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“The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.”
~Jiddu Krishnamurti

Talking About Psychical Research: Thoughts on Life, Death and the Nature of Reality by Mary Rose Barrington
<i>Talking About Psychical Research: Thoughts on Life, Death and the Nature of Reality</i> by Mary Rose Barrington
Mary Rose Barrington, retired lawyer and former president of the Oxford University Society for Psychical Research, shares decades of research into telepathy, clairvoyance, ‘ jott’, scepticism, psychic force and her ‘small theory of everything’. An erudite and witty read! Read more...
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  Mediumship: A Preview by Paul Beard
Mediumship is both a simple and a complex happening. To evaluate what is involved, an important balance needs to be sought between objective and subjective sides. Both must necessarily contribute if a long term and developing view is to come about. Since mediumistic material also arises at very different levels of significance, this requires to be assessed by criteria appropriate to each level.
cosmic consciousness   What is Cosmic Consciousness? By Richard Maurice Bucke
Cosmic Consciousness is a third form which is as far above Self Consciousness as is that above Simple Consciousness. With this form, of course, both simple and self consciousness persist (as simple consciousness persists when self consciousness is acquired), but added to them is the new faculty so often named and to be named in this volume. The prime characteristic of cosmic consciousness is, as its name implies, a consciousness of the cosmos, that is, of the life and order of the universe.
  What’s Real? By Michael E. Tymn
In her 2007 book, When Ghosts Speak, Mary Ann Winkowski, a Cleveland, Ohio medium who serves as a consultant to the popular television series, Ghost Whisperer, states that many earthbound spirits gather on the studio set for the program.
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Exploring Non-dual Meditation – Centring Prayer. by Michael Cocks: How to relate to a God who is in all, through all, and above all? ... to a God who is experienced as Creator, and in the created, the sensory-physical world in which we are now incarnate? Plato called… Read more
Why the Titanic Story Fascinates Us by Michael Tymn: As today, April 15, marks the 107th anniversary of the day the "Titanic" sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic, it seems like a good time to recall that disaster and examine the fascination we have with it.… Read more
My Exploration of the Deepest Part of Hell by Michael Tymn: I had an unbelievable experience recently, one in which a spirit guide gave me a tour of hell. We passed through a number of realms of hell and I witnessed souls who had committed varying degrees of vice… Read more
Dealing with ‘Doubting Thomas’ Syndrome by Michael Tymn: Even though I have long followed the sport of track & field, I shake my head in disbelief when I look at the eight-foot ceiling in my house and try to visualize someone jumping over a bar that high. Yet,… Read more
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