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Etta Wriedt: One of the Greatest American Direct Voice  Mediums of the 20th Century   Etta Wriedt: One of the Greatest American Direct Voice Mediums of the 20th Century
N. Riley Heagerty

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In his tenth work, researcher N. Riley Heagerty delves into the life of Etta Wriedt, one of the great American Direct Voice mediums of the “Heyday of Spiritualism” during the late nineteenth to early twentieth century.

In Wriedt’s presence, voices of deceased communicators manifested in the room that didn’t emanate from her or the sitters. They communicated in numerous languages (sometimes at the same time), including Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindustani, and Italian, whereas Wriedt only spoke English, or what one investigator called “Yankee.”

Scientists and investigators such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, William T. Stead and Vice-Admiral Osborne Moore all witnessed the phenomena on multiple occasions, as did other luminaries of the day who went to great efforts to rule out trickery and sleight of hand before becoming convinced of her abilities.

“The stories of life within this incalculably valuable book can only strengthen the realization that our loved ones are never very far away, but closer than we could ever imagine.”
~ August, Goforth, author, The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief, & Survival Beyond Death.

“Once again N. Riley Heagerty has gifted the world with breath-taking research. The evidence contained in this book will remove any last lingering doubts you may have about the glorious reunions with our loved ones that await us.”
~ Victor and Wendy Zammit, authors, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.

About the author

N. Riley Heagerty, has been involved non-stop in research involving Spiritualism and Physical Mediumship since 1985.

He has, up to the present day, collected and read more than 600 books - mostly rare, on the subject, and has lectured extensively in England and America.  His first published book, “The French Revelation,” dealt exclusively with the Independent Voice mediumship of Mrs. Emily S. French, of Rochester, New York.

More details of Riley’s books and other interesting stuff he’s involved with can be found at

Mr. Heagerty, considered one of the leading authorities on American Physical Mediumship in the United States has said, “The research of Mediumship and Spirit Communication is just as exciting and enthralling to me in the present day as it was during the first days of my research. It is an ongoing adventure that will never cease.  The subject is vast, marvelous and contains, in this researchers opinion, the most important truths we could ever know.  The heyday of Spiritualism, what I have termed the ‘Century of Wonders,’ existed between 1848 & 1948. Mrs. French along with May and Elizabeth Bangs are just three of the many that demonstrated their wondrous gifts within this time period and I am honored to write about them. “

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published March 5, 2024
154 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches / 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 9781786772596
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