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Steve Jobs’ Final Words

Posted on 04 November 2011, 12:57

According to Steve Jobs’ sister Mona Simpson, who gave the eulogy at her brother’s memorial service on the campus of Stanford University October 16, Jobs’ final words were, “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”  From his deathbed he was looking past members of his family into the distance when he spoke these awe-inspiring syllables.

What did he see to inspire such a reaction?

Those who have studied deathbed visions know the answer.  Hospice nurses run across them all the time.  In their landmark book Final Gifts, Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley write, “Many dying people tell of a place not visible to anyone else.  Their descriptions are brief—rarely exceeding a sentence or two—and not very specific, but usually glowing.”

Sometimes dying people see a beautiful light, sometimes a scene of glory that they take to be the world they are about to enter.  “I really can’t explain what it was like; words are just inadequate,” said one of Callanan and Kelley’s Hospice patients who had such a vision.  These nurses tell of another patient, a confirmed atheist named Sandra, who had one.  “I no longer believe that when I die I’ll just come to an end,” she said.  These visions do not feel like hallucinations, but like real places.

Jobs told his sister shortly before he died that he was “going to a better place.”  Careful research into visions like his suggests that he was probably not disappointed.

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Mona was one of the kindess and most livnog people I will ever have the privelege of knowing and livnog.  I was lucky to have know her and wish we would have lived closer.  It was my honor to not only be her sister-in-law but her friend. I think that she was on loan to all of us from God and He missed her so much that He wanted her back home with Him.  She will be truly missed here too.Mark, Ryan and Lauren Bell,You will be in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.Love you all.

Fatima, Sun 29 Apr, 03:39

George, you and your group do important work.  I wish there were something like this where I live.  Sometimes people ask me where they can get help locally (in Bakersfield, California), and I just have to say I do not know.

Stafford Betty, Wed 14 Dec, 11:43

Hi Stafford, I enjoyed your book and purchased several copies for family as Christmas presents. I am just finishing Nanci Danison’s Backwards, and her NDE surely explains WOW! like nothing I have read before.

Daniel Kealey, Sat 10 Dec, 12:39

At the weekly seance meetings of the Kingsclere Group UK, we often conduct via a medium, ‘spirit rescues’ (the progression of ones that have difficulty in reaching or accepting spirit life following death). This inevitably results in their vision of the light with loved ones waiting there to greet. On such occasions we frequently hear the equivalent of: ‘Oh wow!’. Examples are given on
George Moss 3rd Dec 2011.

George E Moss, Sat 3 Dec, 15:16

An interesting post Stafford. I think it is important to point ouot that an hallucination is not necessarily a rejection of reality.  It is just a rejections of reality through the five normal senses.  It may very well be real when perceived through a sixth sense.

Michael Tymn, Wed 16 Nov, 18:09

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