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The Multidimensional Human: Practices for Psychic Development and Astral Projection   The Multidimensional Human: Practices for Psychic Development and Astral Projection
Kurt Leland

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Many spiritual traditions, from yoga and Buddhism to contemporary theosophy, teach that we are multidimensional humans. We exist simultaneously on several planes and in several bodies. These bodies range from the familiar physical body to the astral body experienced in dreams and out-of-body states, as well as higher energy bodies that access realms and states of consciousness beyond our wildest dreams.

In The Multidimensional Human, consciousness researcher and intuitive consultant Kurt Leland reveals the secret of how to master these energy bodies: we must develop our inner senses. Based on a close study of theosophy, the Seth Material (as channeled by Jane Roberts), and his own clairvoyant investigations, Leland explains that there are twenty inner senses. They come in four categories: existential (those that help us know and understand ourselves), environmental (those that help us perceive nonphysical environments), kinesthetic (those that help us move within and between nonphysical realms), and relational (those that allow us to interact with nonphysical beings).

He also provides thirty-two practices for developing our inner senses. These practices are extremely simple. They can be done in ordinary waking consciousness by anyone—beginner to advanced—who has an interest in psychic development, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, astral projection, and other adventures in consciousness.

By mastering these inner senses, we learn how to use our energy bodies to experience the bliss of higher states of consciousness, explore the astral plane and beyond, meet nonphysical Teachers and Guides, and work for the spiritual benefit of humanity. We achieve our birthright as multidimensional humans.

“A seasoned traveler in the realms of alternate reality gives useful and practical advice for anyone who wants to follow his example. One of very few books on astral travel that is worth reading. Follow him if you dare.”

~ Richard Smoley, author of The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe




Chapter 1. Invisible Helpers Class
Chapter 2. Flexibility of Consciousness
Chapter 3. Energy Bodies and Planes
Chapter 4. Vehicles of Consciousness
Chapter 5. The Master Intention.


Chapter 6. The Inner Senses
Chapter 7. Know Thyself: The Existential Senses
Chapter 8. Developing Your Existential Senses
Practice 1: The Witness Platform
Practice 2: “This is Consciousness”
Practice 3: “I’m an Elizabeth”
Practice 4: “This is Creation”
Practice 5: “You’re a David”
Practice 6: Limited Self/Unlimited Self
Chapter 9. Know the Terrain: The Environmental Senses
Chapter 10. The Perception Sense
Chapter 11. Developing Your Environmental Senses
Practice 7: The Spacious Present
Practice 8: Psy-time
Practice 9: Expanded Consciousness
Practice 10: The Ego/Soul Boundary
Practice 11: Keeping a Multidimensional Self Journal
Chapter 12. Getting Around on Other Planes: The Kinesthetic Senses
Chapter 13. Developing Your Kinesthetic Senses
Practice 12: Grounding Your Energy Field
Practice 13: Dissolving Thought Forms
Practice 14: Exploring Your Energy Bodies
Practice 15: Clearing Unwanted Energies
Practice 16: Energy Body Tune-up
Chapter 14. Know Who Your Friends Are: The Relational Senses
Chapter 15. Developing Your Relational Senses
Practice 17: “This is Cooperation”
Practice 18: Inner Vibrational Touch
Practice 19: Feel/Think
Practice 20: The Big But Exercise
Practice 21: “I See the Divine in You”


Chapter 16. Becoming an Invisible Helper
Practice 22: Grounding in the Master Intention
Practice 23: Getting into Your Astral Body
Practice 24: Requesting to Awaken Fully Refreshed
Practice 25: Invisible Helper Training Program
Chapter 17. Dealing with Negative Entities
Practice 26: Interrogating Negative Entities
Practice 27: Acting as a Lightning Rod
Practice 28: Clearing Negative Entity Attachments
Practice 29: Cleaning Your Astral Closet
Chapter 18. Finding Trustworthy Guides and Teachers
Practice 30: Closing and Opening Your Etheric Body
Practice 31: Sensing the Etheric Body of Others
Chapter 19. Having a Mission in Otherwhere
Practice 32: Setting Targets in Nonphysical Reality
Chapter 20. The Multidimensional Training Program
Appendix. The Inner Senses and the Laws of the Inner Universe
Index of Practices
General Index
About the Author

About the author

Kurt Leland has written on astral projection, near-death experiences, and the transcendent possibilities of composing, performing, and listening to music. In 2007, What Is Enlightenment? magazine numbered him among “the world’s foremost OBE [out-of-body experience] experts.” In 2017, his book Rainbow Body: A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan was a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association in the Body, Mind & Spirit category. As well as being a National Lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America, he is a Boston-based classical musician and award-winning composer and maintains a consulting and teaching practice called Spiritual Orienteering. He may be reached at

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published February 2020
320 pages
Size: 6 x inches
ISBN 978-1-78677-122-3
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