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Did you ever smell suddenly a sweet perfume which you could not account for? If so, perhaps some one who loved you was scattering invisible flowers. Love is stronger than death.

~ Letters from a Living Dead Man: The Anthology

Letter 40: Invisible Gifts at Yuletide
Letters from a Living Dead Man
I have been to the heavens of Christ, and know their beauty. "In My Father's house are many mansions." A traveler like me who wishes to go to some particular heaven must first feel in himself what those souls feel who enjoy that heaven; then he can enter and commune with them. He could never go as a mere sightseer. That is why, as a rule, I have avoided the hells, but the heavens I often visit. Read more...
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  WHAT A DOG SAID TO ME by Dr. Josiah Oldfield
Writing from Salzburg, Dr. Josiah Oldfield, says: "I was taking an early morning Sunday stroll down the streets of Cologne.
  What’s Real? By Michael E. Tymn
In her 2007 book, When Ghosts Speak, Mary Ann Winkowski, a Cleveland, Ohio medium who serves as a consultant to the popular television series, Ghost Whisperer, states that many earthbound spirits gather on the studio set for the program.
heart   “Experiencing God Directly: Spirituality without Religion” by Russell Targ & Jane Katra
Why do we search for God? It may be that our need to lead meaningful rather than absurd lives is even more powerful than our desire to reduce our suffering or to pursue happiness. When physician Herbert Benson claims “We are hardwired for God,” he is saying that from the beginning of human life we have reached out for a connection to something greater than ourselves.
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Stephen the Martyr: The Heavenly Marriage by Michael Cocks: Do bear with me, if you have read this story before. I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m thinking about ambiguity and levels of understanding of communications from Spirit. Read more
An Interview with EVP researcher, Dr. Anabela Cardoso by Michael Tymn: “The electronic voices received through ITC tell us that they originate ‘in another dimension beyond time, a world where the dead also live’,” Dr. Anabela Cardoso states in the Introduction of her latest… Read more
To be “Christian” is to participate in One Indivisble Whole by Michael Cocks: [If it were possible to perceive souls as entities, separate from each other, then Stephen here would be talking about reincarnation as commonly understood. But since there is no such separation, Stephen’s… Read more
Asking God to take a back seat by Michael Tymn: According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, more Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral. It goes on to explain that 56 percent of U.S. adults have this belief, up from… Read more
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