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Attention! Get this across – there is no horror in death. I was one minute in the thick of things, with my company, and the next minute Lieutenant Wells touched my arm and said: ‘Our command has crossed: Let’s go.’ I thought he meant the river, and followed him under the crossfire barrage the Tommies made, up to a hillside that I had not noticed before: a clean spot and not blackened by the guns. Lots of fellows I knew were there, and strange troops. But they looked queer. I glanced down at myself. I was olive drab, all right. But my uniform was not khaki. It seemed to be a fabric of some more tenuous kind. I had no gun. I overtook Wells. ‘What in the deuce is the matter with me, with us all?’ I asked. He said, ‘Bob, we’re dead.
Bob: Dead Men Talking

"Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I" by Michael Tymn
Dead Men Talking
As science flourished in the years leading up to World War I, religion floundered. Thus, the warring countries were little prepared to deal with the grief and despair that arose from millions of deaths. Apparently, the spirit world took notice, and, while greatly limited in its ability to communicate with us, the spirits managed to get through to more open-minded mourners, providing comfort and solace. Messages, many of them very evidential, came from fallen warriors, through various mediums, telling their loved ones that they were still “alive” and still with them. This book is an anthology of their communications from the afterlife. Read more...
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  The Reason for Suffering by Silver Birch
“We point to a law that is a law,” he declares, “a law that has always operated, a law that will always operate because the Eternal Mind is responsible for its being.
  The Problem of Higher Dimensions by P. D. Ouspensky
If we ourselves enter the world of plane beings, then its inhabitants will sense the lines limiting the sections of our bodies. These sections will be for them living beings; they will not know from whence they appear, why they alter, or whither they disappear in such a miraculous manner. So also, the sections of all our inanimate but moving objects will seem independent living beings.
  The Certainty of Survival of Death
Even for the most fortunate of men, if we perish when the body dies, then the things we have most valued when alive, the love we have known and given, the beauty at whose shrine we have worshipped, the sacrifices which others have made for us, these things must bring to us our saddest thoughts. I take it therefore that there is no more urgent question we can ask than this: `Do I survive death in the fullness of my powers?' I think we have a right to expect an answer satisfying alike to our thinking and feeling.
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“Soul Sickness” in Disneyland? by Michael Tymn: “Was all this real at one time, or is it all Hollywood fantasy?” That was the question I pondered on while sitting on a bench waiting for my wife and granddaughter in Disneyland’s Main Street USA theme… Read more
The Reluctant Servant by Carla Wills-Brandon: I’ve been dealing with residents of the Spirit World all of my life. Confronted with orbs of light, receiving premonitions of upcoming physical deaths, along with contact from those who have crossed over… Read more
#PsiWars by Michael Cocks: I have been experiencing a steep learning curve in the past fortnight. Oh, have I been wet behind the ears! I had been shocked to find how organised Skeptics were in “fixing” Wikipedia. Read more
Stafford Betty:  No Pretender, No Player, No Wimp by Michael Tymn: A roving reporter for a TV talk show program recently stopped people on the street and asked them to name the person they admired most. The first person named Johnny Depp, a movie actor best known for… Read more
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