apprehending an idea for its excitement and beauty. You can seize it out of the ether and look at it – like a beautiful butterfly or blossom. It may give a new flash of understanding or point out a path of courageous action. Then how often cold intellect steps in and says “Oh no you don’t! You can’t prove that; and your scientific training tells you that you may not believe anything you can’t weigh and measure with the senses. Anyway, if you follow that course, people will think you silly and you have an important engagement next Thursday! So drop it.”

Alas, and you let the butterfly fly away.

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er by the pale cast of thought
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.

Thus spoke Hamlet.

Now, listen. Our task is to learn how to think spiritual ideas and act on them, even though you cannot prove them. Awaken the intuitive faculty. Acknowledge that you have this inner power of apprehending a beautiful idea. Take it. Love it. Put it in your heart and thinking, and decide to live for a week as if you believed it, while reserving judgement. Act as if you believed it and watch what happens.

Take, for instance, that superb idea, that you are an imperishable droplet of God. If it is true, then the implications, as we shall find in later chapters, are immense and endless. It would open on to a path of thrilling exploration. Don’t wait to prove it first. Plunge in and act as if it were true, neither believing nor disbelieving, but trying it out. ‘Act as if’, and watch the result. Such an idea is alive. It is truly a being, a living strand in the thought of God. (That, incidentally, is another idea, initially unprovable, but work with it.)

A living idea will, if true, draw certainty to itself as you live with it. If untrue (or untrue to you) it will fade out. Anyway, as you live out such an idea and really act the part, you must inevitably become a more courageous, tolerant, tolerable, loving, compassionate person: Everybody gains and nothing is lost by the trying. By exploring into ideas and living with them we get subjective proof, and we can all find it. But we need never demand acceptance or belief.

The ‘I’ in you is alive. Axiomatically this point of life is immortal, for life cannot possibly be extinguished, whatever happens to its temporary sheath of an ageing body. Therefore it was from the beginning, is now and ever more shall be. What a conception! You are a droplet of consciousness in that eternal ocean of life, one with the Whole, yet with identity. Of course you survive! How could you do other? The far more important implication is pre-existence – that you were there before you were born, an already developed entity coming down into embodiment for a purpose.

Thus we leap to the concept of the Planet Earth as the training ground for souls, the school for evolving consciousness. It would be ridiculous to think you could qualify to enter the university by dropping into the third form for one term. We see that Earth is a living, breathing, thinking being, an organism with its own evolving consciousness, carrying this precious cargo of self-consciousness which we call humanity. So we see that we must surely have passed through all the school grades to learn the lessons which Earth alone can teach. Repeated Earth lives emerges as an essential concept. The readiness to think reincarnation (and live as if it were true) spreads now through our society and for many becomes axiomatic. How it enriches our sense of meaning in life! Look at your relatives, your friends, and those you meet and feel the sudden gush of recognition in their eyes. Souls are finding each other again.

There is purpose in it all, and meaning. The droplet of life which is you, must be going through its experiences as a long training, and humanity is seen as a living tapestry of interconnection.

Now let’s follow where the idea leads us. Look into the eyes of another human being. Normally only lovers or children can do this. It is too shy-making. But agree to cut out personality reactions. No need to smile or respond or talk. Just gaze into the human eye, thinking that the God in me is looking at the God spark in you. But it is the same God, looking at Himself and wondering what has happened to that particle of Himself. If I look at you in this way I experience that we are both parts of the same vast being that is the totality of humanity. I cannot hurt you or insult you, murder you or talk scandal about you, for I know I should be hurting myself. I love you as part of myself.

We are learning that we are each a cell in the great body of humanity. This letter is written to you who are feeling your way into the new understanding that all is One. To ever more people this holistic world view becomes acceptable. It is an awakening which brings with it a deeper meaning to life and purpose for living. Humankind now stands at the threshold when this change in vision has become possible. Open your thinking to it. Lift beyond the merely sensory interpretation of the world around us. The senses initially tell us that we are separate entities among an infinite number of separate things. Now into our intuitive, imaginative thinking seeps and floods the realization that everything – EVERYTHING – is inter-connected and flows into everything else in a vast living pattern.

