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“You will find that once you drop your body, your wealth, belongings and so-called achievements will mean little if anything. What matters is how you lit up your world—how you raised your vibration, and in doing so raised the vibration of those around you.”

~ J. R. Archer

The Multidimensional Human: Practices for Psychic Development and Astral Projection by Kurt Leland
The Multidimensional Human:
BACK IN PRINT! SECOND EDITION. Many spiritual traditions, from yoga and Buddhism to contemporary theosophy, teach that we are multidimensional humans. We exist simultaneously on several planes and in several bodies. These bodies range from the familiar physical body to the astral body experienced in dreams and out-of-body states, as well as higher energy bodies that access realms and states of consciousness beyond our wildest dreams. Read more...
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  Life After Death – The Communicator by Paul Beard
If the telephone rings, naturally the caller is expected to identify himself. In post-mortem communication, necessitating something far more complex than a telephone, it is not enough to seek the speakers identity. One needs to estimate also as far as is possible his present status and stature. This involves a number of factors, overlapping and hard to keep separate, each bringing its own kind of difficulty. Four such factors can readily be named.
  Synchronicity by Brian Inglis and Ruth West
How far does the evidence from daemon, muse and the Eureka Effect, coupled with the case histories illustrating ESP, veridical hallucination and psychokinesis, confirm Schopenhauer's idea of two different forms of causality influencing our lives, and Jung’s hypothesis of what he described as acausal forces, manifesting themselves in meaningful coincidences: the principle of synchronicity?
  A Spiritual Vision: Evidence from the Scriptures by D. M. A. Leggett
We think of ourselves as living a purely physical life, in these material bodies of ours. In reality, we have gone far indeed from pure physical life; for ages, our life has been psychical, we have been centred and immersed in the psychic nature. The teaching of the East is that the psychical man is the veil and prophecy of the spiritual man. The purpose of life, therefore, is the realising of that prophecy; the unveiling of the immortal man; the birth of the spiritual from that psychical, whereby we enter our divine inheritance and come to inhabit Eternity.
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On Being a Deluded Moral Nihilist in 2020 by Michael Tymn: The year was 1969. I was living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, managing an office for an international insurance company. I Read more
Thank You Michael Tymn, Victor and Wendy Zammit and Many Others by Michael Cocks: Michael Tymn, Victor and Wendy Zammit have been very important indeed in providing evidence for the reality of the dimension of spirit, for an afterlife. Read more
Famed British Physicist Communicated After Death by Michael Tymn: During his 50 years of studying psychic phenomena, Sir William Barrett observed nearly every type of mediumship. In his reminiscences, read at a private meeting of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR)… Read more
How They Dress in the Afterlife by Michael Tymn: The idea of spirits wearing clothes provokes humor among the skeptics and doubts among the believers. However, if those same spirits were to appear naked, it would likely result in more humor and more… Read more
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