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Spirits, Science, Extraterrestrials & Uri Geller

Posted on 15 January 2024, 9:00

I don’t know what to make of Uri Geller and the somewhat bizarre reports concerning interdimensional beings surrounding him. Although I had heard and read a little about him over the years, primarily about his psychic spoon-bending and watch-stopping abilities, I saw him as not much more than a gifted psychic with psychokinetic powers that sometimes worked and other times didn’t. I never realized he might have been a potential ambassador for the interdimensional beings (which I’ll call ETs) until I recently read the book, Uri, subtitled Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, by Andrija Puharich (top right), first published in 1973 but recently republished by White Crow Books. 


Wikipedia refers to Geller as an illusionist and another website calls him a great prankster. He’s also referred to as a magician, psychic, showman, and television personality.  I recall that Geller failed to produce phenomena on a national television show during the 1970s, but I am well aware that psychic abilities are finicky and that lack of harmonious conditions or the failure of the psychic to achieve the necessary passive mindset can prevent them from manifesting. Even the great Japanese ballplayer Shohei Ohtani succeeds in getting a hit only once in every three times at bat, on the average.    Why do the skeptics and debunkers assume Geller should get hits 100-percent of the time? There are enough credible witnesses to Geller’s abilities that his failures do nothing to make me suspect he was or is still a charlatan.

There is so much more to Geller’s (top left) story than I had realized, and the evidence of his paranormal abilities as documented by Puharich, seemingly a very credible scientist, is difficult to refute, at least by an open-minded person. Among those observing Geller’s phenomena were Captain Edgar Mitchell, the famous astronaut, Dr. Wernher von Braun, the rocket designer for the U. S. space program, and distinguished members of the Stanford Research Institute, to name only a few. 

Puharich’s book and two related subsequent books, The Nine: Briefing from Deep Space by Stuart Holroyd and The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis Schlemmer, are really more about Puharich than Geller.  “Everyone expected [Puharich’s book] to be another cautious and well-documented account of laboratory investigations into Geller’s powers,” Colin Wilson (bottom left) wrote in the introduction to Holroyd’s book, which picks up where Puharich left off in his book about Geller.  “[However] what actually appeared left everyone staggered and bewildered. According to Puharich, strange voices spoke out of Geller’s mouth – or from above his head – declaring themselves to be ‘space intelligences’ who had selected Geller to be their messenger in Chief to the human race.” 

Puharich’s connection with ETs actually began in December 1951, some 20 years before he encountered Geller, when he met Dr. D. G. Vinod, a Hindu scholar from India. When they met again a year later, on December 31, 1952, Vinod entered a trance state and began speaking in a sonorous voice unlike his own high-pitched, soft voice, and without his normal accent. The voice stated: M calling.  We are Nine Principles and Forces, personalities if you will, working in a complete mutual implication.  We are forces, and the nature of our work is to accentuate the positive, the evolutional, and the teleological aspects of existence. By teleology I do not mean the teleology human derivation in a multidimensional concept of existence. Teleology will be understood in terms of a different ontology. To be simple, we accentuate certain directions as will fulfil the destiny of creation. We propose to work with you in some essential respects with the relation of contradiction and contrariety. We shall negate and revise part of your work, by which I mean the work as presented by you. The point is that we want to begin altogether at a different dimension, though it is true that your work has itself led up to this…..

Impeccable Credentials

A native of Chicago and a 1947 graduate of Northwestern University Medical School, Puharich served as an officer in the United States Army during the Korean War. He completed his residency in internal medicine in California and is said to have made significant contributions to medicine, neurophysiology, mind sciences, and medical electronics. Among his colleagues and research associates were Aldous Huxley and Dr. Samuel Rosen, a renowned ear surgeon.  Of interest to those of us living in Hawaii, Puharich reportedly awakened his powers of consciousness while living in Hawaii in 1961.  He also studied the Brazilian healer Arigò during the 1960s and first became aware of UFOs in Brazil, where he witnessed and photographed a number of them.

“His academic and career credentials as a scientist are impeccable,” offers Holroyd in The Nine. “He has been prolific of invention and innovation in the fields of medical electronics, neurophysiology, biocybernetics, ESP research, and holds fifty-six U.S. and foreign patents for his inventions.” But Holroyd realized that most people might begin to question Puharich’s sanity when they read the preface of Uri, where Puharich states: “I had suspected for a long time from my researches that man has been in communication with beings not of this earth for thousands of years. This personal opinion comes from a close reading of the record of ancient religions and from my own observations and data. What is not clear is why such communication has been kept secret for so long.” 

Puharich goes on to say that for reasons unknown to him, Geller was selected to be the ambassador for an advanced civilization and that the “collegium of voices reaching man on earth,” (the words of the Nine ETs), are directly related to man’s concept of God.  He adds that the controllers of the universe operate under the direction of the Nine. 
While the phenomena produced by Geller are much more than I had imagined, they do not exceed my boggle threshold.  However, the involvement of extraterrestrials, as detailed by Dr. Puharich, does exceed that threshold and had my head spinning early in Puharich’s book.  At times, I wondered if mischievous earthbound sprits were representing themselves as ETs while playing games with Puharich and Geller. As I read the words of the ETs as recorded by Puharich, I was constantly struggling to incorporate their messages into the expanded reality I had already come to accept while also wondering if they were some early form of artificial intelligence. It was definitely mindboggling. 

Geller emerges as something of a philistine – often indifferent to his psychic abilities and more interested in having fun in the material world than in helping Puharich and other scientists understand the nature of reality and what was being communicated through him and other mediums. Puharich comments that in biblical times, Geller would have been honored as a prophet, but that today he was more “a show freak and a guinea pig for science.” He adds that Geller did not like being a “guinea pig” and therefore often resisted scientific testing. 

When Puharich asked one ET communicator about the nature of the soul, the response came: It inhabits different worlds at different times in its existence. When the physical body dies, it goes with all of its being to its own world. There it carries on with the next phase of its existence. It may go on to other spaces, or it may even return to an earth physical body for another round of existence – what humans call reincarnation may occur. There are higher powers that divide these people (souls), and that decide where they shall go. The purpose of all existence is to move toward God. However, no one can know God. We ourselves can only know God by reaching him as an idea – not physically.

