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Has President John F. Kennedy reincarnated, or not?

Posted on 03 November 2017, 12:35

On July 4, 1971 the Gadsden Times based in Gadsden, Alabama, reported a story titled “Has JFK reincarnated?”

The story painted a compelling picture…

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A lecture on Indridi Indridason

Posted on 18 November 2015, 12:15

I gave a lecture on Indridi Indridason and our new book at Institut Metapsychique International in Paris on November 30. Every chair taken and it was followed by a lively discussion.
Indridi produced almost every effect ever observed with Home, Palladino, the Schneiders and Kluski in just…

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Angels and Aliens: Gnosticism and Archons.

Posted on 20 October 2015, 16:18

Recently, I have been reading Not in His Image by John Lamb Lash, a book about…

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What book(s) led you to become interested in the paranormal or afterlife? By Madelaine Lawrence

Posted on 02 January 2015, 16:29

Most of us have posted reviews on books.  Comments might include reactions to the pace of the book, the dimensions of the character, the plot development.  Recently I was asked what book most influenced me to become the person I’ve become.  Since most of us have many aspects to our…

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How do we play the Game of Life?

Posted on 01 March 2014, 15:52

I don’t usually post other people’s blogs here, but Michael Prescott’s article, “Commitment to the game,” (below) resonated with me more than usual.

I do indeed think our physical life is a game; it’s our game. We can get immersed in it, not realising it’s a game,…

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I should really have a motto emblazoned somewhere…’I am all about the evidence’ by Tricia Robertson

Posted on 08 January 2014, 22:25

I should really have a motto emblazoned somewhere… ’I am all about the evidence’

Evidence can be had from various sources. Observations and consistent experiences can also be well justified as evidence along with repeatable experiments in a laboratory.

Many of you are aware…

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Ostensible Paranormal Healing Study By Tricia J Robertson

Posted on 25 September 2013, 11:34

Ostensible Paranormal Healing Study By Tricia J Robertson

In October 2006 I was made aware of the claims of Nina Knowlands. She claimed to be effecting spectacular healing improvements in the physical conditions of people. After speaking to her on the telephone and considering her information,…

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Posted on 02 February 2013, 21:58

White Crow has republished the 1990 Biography, Geraldine Cummins: An Appreciation by Charles Fryer. (1890-1969) Every person interested in mediumship should read this biography - why?

Geraldine specialised in messages through automatic writing.  As Charles says “

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Don’t shoot the messenger; test the spirits.

Posted on 28 December 2012, 17:14

I spoke to an acquaintance over Christmas and I asked how a friend of hers was, who I met some years ago. He’s elderly and she remarked that he is now quite ill.  I asked if his wife is still around to support him, and she told me she is, but the marriage has been difficult for many years because…

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The Day I Died BBC Documentary 10 years on

Posted on 12 November 2012, 17:51

With the current success of books about near-death-experiences including Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander and Heaven is Real by Todd Burpo, its worth noting that the NDE phenomena has been gaining ground since the early 1970’s when books such as Life After Life by…

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Proof of Survival by Lord Dowding – I think that "Raymond" is a very important book because its main purpose appears to be to convey to the world proof of human survival after death. This proof is conveyed by the publication of a series of messages from Raymond Lodge, the son of Sir Oliver Lodge, the famous scientist and author of the book. Read here
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