Humanity is waking up. We discover that we have subtler senses which can apprehend the oneness of all things. It offers a new world to explore. And not only intellectually. It implies our becoming a new kind of person – and a kinder person, for “we needs must love the highest when we see it”. We are working to open the eye of the mind – the all-seeing eye.

This book, I know, is saying only what is obvious to so many awakened souls. Many are writing books which go far deeper into the new understanding. I am concerned with the awakening from the sleep of the senses. The waking bell is sounding. Wake up. The new day dawns and we have an adventure before us. Will you come?

You can easily grasp that Planet Earth is a living wholeness. Take possession of the idea that Terra is a living creature, of great complexity, but One, and alive.

Wherever you start to observe, you find that apparently separate things all interconnect. The most advanced scientific thinking establishes this. You and I must work with imaginative vision to make good this thought. But already we can feel that our consciousness can take hold of things and apprehend their inter-connection.

The word ‘holism’ comes into general use. It is defined thus in the Oxford English Dictionary:

The tendency in nature to produce wholes from the ordered grouping of units.

The first thing is to recognise this tendency. It was first put forward by General Smuts in 1927 in his book Holism and Evolution. But this still allows for an essentially materialistic world view: things as they evolve growing and interconnecting into greater wholes – an impulse which does not need God.

The leap we are making is to conceive that from the beginning all was One, the living idea in that great mind and source we call God. By Him all things were made and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was Light and the Light was the Life of Man. Grapple with the idea of Oneness with your mind. Holism, wholeness and holiness and health are all one.

Teach yourself to look in a new way. Look behind, through, within and see that every tree and rock, every flower and bird, is an expression (pressing out) of the primal realm of Divine Idea – the primordial Whole. Mind is the endless realm of these ideas which ultimately are ONE IDEA.

Brain is a miraculously complex and wonderful organ enabling us, as spiritual beings, to become conscious of this living Oneness while we are still embodied in matter. Wake up. Take hold of the IDEA within whatever you see.

Here’s a lovely little passage from Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

Earth’s crammed with Heaven
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes.
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

So here’s the adventure into wholeness, the awakening of humankind to apprehend the God idea wherever we look, smell, taste, listen and feel. It offers a different approach to Nature, which we shall develop later.

Think big. See Planet Earth as a living orb, very beautiful, a sublime work of art and design, carrying a point of consciousness unlimited, the crowning Mind of humankind. See this turning planet floating in the endless ocean of life and light.

Conceive an ocean of thought which is also Love, which holds and imbues every living particle in its cosmic dance. Apprehend that which seems to the cruder senses to be empty space is really total Life, filled with ever subtler forms and ranges of being and beings.

We get a conception of what Jacob’s ladder really implies. Jacob had the inner vision of the angels climbing up and down this ladder that leads to Heaven. Grasp that this refers to ever subtler, more refined and rarefied levels of being and frequency, planes of different and faster vibration. The five major senses are attuned to apprehend the material plane. Thus the subtler planes are invisible to us, so long as we only use the sense vision. But the inner senses can ‘see’ and apprehend these subtler planes, which are everywhere, but within and within and within. How do we move in and through? This is the new power of observation we have to develop. It is poetical, intuitive, imaginative. We talk of ‘higher planes’ and it is almost impossible not to make the hand gesture of up and up. But Jacob’s ladder really implies passing in and through to higher frequencies which are all everywhere. We accept that this room is shot through with an infinite number of wave bands of music and colour, rock and Beethoven, picture and drama quite invisible till we switch on radio or TV. Yet the brain is, we see, the most fabulous of all computers, and is the gateway to the ocean of Mind. Through it we move into realms of wonder or terror or endless interest and vision. Let us learn to explore and to apprehend the IDEA behind all things.

This room is not only shot through with radio waves, but contains God and the angelic world. They are not far away beyond the stars. God is everywhere, for God is Life. Life is God.

Wherever you apprehend life, there is God. All beings in the angelic realms are aspects of God. The nine angelic hierarchies are God in action.