During October 1972, one of the ET communicators, seemingly disappointed with their efforts, said that they had come to the conclusion “that only panic and disaster may appear when we land on your earth in a few years.” The ET further stated that “there shall be landings on earth. But the landings might be invisible, and only visible to you.”

Sir John Whitmore (bottom right), a British author who joined Puharich in 1974 for some research with trance mediums who also relayed messages on from the ETs, wrote the foreword to Holroyd’s book and quoted one of the ET communicators: “Until the nation of Israel has the ability to exist without destruction, your planet Earth is in turmoil, for the nation of Israel is a representation of your entire planet Earth.  It is difficult for many to understand that, but it is the micro of the macro and it is important that there is peace and harmony…”

Possible Explanations

Colin Wilson saw three possible explanations by Puharich’s critics: 1) Puharich had been hoodwinked by Geller; 2) Puharich was telling a tall tale that even ardent ufologists weren’t swallowing; 3) Puharich had gone mad. “Beyond all doubt, something very strange has been happening, and is continuing to happen, even as I write these words,” Wilson ended. “It would be absurd not to acknowledge that it could be a matter of genuine extraterrestrial communication. Yet on the present showing, there is simply not enough evidence to give real support to that possibility….Strange entities, claiming to be super-beings from ‘another dimension,’ warn us that the planet Earth is close to serious crisis, and that is why they have been forced to intervene so directly. Much of what they say strikes me as convincing, and all of it is interesting, far more so than the majority of ‘spirit communication’ of the past.” 

Wilson wrote those words some 50 years ago and nothing in the way of ET intervention seems to have happened since then.  It is not clear whether the ETs gave up on Uri Geller being their ambassador. One is left to ask:

• Is 50 years just a snap of the fingers in the greater reality?  Are the ETs still attempting to help us?  Have they already helped us avoid a third world war even though we don’t realize it? Have they already “landed” but we simply don’t perceive it with our human senses? 
• Are the ETs significantly limited in the ways they can help us?  Has human bias, greed, and materialism blocked them from assisting us? Are they now helping us in ways that we don’t grasp?  Have they given up in their attempts to help us?
• Were the alleged ETs actually very intelligent earthbound spirits playing games with Puharich and others. As mentioned, that was one of my initial reactions and then I later came upon Colin Wilson’s comment saying much the same thing.  He refers to them as possibly being among the “crooks and con men of the spirit world.”  If they are, they seem very benevolent. Is being benevolent part of their game?  To further quote Wilson: “Then what the hell is going on?” 

I’ve just started the Holyrod book and will then read the Schlemmer book before attempting to further analyze it, but Puharich’s book offers much to think about.

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.
His latest book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is published by White Crow books.

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Here is what looks like a significant link between insights from the psychical research of the Victorian age and the modern-day phenomena often identified, or rather misidentified, as extraterrestrials: from Jacques Vallee’s most most recent (2021) book:

Dors, Eastern Europe, Wed 28 Feb, 10:37

“Selective Attention Test”  But, once you take the test you cannot take it any more.  - AOD,vid:vJG698U2Mvo,st:0

Amos Olive rDoyle, Fri 2 Feb, 17:42

As I think about it, I suppose that my greatest challenge now is “letting my youth become old.”  I suspect that you are able to relate to that too.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sun 28 Jan, 20:30

Thanks Michael,
Patience has a balm for every fevered brow! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Sun 28 Jan, 14:23


I am sorry to hear that you are in the doldrums. Look over some heads and you may see me off to the right. I often suspect it is the “collective consciousness” of those who are making such a great effort to be “comfortable” and “woke.” So many people these days are “uncomfortable,” but they don’t know what they are uncomfortable about. I cringe every time I hear the word, which seems to be daily. “Wokeness” is not something to be demanded and forced upon people; it has to be learned over time and from experience, I think. Demanding it and forcing it upon people only makes the situation worse, or so it seems to me. 

I asked Patience for an answer by opening Prince’s book and blindly pointing to a paragraph.  This is what I got: “Yea, I would take unto me all things, becoming fat with experience. I would let my youth become old.”

Michael Tymn, Sat 27 Jan, 21:57

I have been going through a period of great personal turmoil recently but I also suffer to read more and more items on the internet and in other news sources which only add to my disenchantment with human beings, almost to the point that life is becoming unbearable and disgusting for me and I am ashamed to be a human being, especially in the United States today.    I am a student to human behaviors and human spiritual evolution and in order to expand my knowledge of such, I read comments posted on popular news websites including FOX News, Breitbart News Network, AOL and Drudge reports and I peruse several YouTube video sites which concern themselves with spiritual and other esoteric topics some of which are discussed on this site.  Reading these comments from an acknowledged select group of individuals is an education for me about where I think the human race is heading; and it is not good!  The amount of uneducated vacuous people in the U.S. is bewildering especially considering that taxpayers provide at least 12 years of free education to every person in the U.S. and many people have attended college or university, some of them tuition free.

A couple of things are bothering me today.  The least controversial one concerns what happens to children in the afterlife.  Wendy Zammit had a video on her website today of Jurgen Ziewe about this topic.  I wonder where is the logic about all of this?  If we really believe that it is consciousness that survives and that consciousness inhabits bodies—-perhaps in many lifetimes—-then logically why is there a need for infants, miscarried fetuses, aborted fetuses, and small children whose consciousness has passed over to be taken care of in schools and “grow up” on the other side as implied by Ziewe and others.  No consciousness needs to “grow up!” It is the physical body that grows up!  Consciousness as a spark of ‘God’ may evolve over many lifetimes, but that is what reincarnation is all about.  Reincarnation allows for soul growth and evolution.  There is no need for schools and nurseries in the afterlife unless spirits are just playing games with us. Reportedly, spirits on the other side appear as their best self while alive on Earth in their most recent incarnation, (mainly for the benefit of their friends and neighbors I suppose who greet them for the first time after they cross over.) Spirits who don’t make it to adulthood on the earth place, just reincarnate in another body, if they choose.  Children who report a past life say that they do just that!  They say that they wait around until an appropriate mother is found (sometimes they come again to the mother who has lost a child or otherwise reincarnate within the same family structure.). All of this lack of logic by some spiritualists makes me wonder if people like Ziewe really have any special insight concerning what happens in the afterlife.  It only fuels my ever-burning bonfire of doubt about it all.

