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“From the beginning you have been immortal and you are children of eternal life. And you wanted death to be allocated to yourselves so that you might spend it and use it up, and that death might die in you and through you. For when you nullify the world and are not yourselves annihilated, you are lord over creation and all corruption”
~ Valentinus

BACK IN PRINT! When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts by Sylvia Hart Wright
When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts by Sylvia Hart Wright
Repeated studies year after year demonstrate that millions of Americans claim to experience contact with people who have died. Such contacts are usually comforting and surprisingly intense. Most do not involve an intermediary such as a medium, and unlike near-death experiences, they often come unexpectedly to healthy people going about their normal lives. In 1973 Sylvia Hart Wright married Paul Fletcher, a linguist. After he died in 1983, Wright and her son jointly had an experience that suggested that Paul was trying to contact them from beyond the grave; at this time two of his male friends reported similar events. Read more...
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  After a Suicide by Sylvia Hart Wright
Now Rita's a very spiritual woman, very religious, and this kind of thing has happened to her a lot. She finally decided she's not crazy, she just sees people after they've died. What she does in response is she prays for them. So she was telling me, "Laura, I really think Dave needs our prayers. I think he's stuck." And that word jumped into my head. I'd completely forgotten my nightmare but that word "stuck" jumped in my head and it really disturbed me.
  The Most Dynamic NDE You’ll Ever Read About
“All about and above me I could see nothing, but fancy my astonishment if you can, when looking down, I saw my body resting peacefully on the bed, representing what is commonly called a ‘dead person’,”
  What the Spirits told the Professor
One of the distinguished scientists of yesteryear featured in my book, The Articulate Dead, is Dr. Robert Hare, a professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania during the 19th Century. Like most of the other scholars and scientists investigating mediumship, Hare started out as a disbeliever and expected to debunk mediumship.
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Dealing with the Fear of Death by Michael Tymn: As I recently dealt with the possibility of a terminal condition, a friend asked if my conviction that we live on in a greater reality helped me overcome the fear of death. I’d be lying if I were to say… Read more
Acceptance Therapy – Meditation by Michael Cocks: I do so like Lisa Engelhardt’s little book, “Acceptance Therapy”, it’s good to read and absorb before nondual meditation. Here are a few quotes: “Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up hope, it means giving… Read more
The “Second Death”  – Going into the Light? by Michael Tymn: The term “second death” is found in the New Testament Book of Revelations four times, two of them referring to it as a “lake of fire” and suggesting that it is something experienced by very evil people.… Read more
THE CLOUD OF UNKNOWING — Meditation by Michael Cocks: This anonymous work of Mysticism was written in the 1300s continues to inspire many until the present day. A South Korean video introduces it well: Read more
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