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I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell—you see, I have friends in both places.
~ Mark Twain

Mind-Dust and White Crows: The Psychical Research of William James edited by Gregory Shushan
Mind-Dust and White Crows
“If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustn’t seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.” William James (1842–1910) was a leading figure in Western psychology, philosophy, and psychical research. While there is an inextricable relationship between the various strands of James’s work, his psychical research has been unfairly neglected in favor of classics such as The Principles of Psychology and The Varieties of Religious Experience. Read in light of one another, however, James’s “mainstream” writings can be seen as efforts to make philosophical, metaphysical, and psychological sense of his psychical research. Read more...
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What is Death?   “What You Call Death” by Silver Birch
Another time Silver Birch answered questions put to him by a young American soldier, whose brother had recently passed on. His first point, said the guest, was very simple. Hannen Swaffer had told him that when he first manifested Silver Birch had difficulty speaking English. So what language did the guide originally speak? The guide replied: “You see here a physical body – this that you call a medium, for the word means an intermediary, someone who is the instrument through whom something is sent. Now, there are various strata of life in our world. It is a world which is regulated by the spiritual growth of those who dwell in it. It is a graded life and in each grade – they all merge into one another – there are those who have attained that spiritual growth which enables them to dwell in that sphere or state or being.
  Missing Time by Budd Hopkins
Since World War II, tens of thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects have been gathered, officially and unofficially, by the United States Air Force and myriad other governmental and civilian investigative organizations around the world.1 Like Astronaut McDivitt’s “cylinder with antennas,” these objects are often described as being mechanically structured, metallic, and very frequently as behaving as if they were under intelligent control. The thousands of similar, enigmatic reports from across the world mean that no matter what realities may lie behind it, the UFO phenomenon exists as an undeniable fact of life.
  “It’s Life And Death, But Not As You Know It!: Gerard Croiset by Tricia. J. Robertson
It is strange to think that some people seem to have the ability to tap into the consciousness of other people who are still alive, but they can. By this I do not just mean ordinary telepathic experiments with twins or other people or just the feeling of knowing what another person is thinking, but by studying people with very unusual talents. One such person was the Dutch clairvoyant Gerard Croiset. We usually think of the word clairvoyant in relation to a medium contacting a deceased person, but in Croiset’s case he was indeed repeatedly able to tap into the consciousness of other people including those who had passed over and those still alive.
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An Interview with Professor William James by Michael Tymn: During his final years at Harvard and immediately thereafter, William James, is said to have suffered from fits of depression, what he called “soul sickness,” and even considered suicide. Apparently, the… Read more
A Novel set in the Afterlife by Stafford Betty by Stafford Betty: My new novel, "Guardians of the Afterworld," has just been released. It’s the third such novel. The others are "The Imprisoned Splendor" (2011) and "The Afterlife Therapist" (2020). Together they form… Read more
How Much Do We Remember After Death? by Michael Tymn: While sorting through boxes of old papers and photos not long ago, I came upon a stack of letters I wrote to my parents between 1958 and 1961, while I was in the Marine Corps. My mother saved everything.… Read more
Spirits, Science, Extraterrestrials & Uri Geller by Michael Tymn: I don’t know what to make of Uri Geller (top left photo) and the somewhat bizarre reports concerning interdimensional beings surrounding him. Although I had heard and read a little about him over the years,… Read more
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