My other disconcerting and depressing concern is in regard to capital punishment, as is in the news today with the execution of a man by nitrogen asphyxiation.  The comments about this execution are rude, deplorable, disgusting, demeaning, hateful and void of any understanding of spiritual life. The small amount of people who frequent this website here are blowing in the wind and will never inform, even by way of an abundance of evidence, the multitudes of people, (I would guess more than 90%) especially Americans of North America who are so hate-filled, narcissistic, in love with and dependent upon their materialistic privileged life that they have nothing but ridicule for anyone who suggests that there might be another purpose to life other than to accumulate wealth and have a fun time.  Killing for them, whether it is a human—-or other conscious beings (animals)—-in war or by execution is perfectly acceptable behavior; morally right and good!

I can’t take this any more!  I don’t believe that people will ever change without a catastrophic awakening brought upon humanity! – AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Fri 26 Jan, 20:08


PERFECTLY said…thank you.


Don Porteous, Fri 26 Jan, 13:31

Thanks again to all for the interesting comments. Bill mentioned the Glastonbury spirits and I have more or less come to the conclusion that the Glastonbury spirit who told Bligh-Bond that we are all “Blind gropers after immutable facts, which are not of your sphere of experience” knew what he, she, or they was/were talking about. I’m satisfied with the conviction that consciousness survives death in an environment that is much more dynamic and sensible than that painted by orthodox religions.  As for a better understanding of the afterlife, reincarnation, the Crucifixion, individuality of the soul, the Group Soul, etc., I’ll go with being stuck as that “blind groper.” I still don’t know what a browser is or how it works, so there is little hope of my understanding those things.  Nevertheless, it is “fun” (I use that word loosely) trying to grasp the things that are beyond our comprehension, and so I hope we can continue tossing them around in future blogs.

Michael Tymn, Fri 26 Jan, 00:38


Ah, sic a lovin’ heart
A bit o’weep at times,
But dame o’ truth.
A-seekin’, seekin’, seekin’,
Callin’ callin’ callin’
O’HIM that comfort be.

HE ne’er spake
That road should lone-trod be.
Take frend upon the weary way
To mend thy tatter’d heart.
A word, A glance, a hand to sooth,
A balm of love upon thy fever’d brow.

Though thy track be long and far
And pack be heavy-burdened
He who waits for thee
And hovers near, a-joyin’ be
Restin’ on the breast o’ HIM.
          Patience Worth

Amos Oliver Doyle, Thu 25 Jan, 16:00

Elene and Carla,
Boggle threshold- nice use of Renee Haynes term for “the point at which the mind cannot handle any more information on a given subject and instead begins to reel.”

Thanks for this quote from Guy Lyon Playfair and Uri Geller in the book The Geller Effect page 17. You might ask does Bruce have a memory of where he reads every quote (sometime yes see my original comment from My Story) but I had only seen it a few hours before reading the recent posts. I suspect Guy is wanting to make a point (he passed in 2018). (I think I know the point but a long story). I like both of these authors. Their combination was electric. Guy explained his close working relationship with Uri. Let us put it down to a coincidence with this phrase and the quote.

Carla, I am interested in the question of whether the Jewish after life experiences are different to Christian after life experiences. I guess I will have to read the book to find out. 

Bruce, Thu 25 Jan, 10:38

Uri is an Israeli. We Jews can be a little rough in our talk. And we can be very combative, lots of opinions. And that’s just the way we are. I know him very well.

There are a lot of people who do believe that spirit surrounds them. I have mediumship ability. I see spirits or feel something or hear words.  Other people report these same things with angels.

Inner Traditions published my latest book. It’s on Jewish after-life experiences. I wrote it during covid. Hope all is well iñ Hawaii.

Carla Wills Brandon, Thu 25 Jan, 07:25


My remark: “I view many efforts to obtain “objective evidence” a great waste of time; generally fruitless even if involving honorable intent” was qualified with “many.”

I was thinking of my own experiences. Every so often, over many years, I’ve had a strong “psychic” experience, with more frequent minor experiences.

There’s no way I could prove the validity of these experiences to anyone else, with very few exceptions—they were, for the most part, completely subjective.

Somewhat less subjective were shared experiences.

(Decades ago, when the Internet was young, I interacted on-line with about three dozen folks who engaged in autotyping and occasionally got together with some of them in person. A few were capable of voice channeling; two were the most proficient ouija board users I’ve ever encountered. This is in addition to taking classes in evidential mediumship some years afterwards, and attending quite a few live sessions with a variety of “channelers” or “light trance mediums.”)

Evidential mediumship relies on a kind of evidence, but this is definitely not the same as rigorous, “scientific” evidence.

I am impressed by the kind of “objective evidence” obtained by archaeology such as when Frederick Bly Bond used the autowritten Glastonbury scripts to guide digging, as described by Stephan Schwartz in his 1978 The Secret Vaults of Time: Psychic Archaeology and the Quest for Man’s Beginnings.

Some of the mysteries surrounding the personality known as “King Arthur” (if there was one) could be resolved in this way, were a very good medium to ask the monk (later saint) Gildas a few questions; depending on any answers, archaeological digs might provide “objective evidence.”

Regarding the Shroud of Turin: I’m aware of conflicting theories based on a variety of scientific tests, with varying expertise applied. This is not of great interest for me.

(BTW—in my previous comment, I meant “Spear of Destiny,” not “Sword of Destiny.” This is the weapon that, as far as I know, exists today in a museum in Vienna.)

Bill Ingle, Thu 25 Jan, 02:30

“Thank you all for this amazing discussion.  Rather randomly:

I’m very grateful to Bill for the information about the Seth search engine.

The ‘Patience Worth’ poem is quite good.

The evidence for the authenticity of the Shroud is indeed overwhelming.  That is, it gives a clear record of a man who was horribly tortured and killed during the period when Jesus lived.  Otherwise it is still a tremendous mystery.

