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Ostensible Paranormal Healing Study By Tricia J Robertson

Posted on 25 September 2013, 11:34

Ostensible Paranormal Healing Study By Tricia J Robertson

In October 2006 I was made aware of the claims of Nina Knowlands. She claimed to be effecting spectacular healing improvements in the physical conditions of people. After speaking to her on the telephone and considering her information, I felt that it merited investigation.

I designed a protocol for her to follow, in the knowledge that either she would follow it to the letter or she would not. Either way there was nothing lost.

The protocol involved

Keeping a record sheet for each patient including contact details for the patient and medical contact details eg Dr’s name, a hospital involved etc.

Effects felt by the patient both immediate and long term

Where possible, some kind of medical report about the condition both before and after the healing. This could be a GP’s letter, hospital letter, x – rays or photographic evidence etc.

The healer gladly implemented this procedure and stuck to it rigorously.

Other questions on each sheet that Nina had to fill out were

Did you lay hands on the body or above the body?
How did the patient come to know of you?
Did you feel a change in consciousness during the healing, perhaps in the form of
(a) overshadowing
(b) semi trance
( c) trance

Did the patient feel any effects while you were healing. (the patient completes this section)
Eg heat, tingling, pain, internal movements etc
Did you (the healer) feel that you knew who the control(s), if any, was during this healing?
Each patient also had to subsequently provide a written testimony regarding his/her healing.

This has been done.

TR has contact details for each patient and the patient’s medical practitioner or appropriate hospital. (Even if they are not on this report, for confidentially)

I wrote to other Prism members in June 2007 suggesting that the possibilities were that

She is deluded
She is a fraud
She is genuine but overestimating her successes
She is genuine and effecting “betterment” that cannot be accounted for by normally accepted means

Only through investigation will we know!

They agreed and funded a journey for me to investigate this further.

As researchers should always work in pairs, I brought along with me Prof Archie Roy as a witness to the investigation.

We met Nina on 30th July 2007.

Later that same year we revisited Nina and completed some more work.
Individual video interviews were conducted with a selection of past patients.
Their video testimonies were checked against their previously written testimonies for accuracy
As with anyone who has a “real” paranormal experience they never appear to forget any aspect of that experience
Video footage was taken of new patients
The occupations of all patients thus far ranged from a Bishop’s secretary to a bar tender.
At this point, I had studied 30 conditions treated by Nina.
There is no doubt about it- something “unusual” was going on!
Factors noted thus far were that

86 % of patients felt the sensation of heat from the healer’s hands
80% had a very quick cessation of pain
37% felt a popping, bubbling or fluttering sensation inside them.
20% had a feeling of”someone” working inside their body

In April 2008, during a visit to study Nina, another two alleged healers agreed to be studied – Gary Mannion and Andy Porter
It was understood that Gary claims that his control(s) “sees into” a person’s body and can identify a problem in this way.

Due to Gary’s different way of working the patient sheets had then to be amended to include further information.
At this time, in a different location, TR video interviewed three of his previous patients.  All were very interesting and there were many similarities to the statements made by Nina’s patients.
It is worth noting that each of these patients did not know each other or any of Nina;s patients.
Gary subsequently sent other patients’ signed testimonies to me. These have been added to the data base. It is worth noting that a signed testimony is not the same thing as an airy fairy anecdote.
On the 2nd and 3rd August 2008, I obtained funding to bring Gary Mannion to Glasgow for a controlled research programme, where I provided the subjects for healing.
At the August controlled sessions there were 15 patients, all of whom were individually video interviewed before and after their healing. The results for this session showed that;
. 46%  reported immediate betterment of some kind with their condition
13% reported betterment within a few days to a week

After 1 month the situation was-
8 people improved over this longer period, some to such an extent that they cannot believe it.
3 conditions will require a much longer time to pass before we can see if there is any improvement
1 lady had not had a recurrence of her condition, but it was too early to say.

The following are case reports

Healer – Nina Knowland
Bradford on Avon
Date of interviews 30/7/07

All of the following interviews have been videoed

1. Sylvia , aged 54  
Occupation;  Secretary to an English Bishop
Medical verification Close Farm Surgery, Dr Rachel Taylor, Bristol.

Time- frame 1999

Patient had suffered severe pain through having haemorrhoids for years, so badly that she attended hospital where they decided to perform a “banding” procedure on the haemorrhoids. The patient did not like the Doctor who was going to perform the operation as she felt that he did not consult with her properly before he gave her a local anaesthetic and inserted an instrument into her. Quote “He was very heavy handed” He then announced that she could go. She could not sit up and the doctor told her to take a couple of paracetamol.  She was in great pain before he performed this procedure, but she was in excruciating pain now. She had heard of Nina before and sitting in a sideways position she drove straight to Burnham - on -Sea, where Nina had a small shop for selling bits and pieces at that time. She explained her predicament and Nina said that she would try to take the pain away by hands on healing. Nina sat Sylvia on a chair and put a hand down low on the base of the spine. Sylvia described it thus. “I felt heat and then a movement inside my body—like a gentle smoothing taking place—the pain subsided very quickly—in just about over a minute, within half an hour I had gone from being in excruciating pain to not having any pain.”  From 1999 until now ie July 2007, the patient has never had any problems in that area. She cancelled her next hospital appointment.
Note –Nina says that the spirit doctors took off the banding and that Sylvia had an abscess also in that area.( of this there can never be proof)

At a later date, May 06, Sylvia attended Nina for arthritic joints, inherited from the family. As she is a single lady and a typist it was becoming quite a problem. There was an especially large lump on the top joint of her middle finger of the right hand. The doctor had given her painkillers for years but her stiffness was becoming a problem in her work.  Nina worked on Sylvia’s hands over approximately 1 month, and during this time the lumps disappeared and pain generally much decreased.  Video available of the hands—not the haemorrhoids!
Sylvia is convinced that Nina healed her on both occasions.

Nina reports that the working control is a Dr Carr. She feels his beard upon her.( given the name by a medium)

2. Shane Adams fork lift operator.- born 1.11.74
Location –Burnham

Time frame 2000

Shane fell off a fork lift truck and landed on his coccyx. He attended his doctor, Dr Trowel, who said that it was probably sciatica and he advised him to take strong painkillers.  He was off work for two weeks with the pain and about 4 weeks later a large bruise appeared on and around his coccyx. His back was very painful. He went to see Nina and within about 26seconds “It was as though I was under an anaesthetic, although there was no smell of ether, I was dead to the world. “After 20-30minutes of healing I got instant relief and have had little bother since.” “It becomes a little bit sore from time to time, but nothing like the intense pain that was there before” Shane’s doctor never took an x-ray of his back, but he did have time off his work ,before he saw Nina, which is uncharacteristic. Shane is convinced that Nina healed him.

