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Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit   Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit
Stafford Betty

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Heaven and hell—are they real places, or are they fantasies invented to inspire good behavior and overcome our fear of dying? In this book Stafford Betty, a university professor and international expert on afterlife research, answers these questions.  He allows deceased human beings speaking through authentic mediums to describe their actual worlds.  And what they tell us would revolutionize the world’s religions if they would listen.

Our brothers and sisters in the afterlife are not “resting,” as Christian theology often asserts.  They live in a world of infinite possibility, and their wills are as free over there as they are here.  They are busy beings, and some are climbing toward higher realms while others languish.  Suffering in the afterworld, not just joy, can be intense; it exists to awaken souls to their errors so they will enter into the happiness of those higher spheres, where corruption can’t enter. Professor Betty explores those heavens, those places where love reigns unchecked—as well as those unhappy places where it doesn’t.

The religions we’ve fashioned here on earth could all use an upgrade.  They are moons that derive their light from the central sun.  This book is about that sun.

Praise for Heaven and Hell Unveiled

Does religion have anything to offer humanity in the 21st century? Many authorities think not. They see religion’s tired old dogmas as irrelevant and oppressive. This book unveils a different kind of religion, one that reaches us from the world of spirit. Stafford Betty presents this radically new perspective with great skill and eloquence. Heaven and hell are real states, and the spirits who experience them first hand reveal their true nature, likely to surprise you more than a little! Betty’s innovative, provocative, scientifically grounded research will be good news for all seekers. Even earth’s religions may take a lesson or two from our spirit friends. If they don’t, then the “authorities” may be proved right.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Alan Watts Professor of Psychology
Saybrook University

Professor Stafford Betty is something of a maverick when it comes to religion and spirituality.  Unlike most academics, he doesn’t beat around the bush on topics that others find too risky, too unconventional, or too “unscientific” to discuss or even consider.  He has done extensive research in such subjects as mediumship, past-life studies, near-death experiences, and death-bed visions, separating the wheat from the chaff in his efforts to reconcile these phenomena with religious doctrine and with accepted scientific truths.  With the help of reputable spirit sources, he shows us a reality that makes far more sense than that offered to us by either orthodox religion or mainstream science.
Michael Tymn, Editor of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and author of The Afterlife Explorers:Vol. 1 

C. S. Lewis said, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul.” If you are curious about what lies beyond death, and especially what will be expected of us once we get there, Heaven and Hell Unveiled will serve you well. Written in clear language, it’s a refreshing departure from the complex guess-work of theological reasoning, relying instead on what individuals —“dead” individuals—have actually experienced and reported. This book goes straight to the source for information about “heaven” and “hell” and tells us what we are likely to find when we die.

Larry Dossey, MD. Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

About the author

Stafford Betty got his Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, where he specialized in Asian religious thought and Sanskrit. Today he is a professor of world religions at California State University, Bakersfield, and a researcher on death and what follows. In 2011 he published The Afterlife Unveiled, which maps out the afterlife as described by seven discarnates communicating through mediums. Another of his recent books, The Imprisoned Splendor, is a novel set in the world beyond.  His most recent work, Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit, published by White Crow Books, is a more fully fleshed out presentation of the afterlife.  Stafford writes a blog for The Huffington Post and White Crow in an attempt to reach non-specialists. Many of his articles are available at

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published May 2014
170 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-31-3
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