Augustine wrote:

Things were rather in the Angelic Mind than in Nature – that is to say that the Angels perceived and knew all things in their thoughts before they could spring into actual existence. God never works but through them.

Allow the faculty of imagination to expand and reach out and apprehend the endless ocean of divine energy which is God-thought poured out. An ocean of thought – and of life, pouring ever-new from the Source. The angels, as we have said, are strands of this living thought-energy. Naturally they serve God. How can they do other, for they are Him, and exist to fulfil his grand design and plan?

Out of primal creation in the spiritual universe, the realms of matter and substance come into being, through the lowering of the frequency rate from that excessively high vibration of the spiritual sun, into the low vibration of the visible world of solid matter which we occupy.

Humanity, called the Tenth Hierarchy “a little lower than the angels but crowned with glory and honour”, has a very special purpose. The plan is to evolve a being who can go through the (apparent) separation from God, be allowed to forget Him, to flounder in the realm of desire and sensation, to err through the temptations of ego-consciousness and to fall to the seductions which the fallen angels use to misguide him/her.

The great and clear purpose is that Man, the individual soul, male and female in nature, should of free-will and choice come back to God, rediscover His perpetual presence, lift up the frequency bands out of the morass of heavy matter and selfish desire, and of free choice re-dedicate self to working with God, becoming veritably a friend and companion of God, a co-creator.

Planet Earth is seen as the setting of this most astonishing experiment. And now, at the threshold of the Aquarian Age, we enter the culminating years and days when the symbolic in-flooding and outpouring of the waters of Aquarius are washing away the old barriers and structures which separate humanity, since anything and everything can change.

So we are urged to wake up and think big, and see that beyond the time of cleansing is the supreme possibility (and certainty) of an age when the golden light of God Life can once again enter our consciousness, and we can individually, and of free choice, blend in thought and love with the beings of the worlds of light.

Blend. Unite. Become one. Surrender and submit. Lift beyond ego desire. Consciously re-dedicate all that we are to the supreme adventure of becoming ourselves a strand of that ocean of life and divine thought. For this we have gone through the aeons of evolution and have now in these immediate years reached the culmination point when we can awaken from the long sleep of matter and enter, of conscious choice, on to the next phase of exploration into God.

This is the divine adventure. Each of us is given totally free choice at this dividing of the ways. Do we choose to throw ourselves on the life and power divine, and call upon our angel guides, grasping the quite endless possibilities of adventure, change and development into a new Golden Age? Or do we prefer to reject this and go on gratifying the desires of ego, experiencing separation, allowing fear, greed, desire for power and all the emotions which lead to violence to dominate our lives?

There is no constraint. It is not a question of sheep and goats, the elite or the rejected. The choice is for each of us, for humanity is called and invited to take:

The longest stride of soul men ever took
Affairs are now soul size
The enterprise
is exploration into God.
Where are you making for?
It takes so many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake, for pity’s sake!
                            Christopher Fry

What then is the path forward?

Change your thinking, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
I AM with you always, even to the end of the world, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

What can be nearer than breathing? Clearly only our thinking. Within our own thinking we can learn to hear God and our angel guides. This is the great and wonderful challenge for each of us.

Now we see how the design inherent in the evolutionary impulse has produced within nature an organ of consciousness through which the human being can lift self into Greater Self. The human brain, separated into its two halves, is the organ through which intellect can lift into INTELLIGENCE.

Left hemisphere, masculine intellect, sees separation of the world into a mass of different things. Right hemisphere, the feminine, poetical faculties which can apprehend the living Whole, can see and know that everything is inter-connected, everything is alive and inter-related. Mind can blend with mind, and consciousness is unlimited and can enter the ocean of thought and life. And Love-for unconditional love is the nature of this Divine Light.