Nina says that there was an abscess at the bottom of his back – but there is no actual evidence for this.

Nina reports that her control was Dr Carr, as she could feel his beard on her face.

3. Gaynor, age 64 born 27.12.43
Oncology consultant Dr David Cole, The Ridgeway Hospital
Own Dr – Dr N Yerbury, Old Court Surgery, Station Rd, Wooton Bassett, Swindon SN4 7DZ.

Time frame October 2006

Patient diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990. Mastectomy performed.

Followed by a course of radiotherapy and tamoxafin . In 2000 there was a recurrence along the breast line. More radiotherapy and drugs.
In 2004 Lymph cancer was found and secondary cancer in the bones. More drugs – Herceptin and Zometa.
She was still in quits a lot of pain, despite the medication

She went to Nina in Oct 2006 for assistance with pain relief.

She attends every 2 to 3 weeks for this.. She notes that the day after the healing she feels worse, as though things have been “stirred around”, but the following day she is much better. This relief lasts, as I said, 2 to 3 weeks. She has 4 defined spots for her cancer, 2 at the top of her spine, 1 across the hips and the 1 at the top of the breast bone.

When asked how the treatment felt, apart from feeling heat, she felt that
(a)  With the breast bone- “Felt as though someone was inside turning it around” It was quite sore but Nina kept saying “I can’t leave it”
(b)  The left hip ( just last Tuesday)  “I felt as though someone was inside my hip—I don’t feel that very often so you know when it is happening”

In 2004, 2005, 2006 Gaynor had a bone scan. In January 2007 she had a complete CAT scan and an MRI from neck to pelvis.
It is noted on the doctor’s report that I am holding that “ I note that the hot spot activity on her bone scan was in fact rather less intense than on the previous scan.”
Note that Nina had given her healing from October 2006. This may or may not prove to be meaningful.
The next scheduled hospital scan is January 2008

When asked if she could see any changes in Nina’s appearance during healing she said “ I didn’t look for a long time as I didn’t really want to see”
She recently began to look at Nina and says that she “saw a big nose and it made her own nose itch” Another time she opened her eyes and Nina’s eyes were “squinty, creased and slanty”
Nina attributes this to whoever ( in spirit) is working with the patient.
We await the result of the scan in 2008.

Nina feels that Harry Edwards was working with her, as she feels that he is the control who gives her the sensation of having a big nose.

4. Gloria Ferrier- born 14.7.44

Healing applied for the first time in our presence on 30/7/07

Hospital diagnosis – large amount of gall stones, as shown up on a scan.

When Gloria arrived she was in some discomfort, feeling sick, lethargic and generally run down although not actual pain. Parts of her abdomen were uncomfortable to touch. It should be noted that this patient was a good bit overweight. 

She lay on the treatment bench and Nina laid her hands on her abdomen. Gloria reported the feeling of heat going through her, almost immediately. She later felt as if something was “swirling” inside her abdomen, on the right hand side.- she kept touching the spot. The healing continued for at least 20 mins. Nina said that she would like to see the patient again for further treatment when she came back from the holiday that she was going on the next day.

After resuming an upright position on a dining room chair and speaking to the researchers, she suddenly put her hand on the “tender” spot and said “I can do that now-I couldn’t when I came in”

One day later we received a txt from Gloria to say that she had a good night’s sleep and was feeling better and had more energy. Again the next day, and so on up to 2 weeks after the healing. She has to go back to the hospital in about a month for another scan. She has been asked to attain copies of both scans and she is just the lady who will ask until she gets them.

So we will see.

On the 7th Dec 07 I obtained a written testimony from Gloria to add; “The next day after the healing I was due to travel to Brussels, normally quite a tiring journey for me. However I was amazed to feel extremely fresh after the journey and had not felt sick at all during the day. The next day found a new me, full of energy, bright eyes, skin looked fresher than it had for a long time, and most noticeably, I did not feel sick. It was a great transformation which was noticed by everyone around me. I was certainly very happy to have had the treatment and the relief that it gave me.”

Nina Reports that she is not sure of the control working with her on this patient.

5. Terry Mills - born 27.1.73

Time frame – 21st Nov 2006

Came to Nina with great pain as a result of adhesions from an Ectopic pregnancy in 1994, where the fallopian tubes had been stuck to the colon. She had given up taking painkillers as they didn’t seem to help

When Nina laid her hands on Terry she described a feeling of “internal movement” and a “bubbling/ popping sensation” under the skin. Time of healing about 30 minutes. She did not feel a sensation of “heat”. After that one healing she had no further pain and her periods became regular once again and pain free. She was told by doctors that another pregnancy was almost impossible. She has been coming to Nina recently in the hope that healing can be effected in order that she can have another child.

Another time she had very bad tonsillitis and the doctor said that the poison had gone into her back. She was having great back pain and the Doctor gave her diazepam ( a muscle relaxant). She was ill for a week. ( note that antibiotics were not prescribed)

She attended Nina for healing. When Nina laid her hands on her, after the initial heat sensation, it felt like Nina was “pulling and vacuuming poison out of her back—it was incredible—it was a very strange feeling and there was such a pulling that it became painful towards the end—and then it felt as though it was being smoothed off in a kind of stroking movement”

The healing lasted about 1 hour.

There was a bit of back pain after this, but the illness appeared to be gone and the patient has been ok since.
Terry was very impressed and felt as though someone else was working on her.
Before conferring with Terry after the healing, Nina felt as though she was drawing it out of her back towards her, in fact she hoped that it would not stay with her.
Terry is convinced that Nina healed her.
Nina did not know the control working with her although she felt an overshadowing and felt as though she was in semi-trance.

6. Dave – born 14.5.58

Time frame – healing date - 2/5/2007

Doctor - Bradford on Avon, Station Approach

Dave is a gardener. He had met Nina in ASDA and had previously known of her reputation as a healer. At work he cracked a rib and it was very painful. The doctor told him that the rib was very high up and there was nothing to be done except to take painkillers until it mended itself. This procedure would normally take about 4 – 6 weeks.  He had 2 weeks off his work and then returned, as he felt that it had healed, only to crack it again by moving a heavy object – he felt it go again. That was on a Friday. On Saturday and Sunday he dosed himself with painkillers. On Sunday evening he text Nina to ask if she would send him absent healing, which she did.  She came to see him on the Monday, on her way to her work, and laid her hands on him for 5 minutes and the pain subsided. She told him that she would need to do another full healing. On the next day, Tuesday, she gave him a 20 minute healing and along with the heat normally reported he felt “energy moving through him.”  When she had finished he felt “I could have gone back to work the same day.” He also felt very relaxed and felt an “emotional release.”