The statement that ‘the controllers of the universe operate under the direction of the Nine’ blows way past my boggle threshold. No idea what to make of that. The communications from the Nine sound rather pretentious and wordy, and I’m with Yvonne and others on feeling that they are unlikely to be what they purport to be. But what do I know.

If Israel is a representation of our entire planet, then the way things are going right now, we are in big trouble.  And this may be true even if the invisible communicator is bogus, because the situation in and around Israel is based in the same tribalism, territorialism, hatred, intolerance and general cussedness that afflicts all of humanity.

It appears that this group may not be up on the latest developments in UFO/UAP world. A lot has been happening in the past couple of years, and we seem to be moving more toward official disclosure, though when or how that may happen is anyone’s guess.  A good source is Whitley Strieber’s ‘Dreamland’ podcast.  Strieber is also in communication with his deceased wife and has been exploring the interfaces between contact with the ‘dead,’ with apparent ETs, and with other sorts of beings.  And there is a vibrant commenting community at his site that is analogous to this one.

Current thinking is that at least many of the UAP phenomena are like what some have suggested here, more like apports and/or interdimensional travel (or whatever you want to call that) and less like conventional spacecraft of any kind.  And yes, there have been multiple reports of our nuclear weapons being turned on or off by these beings. Which is either terrifying or comforting, or both.

To Lloyd, live long and prosper!  If only all this were as simple as the Federation and the Klingons, who are all understandable people who fly around in ships we can imagine fairly easily.  Of course, they also use transporters… perhaps we can imagine ‘apporters’?

It doesn’t seem like too incredible of a stretch to connect the ability to psychically bend small pieces of metal with the observed behavior of UAPs instantaneously appearing and disappearing, or changing direction at speeds that should be impossible.  One way or another, we know that matter can do things we were all taught it couldn’t.

I totally believe Uri can do what he does, because I have seen much bigger chunks of metal— lengths of iron rebar— do the same kind of thing as his spoons.  Here’s the story:

And I have a newer story.  Last April my husband died after a sudden illness.  He’s been around a great deal, but among the many things that are harder now, I don’t have his physical assistance with things around the house anymore.  A job that was super hard to do by myself was putting up an 8 ft roll-up sunshade on the patio.  I finally managed it after quite a struggle, but couldn’t get one of the brackets straight.  One day I looked up at it and thought, I really need to get back up there and fix that, or the shade is going to fall again.  I didn’t ask for help, but I did make it a focused sort of thought. 

The next time I glanced up at the bracket, I saw that it was perfectly aligned, as was the one on the other side.  Thank you!  Nothing else has gotten magically fixed around here so far, but I can hope.”


Elene Gusch, Thu 25 Jan, 02:27

The browser problems have reduced my input but I still avidly read the posts. I have noticed Amos has moved in to mediumship by giving you a poem from Patience. I may have to check with the medium’s union on this Bill and Don are in their normal amazing discussions. Milton - the deaf dog has been entertaining. Coincidence, I know, but I had a friend called Milton with a dog.  Mediums hate being vague but sometimes it is like charades - the clues are not strong enough.

The talk about the paranormal investigator formerly called Prince was very good. Just to throw petrol in to the flames (my technique) I have just finished the book by John Van Auken etc “Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes”. I have resonated with the Essenes for the past 35 years. The name means expectancy according to Cayce who also gives a lot of background on soul groups.

I was reading about Uri in another book by Guy Lyon Playfair when they worked together. We all operate in the same spiritual ecosystem with each a different viewpoint.

The point of these ramblings is that I think that our spiritual DNA is wanting to progress and certain interests/topics are our pathways. This forum is a great melting pot of ideas. We are often helped by the viewpoints of others to advance on our pathways.

Bruce, Wed 24 Jan, 10:06


I share your respect for “powerful direct experience,” having had a handful of such experiences in my own life.

Unlike yourself however, I don’t regard attempts to obtain “objective evidence,” which you contrast your direct experiences with, as a “waste of time.” When scientifically valid (by the standards of REAL science—not “scientism”) evidential material is available which firmly supports the validity or the actual reality of a subject in question, only a fool would disregard it. 

Such is the case with the Shroud. We’re not dealing here with subjective interpretation, but rather with a set of actually-existing physical data points, relating to the image, the blood, the “reverse-negative” photographic effect, and (most tellingly to me) the “absorption pattern” within the fabric itself—along with a number of both temporal (chronological) and geographical features—all of which, both individually, and most certainly collectively, leave the most determined sceptic standing on very thin ice indeed. If you choose, you could be up-to-speed in this area within a day (Chapter 15 of my book, as previously mentioned, plus Chapter 16 for the larger context)—but again, you have to choose to.

On a lighter point—regarding your “smoking dilemma”—once again, I can empathize, having quit cold-turkey (from three packs a day to nothing) over forty years ago. Since then (and even then) when the creative juices needed replenishing, it was off to the bar for a beer. To each his own…

Don Porteous, Tue 23 Jan, 23:15

I remember Cayce. He died (1945) when I was a youngster blissfully unaware of the vicissitudes of life.  Later on, as a teenager, I did read a little about him but as I do now, I was always questioning what was really going on with him.  I see in our favorite online resource website that, as expected, the guerilla skeptics call him pseudoscience and make fun of some of his treatments, predictions and comments.  One I remember was his comment about a crystal in Atlantis that would focus the energy from the sun to be used to provide power for the Atlanteans.  Of course, the skeptics laughed without thinking, when if they weren’t so hellbent on making fun of Cayce they might have considered that solar power, facilitated by silicon crystal lattices, is all the rage today.  They also laughed about his “death ray” but don’t we have a death ray today in the form of high-powered laser beams?

I think I was more interested in the book by Morey Bernstein published in 1956, “The Search for Bridey Murphy” about the reincarnation of Virginia Tighe having had a prior life as an Irish housewife, Bridey Murphy; and then came Jane Roberts, Robbie and Seth. That started me on my journey into the unknown.  Patience Worth came later. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Tue 23 Jan, 23:11

My spiritual studies pretty much started with Edgar Cayce.  I saw a good documentary about him on TV last night, including much about ET involvement that seems consistent with that of Uri Geller.  I forgot about all that. I think I’ll have to return to reading Cayce and refresh my memory of him.

