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The Life Beyond the Veil: The Highlands of Heaven: Volume 2   The Life Beyond the Veil: The Highlands of Heaven: Volume 2
Rev. George Vale Owen

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The now famous Vale Owen messages began after the mother of the Vicar of Orford, the Rev. George Vale Owen, passed away in 1909. Shortly afterwards, Vale Owen’s wife developed an aptitude for automatic writing and through her he received messages instructing him to sit quietly, with a pencil in hand, and write down any thoughts which came into his mind. After a time, he came to understand that the thoughts were coming from an external force rather than his own consciousness. At first the messages were vague and drifted from one subject to another but gradually they began to take form and he began to receive information unbeknown to him.

Most of the early messages came from an entity claiming to be Vale Owen’s mother and a communicator named Kathleen, who assisted by acting as an intermediary between his deceased mother and himself. Aside from Vale Owen’s mother, many of the messages came from a group of entities that wanted to relay information about the afterlife and what we can expect when we get there.

Vale Owen came to the attention of Lord Northcliffe, the ‘press baron’ of the day. Northcliffe was so impressed with the messages he published them in his newspaper, the Weekly Dispatch. Given that this was the era of World War I, the messages gave hope to many that their loved ones killed in battle, far from disappearing into oblivion, had transitioned to another plane of existence.
Subsequently, the messages were combined into this series of four books entitled, The Life Beyond the Veil.

About the author

A clergyman of the Church of England and later a convert to Spiritualism, George Vale Owen (1869-1931) is most remembered today for his four volume work titled The Life Beyond the Veil (The Lowlands of Heaven, The Highlands of Heaven, The Ministry of Heaven, and The Battalions of Heaven), the first volume of which was published in 1921. He authored a number of other books, including Facts and the Future Life (1922), The Kingdom of God (1925), Problems which Perplex (1928), and Body, Soul, and Spirit (1928).

Born in Birmingham, England, Owen was educated at Midland Institute and Queen’s College, and ordained in 1893, serving in Seaforth, Fairfield, and Liverpool, before being appointed curate-in-charge of Orford, Warrington in 1900, where he served for 20 years. After some of his early automatic writing scripts came to the attention of renowned publisher Lord Northcliffe, they were printed as a series in the Weekly Dispatch, the result being that Owen was forced to resign from the Church of England. He was persuaded to put the scripts into book form, The Life Beyond the Veil going through many reprintings in the English-speaking world and translated into French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Portuguese. After a lecture tour in the United States, Owen became the pastor of a Spiritualist church in London. Continued

Sample chapter



Tuesday, December 2, 1913.

DEAR friend and ward, I will tonight speak to you of certain matters which connect with the question of transmutation of energy. Energy, as I now employ the word, is to be understood as that intermediary which couples up the motion of will with the effect as displayed to the minds of men. We here are trained to this end that we may, by the motion of our wills, transmit, by what we may call vibration, our thoughts through the intervening spheres, or states, into the earth plane. It is this movement in vibration that I call energy.

Now, you must understand that in using earth phrasing I am employing a medium which is not adequate to express, either exactly or fully, the science of these spheres and realms. It is necessary, therefore, that I qualify my terms, and when I use the term vibration I do not speak merely of oscillation to and fro alone, but of movements which are sometimes elliptical, sometimes spiral, and sometimes a combination of these and other qualities.


From this point of view the atomic system of vibration, which has but of late been revealed to men of science, is to us one with the movements of the planets of this solar sphere, and of other systems far away in space. The motion of earth round the sun, and the motion of the molecules of the atom are vibrations. It matters not by what degree you measure them, or what the diameter of their orbit, they are one in kind, and in degree only do they differ each from other.

But transmutation brings into any such system a change of movement, and the quality of movement being changed, there is also, and of necessity, a change of result. Thus we, acting always in perfect obedience to laws laid down by those higher and wiser than ourselves, concentrate our wills on the movement of certain vibrations, which become deflected and transmuted into other qualities of vibrations, and thus change is wrought.
Usually we do this work slowly and gradually, in order to obtain the exact quantity of divergence from the original quality of vibration intended, and not less or more.

