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Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing the Reality Game   Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing the Reality Game
Edited by Brad Steiger and John White

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Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing The Reality Game is a stimulating selection of consciousness-expanding topics which include The Search For Extraterrestrial Life; Other Civilizations: The Prehistory Of Earth; Other Lifeforms: A Look At UFOs; Other Dimensions: The Astral Plane and Beyond; and Other Universes and Return to Godhead.

The introduction begins: “This book is an attempt to expand your consciousness by playing The Reality Game. The term originates with Brad Steiger in his book Mysteries of Time and Space, where he suggests that humanity has been challenged to participate in a kind of cosmic contest—The Reality Game. The objective is to know reality, to understand ourselves and the cosmos as fully as possible. If man can apprehend the true significance of certain clues; if he can master the proper moves, he may obtain a clearer picture of his true role in the cosmic scheme of things—a role that is decidedly different from what common sense tells him it is.”

Contributors include Timothy Leary, who while serving time in a California prison for experimenting with psychedelics, donated an essay from his book, Terra II … A Way Out. Astrophysicist Jacques Vallee contributed a chapter from Passport to Magonia, his classic book on UFOs and folklore. Other writers include Rudolf Steiner, Yogi Ramacharaka and D. Scott Rogo.

Kirkus Reviews called it “A bit of this, a pinch of that, toads’ eyes and bat brains,” making it a must-read for anyone on the metaphysical truth trail.



Cosmology and the Mystery of the Universe, Luis E. Navia  
Starseed: A Way Out, Timothy Leary                

Evolution of Man, Nada-Yolanda                              
The Prehistorical Period of Man in Egypt and Africa, Gerald Massey        

The Case for the “Critters,” Trevor James Constable                  
Passport to Magonia, Jacques Vallee                                      
Where Is Heaven?, Barry Downing                                        
Planetary Transformation and the Myth of the Extraterrestrial, David Spangler  

Out-of-the-Body Dimensions, D. Scott Rogo                          
The Astral World, Yogi Ramacharaka                                        
The Revelations of Frederic Myers, Arthur Ford, as told to Jerome Ellison      
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Rudolf Steiner                              

Multiple Universes, Ivan Sanderson                                              
Comets, Spaceprobes and Hyperdimensions, Oliver Reiser                      
A Journey Through the Heavens and Hells, Wilson Van Dusen                  
From Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon                                                
Appendix: Suggestions for Further Exploration  

About the author

About the Editors

BRAD STEIGER (February 19, 1936 – May 6, 2018) liked to be thought of as a “sharer” rather than a teacher or preacher of metaphysics. He was pleased that the name given to him when he and his wife were adopted by the Repositor of Wisdom into the Wolf Clan Oan of the Seneca Tribe, Iroquois Nation, was Hat-yas-swas, “he testified.” From 1957 – 67 Mr. Steiger taught on both the high school and college level. Post 1967 he was engaged in a full-time exploration of what others might term “borderland sciences,” “the paranormal,” or even “the world of the weird,” which Steiger called “the greater reality which we all share but cannot always explain.” His work has appeared in numerous publications and periodicals in this country and abroad, and he is a biographee in many international reference works. Among Mr. Steiger’s nearly fifty books are The Psychic Feats of Olof Jonsson; Revelation: The Divine Fire: Medicine Power: The American Indian’s Revival of His Spiritual Heritage and Its Relevance for Modern Man and Mysteries of Time and Space.
In 1974 Mr. Steiger received the Genie Award for Metaphysical Writer of the Year.

JOHN WHITE is a writer and teacher engaged in the exploration of consciousness and higher human development. From 1972-74 he was associated with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell as director of education for The Institute of Noetic Sciences, an organization founded by Dr. Mitchell to investigate the nature of consciousness and human potential.

Born in 1939, Mr. White has a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a master’s degree from Yale University. He is editor of The Highest State of Consciousness, Frontiers of Consciousness, What Is Meditation? and Toward a Science of Consciousness. He also edited Psychic Exploration for Edgar Mitchell.

His writings have appeared in many popular and professional journals, including Reader’s Digest, Saturday Review, World Psychic, Journal of Altered States of Consciousness, Journal for the Study of Consciousness, and Fields Within Fields. He has taught in high school and college. He is an editor of Psychic and Human Dimensions magazines, and is on the editorial board of Journal of Altered States of Consciousness.

His articles have been reprinted in textbooks on linguistics, biology, and education.

He lives in Cheshire, Connecticut, with his wife and has four children.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published February, 2020
264 pages
Size: 5.5 x 8.25 inches
ISBN 978-1-78677-120-9
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The Only Planet of Choice: Visitations – Many people use the word ‘Alien’ to describe a visitor from outer space. Extra terrestrial is another word, which is rather more user friendly. For the sake of the question and answer format, the word used by the questioner has been left, though even Tom questions our use of‘Alien’. Should we wish to foster openess between all beings of the Universe perhaps we should also look at our vocabulary? In a discussion between Andrew and Tom many years earlier, Andrew had asked Tom about UFOs and whether they were created manifestations. Tom had replied: “Many of the flying things that you call UFOs come from our place, but they come from other places also, and they do come in physical form. But many of them are not physical. They are like your movie screen”. Read here
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