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The ego mind is like “Hanging on to the tail of a wild horse”

Posted on 21 September 2017, 16:58

During our conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, he often used picturesque language. Here he sees our clinging to our egotistic minds, swept by currents of emotion and unreason, as clinging to the tail of a wild horse, and afraid to let go.

One can see this in what follows:

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Stephen the Martyr on the Second Coming of our Lord.

Posted on 24 August 2017, 15:24

According to Stephen the Martyr, in thinking of the “Second Coming” of Christ we are not to expect some apparition of Jesus, looking like a man in the sky. We should rather look forward to a general awareness that we are truly participants in an In all, through all, above all God. Almost everything…

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Do we experience Jesus Christ more when we die?

Posted on 05 August 2017, 18:51

Molly:  I wanted to ask about Jesus Christ, whether we are with him all the time and whether we experience him more when we die.

Stephen the Martyr. Hear the words that you have spoken!

Are we nearer to him when we die?

Look at the things…

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All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

Posted on 19 July 2017, 14:20

Julian of Norwich wrote: “In my folly, before this time I often wondered why, by the great foreseeing wisdom of God, the onset of sin was not prevented: for then, I thought, all should have been well. This impulse [of thought] was much to be avoided, but nevertheless I mourned and sorrowed because…

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The Voice of Christ and the 33 000 sects of Christianity

Posted on 30 June 2017, 8:42

Theologians and philosophers sometimes produce long and complex arguments when they attempt to prove something to be true. The 33,000 sects of Christianity show the fruits of all this.

Stephen will have none of such arguments.

In the previous

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Stephen the Martyr asks, What is truth?

Posted on 06 June 2017, 9:26

Stephen. [The truth is that] we are here alive, able to move, communicate and reproduce. This is truth. The sun shines daily over all the earth. This is truth. The rain brings us the essential water for the growth of plants. This is truth and cannot be denied. Truth is a fond embrace, love,…

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Science, Facts, Akashic Records.

Posted on 24 May 2017, 8:19

In our on conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, Olive asked: Can you explain in a way that a scientifically minded person can understand how the spirit survives death? 

Stephen: The facts are there, if one would wish to see. The fact that [a person]…

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God’s Will – Our Will

Posted on 25 April 2017, 11:38

Olive, a member of the group questioning the spirit of Stephen the Martyr [see Afterlife Teaching, below] was unhappy about a forthcoming move to another town, owing to her husband’s work promotion.

Olive: “Is it the Father’s will that we should move?”

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What is the role of the Physical, as opposed to Spiritual?

Posted on 28 March 2017, 9:32

In those conversations in the 1970’s with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, he answered that question with the words that follow:

In answer to the question above about the role of the physical, Stephen said:

Stephen: It was created in the image of the Father as an…

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We are like children gazing at our image in a pool

Posted on 14 March 2017, 14:32

Further to my previous blog on Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr.

We can often find the teaching…

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The Role of Affinities and the Group-Soul by Anabela Cardoso – Affinities seem to play an important role in the next world. We have touched on the subject in a previous chapter and I have discussed it in earlier publications (Cardoso, 2010, 2003). Indeed, the meaning and importance of the Group-Soul described in the mediumistic literature, e.g. the information received purportedly from the deceased Frederic Myers by Geraldine Cummins (Cummins, 2012), have been emphasized in my own contacts. Read here
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