It is by this method that we deal with the actions of men, and the course of nature in all its parts. There are manifold classes and companies who have in charge the various departments of creation, mineral, vegetable, animal, human, terrestrial, solar, and stellar. Beyond this, also, the stars are grouped together and dealt with by hierarchies qualified for that great task. It is by this same method, then, of the transmutation of energy that systems are gradually developed into worlds, and these worlds furnished with form, and then enabled to produce vegetation and animal life. But, this being so, you will note that all life, and all development, is consequent on the operation of spiritual energy obeying the dictates of the will of spiritual beings. This once grasped, blind force disappears, and intention takes its place intention of intelligent and powerful spiritual workers of various grades operating according to certain fixed laws but within the bounds of those laws, free and mighty.


Moreover, matter itself is the result of the transmutation of spiritual vibrations into those of grosser sort, and these latter are now being analysed by scientists who have come to the knowledge that matter is indeed the result of vibrations, and that no particle of matter is still, but in ceaseless movement. That is correct, but not conclusive. For it does not pursue the matter to the end of it. It were truer to say, not that matter is in vibration, but that matter is vibration, the result of vibration of a quality more refined, which is found, not in the phenomenon of material things, but in those spheres proper to its quality.

Thus you will see how little it matters that, when the time comes for you to cast off the body of earth, you stand discarnate. Your earth body was a body of vibrations and no more. Very well, you now have a body of vibrations more substantial and enduring, because of a higher quality, and nearer to the energizing Will which brought it into existence, and so sustains it That body will serve you while you sojourn in the lower spheres and, when you have progressed, that body will be transmuted into one still more permanent, and of quality more sublime. This process will be repeated as the ages go by and you proceed from glory to higher glory in the infinite reaches of progress before you.

It follows also that, as those in the lower spheres in this spiritual realm are not normally visible in the earth sphere, so those of the higher spheres are not normally visible in those lower spheres, and so on in like order as we rise from sphere to sphere and pursue our way along this glorious road of light and high endeavour.

So it is then, friend and ward, and when you come hither one day you will be the better able to understand. For although you do now employ this same method, of which I have spoken in your own daily life, and so does every man, yet you little understand the manner of its working. Did you so it were well that all men be of one mind with us who try to use our powers for the glory and worship of God, for the weapon, to be used for good or evil, which man would then find to his hand would pass in might and strength all his present knowledge, as that exceeds the mental endowment of the fly or little ant.

It is well that we are able to coordinate the progress in knowledge and in holiness that they journey together.

For this is so, not perfectly, but within certain boundary lines, wide but sure. Were it otherwise the world would not be what it is today, nor order rule comparatively.

This, however, is one aspect of our care for the human race, and what the future holds I cannot say. For I cannot see so far as to conjecture how far men will go in this new knowledge, the threshold of which they now have crossed. But things will be well ordered by those who watch with jealous care, and wisdom very great, and all will be well while this is so. †

Wednesday, December 3, 1913.

It may be well to pursue our subject in hand a little further in order that my meaning may be made more explicit. Know then, my friend and ward, that what I have said already in respect of the transmutation of energy is by way of defining, rather than explaining in detail, the use of my terms.


If you will look out into the display around you of God’s life manifest in the elements of your sphere you will observe several points of interest.
First you would not be able to use the sense of sight to help you to understand His working were it not that light, which is external to you, were poured upon your planet. But light also is merely vibration, and also is not consistent in its vibrating quality from first to last.

For you observe the sun to be visible, and the source of those vibrations. But outside the atmospheric envelope of the solar sphere those vibrations are transmuted by the variant medium into which they have entered. Thus the stream of light passes through regions of darkness, and so continues until it approach another atmospheric zone, such as that which is about the earth, when once again that energy is transmuted as to its quality, and becomes once again what men call light. Yet one entity alone is that stream from sun to earth, a stream of light energizing from its source, passing through a vast region of darkness, and emerging once again in its native quality wherever it strikes upon a planet in its course.

