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“Karen Frances McCarthy blends journalistic rigor with the heartfelt pain over losing the love of her life in Till Death Don’t Us Part. It’s a fascinating transformational journey that challenges all our assumptions about death.”

~ Susan Shapiro, New York Times bestselling author of Five Men Who Broke My Heart & Byline Bible

Till Death Don't Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life by Karen Frances McCarthy
Till Death Don't Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life
Former political and war correspondent, Karen Frances McCarthy, was on assignment when she received the news that her partner had suddenly died in New York. Skeptical by nature and numbed by the tragedy, she spiraled into a deep state of grief about never communicating with him again … until he actually did.” Read more...
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  REINCARNATION: Ten Things That Suggest Past Life Existence by George Moss
In any serious discussion of the subject of ‘past lives’, the acceptable evidence is clearly a first priority. So here is presented a list of major evidential sources. But what exactly is meant by ‘evidence’?
  The Reason for Suffering by Silver Birch
“We point to a law that is a law,” he declares, “a law that has always operated, a law that will always operate because the Eternal Mind is responsible for its being.
  “The Prison of the Senses” by Frederic Myers via Geraldine Cummins
Your present surroundings are, in a sense, your creation, in that you are mentally so unemancipated, your nerves and senses convey to you your perception of life. If you were capable of focusing your ego or daily consciousness within your deeper mind, if in short you trained yourself to pass into a thought compound from which form, as the senses convey it, were absent, the material world would vanish.
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The Mystery of Soul Mist Unsolved by Michael Tymn: In his 2010 book, "Glimpses of Eternity," Raymond Moody, M. D., Ph.D., who is known primarily for his pioneering work in near-death experiences, mentions a strange mist having been observed at deathbeds.… Read more
Two worlds plainly interacting: Synchronicity and saucepan lids by Michael Cocks: Two worlds plainly interacting September 1, 1975: I had lunch with Celia Bobby, a friend with whom I shared most interesting synchronicities. She lived in a replica Canadian log cabin in the Christchurch… Read more
A Philosopher’s Salvation by Stafford Betty: The word salvation is seldom met in a work of philosophy, but Luc Ferry, a celebrated French philosopher with a wide following and best-selling books to his credit, thinks he has found it—but not in the… Read more
Getting to the Root Cause of America’s Madness by Michael Tymn: In a talk given to a church group on June 1, a well-known American politician proposed that police could cut down on killings by shooting the bad guy in the leg rather than in the upper body. Such a comment… Read more
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