Michael Tymn, Mon 22 Jan, 22:02


Maybe the Shroud of Turin was wrapped around the body of Jesus, once upon a time. Maybe, instead, it was wrapped around the body of the man Seth spoke of who, per Seth, was actually crucified. 

Or maybe it’s a fake, created centuries ago when various relics, including pieces of “the true cross”, were venerated. 

I don’t know which of the above (if any) is true, just as I have no idea whether the “Sword of Destiny” actually pierced the body of Jesus, once, the body of the man Seth spoke of, someone else, or no one at all.

It is possible to communicate with the overall entity of the man “Jesus” (probably “Yeshua” at that time) and ask about these items but 1.) You would not be able to guarantee the genuineness of any such communication to anyone else; and 2.) Although possible, this would not be easy (something I know from experience involving a collective effort made in the 1990s; all attempts initially failed as there were just too many mental associations with “Jesus,” “Christ,” etc., for those involved who were focusing on “the entity of Jesus” or what Seth called “the Christ entity” to get anywhere; all of the endless associations interfered with the effort—as though we were attempting to contact the actor who played a role in a famous movie and we could only succeed in “getting” not the actor but the role he or she played in the film.

We ultimately succeeded by designating this particular entity in an innocuous way (as “Uncle Charlie”).

At the time, however, we didn’t think to ask about Seth’s version of events—our communication was focused in the present, not the historical (although “probable”) past.

Most of those involved, a unique cast of characters, are now dead or out of contact—it would not be possible to replicate those efforts today.

Regarding the “powerful exercise” I mentioned—this is “Practice Element 1.” found in The “Unknown” Reality Volume One of a Seth book.

I’d skipped Seth’s exercises, telling myself I’d do them later, as I read his books, until I came to the above exercise.

Unemployed at the time, I’d been able to follow his suggestion regarding sleeping habits (he’d recommended taking two naps during the day and sleeping only 5 hours or so at night, to better integrate the conscious and unconscious minds; these tend to starkly separated, creating an almost schizophrenic effect, by those who follow the usual awake-during-the-day, asleep for 8-hours officially recommended regimen).

Maybe this had something to do with the effectiveness of the exercise when I did it. I was astounded, and immediately realized that the Seth material wasn’t just interesting, a bit sci-fi like; it was powerful, as well.

After doing the exercise (which connected me with a probable self in a very vivid way) I entered a mildly expansive state that lasted for about three days and extended into my dreams. This was life changing.

This kind of experience is entirely subjective, however—I can think of no way to validate it (although I suppose it’s remotely possible that someone could connect with a probable self in a probable reality with a group of others also connected with probable selves and associated with that probable self but I have no idea how that might be arranged).

I don’t equate “powerful direct experience” with “objective evidence.” In fact, I view many efforts to obtain “objective evidence” a great waste of time; generally fruitless even if involving honorable intent.

Per my beliefs, “powerful direct experience” enables knowing, even if such knowing can’t be easily shared with others.

Regarding Milton and a deaf dog:  Maybe your personal connection with what you were reading about that took place long ago was not just a coincidence, but if so, is there any way to prove it?  Does it matter?

If you treat “All That Is” as an underlying being of consciousness also known simply as “All”, “The One”, etc., then you, me, Michael, Amos, and everyone and everything else is part of it. As such, each of us is necessarily connected (inwardly) to it and each other.

This would also include the medium in question, any “spirits” she contacted, and a hard of hearing dog. “Time”—as in the gap in time between you and the activities of the medium—may not exist as we usually imagine it.

If I hadn’t quite smoking in October after smoking for 57 years or so, I’d greatly enjoy sitting outside having a cigarette right now.  I used tobacco as a stimulant when writing for most of my life, especially when I got temporarily stuck and didn’t know what to write, but without it, writing is much more difficult. Hopefully this will pass.

Bill Ingle, Mon 22 Jan, 21:59


An afterthought of my own…

As to Prince’s later-life dog “Fifi”—-my own later-life old-deaf-dog is named “Gigi.” I’m sure just another coincidence…(?)

Don Porteous, Mon 22 Jan, 13:40


Excellent!This more informed background on “The Strange Case of Milton and the Deaf Dog” makes much more sense than my own speculative rambling. Thanks for the input…

Don Porteous, Mon 22 Jan, 13:15

An afterthought!

Maybe Prince’s dog was mute because she was deaf! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 22 Jan, 03:18

Just a thought about Dr. Walter Franklin Prince,

In 1925 when he had his sittings with Mrs. Soule, he was starting to study Pearl Curran and Patience Worth.  In his published book (1927) he quoted John Milton at least three times in the book so the name must have had some meaning for him, at least subconsciously in 1925 as he was very familiar with writers and poets of his time. He asked Patience Worth in 1926 for a poem about his dog Fifi, a cocker spaniel he had had for some time.  He included that touching poem about his dog in his book.  The dog was “mute” not deaf however.  Dr. Prince must have been thinking about his childhood when he could not recall anyone named Milton (first name?) or having a dog.  In my review of the Patience Worth materials I have found that men like Dr. Prince and James Hyslop, highly respected investigators at that time,  were not infallible in their writing or understanding of what they were researching and publishing.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 22 Jan, 02:58


Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

It seems that we’re on somewhat different pages when it comes to the “Christ event” although there may be room—depending on how open-minded you are—for some common ground. Your opinion of the “powerful exercise” that Seth provided (presumably affording some degree of “testability”) would seem to indicate that you have some respect for “evidentiality.” This has, obviously, always been key to my own approach to these questions. Follow the evidence to the extent that it exists—THEN we can launch into speculations.

Re: the Christ event—my thinking has, in recent years at least, been most strongly colored by what I consider the strongest evidential item which could possibly be offered—the Shroud of Turin.  I don’t know how much you’ve looked into it—if you haven’t, you should.(The lengthy chapter on it in my first book is probably the most concise [some would disagree vehemently with that] and reasonably up-to-date [through 2019] synopsis available.

On a separate topic—the reference to your experience with the “Seth cover” at the Mary Baker Eddy gravesite, leads me to relate an incident (if in reverse, or inside-out) which occurred to me just YESTERDAY. In my current reading, I’m just nearing the end of a book which was published in 1929 by the Boston Society for Psychic Research, titled “Leonard and Soule Experiments in Psychical Research.”  While the author is listed as Lydia W. Allison, a large portion of the material was actually written by Walter Franklin Price (Amos will know the name from his Patience Worth material) co-founder and scientific research director of the Boston society.