You will remember the words, “The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness does not comprehend it.” This, then, is more than an analogy merely. It is the mode of working which God adopts in His universe both of matter and spirit. And He is One, and His Kingdom is one.

It is obvious, therefore, that certain conditions are necessary in order that light may become operative to reveal things to men. Those conditions are the environment upon which light acts, and by which it is also affected by reflex action.

So is it in respect of spiritual environment. It is only when a genial environment is found that we spiritual ministers are able to become operative. And that is why to some we are able to reveal things in measure greater, and with greater ease, than to others whose environment is not so congenial. Whatsoever makes manifest is light, whether the thing manifest is material or spiritual.

And I tell you of another similitude. This is that as over the intervening region of darkness the light is directed from the sun to the planet far away, so from higher spheres is the light sent over the spheres intervening, and is received in the earth plane as direct, in a manner, as the earth itself receives the sun’s light.

Now, look on another field. Far away beyond the farthest star you see from earth is a zone of wondrous beauty where suns have evolved to a much more conclusive system than those you observe. It is seen here that light is measured in proportion as heat is decreased, which would point to the fact that heat is by evolution of ages transmuted into those vibrations which constitute light. The moon is colder than the earth and reflects a greater light in proportion to its bulk. The older a system becomes the colder it grows, and more brilliant withal. This is, as we believe in my sphere, and I may tell you that no observed fact has to this present time been found to oppose our conclusion.


I once observed a very beautiful instance of the transmutation of energy here in my own land.

There was a company of visitors from another sphere, and they were about to return to their own, their mission having been finished. A party of our own, of whom I was one, went with them to the large lake over which they had come to us. Here they embarked in boats, and were giving us their parting words of thanks and goodwill, when one of our Princes was seen approaching with a company of attendants, from behind us. They came through the air and hovered about us and the boats while we, knowing their habits, but not their present intention, waited to see what manner of thing they, or rather, he, had in his mind to do. For it is a delight in these realms to give pleasure, each to other, by exercising such powers as we possess, and that in varying combinations by which effects are differently produced.

Far up in the heavens we saw them, as they moved slowly, circling about the Prince from whom to those in circle went threads of vibrations of different quality, and so of different colour. These he of his will sent forth, and those his subordinates wove them into a network of curious design and very beautiful, and where two threads crossed there the intensified light shone like a stone of brilliant hue. And the knots were of many colours owing to the varying combination of threads entering into their construction.

When this was complete the circle widened out and drew away and left their Prince alone in the midst. And be held the net by its middle in his hand, and it floated out around him like a many-coloured spider web. It was very beautiful.

Now, that net was really a system of many qualities of vibrations woven together. He loosed it of his hand and it began slowly to sink as he rose through it, until it was level with his feet. Then he raised his hands and descended with it. And as he came he looked through the net at the boats below, and he made slow movements with his hands in their direction.

Then they began to move on the water as of themselves, and so continued until they floated in a circle. Then the net descended and settled over them, and we saw that they were all within its circumference, and also that, as it lighted on them, they passed through it and it sank and rested upon the water. Then the Prince, standing on the net and on the water, in the midst of the boats, waved his hand in greeting to them. And the net slowly arose from the water, lifting the boats with it, and floated upward into the air.

So away over the lake they went together, and the company of our sphere closed in around them, and sent up a song of Godspeed as they floated away towards the horizon over the lake.

It was merely one of those little tokens of love which we here delight to show our brethren of other spheres of labour, nothing more. My reason for relating this, which was in reality much more beautiful than I am able to show you thus writing, was to illustrate the effect of the will of a powerful Angel Lord concentrated on the forces to hand and transmuting them in quality.

