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  The Death View Revolution: A Guide to Transpersonal Experiences Surrounding Death
Madelaine Lawrence, Ph.D.

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Reports and studies of near-death experiences, death-bed communications, after-death communications and a host of other transpersonal experiences occurring near death are creating a new paradigm challenging our exclusive biological and psychological understanding of death and near-death. Care provided to those near death or dying is an evolving process. Before Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s book, On Death & Dying, was published in 1969, rarely were dying patients or patients with cancer told of their diagnosis.  Kubler-Ross’s descriptions of patient experiences created a paradigm shift in the care of dying patients and their loved ones that included a better understanding of their psychological needs.  A decade later the Uniform Brain Death Act was passed to establish criteria for determining biological death needed because of advances in life support technology. 

We know now occurrences near death or dying involve more than biology and psychology.  There is a transpersonal component needing to be fully integrated into the care of individuals and their family members. In this book, Madelaine Lawrence, PhD, describes the known transpersonal experiences associated with near death and dying and how, in some cases, they challenge our current understanding of psychological needs and biological death.  The presentation of known transpersonal experiences in this one book provides a needed holistic view with a more complete understanding than individual descriptions of each type of occurrences. Lawrence calls for an integration of these transpersonal experiences into mainstream science and education of the public, family members and health care providers in order to provide comprehensive care of those near death and dying. 

About the author

Dr. Lawrence is a researcher, author, educator, professional life coach as well as a certified hypnotist and instructor of hypnosis.  She has taught research to graduate and undergraduate students for over 20 years and has been a Director of Education and Research for a large urban hospital in Connecticut. Her research and writings include an investigation of the experiences of unconscious patients, a prospective study of near-death experiences, and a study of the incidence of deathbed communications.  She has been interviewed for several lay publications and appeared on a number of television shows including ABC’s Turning Point with Diane Sawyer.  The author of a book entitled, In a World of Their Own: Experiencing Unconsciousness, she is currently researching the fear of death of hospice patients who had had a near-death experience at a previous time.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published January 2015
258 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-37-5
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