The bulk of Prince’s contribution concerns a series of sittings which he held with the medium Mrs. Soule (aka Mrs. “Chenoweth”) in Boston between 1920 and 1926. The primary “communicators” (through several different “controls”) were either Prince’s mother, or his wife (both fairly recently deceased) or a younger brother who had passed on some years earlier, at less than three years of age. One particular sitting, held on November 11, 1925, featured the young brother relating a number of reminiscences from his childhood.Those memories included an old and deaf dog—“Dog so old he can’t hear much”—and some association, not fully explained, with the name “Milton.”

Walter Prince (the sitter) was quite adamant that that “there was no dog in the family during my childhood” and that the name “Milton” had no meaning for him whatsoever. Recognizing however that when some “non-fitting” items such as this intrude into a set of otherwise coherent memories there has to be SOME cause—he then gave a brief laundry-list of possibilities, such as “memory flitting to another period.”

With that in mind, combined with a boatload of evidence for “pre-cognition,” and with the consistent statements from communicants from the other side as to the sense of “timelessness” in the next world…it brings us to my own situation.
“Milton” and the “old deaf dog” may not have meant anything to Prince—but yours truly, prior to moving to our present address two years ago, lived for about 17 years in “Milton” (PA), bringing with him, a then “old” dog (now even older, and nearly totally deaf). Is it possible that a communicating spirit from nearly a century ago could tap into the memory/experience base of someone reading his words today?

Meaningful? In all likelihood, it’s merely coincidence, but eye-opening nonetheless…

Don Porteous, Sun 21 Jan, 17:38


I’m no Seth fanatic.  I doubt I’d have any familiarity with Seth’s writings had I not had the experience I’ve posted about here a number of times in which I “saw” (with my mind’s eye) a persistent image of the cover of Seth Speaks the first time I ever meditated.

This took place one fine spring day in 1982   while I was sitting on steps leading from Mary Baker Eddy’s tomb to a small pond. (I didn’t realize it was Ms. Eddy’s tomb until some time afterwards. Did the fact that I was sitting near her tomb at the time have anything to do with the experience?  I have no idea.)

Ever since, I’ve been an <u>enthusiast</u> of the material.

Even Seth acknowledges that no channeling (or trance mediumship) is ever completely free of distortion, for various reasons, especially the fact that communications pass through the mind of the channeler/medium—some are “clearer” than others and this will vary from time to time, too.

Maybe this applies to this situation.

As far as I know, no version of me was present during the dramatic events in question—so I can’t really say whether Seth’s version is correct or not. 

Do I care?  Not really. I would still find value in Seth’s words whether it’s true or not.

Although I was brought up as a Protestant, I view Christianity as a wild tangle of myth and actual events, the NT somewhat akin to the dime novel entitled “The Adventures of Wyatt Earp.”

The main characters in both that novel and the NT are literary in nature but based, in the case of Earp, on an actual historical personality.

I consider it entirely possible that the literary character “Jesus” is no different; that is, a man of that name existed and was closely connected with the events that spawned the myth we know.

Was he crucified?  Again, as far as I know, no version of me was present at the time—so I don’t know.

NT versions of the event weren’t set down until decades afterwards. The few additional reports (mentions, really) that have come down are second hand—not from eyewitnesses.

If Seth’s version is accurate, only those directly involved could vouch for it.

Again, what transpired (“what really happened”) isn’t extremely important to me, one way or the other (although I have read books by Eisenman, Pagels, Fredriksen, etc., on the general topic when moved to do so).

Certainly we’re already dealing with myth here.  Immaculate Conception?  Sole son of an anthropomorphic hill god, a kind of magnified human male?  Fulfillment of Messianic prophecies?  (You really have to twist those, as my long ago Sunday school teachers did.)

What I find much more interesting concerns Seth’s ideas about entities, oversouls, inner selves, “All That Is,” and so on, especially as Seth provides exercises to validate them.

Seth dealt with the nature of reality; “you create your own reality” is a dictum others borrowed, typically without attribution, but Seth got into this in a major way and approached it from different perspectives. 

His material on probable realities and selves, complete with a powerful exercise (that connects you with one of your own probable selves), has no parallel in other channeled material.

Still, we live in a world completely infused with Christianity.  It is the world’s most popular religion (2.8 billion or so followers).  Our years are numbered in accordance with it. Christmas is the major commercial holiday. Politicians invoke parts of the myth constantly. Western histories (and many institutions) can’t be separated from the religion.

As such, Seth’s unusual prediction (unusual considering this item:

“I am not cautious, I am simply realistic and when you understand the nature of reality then you realize that predictions of future events are basically meaningless. Now you can predict some events and they occur, but you create the future in every moment in your frame of reference, and time in your terms is plastic. Most predictions are made in a highly distorted fashion, and they lead the public astray…”  Seth, during a 1971 ESP Class session)

regarding a new incarnation of Saul of Tarsus, is very interesting, to say the least.

This is found in Seth Speaks, in Session 586. in Chapter 21.

According to Seth (and The Baháʼí Faith, as well), John the Baptist, “Jesus,” and Saul of Tarsus were all part of the same overall entity (Seth equated “soul” with “entity” early on but later separated the two concepts). “Pauline” Christianity was an error and Tarsus would return to correct this.

“His message will be that of the individual in relation to All That Is. He will clearly state methods by which each individual can attain a state of intimate contact with his own entity; the entity to some extent being man’s mediator with All That Is.”

Whether Tarsus is “reincarnated” or not, I gather from Seth’s words that, if this occurs, it will be after I’m dead.

This hasn’t prevented me from using this passage for inspiration.

Bill Ingle, Fri 19 Jan, 23:48

Amos, please give my thanks to Patience.  I am humbled by her poem.

Don, I have the same reservations about Seth.  I’m not sure what to make of him, or “them,” as Seth seems to be a group soul more than an individual.