Beauty is not alone the minister of pleasure to the sight. It is rather a characteristic of these realms. For beauty and utility go together here. And the more useful a man becomes the more beautiful is he in person, The beauty of holiness is literal and real, friend, and it were well if all men could accept that truth. †

Thursday, December 4, 1913.

Having now explained, somewhat briefly, some of those principles, which are found in operation in your own sphere of earth, as also of these of more rarefied substance, I will continue in slightly different vein. For although it is not of your ability, nor helpful, to speak of those things which exist in these higher spheres alone more properly, yet a man must look ahead as he journeys, and the more he is able to understand of that land for which he is set out upon the road, the more sure will be his stepping onward, and less strange will appear that land on his arrival.

Beginning, then, at this point, it is one of the first tasks we have to learn here, having passed through the veil of flesh into the clearer realms of spiritual life, and having first to make familiar to ourselves the conditions here found existent, and that accomplished, to hand on to those who come on after us that same knowledge.


One matter which causes much distress and distrust to many souls is the fact that all they see here is real. You have already been shown this, but so strange it is and contrary to all rational expectation, that I would fain add to what you already have received a little more. For it is of primary import to everyone that he realize that the existence before him is no dream, as a man would say, but not we, but that it is indeed the fuller life developed, and the life for which the earth life is both a preparation and beginning. Why do men imagine that the sapling is of larger strength than the full-grown oak, or that the spring is of more reality and power than the river? The sapling and the spring are of your present earth life, the oak and the river are here.

The body you now wear, and the trees and rivers and other of material substance, which you call real, are not so enduring, nor so real, as their counterparts in these spheres. For here is found the energy which comes to your systems, and is as the electric dynamo to the single lamp as to its power and intensity.

When, therefore, men think of us as whiffs of smoke, and of our environment as drifting shadows, let them pause and ask if there is any sound reason to bottom their view. Nay, there is no reason in it whatsoever, but, on the contrary part, it is foolishness, and unworthy thinking beings of spirit estate.


Let me describe you a scene in one of these spheres, or regions, as I will say to make it more natural seeming to you, a scene and an incident, by way of showing you what kind and manner of life you will take your part in one day soon. For when you step over into the sunlight, and think backward of your earth life, it will surely stand out very vivid and plain, and the reason of things you now discern but in part will be seen to be both ordered and wisely beneficent. Nevertheless, how short a day will your present life then seem to you when around you unfolds ever one infinitude after another, and eternity begins to be of your life, which now you reckon day by day.

Far away a light is rising in the sky which overlaps the horizon like a violet-tinted veil, and seems to drop behind it, curtaining the further distance from my sight. Between that horizon and the high rock on which I stand to view is a wide-stretching plain. Here at my feet, far down below, I see a temple which, in its turn, is still high above the City which stretches round the base of the mountain.

Domes and halls and mansions surrounded by lawns of emerald, and flowers flashing and sparkling like gems of many colours I see, and squares and statues and fountains and many people, whose robes outshine the flower-beds and out-number their colours, move about in groups. One colour is seen to be dominant over the rest, however, and that is gold, for that colour is the principal of this City.


High walls stretch, crescent-wise, along the outer part and embrace the City as the horns bend in towards the mountain on either side. On these walls are watchers, not against foe, but to give tidings of what is forward out on the vast plain from time to time, and to welcome friends who journey hither from regions far away.

The walls are lapped by the waters of a lake which is in extent as a sea or ocean on earth would be measured. But yet it is possible for those who are trained to watch to see, beyond it, the land on the farther shore where the light is growing, and is seen kissing the sails and flashing oars of the ships as they go, some in one direction and some in another, upon the bosom of the gently swelling sea.

And now I descend and stand on the walls to watch what is enacting. Presently I hear a rumbling as of thunder coming from the direction of that violet cloud of light. This grows in volume and rhythm, and gains in pleasurable tone, until it has become one sustained chord of music.