There was never any more pain.

Dave is convinced that Nina healed him.

Nina felt a new guide/ control, as she could feel as though she was wearing an eye glass.

7. Marie – aged 76 - dob 13/07/31
Time frame – 2000

Nina had known Mary for some years but had not seen her for a long time. She literally bumped into a lady in the street and was shocked to discover that it was Mary- Nina did not recognise her as she was so thin.  Mary had been constantly sick for about 3 months, could not keep any food down and had gone from 8 stone to 5 stone in the 3 month period. She was now a size 6.  The hospital diagnosed a hiatus hernia. She had been in hospital for week and was “worse when she came out.”

Nina took her to her place of work and gave her healing. Marie felt the sensation of heat from Nina’s hands along with a tingling sensation and a feeling of internal movement.  She left Nina’s and went home to cook her husband’s tea. She cooked some for herself, ate the whole lot and kept it down. She has never been sick since and is now up to 10 stone. She went back to the hospital for a check up and a scope down the gullet. The doctor could not find anything wrong and was most perplexed. His perplexity would not be helped by the fact that Mary told him that a spirit doctor had operated on her and that she was instantly cured!!
I asked Mary if she thought that Nina had cured her condition and her reply was “Nina saved my Life!”
Nina felt the control was Dr Carr, as she felt the beard on her face.

8. Shaun Pethers –born 16.12.68

Healing date 2001

Dr Bizon, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

Occupation- self employed plasterer – skinhead with a selection of large looped earrings.

Patients eye was “glassed” in a pub fight. A Guinness pint glass was smashed on a bar and thrust into his face .He was rushed to hospital and kept in for a week. His eye had been cut in half. The first operation took 6 hours and the doctors had to cut through 18 layers to remove the glass that was in his eye. He was told that they had done the best that they could but they may have to remove his eye. The Doctor told him that it was the worst eye injury that he had ever seen. The retina had detached, and both pupil and iris were destroyed. One week later they explained that they would have to remove the eye as a great pressure had built up in it and removal would prevent any ensuing infection travelling to the other eye. The patient was less than pleased.

They allowed him home. He had actually selected his artificial eye for operation on the following Wednesday.

He visited Nina on the Sunday for pain relief, as it was extremely painful—she did not have a lot of time but spent enough time with him to relieve the pain.

On the Monday he made a visit to the hospital for a final check before the scheduled op on the Wednesday.

On Tuesday he went to Nina’s for a longer healing.

I asked him to describe the healing.

“Apart from the pain removal it felt as if something was knitting away at the back of my eye. I could picture my nan with her knitting needles and it felt like that.” The healing lasted about 30 minutes. Shaun had said to Nina “I don’t care if

I am blind in that eye as long as I don’t have to have it removed”

When he appeared at the hospital the next day the doctors examined his eye prior to removal and were surprised that the pressure in the eye was normal and the retina had re-attached. The doctors announced that they no longer had to remove the eye.

He still has no sight in this eye but it does move in conjunction with the other eye, and does not look too peculiar. He said to me that he really did not want to lose his eye – that was of prime importance.

I asked him “Do you believe that Nina saved your eye?” His reply was “Without a doubt.”

He also told me that if he had to get an artificial eye that he would have killed himself as he would only have felt half a man. Therefore in his opinion, Nina saved his life.

He has hospital documentation about his eye and is going to send me a copy of this along with photos of his eye when it was injured.

I am waiting for this 18/8/07

Nina does not know who her working control was.

9. Roger Diamond - aged 61
Retired office worker

Diagnosed with cancer of the bladder and small intestine. Has hospital letters.

Royal United Hospital, Bath. Recommended treatment, as per hospital letters – possible chemotherapy and palliative care.  This as his first visit and he received healing from Nina with researchers present. He described the feeling of heat and a “swirly” feeling in the right- hand side of his abdomen. Nina was impressed to go to his lymph glands under his right armpit, although she found that strange.
He was due to go back to a specialist, Mr Newman, on Thursday 2nd August, but I have no further news of this at present.

Nina said that he would require more healing sessions and those were to be arranged. I have no update on this to date, 18/8/07

Mr Diamond was given chemotherapy, but died shortly after this. Dec 07

The following are further patient records, all accompanied by hand written patient testimony.
These have not been video recorded.

10. Linda – aged 54-October 2007

Medical diagnosis- Enlarged gall bladder and gallstones- diagnosed by ultra sound scan.

Patient had been in discomfort for some time and the condition seriously restricted her diet. Nina gave her healing on 31st October 07 and the patient reports that it was a great success. She is able to eat food that she has not been able to touch for quite a while.

During the healing the patient reported feeling the sensation of heat, a kind of fluttering and a wonderful feeling of relaxation.
The healer reported using “hands on” with this patient, with a feeling of being overshadowed, although she did not know by whom. The healer also felt the heat emitting from her hands.

11. Alison aged 41-May 2007

Condition – very painful period pains/cramps- most of her life.

They were particularly bad and she went to Nina for healing. Quote “Nina put one hand on the lower part of my stomach and one on my lower back. I felt her hand very hot. She kept her hands there for about 10 minutes, the pain had gone. I have never experienced any period pains since. I would recommend Nina to my friends and family.”

In this case the healer felt no overshadowing, but felt the heat and a feeling of internal movement under her hands.

Once again the patient felt very relaxed.

12.. Shelly aged 33 – Date of testimony June 2006

Attended healer for pain relief.

Sept 2005 the patient, while at work, had great difficulty in standing up. She had to get help to go home. She was taken to hospital by ambulance where she was   bed bound for a week. They were not sure if it was a slipped disc or a trapped nerve. She was given a support belt and returned home on crutches and given the use of a wheel     chair and a commode.    Two weeks later her back had improved

May 2006 the condition returned- the pain was unbearable. In June 2006 she met Nina and asked her if she could help with the pain. She saw her that evening. Shelly had to be helped into her car and have someone fit the seatbelt.

When she arrived she was bent over at an angle and using crutches. Nina said that she would have to try to straighten her back so that she could get on the couch. “Placing her hands on my spine she asked me to gently try to straighten up my back, I was holding on to the back of her chair. Gradually I was able to stand up straight, the nerve was still trapped and it made me jump. When I was eventually straight she asked me to lie on the couch and she put her hands above where the nerve was trapped. Nina was able to release the nerve and it felt as if a disc had been put back in place. When I got off the couch I had no pain. Nina asked me to try to sit on the dining chair and then the armchair- again I had no pain. I was able to climb up into my 4x4 straight away, I was able to reach round and put the seatbelt on. I have had no pain since that day and am now able to work. I would definitely recommend Nina for her healing.”