Michael Tymn, Fri 19 Jan, 22:58

Patience Worth wanted me to send you this poem of hers. - AOD

He who runs a marathon of life,
Who bakes a loaf and picks the crumb
O’ bannocks stale and at ahide
That others o’ a kind may see
Into a day agone but yet to come.
A gallery walk o’ learnin.’

He whose tender countenance
Asmile, aglow o’ innocence,
A trustin’ heart at times ahid
Aneath a well-worn cloak o’doubt
I bow afore thee, love o’ mine
I tip my hat as we shall pass upon the path
To greening fields and clearer skyes.

Amos Oliver Doyle, Fri 19 Jan, 19:40

Bill (Ingle)....

I would be quite interested in your thoughts, as the most ardent “Sethian” among us, in Seth’s take on the Crucifixion, as shown on pages 366-368 in my copy (the New World Library edition, 1994) of “Seth Speaks.”

Any reader of my own book recognizes that I’m far from being a “doctrinally-correct” Christian. That said, I still find Seth’s view of a “drugged replacement” for Christ a bit much to swallow.

Don Porteous, Fri 19 Jan, 18:20

Annie Jacobsen’s 2017 Phenomena:  The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis includes additional information on Puharich (including his sad end in 1995) and Geller (including his accurate prediction of the death of President Nasser of Egypt during a stage performance in Israel).  It’s a good read, too.

When it comes to UFOs, we all have access to books, YouTube interviews, podcasts, etc., by folks such as Dr. Steven Greer

See and also his 2001 event at the National Press Club:

Jacques Vallée
See , and no shortage of other authors, pundits, etc.

Back in October, Amos made an asinine comment about Seth and Jane Roberts based not on any knowledge of the Seth material but most likely after watching an amateur home movie on YouTube made in Jane Robert’s home in Elmira, NY, sometime between 1968 and 1975, when Jane and her husband Rob held informal weekly get-togethers called “The ESP Classes” during which Jane channeled Seth and Seth engaged in Q&A with the attendees.

These activities were nothing at all like the more “show biz” type activities of later channelers like Esther Hicks, etc., who capitalized on the best selling books Seth dictated like Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

Jane began providing voice to Seth in 1963, well before the heavily commercialized version of the “New Age” came into existence.

I did not respond to Amos at the time because I was suffering from a serious case of the flu.

Seth had much to say on the UFO topic but today it’s no longer necessary to purchase and search through his many books to find his comments.

One need only use the specialized search engine found at .

Bill Ingle, Thu 18 Jan, 19:47

Thanks to all for the comments so far.  I watched Keith’s video again and found it even more interesting than on my first view four years ago. I had hoped to summarize the next blog with a discussion of the two other books mentioned in this blog having to do with UFOs or UAPs, whatever they are now called, but due to some conflicting projects I doubt that I will complete my reading of them, so they will have to wait for a month or two.

I may have mentioned this before, but about 1950, give or take a year or two, I saw a UFO hovering not too high over my home in Alameda, California.  It was a silvery platter shaped object that I watched for maybe 10 seconds before it zipped off.  I was in my back yard at the time. I remember running in to tell my mother, but she just shrugged. It was gone, so nothing she could do to verify my observation.  There was nothing in the paper about it the next day and I heard nothing more about it. Perhaps I was abducted and didn’t even realize it.  smile

Michael Tymn, Wed 17 Jan, 22:27

For many years, it was enough for me to be studying psychic phenomena and the afterlife.  I didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole of adding UFOs to my roster of fringe pursuits.  But lately, I’ve changed my mind, thanks to points that have surfaced in the parapsychology/afterlife world (and in this blog!).  Specifically:

*  If disembodied or astrally projecting spirits can travel to distant places in the universe and back in a moment’s time, and
*  If apports can appear in one’s hand as a result of spirit activity
*  If teleportation is possible for short distances by not-very-advanced humans on this Earth

Then it makes sense that an advanced civilization could get here in spirit and then create apported bodies and spacecraft—or—teleport their craft and bodies across great distances to get here.

Should we be afraid?  I think if they were hostile, they would have taken over long ago.  Or, maybe the universe is filled with both Starfleet Command types and Klingon types, in which case it would seem that there are Starfleet types who are enforcing the prime directive here (i.e., do not interfere with the evolution of a planet)  much to the Klingon type’s frustration.

If we were a factory farm to the aliens, they would have destroyed our a-bombs long ago as a threat to their property.

That’s how I look at the situation.

BTW, my Dad’s local parapsychology group sponsored a talk by Uri Geller in the 70s.  Dad and his friends blindfolded Mr. Geller themselves, making sure to their satisfaction that there was no trick, and then he proceeded to drive them around town.  When I was going through my doubting years, hearing about thing after cherished thing that had been “debunked”, it was a professor declaring that Uri Geller had been debunked that turned me back around.

Warm regards,
Lloyd Ferris

Lloyd Ferris, Wed 17 Jan, 20:01

From an article on Fox News this morning suggesting that the government is hiding something about UFOs. Maybe what we discuss here is beginning to go mainstream!- AOD

“The term ‘interdimensional’ pertains to the theory there are multiple dimensions of space and time, coexisting at once. One longstanding theory about UFOs is that what we may see on Earth isn’t even something from another planet or from far across the galaxy. Could it be something which broke across the plane of the dimension where we reside from its location in another dimension?”

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 17 Jan, 14:48

If you have a problem posting comments, you can send them to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). It’s a problem with Google browsers and due to the age of the website, I haven’t been able to rectify it yet. It seems to be fine using Mac/Safari, Duck Duck Go, Brave and other browsers.

Jon, Wed 17 Jan, 11:20

If anyone has a problem posting a comment, send to me at my email and I will post it. Mine seems to work. Send to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Michael Tymn, Wed 17 Jan, 07:25


I felt very uncertain too overall about Geller as a psychic or medium.

So glad to receive more info on with your valuable opinion.

It’s very possible in my humble opinion that ETs have come and interacted with us.

As for any information received from supposed intellectually and/or morally superior intelligences (whether spirits or extraterrestrials) the more detailed information given by them, the more suspect I would be.

Superior spirits/beings generally are concise.

Too many details can be greatly misinterpreted by us lesser beings no matter who or what they are.

Generally, superior beings would not waste their time in my humble opinion.