Then from the temple above me I see emerge a great throng who wear white glistering robes, with golden bands about their middles, and each a fillet of gold upon his head. These take hands upon the platform of rock before the Temple and, looking upward, seem to be lost in adoration. They are really gathering power to answer the salutation of the party who are travelling towards us beyond the horizon yonder.

Then another man comes forth and stands before them, looking towards the violet cloud of light. He is of larger build than the rest, clothed like them of white and gold, but more beautiful and bright of face, and whose eyes are like a flame of quivering light.

Presently, as they stand thus, a cloud begins to gather around them and, as it thickens, we see it in movement revolving, until it takes the shape of a sphere, and is in colour golden, but full of many-coloured lights. It enlarges until at length it hides the Temple from view. And then a very notable thing ensues.

The sphere, revolving and sending out flash after flash of light, gold, crimson, purple, blue, green and other, slowly rises into the air, and higher still it goes until it is level with the topmost peak of the mountain behind and above the Temple. Higher still it rises, and its light radiates far afield. And I notice that the platform where stood the party of Temple-dwellers is bare of them. They have ascended in that globe of living light and flame. This is not possible but for those who have developed in training to endure that intensity of spiritual power which generates such phenomena as this. Higher still rises the sphere until it rests suspended, and the brilliancy of its flashing is increased.

Then I notice a shadow stealing from out its midst, and settling and spreading over that half of it which opposes itself to the region behind, but the front which is toward the violet light in the horizon is naked, and its brightness is increased by so much that I may not look at it, but only at the rays as they travel high over the plain in answer to that message coming from afar.

Then, too, we hear a humming noise, like that of bees, which comes from the sphere of light, and this increases like the other, like a chord of great orchestras, as it swells out, high in the heavens now, and floods the plain and the sea both with light and music, for here these are often made to go hand in hand, blended in condition and effect.

Our friends are seen and heard by those who come towards us from far away, and the two streams of light gradually approach, and so do the two strains of harmony, and all blend together in wonderful beauty. But they are not near together. That which in these realms answers to distance in yours is immense. These two in opposition are as if one of the stars you see from earth should salute a sister star billions of billions of miles away, and send her music to her in greeting, receiving answer in like responsive light and sound together blended. Then, could these two stars leave their moorings in the ends of space, and begin to come nearer each to other along the heavenly road, century after century, approaching at awful speed and, for greeting sending out from time to time floods of radiance and music, as throwing kisses by the way, ahead of their meeting, so imagine this approach of those two spheres of the spiritual universe, and you do not over-estimate either their beauties or powers of movement thus displayed.

I leave them thus, and go about my business, and all the time the light increases, and the people of the City tell the news, and hazard who it is who comes for this time, and remember one to another he meets, who came last, and what it was transpired then of glories new and not before seen in that city while they had been citizens.

So each goes about his work in happy expectation, for all visitors here bring joy, and joy receive in themselves of their hosts, and take it back to their own people when they again depart.

Now, I would that I might describe for you the meeting. That I am unable, for it is of those things that are not possible to utter in words of earth. Even thus far I have been much hampered, and have only found it possible to picture the scene hereto by lopping and chopping off all the more beautiful parts and giving you just a skeleton frame to hang your imagination upon. If the glory of it all in separation be tenfold more glorious than I have been able to indite, what shall serve me of language to tell you of the blending of those two glories when they were come together? The heaven was transformed into a blaze of light, and thousands of beings flashing hither and thither, with many species of transport animals, and wagons of different construction, and banners and devices, and flashing, radiating, shimmering lights and colours, and voices which were like instruments of music falling upon us below, as they wheeled and circled in the heavens above, like showers of golden rain mingled with violet flowers and diamonds.

Rhapsody? Yes, friend, to those who would measure heaven by earth’s drab pageants, tawdry and tinsel in their trappings, and enacted in an atmosphere which to this of our own land is as fog to sunlight. Yet in the midst of all the dull dampness of earth and earth life, you yourselves are not of earth but of those heavenly Spheres potentially and by reason of your destiny. Be you, therefore, not so sordid to grovel about with nose to earth smelling for gold which decomposes itself, and is not of lasting and persisting quality. Use what things you have, and be glad that your world is so wisely ordered and so wonderful as it is, but do not rate this land by what you find normal in that lower sphere.

