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Confession is always good for the soul, especially for those spirits who feel a desperate need to tell their poignant personal stories.
Alex Tanous

Harmony of the Universe: The Science Behind Healing, Prayer and Spiritual Development by Andrew Glazewski with Paul Kieniewicz
Harmony of the Universe<i></i>
Harmony of the Universe takes us on a journey to the heart of nature where we find music, mathematical proportions, and the fields that organize all living processes. Andrew Glazewski, Poland's much loved scientist, mystic and priest explores the science behind healing, the fields of crystals, plants and human beings, and how those fields determine our physical well-being. How we can use our hands to heal. Read more...
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  Love, Marriage and Sex by Andrew Glazewski
If I love somebody I am trying to be one with them. With him, with her, with this or that, and the more I can unify myself with the object, the better I comprehend the object. If I unify myself with this chair down to the last atom, I shall have all knowledge of this chair, and I will know exactly everything about this chair: where the wood comes from, how it grew, who cut it down, who made it out of the timber, who supplied it and so on. The whole knowledge of it will come to me. I will fit into the field of the tree and therefore the whole history of the tree will be perfectly understandable to me. Now that is what we have to be. We have to draw light into the Earth.
  President Roosevelt’s secretary communicates from the afterlife
The scripts so far considered in this book were either ostensibly from persons in the remote past, evidence for whose historical existence could not be forthcoming, or from persons who, though Geraldine had not known them personally, had made names for themselves in one way or another, so that she might have gained knowledge about them through reading or hearing about them, before forgetting that she had done so. It is less easy to disparage or explain away the two sequences with which the present chapter deals, since, when the first contacts were made, she had never heard of either person.
  Pre-Existence, Reincarnation and Karma by Raynor C. Johnson
It is probably true to say that a number of my readers have already reacted to the title of this chapter with some measure of emotional interest or aversion. Some people seem curiously and almost instinctively interested in these topics, others, frequently religious-minded people, feel antagonistic, as though some strange pagan faith was subtly menacing their cherished beliefs.
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An Easter Message That Makes Sense by Michael Tymn: With Easter approaching, I think of how much more sense it would make if Christianity would totally dismiss the idea of a physical body being resurrected and accept the evidence that has come to us through… Read more
One Life at a Time:  The Way of the Philistine? by Michael Tymn: Many friends and relatives who know of my interest in death and afterlife studies express concern that it is an unhealthy or taboo subject matter. “One life at a time for me” is a typical reaction, a subtle… Read more
Synchronicities on the day my wife and I were engaged. by Michael Cocks: All my writing in the past 45 years, my e-journal The Ground of Faith, all my blogs, they all have come about because I'm have been trying to make sense of the experiences I have been having in those years,… Read more
Gladys Osborne Leonard & Her Curious Term of Endearment by Michael Tymn: Gladys Osborne Leonard (1882 – 1968) is considered one of the greatest trance mediums in the annals of psychical research. She was referred to as “England’s white crow” and the “British Mrs. Piper.” Some… Read more
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