Feel the self fade, feel the great life begin,
with Love re-rising in the cosmic morn.
The inward ardour yearns to the inmost goal,
The endless goal is one with the endless way,
From every gulf the tides of Being roll,
From every zenith burns the indwelling day,
And life in Life hath drowned thee, soul in Soul
And these are God, and thou thyself art they.
                      F.W. Myers – A Cosmic Outlook

All this is fine, resounding stuff and easy enough to write! Yet perhaps it is valid to overspill into grandiloquent phrases, since we are each experiencing this breakdown, breakup, break in, BREAKTHROUGH. Here obviously we are in touch with tremendous possibilities which at present are inevitably ignored by our politics, economics and sociology in our attempts to solve insuperable and terrible planetary problems of our own making.

Perhaps we are being battered or inspired into recognition that God is on the march and that we, each individually, are called on and challenged to take our own courageous step into the unknown.

I said to the man at the gate of the year,
Give me a light that I may move safely into the unknown.

And he said – Go forth into the darkness
and put your hand into the hand of God.

That shall be better than a light, and safer than any
known way.

So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly
into the night.

And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in
the Lone East.

                    Minnie Louise Haskins – God Knows

We call for blessing on the spiritual journey.
Dear Reader, I salute you, companion of the path.


I am: He/She is: We Are One

Let me make it abundantly clear that whenever I use the word MAN, I am referring to Genus Homo Sapiens and not merely the male of the species.

It is to be regretted that our language offers the same word for both meanings. It would be clumsy always to write or say male/female or he/she. And we hardly know what to do about “God”. Perhaps the early suffragettes had a point when they declared:

We put our trust in God, for we know She is with us!

Of course in this age we must establish that the Human Being is balanced male/female. New Age thinking assuredly rises above old concepts of male supremacy!

New Consciousness
for a New Future

THE MOST REMARKABLE PHENOMENON in the intellectual climate of our time is the melting of the barriers between science and mysticism. For three centuries the two modes of experiencing reality have flowed in separate streams. Now they begin to merge in the vision of wholeness, the holistic world view.

It was right and inevitable that thinking in the West should take the plunge into intellectual exploration of the material world. The principle established first by Francis Bacon and developed by Newton was rightly that an experimental science might believe nothing that could not be proven by the senses. Neither of these great thinkers doubted the existence of the divine worlds, but they accepted this principle in order to clear away the clutter of medieval theorizing. Indeed Francis Bacon’s immense width of spiritual vision has been sadly overlooked and misunderstood. It calls for a new understanding in our time of awakening.

Scientific thinking opened the door to our great technology and a true exploration of the nature of substance. But it meant that, in one gesture of thought, we cut out the possibility of grasping the reality of the super-sensible worlds, the invisible realms of being and spirit. It meant that man deliberately cut himself off from becoming what Blake called “the vast being of the Imagination”.

In order to investigate Nature through the senses, he had to become a mere observer, limiting himself into the equivalent of a one-eyed, colour-blind pointer-reader. He explored Nature by measuring her, rather than apprehending the vision of wholeness which could unite with the vast living Oneness of Divine Being.

The result was a great technology and a so-called ‘conquering of Nature’ , but in the process man has lost himself as a spiritual being. He has become a mere onlooker. Our task now is to overcome the onlooker-consciousness and discover again that as a divine experiment, humanity is integrally one with the whole and therefore capable of blending consciousness with the divine intelligence.

The development of experimental science and rational materialism was by no means a mistake. Obviously it can bring immense advantage to humanity. We may even see that it was the destiny of western man to take the intellectual plunge into matter and reveal the wonders of creation. For, as the Greeks knew, knowledge begins with wonder. But the price of our achievement has been great. We have had to cut out the realms of spirit, for our necessary decision had been to believe nothing which we could not prove with the senses. The five main senses are attuned to the slow, heavy vibratory rate of matter and therefore cannot apprehend the high frequencies of the invisible, spiritual worlds. Therefore these worlds simply disappeared for us. No longer could we see the elemental realm of the nature spirits or communicate with the angelic kingdom. God Himself was thrown into doubt.

