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Healing, “Dying to Self and Rising with Christ”

Posted on 20 June 2018, 9:28

St Paul’s “Dying to Self and risiing with Christ” are words that can come “trippingly on the tongue” in the words of Hamlet. But how many of us actually do this?

As for myself, involved in all those conversations with the long deceased, Stephen the Martyr in the 1970’s, I am acutely aware…

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Stephen the Martyr: Shedding the skin of the snake

Posted on 04 June 2018, 15:20

The problem for growing snakes is that as they grow, their skins don’t, so every once in a while their skins begin to split, and the snake wriggles itself out, so that a new and more roomy skin may develop.

Spiritual teachers sometimes use this snake thing as a picture of what has to happen…

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The Void, Zero Point Field, and the Holographic Universe

Posted on 12 May 2018, 8:20

The simple truth is that All-That-Is is timeless, spaceless, and indivisible creative Mind or Spirit. This Spirit, this Christ, creates events in Spirit, but also events involving time, space and energy. Plato said the same thing, when he said that physical events are brought into being by “Ideal…

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The artist God, the paint, and the picture

Posted on 15 April 2018, 12:53

On You Tube I have been recently fascinated by the British child composer Alma Deutscher.  At age 11, she has composed much music, including a piano concerto and an opera being performed in the Vienna opera house. She has been compared to Mozart, and in fact she started composing at an even earlier…

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Stephen the Martyr on The Trinity

Posted on 28 March 2018, 14:03

Christians speak of God as a Holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit (Perhaps “Parent, Child, and Holy Spirit”).  When they say “son” they usually have Jesus in mind. But in this communication the spirit of Stephen asserts that in communion with God we can all say that…

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Being reincarnate a thousandfold: Stephen the Martyr

Posted on 27 February 2018, 12:56

The astronomer James Jeans wrote that, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine”.  There is now wide agreement with those words. 

You and I similarly are thoughts within this Great Thought. If this is so, what is the distance between the thought…

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Do we have to carry the burden of what we did in a previous incarnation?

Posted on 29 January 2018, 19:48

In the next two conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, he leads us from anxiety about what we may have done in previous incarnations, and this present life, to embrace our true nature as an thought in All That Is.  Stephen’s words cannot be lightly skimmed as if we were reading…

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Stephen the Martyr: What is the distinction between a mental disorder and a spiritual disorder?

Posted on 04 January 2018, 13:16

In this extract from Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr Stephen talks about the distinction between a mental…

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“On the Feast of Stephen”

Posted on 26 December 2017, 12:19

On Boxing Day we also celebrate St Stephen’s Day.  Later Stephen talks to us personally and movingly about his martyrdom But first we hear the story as it is told to us in the New Testament.
In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles in Chapter 6 we read

Seven Chosen to Serve

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Stephen the Martyr: The Heavenly Marriage

Posted on 11 December 2017, 14:06

Do bear with me, if you have read this story before.  I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m thinking about ambiguity and levels of understanding of communications from Spirit.

It was the day that Tom and Olive Ashman got married.  Tom was the channel or medium through whom the…

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Spirits and Crime by Carl Wickland – Habits, desires and inclinations are rooted in the mind and remain with the individual after he is freed from his physical body, until they are eliminated by the will. The spirits of many criminals, murderers, those who were executed or are seeking for revenge, remain indefinitely in the earth sphere and often endeavor to continue their former activities and to carry out their evil designs through controlling the bodies of mortals who are sensitive to their influence. Read here
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