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  Mind-Dust and White Crows: The Psychical Research of William James
William James with Gregory Shushan

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ďIf you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustnít seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.Ē

William James (1842Ė1910) was a leading figure in Western psychology, philosophy, and psychical research. While there is an inextricable relationship between the various strands of Jamesís work, his psychical research has been unfairly neglected in favor of classics such as The Principles of Psychology and The Varieties of Religious Experience. Read in light of one another, however, Jamesís ďmainstreamĒ writings can be seen as efforts to make philosophical, metaphysical, and psychological sense of his psychical research.

Mind Dust and White Crows bridges the illusory divide, placing Jamesís widely accepted works on mystical experience, theories of the soul, immortality, and metaphysics alongside his key writings on mediumship, telepathy, possession and other areas of psychical research. The result is a more integrated picture of Jamesís spiritually-minded writings, transcending the disciplinary stigmas so often imposed on them. Interestingly, some of Jamesís ideas seem to align with current interpretations of the soul and extended consciousness as derived from quantum physics.

This volume includes many rare articles, including material that has not been previously published in book form. Andreas Sommerís introduction Ė written especially for this volume Ė highlights the importance of Jamesís work to the history and development of psychical research.

About the author

Publisher: Afterworlds Press
Published Summer 2023
Size: 6 x 9 inches / 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-204-6
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