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Sunflowers at my Table: War Diaries of a Ukrainian Community   Sunflowers at my Table: War Diaries of a Ukrainian Community
Amber Poole

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We are all connected in the tapestry of human compassion. Fifty-two days ago, we were complete strangers. Today, we live side by side. We eat together, sleep in the same building together, we cook in the kitchen together, we walk outside together, we grieve together.

On February 24, 2022, war broke out in Ukraine when Russia invaded the country. It started with a barrage of bombing of major Ukrainian cities. Troops were mobilized on both sides and the shooting began.

Refugees began to stream into Poland, mostly women and children. Ukrainian men of military age were forbidden to leave the country. Very soon our friends began to call us asking whether we could take in some families they knew about. We said, “Yes,” and waited.

Forty people arrived.

What happened next would be life changing for all of us.

About the author

Amber Poole is a long time student of Jungian psychology and former Program Manager of the Jung Centre Houston. She is a graduate of the Edward Albee Advanced Playwriting Master’s Class, 1998-2001, University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance. She is the Vice-President of the Sichowska Funadacja Edukacjna, an educational charity in Poland active since 2017.
Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, the Foundation has hosted over 70 refugees seeking food and shelter. Her work is exclusively dedicated to those displaced by war, famine, human rights violations and persecution.

She is a permanent resident of Poland, where she lives with her husband, Paul Kieniewicz.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published February 24, 2024
270 pages
Size: 5 x 8 inches / 203 x 127 mm
ISBN 9781786772633
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