The healer again felt the heat, tingling, internal movement and overshadowing -control unknown

13. Susan - Healing date May 2006

Condition -  Hiatus Hernia

Attended for pain relief

“I used to have a very painful Hiatus hernia which I had from birth- made worse by pregnancy.  Since your healing in May 2006, I really have not had any pain from the condition. I do have some reflux when I over-indulge occasionally but the pain is no longer there!!”

“I would be happy to recommend your healing to anyone.”

The patient felt no sensations. The healer felt heat and overshadowing ( unknown)

The following have been video interviewed, unless otherwise stated

14. Michelle age 36

The patient attended Nina 26th November 2002, when she was 31. 

Date of video interview April 08

Attended for pain relief

Always had agonising and heavy menstrual periods, since the age of 18. The pain was so bad it would make her physically sick. On a couple of occasions she even fainted. It even gave her diarrhoea. The Dr prescribed the contraceptive pill thinking that it might help, but it made no difference .The whole condition was affecting her work as often she would have to have days off. This was not popular in a male environment. She visited Nina at a time when a period was about to start a period, and was in great pain.

Quote from patient. “You came to visit and placed your hands over my lower stomach area and at a time when a period was about to start. I felt a very warm sensation as if something was being moved about inside. Within 10 minutes the pain had subsided enough to be “bearable” and within half an hour there was no more pain.” When the healing was completed and the patient stood up, her light headedness was gone. Since then she has been to no other healer or doctor and has NEVER had another painful menstrual cycle, which have also become lighter.”

The healer felt, heat, tingling and internal movement under her hands and felt that a Dr Carr was working with her. When this is the case she feels as though she has a beard.

15. Gill Stone age 38 General Registered Nurse.

Date of testimony 23/8/07; date of video interview April 08

It should be noted that this patient was grossly overweight.

She came to Nina for healing but did not specify a particular condition.
Nina applied healing to her for 2 hours and the following information comes from signed testimonies from the patient.
Note that all of the conditions listed below were attended to within that 2 hour session.

Condition 1 Gallstones.

“I had problems with severe pain in my side after eating, for some time. The pain was so bad at times that I had to be admitted to hospital for intravenous pain killers. I am an RGN and, as I expected, an ultrasound confirmed that I had gallstones. It was suggested that surgery to remove my gall bladder was the only really effective way of ensuring that the pain would not return. I was advised that a low fat diet might help to reduce the likelihood of the pain returning and I was also advised that I would need to lose weight before surgery was safe. As the pain didn’t seem to be relieved with diet restrictions alone, I decided to see Nina after hearing that she had had success with other similar problems. Nina placed her hands on my side over my “gall bladder” and the area became hot and I felt a pulling and a “popping” sensation. After seeing Nina I have not had any problems with pain and at a follow up ultrasound the radiographer couldn’t see any gall stones present”
The healer felt heat and internal movement under her hands. No trance, no overshadowing

Condition 2

“I was born with an umbilical hernia which means the muscles down the centre of my tummy had not joined up properly allowing part of my bowel to push through to the outside. I had surgery as a baby to repair this problem. The operation was successful at returning my bowel to where it should be but it left me with occasional pain due to adhesions, a very lumpy unsightly raised scar, and if I twisted it would pull and cause me a lot of pain. Nina stood beside me as I lay on the couch and placed her hands over my tummy button. The area became extremely hot and I had the sensation of something being pulled apart, rather like pulling a plaster off a cut. Since seeing Nina the most marked difference is that my scar has become less raised and visible. I have been particularly pleased about this as I have always been very self conscious about how the scar looked. I have not noticed any pain since seeing Nina and the pulling pain on twisting has also gone.”
Condition 3

“I saw Nina because of widespread abdominal pain which I have been suffering from for several years. I had previously had multiple abdominal operations which had left me with many adhesions. The pain was so severe at times that I had been prescribed morphine based pain killers. The consultant surgeon that I saw about this problem told me that surgery was possible but that it might actually cause further areas of adhesions and that unless the pain was such that I could not continue with daily living it was probably best not to do anything invasive. Nina placed her hands on me. My whole tummy area became very hot and I was aware of a pulling sensation. The relief was instant and it has now been several months since I saw Nina and I haven’t had any more problems since.”

Note – the patient had been stabbed in the stomach by an abusive partner.

Condition 4
Period pain

“I have always had extremely bad period pains and have even had to take time off work because it has been so severe at times. In spite of having a D& C and taking the contraceptive pill in an attempt to alleviate pain, nothing worked. It has even been suggested and I have seriously considered the drastic step of having a hysterectomy. When I saw Nina she placed her hands on my tummy and I was aware that the area had become very hot, then ice cold and I could feel a “fluttering.” After a few minutes the sensation subsided. Since that time I have not experienced the level of pain I had previously, most of the time I am pain free, and when I do experience anything it is simply mild discomfort.”

Condition 5

“I had not told Nina about the problems I experience during sex because of the embarrassment.

I have internal scarring and extensive scarring to my vaginal wall due to a previous abusive relationship which has meant intercourse has proved to be extremely painful at times. It has also meant that using tampons during menstruation could be difficult. Whilst Nina concentrated on the other areas I became aware of a sensation vaginally rather like having a speculum inserted to perform a cervical smear and then the insertion and withdrawal of an object several times, not an unpleasant sensation! Since this time I am able to use tampons without problems and although I have not had intercourse since the treatment I am confident that it will no longer prove to be the painful experience I have previously endured.”

16. Phillis Gilfoy – aged 86 – 30/08/07

Date of video interview 26th April 08

“I first visited Nina a few months ago regarding the AMD I have in both of my eyes, but unfortunately Nina has not been able to help me with this condition. However I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and Nina has managed to relieve me of the pains in my hand tremendously. I also have much more movement in my hands.

Just before this I had been referred by my general practitioner to Glastonbury Hospital physiotherapy department for exercises to my hands. On my third visit I was discharged as the improvement in my hands is astonishing. I am very grateful to Nina for what she has done for me, and I shall certainly tell my friends about her healing powers.”

When she returned to the hospital for a check up they were quite surprised by the improvement in her hands

Note – I hold a letter from the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases regarding this patient. This pre dates her visit to Nina. In it they state re Mrs Gilroy- “Her hands are quite weak and this means she has difficulty doing things, but her husband helps her.”

“We will see her again, in clinic in six months time, but we will happily see her sooner should things deteriorate.”

Author’s note-At this time she can still do most things for herself.

17. Noel Henderson dob 27.6.39   Condition – Smashed knee

Visited Nina Feb 2008

Date of testimony 26th April 2008

Video interview 26th April 2008

Three years before his visit to Nina, the patient fell down a flight of stairs and smashed his knee. An ambulance was called and he was taken to A and E.

