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  Surgeon From Another World
George Chapman with Roy Stemman

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George Chapman was a remarkable man. Not only was he an internationally-known healer, he was also a gifted trance medium. In this state he surrendered his identity totally to that of a distinguished surgeon who died in 1937 - William Lang.

Through Dr Lang, Chapman was responsible for many extraordinary cures and travelled all over the world on his healing mission. The evidence for George Chapman’s claim to be the mediumistic channel for William Lang is extremely impressive, involving not only former patients but also Lang’s family members and former medical colleagues.

This fascinating and inspiring book tells the full story of George Chapman and Dr Lang, whose relationship has a significance that goes beyond the healing of physical bodies.

As George Chapman says: ‘The real purpose of Dr Lang’s spirit return, I am convinced, is not solely to cure sick people. lt is to touch the soul and to give us a new, convincing insight and understanding of the spiritual reality which surrounds us.’

Chapman joined William Lang in the spirit world in 2006 but the Chapman-Lang healing association continues to this day through their respective sons: Michael Chapman and Basil Lang.

Roy Stemman, a well-known author and journalist specialising in the paranormal, wrote the first edition of Surgeon From Another World with George Chapman. He has now produced this updated and expanded version, with Michael Chapman’s cooperation, to include previously confidential material about the special medical contract under which Chapman worked for many years under the direction of William Lang’s daughter.

About the author

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published April 2017
244 pages
Size: 6 X 9 inches
ISBN 978-1-78677-017-2
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