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“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher.

A Forgotten Truth: A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man by D. M. A. Leggett and M. G. Payne
A Forgotten Truth: A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man
In A Forgotten Truth the author makes a case for life after death and reincarnation. Using the logic of a mathematician Leggett develops a spiritual framework - a personal philosophy - as he delves into the paranormal, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian scriptures, Hermetic traditions and psychical research. The results are both compelling and convincing. Read more...
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  A Spiritual Vision: Evidence from the Scriptures
We think of ourselves as living a purely physical life, in these material bodies of ours. In reality, we have gone far indeed from pure physical life; for ages, our life has been psychical, we have been centred and immersed in the psychic nature. The teaching of the East is that the psychical man is the veil and prophecy of the spiritual man. The purpose of life, therefore, is the realising of that prophecy; the unveiling of the immortal man; the birth of the spiritual from that psychical, whereby we enter our divine inheritance and come to inhabit Eternity.
  Black Elk’s out-of–body-experience
“After awhile I began to feel very queer. First, my legs seemed to be full of ants. I was dancing with my eyes closed, as the others did. Suddenly it seemed that I was swinging off the ground and not touching it any longer. The queer feeling came up from my legs and was in my heart now. It seemed I would glide forward like a swing, and then glide back again in longer and longer swoops. There was no fear with this, just a growing happiness.
  Survival of Death by Jan Ehrenwald
THE QUESTION of survival after death could conceivably be made more specific: "Survival of what? Of personal identity? Of consciousness? Of an immortal soul?" Left ambiguous as it is, the notion of survival after death is a dogma to the religious believer, a pious wish to the skeptic, and a matter of ongoing controversy among parapsychologists.
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What the Hindu Spirit Told an Anglican Priest by Michael Tymn: As the Rev. Arthur Chambers, the vicar of Brockenhurst and associate of King’s College, London, saw it, Christian teachers and writers had failed to provide sufficient information about the afterlife.… Read more
Can Atheists See the ‘Forrest’ for the Trees? by Michael Tymn: There seems to be no doubt that Forrest J Ackerman was a lifelong atheist. “He did not believe there is a God,” Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery… Read more
Should we believe in Predestination? Or is there another way to view things? by Michael Cocks: Let’s consider three types of puzzling phenomena: exceptional case histories to do with identical twins, instinct, and synchronicity. Read more
Another Look at the Margery “Third Hand” Mystery: Believe It or Not! by Michael Tymn: A recent segment of the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” series dealt with the “Margery” mediumship, previously discussed in my January 11 blog. The television presentation is an example of how… Read more
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