They operated on his knee and removed a lot of damaged material. He was on crutches for a while and unable to bend the knee. His leg was left “like jelly” and even after a time unable to bend more than 20 degrees. He was given lots of exercises to do and told to continue with them, but he was more or less told that this was how it was going to be for the rest of his life. This made the patient very depressed. At this time he had to walk upstairs placing the good leg first and carefully drag the affected leg through.

Nina gave hands on healing for the knee on the 26th February 2008. The estimated duration of healing was 20 minutes.  By the time he got home he realised that he could bend the knee a little further. He can now bend the knee 90 degrees and has no discomfort. He can now walk upstairs by putting equal pressure on both legs and his feelings of depression have gone.

The patient felt great heat from her hands during the healing, he said “boiling up”. He also felt as if something was moving inside the knee while her hands were steadily applying the heat. During the healing he felt as though her hands were vibrating, the healer was only aware of the heat sensation.

Condition –Inguinal Hernia
Visit to Nina Feb 08

9/10 years ago the patient had an operation for inguinal hernia- left hand side of the groin. Since then he has had tightness and discomfort in the groin area. Nina gave healing for this and the patient felt sensations in that area, like gentle tugging. Directly after the healing the tightness and discomfort had gone and have not returned. The patient felt heat, vibration and a sensation like a gentle smoothing in the groin area. The healer used hands on and she felt sensations under her hands and the impression that adhesions were being removed.

Umbilical Hernia

This was operated on in 2006. Long after the operation the patient’s stomach remained swollen and hard. The patient felt improvement in one visit. His stomach tightness and hardness removed immediately and still soft to date. In the affected area the patient felt the sensations of heat, internal movement and as though the healer’s hands were vibrating, ending with a “smoothing” sensation.
Nina felt as though she was overshadowed, but does not know by whom.

18. Amanda R age 30’s

Patient had a shoulder injury which she had been suffering from for about three months. “It was a burning sensation and very uncomfortable right down to my hand and forearm.”

She received healing from Nina on the 21st Feb 2008.

“You stood behind me and as I had all my clothes on I thought “this is not going to work” as I was sceptical anyway to be honest. I asked you if your hands got hot and you said yes, but when I felt them they were freezing cold. You placed your hands on my shoulders, over my wool jacket, and to my amazement there were almost immediately like hot water bottles on my neck!  You worked in me just gently moving your hands and then moving down my back and all the while I could feel my shoulders loosening up as if someone was massaging me.  The pain eased within 10 minutes. When I left that day I could still feel a bit of a twinge but by the time I woke up the next morning it was gone! And it has not returned- even though I do get very tense in this area as it is where I carry all my stress- and I have a lot of it!”  She would not hesitate to recommend Nina to others.

TR interviewed this patient over the telephone on 26th April 08. I asked her to describe what it felt like, apart from the above description. She said, at times it felt as if someone was sticking little pins along the shoulder line. She could feel this and although it was not sore, she was aware of it.

The healer worked “hands on” and could feel the sensation of heat going toward patients, but did not feel overshadowed.

19. Sarah R age 41

Video interviewed 26th April 08

Patient miscarried her third child in 2000, had a hysterectomy operation in 2004, but the ovaries were left in. From then the patient was subject to cysts on the ovaries. She returned to hospital hoping they would be removed, but they were not. From that time the ovaries regularly “got angry” and were extremely painful and gave great discomfort. On 9th July 2007 she visited Nina for healing. She lay on the couch and felt the warmth from Nina’s hands, which she found unusually relaxing. She felt the hands on her right side and then the left.  “I could feel fingers inside, just like when I had a baby moving in there.”  In August of 07 she had a standing appointment with the specialist and he could not find anything wrong with her ovaries. To date she has no recurrence of pain in her ovaries.

20. Stephen Lane – aged 58- Bristol

Video interviewed 27th April 2008

History of DVT in left leg – for four and a half years.
Attended healer for two conditions
Recurrence of DVT in left leg.  Blood clot in the right lung, from a boating accident.

Attended Nina 17/04/08

“I was seeking assistance with dispersal of the clots , particularly the one in my lung. I was also seeking pain relief for both leg and lung…… Nina treated both areas by placing her hands around the problematic areas. I felt considerable amounts of heat, like energy emanating/radiating from her hands and flowing into me. There were times during the treatment of both areas that I experienced (what appeared to be) hands being placed on other areas of my body- arms principally. These areas were not touched directly by Nina as witnessed by my wife who was present throughout. At the time of the treatment I had immediate and lasting pain relief in my leg, which is a great relief to me. Unfortunately there has been no significant reduction in the pain/discomfort I experience in my lung.”

The patient also described a strange “popping” sensation in his arm during the healing.
The healer felt as the sensation of movement under her hands. She felt as though she was overshadowed and had the sensation of wearing an eyeglass.

21. Fred Slade -age 43 – written testimony

TR has copies of the x -rays

On 17th Sept 2006 a concrete and cast iron manhole cover came down on his arms. He went to hospital and they x-rayed the ulna and the radius.

The radius was broken.

“I had two operations on my arm, on the 18th and the 21st Sept and they set it in plaster.  I had two casts but the bone didn’t fuse together and over a period of time it calcified. The next x-ray on the 5th Oct showed that the bone was not mending.

Two x-rays on the 2nd Nov show more calcium build up around the bone. X –rays on 30th Nov show more calcium build up and the bones seem to be pulling apart.
Following another x-ray on 11th January 2007 they decided that they were going to break it again, take a piece from my pelvis, pin it and do a bone graft. (Called pin and plate)
A few days later Nina gave him healing. “Later in January I went back into hospital for another x-ray, they decided they did not need to break my arm, they were satisfied that it was ok. The final x-ray showed the calcium had gone away and the bone was perfect. The final x-ray was put on computer so I do not have it myself.” I believe through Nina’s healing, my arm is now mended and I am able to return to work.”
During the healing the patient just felt an ache in his arm.
The healer felt no change in consciousness, just heat going from her hands to the patient.

22. Mr Dee Burobey Age 48

Received healing on15/2/08

TR spoke to patient 29th April 2008

Patient has sickle cell anaemia, which gave him great pain in his muscles and joints. The pain in his shoulder and back had built up to a crisis over the past 7-8 years.

Nina used hands on healing. The patient reported the sensation of heat and great relaxation during the healing. At one point he felt as though the healer’s hands were vibrating. He was surprised when in one visit he could stretch his back and shoulders while remaining free of pain. He has been pain free to date. “ I would just like to say my right shoulder still seems to be holding out with no pain. Thanks to your healing hands. As you know in February 2008 I was suffering with extreme pain and to this day all is ok. Do continue your fabulous healing work to help others and bring comfort to their pains.”