Yvonne Limoges

Yvonne Limoges, Tue 16 Jan, 19:37

Hi Amos, you spotted the deliberate mistake !! Sorry to have been a klutz. Here is the correct link:

Keith P in England, Tue 16 Jan, 17:49

Your link was to Houdini. - AOD

Ammos Oliver Doyle, Tue 16 Jan, 16:36

Just in case anyone might be interested, in 2019 I made a 36 minute Youtube documentary about
‘Uri Geller - Psychic or Trickster?’ You can find it here:

I’ve just watched it for the first time in years and can’t believe I made it! It is a pretty thorough investigation of his abilities including SRI footage of Uri being tested.

What I do remember is launching this on Youtube and only then remembering Uri’s claim at the end of the Puharich book to have been teleported many miles in seconds, just as the Brazilian medium Mirabelli was also teleported 50 miles or so years ago. I regret not including this in the doc at the time.

Incidentally I have an imac and use DuckDuckGo and this message was refused using this browser, so it is not necessarily the solution to the issue of sending comments to Michael’s blog site.

Keith P in England, Tue 16 Jan, 12:01

I have read Uri’s book and in it, there was a mention of how he obtained his powers.

My Story by Uri Geller page 89
In that garden many years ago, it was late afternoon but still light. I had been playing all alone, sometimes dozing and dreaming in the garden during the afternoon. Suddenly there was a very loud, high-pitched ringing in my ears. All other sounds stopped. And it was strange, as if time had suddenly stood still. The trees didn’t move in the wind. Something made me look up at the sky. I remember it well. There was a silvery mass of light. And I even remember the first thought that passed through my head: What happened to the sun? This was not the sun, and I knew it. The light was too close to me. Then it came down lower, I remember, very close to me. The colour was brilliant. I felt as if I had been knocked over backwards. There was a sharp pain in my forehead. Then I was knocked out. I lost consciousness completely. I don’t know how long I lay there, but when I woke I rushed home and told my mother. She was angry and worried. Deep down, I knew something important had happened. I went back to the garden many times after that, hoping to see that brilliant, silvery mass of light again. It never appeared again, however, much as I wanted it to. My mother, of course, dismissed it… I think about it often. As I get further in to my story I think you will understand why.

I have not had any trances with ETs coming through. I have enough on my hands with those people who have passed and want to communicate. I was comparing how Uri and Edgar Cayce in their books were both used by people wanting material gain (oil deposits, gold etc).

Bruce, Tue 16 Jan, 07:39

I am using DuckDuckGo to post directly to Michael’s blog.  You can go on the internet and download a free copy of DuckDuckGo.  Apparently the server of White Crow Books in London has been hacked to not accept comments from commonly used browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge which a lot of people use.
  I guess it is off-putting for people when they want to comment and then get a message saying that they are “not authorized” to post on this site.  A setting has been changed to block those browsers. - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Tue 16 Jan, 00:40

Thanks, Michael, for this information.  As always, your blog is an education for me. 

I was aware of Uri Geller during his hey-day on the Johnny Carson show when he failed to demonstrate his spoon-bending gift.  Since then, I have seen several demonstrations explaining how to bend spoons so Uri Geller has not taken up a lot of space in my mind. I guess I really don’t know much about him.  I was not aware of the direct voice phenomenon reported to be related to him. 

More importantly, I was interested in hearing about Andriija Puharich, whom I had not considered before.  I see that Jeffrey Mishlove has a nice discussion about him on “New thinking Allowed.”  For those who are interested here is the link:

During my long lifetime UFOs have sporadically been in the news, sometimes with a blurred image of “something” not clearly identifiable or a fabricated photograph with a distorted perspective making a frisbee or light shade look like a large flying saucer.  One would think that after all of these years and all of those reports and the ability of photography to capture images, that there would be good evidence in photographs or videos that UFOs really exist.  Well, maybe they do, but I don’t think they are extraterrestrial people from other planets. It appears that there are not any other inhabitable planets in our solar system and it would take too many light years for physical beings from another solar system to get here.  So, that leaves me with the speculation that UFOs are either an excited deluded interpretation of some normal phenomenon by those who report them or, they are appearances of beings from another dimension, kind of like an apparition of someone from another plane of being—-popping in and out of the earth plane.

It is all getting to be too much for me now.  After a while everything gets to be repetitive and I can’t move beyond a 50% belief in any of it.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 15 Jan, 22:43

Michael, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted…
With all the revelations and goings on in the world with it’s shadow ‘players’ the answer is in your post and where you quote Colin Wilson’s.

JAN MERTA DE VELEHRAD 1944 - 2010 (more Ph.Ds than anyone) was one researching on this subject with P and personally knew P & U.  He knew after a while something was definitely off with P.  I feel Jan went down many rabbit holes with him and that it upset his wife deeply, so much so,  that it could have been a main part of her break down.  Jan told me as much and when he came to me after knowing about Cora L.V. Richmond—he knew Cora was truth and so did his wife.  Jan began giving lectures on her…some are on the internet.  But I personally understand U not wanting to be tested by Ps group.

Today we now can understand the ETs statement when we now know about Khazarians—the false jews and why ISRAEL WILL BE LAST.

You wrote quoting one of the ET communicators:

“Until the nation of Israel has the ability to exist without destruction, your planet Earth is in turmoil, for the nation of Israel is a representation of your entire planet Earth.  It is difficult for many to understand that, but it is the micro of the macro and it is important that there is peace and harmony…”

Best Ziaa

Ziaa, Mon 15 Jan, 21:13

Hi Mike,

I was trying to post the following comments to your new article but kept getting an error message. Anyhow, I thought I’d share that here (by email):

“Alex Tsakiris of the Skeptiko podcast has previously mentioned an incident, where a UFO apparently demonstrated the ability to activate and deactivate nuclear missiles as a U.S. silo. I don’t know the details, but you could probably get that information from him. If it is true, perhaps it was to serve as a demonstration that these beings could intervene if necessary to keep us from destroying ourselves.”

Skeptiko - Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point

P.S. Skeptiko is not a skeptic podcast/site. It’s the Greek word for true skepticism, meaning open minded inquiry.

Mark Ireland

Mark Ireland, Mon 15 Jan, 20:08

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