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White Crow Books, under the broad umbrella of world spirituality, is a search for truth. We're looking for the insight which can be found both in the mouths of spiritual teachers – and also under stones where others don’t always look. Accordingly, the blogs in this section of the website will be updated regularly, going where they will, reflecting pioneering thinking and ideas for your consideration. Drop in when you have a moment and seek different company. You can of course join the conversation by adding a comment; or you can simply join in by being here.
Carla Wills-Brandon   Carla Wills-Brandon
Carla Wills-Brandon is a marriage and family therapist and grief expert, and one of the few researchers focused on the departing vision as proof of life after death. Having researched nearly 2,000 such encounters for more than 30 years, she is a sought-after lecturer and has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs.
Guy Lyon Playfair   Guy Lyon Playfair
Guy Lyon Playfair spent many years in Brazil as a freelance journalist for The Economist, Time, and the Associated Press, also working for four years in the press section of the US Agency for International Development. His most recent book is Twin Telepathy. He lives in London and is a council member of the Society for Psychical Research.
Ineke Koedam   Ineke Koedam
It is Ineke’s mission to contribute to the broadening of conscious awareness around dying and death. She is the author of In the Light of Death: Experiences on the Threshold Between Life and Death. The book outlines how profound meaning can be found in dying in our preperation for death.
Michael Cocks   Michael Cocks
Michael Cocks is editor of the e-journal, The Ground of Faith. Every two months he republishes articles from the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. including articles from Michael Tymn; also from The Christian Parapsychologist, Victor Zammit’s weekly newsletter, and from many other sources.
Michael Tymn   Michael Tymn
A 1958 graduate of the San Jose State University School of Journalism (BA Public Relations), Michael Tymn had two concurrent careers – one as an insurance claims representative, supervisor, and manager, and the other as a freelance journalist. As a public affairs officer in the U.S. Marine Corps before beginning his insurance and writing careers, Mike won the Silver Anvil presented by the American Public Relations Association for the best military PR program of 1960. He won the 1999 Robert H. Ashby Memorial Award given by The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research for his essay on Dying, Death, and After Death. Writing assignments have taken him to such diverse places as Bangkok, Panama, Glastonbury, Jerusalem, Hollywood, St. Paul, and Tombstone. In his 40-year insurance career, Mike worked in California, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Guam and Hawaii. His job called for him to apply the scientific method by weighing evidence in various types of civil claims and litigation and to make decisions relative to settling the claims or allowing them to go to trial. He also served as an arbitrator for the Insurance Arbitration Forums, making decisions in certain civil disputes. He holds the professional designations of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) and Associate in Claims – Insurance Institute of America (AIC). As a journalist, Mike has contributed more than 2,000 articles to some 50 publications over the past 65 years. He covered endurance sports (distance running, cycling, ocean swimming, biathlons and triathlons) for The Honolulu Advertiser for 24 years (1978-2002) and wrote monthly columns for Runner’s World, Running Times and National Masters News for many years, the latter publication for 35 years. He also wrote business, travel, general sports, and metaphysical features for various publications and contributed many biographies to Biographical Dictionary of American Sports. Mike served as editor of The Searchlight for 17 years (2002-2019) and for The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies for five years (2014-2019), both publications of The Academy for Spirituality and Consciousness Studies. His metaphysical and paranormal articles have appeared in Atlantis Rising, Paranormal Review, Fate, Mysteries, Vital Signs, Venture Inward, New Dawn, Signs of Life, Nexus, Psychic News, Psychic Times, Christian Parapsychologist, Two Worlds, Dark Lore, Alternatives, Alternate Perceptions, The Summit, The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, and The Honolulu Star-Advertiser. He has authored 19 biographies and case studies for PSI Encyclopedia, an on-line reference offered by the Society for Psychical Research of London. His blog can be found at In addition, Mike has authored seven books, The Articulate Dead, Running on Third Wind, The Afterlife Revealed, Transcending the Titanic, The Afterlife Explorers, Resurrecting Leonora Piper, and Dead Men Talking, the last five published by White Crow Books. His eighth book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife, is due for release in 2020. A former nationally ranked distance runner, Mike is a native of Alameda, California and now lives in Kailua, Hawaii with his wife Gina.
Simon Parke   Simon Parke
Simon Parke was a priest in the Church of England for 20 years and is now a freelance writer. His most recent books include The One-Minute Mystic, Shelf Life, and The Enneagram: A Private Session with the World’s Greatest Psychologist.
Stafford Betty   Stafford Betty
Stafford Betty earned his Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, where he specialized in Asian religious thought and Sanskrit. Today he is a professor of world religions at California State University, Bakersfield, and has become an acclaimed expert on the afterlife. In 2011 he published The Afterlife Unveiled, the first of his afterlife books, and The Imprisoned Splendor, a novel set in the afterlife. More recently he published Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit, and When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying? Afterlife: The Evidence. Three more books are pending and under contract, including Ghost Boy, a novel for middle-graders about a clairvoyant boy, and a futuristic novel The War for Islam. He regards a novel, The Severed Breast, published by White Crow, as his best work. It tells the story of the apostle Thomas’ travels through India to win Hindus and Buddhists to Christianity. Stafford’s many scholarly articles and essays can be found at He writes and speaks with clarity and regularly addresses conference and radio audiences.
The White Crow   The White Crow
The name ‘White Crow’ says much about us. It pays homage to the great 19th century spiritual adventurer, William James: ‘To upset the conclusion that all crows are black,’ he said, ‘there is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow; a single one is sufficient.’ William James was a truth seeker, and in this same spirit of exploration, we journey on—seeking out spiritual truths where we find them, and hopefully becoming a little more enlightened along the way.
Tricia Robertson   Tricia Robertson
Tricia is a long term council member, past Vice President and immediate past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. In addition to 29 years of experience in investigating spontaneous cases, Tricia has appeared on various radio and TV programmes and has been invited, over many of years, to speak to varied organisations throughout the UK.
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The Hidden Door – Introduction by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick – Accounts of dreams are as old as human history. People have always been fascinated by their own dreams, and have always looked for significance· in them. From the most ancient civilisations of Assyrians and Babylonians through to Biblical times it was believed that dreams brought messages from the gods in the form of warnings, omens and portents. In ancient Greece they were seen as prophecies, or instructions from Zeus. Read here
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