The healer reported a feeling of overshadowing and the sensation of heat from her hands, but did not know who her control was.

23. Jennifer W aged 65

Received healing 28th February 2008

Condition - Extremely painful haemorrhoids

Written testimony only.

“I have had this condition for over 40 years but this latest flare up had been especially painful. I was very sceptical about spiritual healing and did not feel very receptive to the idea, but my goodness I have changed my mind. Nina is amazing, after just one hour of treatment I have had complete relief, absolutely no pain at all for three weeks! Thanks Nina.”

The patient felt heat, tingling, a gentle smoothing sensation and the sensation of vibrating hands. The healer also felt the heat, vibrations under her hands and also a sense of movement. She felt overshadowed but did not know who the control was.

24. Amy R- aged 34

Received healing 5th April 2008

Video testimony date 26th April 08

Condition – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Patient was in the final weeks of pregnancy when syndrome occurred in both hands. Patient advised by Dr to rest her hands and wrists for 2 weeks. “I had so much to prepare for our new arrival that resting of my hands was not on the agenda.” I contacted Nina for healing.

“She placed her hands on my wrists and fingers and I felt a surging radiation of energy especially in my left hand. The pressure was eased in both hands. During that night in bed my right hand felt really uncomfortable, so I called Nina the following morning. She carried out a healing session over the phone and advised that if the symptoms returned I should place my hands on the uncomfortable area and self heal. The symptoms never returned after that phone call – brilliant!”
No information as to what the healer felt with this patient.

25. Patient was a 19 month old girl, therefore the testimony comes from her mother.

Condition. Chronic eczema since birth.

Patient taken to Nina for healing on 21st Dec 2008

Statement written by mother on 11/05/09

“My daughter Ann (pseudonym) aged 19 months was suffering from very bad eczema on her back and the back of her knees. I had taken Ann to the doctors several times only to be given a different cream every time, as Ann was a baby I didn’t wish to keep using them and was looking for alternatives, when I met Nina.

I took Ann to Nina on Sunday 21st December 2008, Ann was asleep in the car when we arrived so I carried her in and put her on the couch, Ann was still asleep when Nina began her healing first starting on the backs of the knees, Ann was lifting her legs appropriately. (Without being told to do so as Nina began the healing)

Then she moved to Ann’s back, Nina had only just started when Ann, still asleep, began to cry/sob, this wasn’t her usual cry this was very deep and emotional, Nina asked me if I wanted her to stop to try to comfort A)nn but we decided to carry on. Ann (still asleep) began to calm down.

The next day my partner phoned several times from work to see how Ann’s back was but I didn’t want to look because I so wanted this to work for Ann’s sake. At 5 o’clock he came home and the first thing he did was lifted up Ann’s top only to find that there wasn’t a mark there, we could not believe it, still till this day there hasn’t been any signs to suggest any recurrence.

We highly recommend Nina’s healing to everyone.

Many Thanks.”

TR contacted the mother in 2011 and she confirmed the account and the fact that the eczema has not returned. As the child had been on various creams, the mother had adopted a protocol of taking a picture of Ann’s back before starting a new cream. (In order that she could monitor any effect, beneficial or otherwise)

She took a picture of Ann’s back on the day they were going to see Nina. She took a picture of Ann’s back the day after the healing. These pictures are available.

Healing date14/11/08

26. Client 28 yr old male L Morgan.

Condition.-  severe back pain
Dr Smith Bristol
Back pain Consultant, Mr Stannard, Frenchay Hospital Bristol
Medication- 10 -12 tramadol a day

Testimonial Date 11/01/09

‘I came to see Nina as I was suffering with a very painful back, I was seeing a specialist and taking Tramadol pain killers each day. I took them so long they stopped working properly and still had severe pain. During the healing it was really pleasant a warm sensation, it was not a painful experience at all.

After standing off from the couch I was able to bend over in a way that I have not been able to do for 4 years. Although I still\ have a slight pain it is minor compared to what I was having before.

Patient felt heat, internal movement and a soothing sensation during healing

Comment on sheet ‘I was amazed that I was able to bend over (after the healing) as this was impossible before the healing. I was in extreme pain, after the healing the pain had gone.”

I would recommend Nina for her healing.

I am more than willing to speak to anyone about my treatment and results if you ask for my phone number.’

Same client condition 2

Terrible knee pain.

Patient felt heat and internal movement during the healing
There was improvement in one visit.
Healer felt the knee move across under her palm. Healer felt overshadowed.

Testimonial date 11/01/09

“I came to see because I was in terrible pain with my knee, it would suddenly, and when I fully extended my knee I would feel a terrible crunch grinding bone against bone. I was taking painkillers for pain relief but they did not really help.” (author’s note- this is an exact transcription of the testimony as written by the patient)

“I went to see Nina for healing, while I was having healing Nina said she felt the kneecap move under her palm. (Thought about quarter of an inch). She asked did I move my knee I said no. I felt the warmth from her hands during the healing.

After Nina finished healing I bent my knee and the crunching was not as bad. It was easier to straighten out and not as painful.

I would certainly recommend anyone with this condition to see Nina for healing.

I am more than willing to speak to anyone about my treatment and results.”

Condition three
Hiatus hernia
Medication – Lanzaparole- one morning one evening
Patient felt only heat during this healing
100% improvement in one session.
Healer felt slight movement under her hands.

“While I was seeing Nina with my knee and back I told her I was having problems with acid reflux. It was so uncomfortable I would feel I couldn’t lie down in bed. I would have to prop myself up with pillows. It was very painful because of the burning from the acid. I had been taking Lanzaparaole for about 8 years. Nina gave me healing on the area affected. It felt really hot. Since the healing I have had no pain, no acid reflux or burning even after drinking which would normally trigger it off and I would be ill for several days. Again I would recommend anyone with this condition to see Nina for healing.”

Healing date 3/10/09

27. L Lambell aged 31

Occupation.-Office manager
Conditions . Adhesions, polycystic ovarian cyst, urinary tract, haemorrhoids and indigestion.
Dr Mitchell, Montpelier, Bristol

No medication
Wanted help with pain relief and discomfort.

During the healing the patient felt
Heat – in ovary, back leg and head spine regions. ( quote)
Internal movement in the stomach area
Felt a ‘bubbling’ in stomach while Nina working on sacrum.
Felt a gentle smoothing all over.
Felt warmth and energy vibrations up into my ears and sinuses during session.
After one visit patient felt ‘more smoothness in system’

Healer felt heat and as though a ‘hand’ raised her hand.
Also felt movement under possible adhesions..