Look onward, friend and ward, for this is yours, and all those beauties and delights we hold in trust for you. Stretch forth your hand in faith, and I drop into it just one small gem of all these heavenly treasures. Open your heart to us and we will breathe into your being some of the music and love of your own future home.

And so, be you content awhile, and do what you find at hand to do. We keep your inheritance sure and safe for your coming, and, so you do your work as faithfully and as well as you are able, you and all such shall come to us as Kings and Princes of the Blood, of the Blood, which is His Life for all who love holiness as He loved it and, because He loved its beauty, did not flinch to do His Father’s Will, at Whom men scoffed, and for which they crucified Him.

Tread in His way, for that way led Him to the Throne, and shall lead you thither, you and all who do their parts nobly and with love.
Of such He is their King. †

Monday, December 8, 1913.

And now, my friend and ward, I am of a mind tonight to continue that of which I made a beginning when last I impressed you.

That violet cloud of glory and the one of my own sphere were commingled and, as I looked up at the sight, I saw, as I told you, the movement of those who were within. Then the glory settled down upon our City, and all the buildings and trees and people and all things therein were bathed in that violet-golden shower, and took on a more lovely aspect by reason of the baptism.

For you will understand that it was from a sphere more advanced than my own from which these our visitors were come, and none come so but they bring a blessing in gift to leave behind. Thus when they had departed we had received that which enabled us nearer to our next step onward, and the whole city glowed with somewhat more of sublimity than heretofore.

Now, it chanced that I had business in the Temple at that time, and thither I made my way along the mountain path. It was a long ascent, but usually I went afoot by way of meditation and preparing of myself for whatever I had in hand on such occasions as this.


Here and there along the path ascending are shrines, set a little off the way, like those in many lands of earth. And as I stood before one of these, a little removed, I covered my eyes with my hands, and stood thus awhile to commune with Him Who of His Life gives strength to us to follow after Him in the Heavenly road. Thus it was that I did not hear when some drew nigh me until their steps were present with me on the path behind. Then they ceased and I, having finished my offering, turned and saw those whose light showed me of their degree that it was not as mine, but higher in the spheres. So I bowed myself to them, and stood with eyes to look upon the ground, and waited for them to tell out their will and purpose with me.

But I stood for long and they did not speak to me. So, making bold from the silence of them, I raised my eyes and looked upon them, first at the girdle of their robes to understand of what order they might be. Thus I understood that they were of those messengers who attended their Chief on his journeys. Such they were, as you shall call them aides-de-camp to their Leader.

Then, they still continuing in silence, I looked on their faces. They were aglow with smiling, and amusement was not lacking in their smile. So I steadfastly gazed upon them, and at first I could discern little, for it was no easy matter that I should penetrate through that radiance shimmering around them then, to see their features whether I knew them or no. But, catching some of their power, as is the manner at such times, I did at length come to knowledge of their countenances. Then I understood. They were two old comrades who, when we did service nearer to the earth plane, had fought for souls and won them out of the darker regions into the light of the Presence. And I had been their minister then, and their companion.

They came to me, when they saw the dawning recognition in my eyes, and, taking each a hand in his, we went together tip the hill ascending, and on towards the Temple plateau, they kissing me first on either cheek, and so imparting to me further of their strength, to be and to converse with them.

Oh, the bliss and the great pleasure of that walk, when they who had been advanced beyond my present estate spoke first of old times and service together and, gradually leading, came to present times in this my own sphere, and then spoke, in sequence, of their own more bright and glorious, to which soon, perhaps, I should be called.


