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“Whoever possesses God in their being possesses him in a divine manner, and he shines out to them in all things; for them, all things taste of God, and in all things it is only God’s image they see. God is radiant in them; inwardly, they are detached from the world, and inwardly formed by the loving presence of their God. Compare it to someone with a great thirst. Although they may be doing something other than drinking with their minds turned to other things, the thought of a drink will not leave them for as long as they thirst. Whatever they do, whoever they are with, whatever they strive for - the greater and more intense becomes the thought of a drink. ”
Meister Eckhart

In the Light of Death: Experiences on the threshold between life and death by Ineke Koedam
In the Light of Death
Death appears to be a process rather than a single event in time and may be heralded by deathbed phenomena such as visions that comfort the dying and help to prepare them for death. On behalf of prominent neuropsychiatric Peter Fenwick, Ineke Koedam, an experienced hospice worker, researched these ‘end-of-life- experiences’. She interviewed fellow hospice workers in various hospices and bundled their experiences together in this unique book. Read more...
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heart   “Experiencing God Directly: Spirituality without Religion” by Russell Targ & Jane Katra
Why do we search for God? It may be that our need to lead meaningful rather than absurd lives is even more powerful than our desire to reduce our suffering or to pursue happiness. When physician Herbert Benson claims “We are hardwired for God,” he is saying that from the beginning of human life we have reached out for a connection to something greater than ourselves.
  The Most Dynamic NDE You’ll Ever Read About
“All about and above me I could see nothing, but fancy my astonishment if you can, when looking down, I saw my body resting peacefully on the bed, representing what is commonly called a ‘dead person’,”
reality   The Illusion of Reality
"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves." ~ Bill Hicks
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No Man is an Island” and Christian Theology by Michael Cocks: Last blog, I made the case for saying that Consciousness studies and Science in general demand that the Spiritual/Physical universe is seen as One Whole, in which all is “entangled” with all else; that… Read more
Automatic Writing Explained by Michael Tymn: The so-called skeptics assume that the automatic writing form of mediumship is just so much bunk, baloney, and bosh, nothing more than the imagination playing tricks on the person. Some parapsychologists… Read more
The Most Awesome Book on Spirit Communication by Michael Tymn: “Just one book, the most mind-blowing, awesome one you know of,” was my old friend’s request. His brother was dying of cancer and he wanted a book that might give his brother some hope in his final days. Read more
Why The Afterlife Is Beyond Science by Michael Tymn: Co-founder in 1882 of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Frederic W. H. Myers, a Cambridge scholar, is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Psychical Research.” As Myers came to realize during… Read more
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