Testimony date

When I was 17 I was admitted to hospital for an emergency operation in which the initial diagnosis was appendicitis, my appendix was removed with nothing wrong with it, it turned out to be a ruptured cyst on my left ovary and I had two pints of blood internal bleeding. The operation was a major one and left me with a large scar on my lower abdomen and internal scarring and trauma. Following this it has been over 12 years since this op. I have had numerous problems with this area of my body including IBS, Irregular periods, polycystic ovaries, haemorrhoids, ongoing and various digestive complaints, upset bowels when menstruating and a lot of discomfort therein..

I am about to see a consultant to find out if it’s been adhesions that have been causing some or all of my issues. I would not be surprised if they found nothing there after my visit to Nina. We shall see.

During the session with Nina I felt a number of sensations; heat travelling in what felt like channels, up from where hr hands were placed, and fairly central to my torso, head and neck. There were feelings of things moving around inside, not only where her hands were placed but in other areas that felt they were connected. Some bubbling in my stomach when she was working on my lower back/ base of spine. This is what things I can remember now, sorry if I’m forgetting anything. Not even two weeks have passed now and my haemorrhoids have gone, and I had a normal cycle, with my period starting with no upset bowels or discomfort 27days from the start of my last menstruation. The session has helped tremendously, I am very glad I went to Nina and I am recommending people I know to go and see her for their health conditions

TR spoke to Patient 3/5/10.( approx 6 months after the healing) The haemorrhoid has not returned and the other conditions do not feel so severe.  She is hoping to go back for another healing.
28. Patient. G Gouldman aged 53. Surrey.

Healing date 13/09/08

Conditions being treated

1 Kidney tired
2 Post-op internal scar tissue
3 Post-op pain removal from fluid build up after vein removal

Consultant condition 1 James Paterson Guys
Consultant   condition 2 and condition 3   Prof Jan Geeri St Georges

1 Asprin and betablockers
2 Predrisolene azathioprine
3 Nothing
Occupation – Company Director.

Condition 1 During the healing felt heat, internal movement, stretching, pulling sensation, trembling, Improvement in one visit.
Condition 2 felt heat, tingling, internal movement other hands inside his body, fluttering, gentle smoothing, Improvement in one visit.

Condition 3 felt heat, relaxation, pulling sensation, fluttering, gentle smoothing, Improvement in one visit.

Healer felt heat with each condition and internal movement with condition 1. Healer felt no change in consciousness.


Potted medical history

August 1976 chronic renal failure following a car accident 6 months earlier
Feb 1979     double nephrectomy
April 1979   live kidney transplant from mother
June 1999   Heart attack
Sept 1999   Stent operation
Dec 2007   June 2008 angina problems
June 2008   Quadruple by pass

Post-op pain in left leg and severe swelling where the veins were removed for heart surgery. Large swelling/lump at the base of the rib cage. In addition the transplanted kidney is beginning to fail. ( createnine 370)

Day after the healing the patient wrote: ‘Feeling very good if a little tired (didn’t get up till 11.30 this morning, which is very unusual for me! The ‘lump’ at the end of my chest scar has gone. No pain restriction when stretching! Fantastic!!
I will send you a medical history by post this week’

Second testimony

Since your treatment I have no lump at the base of my chest, which disappeared immediately after the session, my leg swelling has reduced to nothing and I’m peeing like a racehorse! I am due to see the kidney specialists and heart surgeons in October which will be interesting. Once again thanks for your amazing help- I keep saying, I don’t know how you do it, but it works for me..

29. Patient 13 year old girl. Mother signed the consent form for healing.

Date of healing 15/11/09

Condition- bowel problems ( mum thought maybe a blockage)

Dr Onablu. Cannock
Medication- lactulose ( didn’t work)
Flaxseed capsules-3 a day

The patient felt very hot along intestines, vibrating sensation felt, cool sensation in the lower colon, felt lighter in the stomach, a rocking sensation.
Improvement in one session, yes more colour in face and more movement in the bowel.
Comment- patient felt very shivery and cold after healing.
The healer used hands on and felt the colon getting heat and ‘rocking’ Healer felt no overshadowing.

Testimony of mother 1/12/09

L was born with a condition that affected her bowel and bowel movement, the doctors had described it as a lazy bowel. The effect has been horrendous, when L was a small toddler, she would hold her motions in because she knew it would hurt her. When she did pass it, it would be ball shaped and completely solid. As she has got older she has been able to go to the toilet, but there was no message sent to the brain, I would have to tell her to go to the toilet, when she finally did go she would have to strain. Her tummy has always been very swollen, what she was passing was only like an overflow motion which would soil her underwear every day. In March this year I had had enough of it…..I put an internet search in for lazy bowel and it came up with colonic irrigation. I took L and when the lady felt her stomach she said ‘Oh my goodness that poor child she is absolutely packed.’ She was worried about toxins, she was really quite cross about it and asked why the doctors haven’t done anything about it. After the colonic irrigation she was ok for a while but then it went back to how it was. Last Wednesday I saw the doctor, I got quite heated, I said “Something has got to be done now, it has gone on too long, she should see a specialist. “ and the doctor agreed, she has arranged for L to have blood tests.  …..Since then I went to Nina. On Sunday L had a healing with Nina, L could describe what she was feeling during the healing session. After healing L was very cold and shivery and needed extra blankets to get her warm again. When we arrived home l said that she felt that she wanted to go to the toilet, which she’s never experienced that feeling before of needing to go to the toilet! She was so excited that she was able to pass the motion with ease and not having to strain. The next morning as soon as she woke up she was able to go to the toilet without straining. I noticed her colour had come back into her face and she had more energy. She felt better, she was able to take part in P E . It is usually uncomfortable and she finds it embarrassing. 

30. Patient 38 year old woman- mother of last patient

Date of treatment 15th Nov 2009

Occupation – bookkeeper
Condition   -  Sharp pain in right ovary
Medication- thyroxin 150mg daily for under active thyroid.
Patient felt lots of heat, tingling ( over ovaries) definite internal movement, a lot of popping sensations, swirling, felt lighter in the stomach, a lot of fluttering- like a heatbeat-,bubbling feeling.
Comment- ‘feet were very cold like ice’
Improvement in one visit. Yes – no pain in ovary, more energy

Healer felt heat and internal movement.

Testimony- date 01/12/09

I sat watching Nina do her work with L, after she finished she asked did I need anything done. I suggested my husband’s knee needed healing but then Nina insisted that I go first.

Nina put her hands over my ovaries even though I hadn’t told her that I had been having sharp pains in the area around my ovaries. This has been felt for quite a while now. Normally my monthly periods are always late and very light which I felt was unusual. I thought the doctor may put it down to menopause!! I was going to make an appointment to see the doctor as I was worried so wanted to check it out. When Nina put her hands over my ovaries it felt very hot, I had sensations that were really strange, fluttering and bubbling. It felt like there was definitely something going on inside without a doubt.