So we came to the Temple, and the way seemed not so long by much as at other times for the beauty of their presence and the entrancement of the talk they gave me of the added glory of their Home.
They bore a message to the Temple-keeper that their Chief and Lord would sometime soon come, with our own Ruler, to bless the Temple and to offer worship there, both for his own retinue and himself, and for the City at which, for the time being, he was guest.

Will you describe the Temple to me, Zabdiel?

What I am able in your words at my disposal I will give you.

There is no wall between the facade and the edge of the precipice, so that the Temple is seen most clearly from the plain a little out from the City walls. It rises sheer from the platform of rock, one arch topping another, and mounting upward in perfect harmony, and in colour growing lighter as the higher arches are reached. The dominating colour I cannot tell you, for you have no such on earth. If I name it a combination of pink and grey that is all I can do, and it does not give you a very exact idea of its aspect. But let that suffice, and indeed I come little nearer in my description of the architecture itself.

There is not one great porch alone, as in most of your cathedrals, but there are five. They are of different build and hue, and are so constructed for the accommodation of those who come hither to worship. For were all to be admitted through one gate, those of lesser power would experience an enervation which would take from their ability to worship when within. So these five doorways are made to lead them into that nave where they may recover to be strengthened. Here they pay their first vows and devotions. Then they pass on into the great central hall of the Sanctuary, where they all mingle together without discomfort.

There is a square tower over this central space, open to the top and to the sky above. And over the tower bangs a moving, luminous cloud, which is like the Shekinah of old, the Dwelling Place from which, at certain times, descends into the Temple, and upon the worshippers, an access of His Life and blessing.

On the farther side of this space there is another nave, and here are angels who come to meet with those who are called. These minister to us by teaching of those Mysteries which are of the Higher Realms, and only those who have progressed much may receive their teaching, for it is both very high in wisdom of Divine things and powers, and also it is given sparingly, for, as a moth is destroyed of the flame it seeks too eagerly, so it is not with impunity that the higher Wisdom may be either had or given. Into that inner Sanctuary I never yet have looked, for my time is not yet at hand to do so. And when it comes I shall be ready. I shall not be bidden thither before I am fully prepared. Yet before I am advanced to my next sphere onward I must pass through the learning to be had there, and there alone. Towards this I am at present endeavouring.

I have told you somewhat of that mighty Shrine, but falteringly, for it is too glorious to put into your words. Of such a theme St. John of the Revelation strove to tell to those his brethren who had been less favoured than he. But he could but tell them of precious stones and pearls and light and crystal and no more. Well, that is my present case, my brother, and I am at pause. So let me leave it there with some sorrow that I can do no more than this which falls so short of the glory which crowns and suffuses all that Temple which stands on that Heavenly Mountain in the Tenth Sphere of these long reaches of progress in knowledge and wisdom and power and strength and blessing towards Him Who is the Source and Spring of them all. †

Zabdiel, I feel it rather a strain to come on succeeding days. Would you rather that I came on every other day, or on every day I can, as at present?

As you will, friend. Only remember this: that the power is here now, and it may not continue. I will sustain you for so long as I am able, and when that fails by reason of your limitations then I can no more. I will make my journal so completed as I can, however, while you are in this state of receptivity. But do as you think well. If you decide to continue daily, then do not task your mind with other writing more than is necessary for your dutiful fulfilment of your obligation to your people and friends. Take exercise and recuperation without-doors, as you feel it helpful. And I will give you what I can of my strength and sustenance. But my ability to give is greater than is yours to receive. So, if you feel able, come daily, or as nearly so as your duties permit. We have not once failed hitherto on any day, and may be able so to continue.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published October 2015
158 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-64-1
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The Life Beyond the Veil: The Lowlands of Heaven: Volume 1   The Life Beyond the Veil: The Lowlands of Heaven: Volume 1
Rev. George Vale Owen
Natural and Supernatural: A History of the Paranormal from the Earliest Times to 1914   Natural and Supernatural: A History of the Paranormal from the Earliest Times to 1914
Brian Inglis
A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife   A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife
Victor Zammit & Wendy Zammit
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