The explanation of this change is simple enough. We know now that the analyzing, intellectual, masculine faculties are associated with the left hemisphere of the brain and this has enabled us to develop a great technology. But in the process we have allowed the faculties of the right hemisphere to go dormant and atrophy. These are the more sensitive, feminine, artistic faculties which can apprehend the living oneness and, through imaginative vision, know the reality of spirit and of God.

Now humanity stands at the threshold when it becomes possible for the scientific mind to take the step into exploration of the super-sensible worlds. Our scientific investigation has revealed that the solidity of matter is an illusion and that all is energy in perpetual flow and movement. Thus we recover the knowledge that all nature, in its apparent diversity, is a great living Oneness, of which humanity is integrally part. Our rational materialism had resulted in the world view that saw the human being as an accident of chance natural selection in an essentially non-living universe. Therefore he felt himself justified in exploiting nature and the resources of the planet to his own advantage and profit. The results are now obvious, and we see that we bid fair to destroy the whole web of life on Earth.

Now in our generation comes the great turn-about in consciousness. We recover the vision which the Ancient Wisdom of the mystery temples always knew – that the universe is Mind, a vast continuum of living thought, an ocean of life and intelligence. The Earth is then seen as a living, integral being of which mankind is destined to become the brain and nervous system. So far from being mere on-lookers, we, as the crown of Nature, are the rightful stewards of the planet, but we have failed lamentably and culpably in our stewardship.

Now it becomes possible to take a leap in consciousness, re-awaken the faculties of imaginative perception and blend thinking again with the great Oneness of universal Mind.

Surely one of the most remarkable phenomena is the existence of certain individuals who, in all epochs, have made the breakthrough into ‘all knowledge’. The mystics and ‘illuminati’, initiated into higher wisdom, demonstrate that the human potential is virtually unlimited. Such a shift into expanded consciousness was almost inexplicable to our earlier psychology. Now the merging of the streams of scientific and spiritual knowledge makes it clear that humanity stands on the threshold of a breakthrough into direct knowledge of the super-sensible and spiritual worlds. The ‘peak experience’, as Maslow called it, is the counterpart of the initiation which was given in the mystery temples to selected candidates prepared to undergo the necessary ordeals. In Egyptian and Greek days, the general public were taught by means of myth and legend and the drama which arose out of them. We see that the great myths of mankind enshrine the truth about man’s spiritual nature. They tell the one great story in infinite variety of forms – the tale that the human soul is an immortal, imperishable droplet of Divinity descending from the realms of Light into the darkness of the material world and sojourning there for a spell, until it finds its higher self, is united in true love and so led back again to the eternal plane from which it descended. The deep fascination of the myths is that they speak directly to the deeper levels of our nature and to the subconscious, and give the profound assurance that we are each, in essence, deathless and immortal sparks of Divinity on the long evolutionary journey into higher consciousness.

The peak experience brings direct, ‘noetic’ knowledge of the truth and reality of the spiritual worlds. All who have had this experience know that such certainty is possible. They have been initiated. Every one of the great religions has in its origin been grounded in esoteric wisdom, teaching the path which can open the soul to direct knowledge and the sense of the presence of God. In each path, however different it may appear, the goal is the same-a knowledge and experience of the great oneness of all life in God. The emergence of the holistic world view is in line with all the esoteric paths to knowledge. Inevitably as every religion spread, it was necessary for its priesthood to develop exoteric forms which all could accept. The tragedy has been that the original esoteric wisdom was too frequently treated as heresy to be suppressed. Thus mankind’s Golden Rule has been largely ignored. It is laid down by every religion in almost identical words.

Do nothing to others that you would not have them do to you.

This maxim holds the essence of wisdom.

What then is the significance of the mystical experience of the initiate, that intensification of consciousness and blending of mind with the Divine Mind? It is genuine illumination, an almost indescribable state of glory, happiness and love, coupled with direct experience of an all-pervading consciousness, an omnipresent Cosmic being. It is the goal of human evolution, an amazing psychological transformation that brings a sense of unity into the multiplicity of the universe. Human faculties extend to unite with the universal Intelligence, thus completely transcending the ‘onlooker consciousness’. A life energy, imperceptible to the lower senses, is experienced. This universal energy, known as prana, lies behind the amazing organisation and instincts of all living creatures.