Since the healing I have felt lighter in the stomach area and more energetic. It will be interesting as to what my next period will be like. I have had no more pains in the ovaries since.

Tr phoned patient in may 2010.-no reply
Tr phoned patient Oct 2011- no reply

Healing date 8th November 2009

31. Woman aged 36, Condition bilateral osteotomies

Dr Sells , Taunton
Consultant Mr Kelly, top orthopaedic surgeon., Musgrove Hospital
Medication, tramadol, cocodamol
Medical letters – yes
Occupation – housewife
Patient felt   tingling, acupuncture feelings, ice cold, numb

Improvement in one visit?
Yes able to move toes – no pain

Written Testimony19th November 2009

‘…During the healing for another condition, I noticed my feet suddenly went numb
I told Nina and she asked if I had any problems with my feet. I told her that I had recently been in hospital and had both feet broken and reset because the condition was causing back problems. Both feet were facing outwards affecting my posture, so they needed to be straightened. The procedure involved cutting through the inside of each foot inserting plates and pins. I was born with this condition but as I have got older the symptoms have steadily worsened. When Nina finished working on my stomach area she went to my feet. I couldn’t feel her hands at all, even though Nina said it felt hot.
I felt like pin pricks all along the scar on my right foot, I didn’t feel anything on the left. But my foot was numb. At the end of the healing I started to feel Nina’s hands on my feet. After I got up from the bed I found I could move my toes which I was very surprised about, I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t been able to do that since June prior to when I had the operation. The following day my feet felt back to normal, only now they are straight, my posture is improved and I have no pain in my back.’

Update 12/5/10

“The hospital said it would be 12 months before I would see any improvement in my feet and in walking and that I would never get full movement of the big toe again”.
It is now 7 months since the operation. “It is 6 months since having healing with Nina. Since then my feet have just remained the same as after having the healing. My foot was ridged it was like wearing flippers because I couldn’t bend my foot. I now have complete movement and have been able to buy loads of shoes including high heels which I had not been able to wear following the operation. There is no pain in my feet, which there was prior to the healing. I had been experiencing pain in my feet continually since the operation.”

Healing date 8th Nov 2009

32. 36 yr old woman

Condition - Lichen Sclerosis   Like auto immune disease affecting the vulva area, like eczema causes a lace appearance scarring to the skin. Splits and bleeds. Painful on urinating, itching. Worse when it is hormone related during a period.
Consultant - Miss Mc Nally, Oncology dept Musgrove.
Medication painkillers, amitriptyline, steroid cream
Medical letters – yes

Improvement in one visit?

Yes irritation and itching stopped. Stopped splitting and bleeding.
Patient felt heat, internal movement, urinating feeling fluttering – like   a baby turning

Written Testimony date 19th November 2009

‘……..I laid on mum’s bed and Nina placed her hands on my lower abdomen over my ovaries, her hands became very hot I started to feel sensations below which felt as if I was urinating.. The next day my symptoms were very painful, similar to how I felt after visiting the hospital when I first had the condition, the hospital had removed a layer of skin from the vulva which left a burning sensation.
The following day I looked at the area and it was white…there was no lacy scaring, no itching. I thought that this may change when I had my next period but it didn’t which is very unusual. It has been 11 days and I have had no symptoms of the Lichen sclerosis.

TR spoke to patient early 2010. She has had no recurrence of condition. Due to see consultant soon. She will phone tr and keep updated.

Follow up written testimony 19/5/10

“It has been about 6 months since having healing with Nina. My symptoms of the lichen sclerosis have not come back. I had an appointment with the oncologist in March this year. They photograph the area and compare from the photographs of previous visits. She asked what creams I was using. I told her I had stopped the steroid and Anatriptolene. She was not pleased about that. She was however amazed that there is an improvement in the condition, it appears to have become dormant. I told her about the healing and she said not to attribute the significant change as to anything else apart from good fortune…..the condition will always be present. Normally when you get this condition there is no cure for it .They can only treat the symptoms for comfort. Being without this condition has been like I have never had it apart from scarring where the biopsy had been taken.  Miss McNally, the Consultant Oncologist, is one of the top consultants for this condition in the country.”
( note to readers – I type it as they write it)

33. Patient 57 yr old woman- mother of the previous patient.

Patient was in a wheelchair

Healing date 5th Nov 2009

Condition -pulmonary blood clots in the lungs
Dr Holmon,  Blackbrook surgery, Taunton
Consultant Mr Swinburn, Musgrove
Medication Warfrin, Claxain, atenol, diltazem, prednisone.
Occupation, retired.
Specific request- help stabilise breathing
Patient felt numb and felt like a square block on her chest.
Testimony (written by her daughter)
19th November

‘Mum had been into hospital, getting out on the 30th Sept 2009, for two weeks due to pulmonary clots in her lung, it meant she couldn’t get out of bed.’(the daughter then took mother to see Nina)
‘I told Nina mum had clots in her lung. Nina was deciding whether or not she should do a healing due to the seriousness of the condition. She decided to do the healing first putting her hands on mum’s back, straight away her lips turned from purple to red. I told mum. Nina continued with the healing now putting her hands below mum’s breasts until her breathing became stable.,

I drove mum home, stopped the car, I was getting her wheelchair out of the back of he car when I heard footsteps on the chippings, I looked up and mum was walking into the house! I asked her what she was doing? She replied “I’m alright I’m going in” She took herself up the stairs on the chair lift to the bathroom all by herself which she doesn’t normally do.

…….The next day mum was able to walk about and I even took her shopping. Mum went to the hospital on 11th November. They said there didn’t seem to be any symptoms of the blot clots though due to mum’s illness they couldn’t x-ray to see if the blood clots had gone.

She has not got any symptoms that she had before, she is now going shopping, she walks about with her trolley which she couldn’t do before. She is now able to take herself to the bathroom and go out of the house more than she could do before.’

Tr spoke to the daughter early 2010

She said that her mother was amazing and gone from strength to strength. She also said that the Dr’s said they had no explanation for the recovery. (hearsay of course)

Follow up testimony 19/5/10

“When Nina first gave mum healing…..she had been told by the consultant at Musgrove that she had a very short life expectancy left. They advised her to make a will as she was not expected to live for more than a couple of days.
During the healing mum could feel a sensation of pressure and heat on her front and back. On her second visit to mum’s house a week later she felt a sensation of pushing down at the top of her chest, along her collar bone. A few weeks later mum went back into hospital with breathing difficulties. They already were aware she had (had) respiratory failure and blood clots.

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