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“The Lord Jesus was controlled and animated by spirits who had never been incarnated. His influence permeates your world now, and all spiritual light comes from Him, reaching you through innumerable links connected in one vast chain of influence”.
Imperator via Rev. William Stainton Moses

The Secret Testament of Julian: A Novel by Simon Parke
The Secret Testament of Julian
Julian of Norwich was the first woman in the world to write a book in English, and yet had largely disappeared from view until her rediscovery during the twentieth century. A fourteenth century anchoress in Norwich, she lived in a cell for forty years, surrounded by savage plague, political inequality and religious bigotry. Yet Julian gave the world one of its most famous calls to hope: ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.’ Who was she? Read more...
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Belief in the existence of spiritual entities is arguably one of the earliest manifestations of modern human thought. In seeking the origins of religious ideas, anthropologists in the Nineteenth century looked to indigenous peoples around the world for examples of bygone primitive beliefs. What they found were multitudes of cosmological systems that differed drastically to from the accepted mechanistic world-view of Victorian physics – worlds inhabited by spirits and other supernatural entities, where magic was both widespread and efficacious.
  Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C Randall
One who attempts to change or modify the thoughts, ambitions and desires of mankind, is undertaking a great task. The American people, more than any other, are taught from infancy that the desired goal is wealth – material wealth – and, such is the prodigality of the times, money is necessary for the pace that is set. Money – the ring and shine of gold becomes alluring, and the ambition of each is for its accumulation
  ‘Patience Worth’ and Auto-suggestion by Brian Inglis
In "The Nature of Mind and Human Automatism", [Franklin] Prince had written that he could not understand 'how any right-minded person, how anyone who truly seeks after knowledge, can have any sympathy with those who refuse to accept a doctrine, however strong may be the evidence on which it is based, simply from fear that when carried to its logical consequences, it may antagonize preconceived notions.' He was now himself to be confronted with another case of multiple personality which was providing strong evidence against his belief that 'mind' was the last of the supernatural phenomena, destined to be disposed of by the march of science.
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Shakespeare: Genius, Impostor, or Medium? by Michael Tymn: Much has been written about the possibility that William Shakespeare didn’t author the works credited to him, that he was, in effect, an impostor. Read more
Channeling Stephen the Martyr: UFOs and “Love that is the flood.” by Michael Cocks: During the seven years of our conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, through trance medium Tom Ashman, we experienced numerous striking synchronicities with UFO manifestations, each of them… Read more
Facing Death with Hope by Michael Tymn: As Hurricane Lane approached Hawaii, where I live, with 170 mph winds on August 23, I began having visions of my departure from this realm of existence. Our governor announced that there are not enough… Read more
Afterlife Teachings from an Advanced Spirit by Michael Tymn: After Lord Adare’s 1869 book about the amazing mediumship of Daniel Dunglas Home was released, William Stainton Moses, an Anglican priest, referred to it as the “dreariest twaddle” and just so much “stuff… Read more
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