The whole ocean of prana appears to be in a state of flux, flowing towards us and lifting mankind. There comes to the mystic an experience of Light – the activity of a luminous form of thought-energy, which bathes everything in its lustre. This enchanting light is alive. It pulsates with life and intelligence.

There is one unbounded ocean of cosmic Intelligence, one almighty actor, known to Hinduism as Brahma. Consciousness is the bedrock of all creation, the dominant reality. All visible things are seen as images projected by an all-embracing consciousness.

It must appear that the average brain is now ripe for the manifestation of a mode of cognition superior to the sense-bound thinking. Sense-free thinking is able to perceive and experience the ocean of cosmic Intelligence existing in the boundless universe.

We come to see that an all-knowing Intelligence controls the destiny of humanity. Every human being is a ray of the divine Light. The unification of mankind will only come through wide dissemination of knowledge of the glory dwelling in every human being.

Illumination is the culminating point of evolution, the goal to compensate for all suffering and effort. Evolutionary forces are working to lift personality to higher states of cognition, remodelling the delicate tissues of the brain and balancing its two hemispheres. Then can come an evolutionary leap, a prelude to the birth of a superior race. Our Earth is the seedbed for something new in the universe-the emergence of a part of creation which itself becomes consciously creative.

The inspiration and revelation to which mystics and geniuses have access represent the re-emergence of ideas and concepts already present in another dimension. The soul perceives its glory as a deathless ray of an infinitely intelligent, almighty spiritual Sun. We live indeed in a multi-dimensional universe.

What the senses can perceive is but one solitary and limited dimension. Super-sensible perception is now developing and the all-seeing eye of the mind can be opened. A leap in evolution of mind can disclose other planes of creation completely hidden from the rational intellect.

The illuminati or talented ones are the spearhead of humanity and in them the streams of science and mysticism meet. The stage is surely set for the next leap in the advancement of learning, to bring scientific awareness of the wonder of the Universe.

We discover that Mind itself is the architect of creation. It permeates all atoms and molecules as life permeates cells and tissues. The mystical experience provides evidence of an almighty Intelligence hidden behind the cosmos. Throughout all ages the clairvoyants, occultists, sensitives and psychics reveal phenomena that transcend our rational concepts about matter and its laws.

Transcended consciousness opens to us as the goal of evolution which is headed towards a trans-human state. The birth of a unified planetary mind, aware of its essential divinity, is what Teilhard de Chardin called “noö-genesis”, the homing upon the Omega point. We recognise an evolutionary thrust towards higher consciousness for humanity, unlocking spiritual potential hitherto dormant. This is the path of enlightenment, for the advancement of the human race to a higher state.

Veritably a new human species is emerging to which the scientist John White gave the name Muller/Homo Sapiens Noeticus. This implies a human being, male/female in balance, of developing consciousness. Conscious constructive control and direction of the self is the goal, for this is the one point in the Universe for which we are each responsible. The holistic world view teaches us that humanity is indeed one organism of which we are each a cell. Therefore if we hurt others we are hurting ourselves, since the law of karma holds good everywhere. Thus out of the holistic vision a new human being emerges and a new society based not on competition and getting for self by violence, but on caring, co-operation and love for all life. Here are “the meek that shall inherit the earth”, for behind them is all the power of the Universe, which now appears to be releasing a force-field of light and love for the cleansing of the planet. This is the real meaning of the Parousia, the coming of the Cosmic Christ, Avatar of Love, flooding heart and mind.

I close with a few lines from a poem by Evelyn Nolt called:


Man tread softly on the Earth.
What looks like dust
is also stuff of which galaxies are made.
The green of Earth’s great trees and simple grasses
is the same music played in red
Throughout our trunks and limbs.

O Earth, living, breathing, thinking Earth,
On the day we treasure you
As you have treasured us
Humanness is born.
And throughout all Light
A Radiance leaps from star to star
Singing: A Son in born


Publisher: White Crow Books
Published March 2012
188 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-908733-39-9
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