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Do we have to carry the burden of what we did in a previous incarnation?

Posted on 29 January 2018, 19:48

In the next two conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, he leads us from anxiety about what we may have done in previous incarnations, and this present life, to embrace our true nature as an thought in All That Is.  Stephen’s words cannot be lightly skimmed as if we were reading…

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Stephen the Martyr: What is the distinction between a mental disorder and a spiritual disorder?

Posted on 04 January 2018, 13:16

In this extract from Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr Stephen talks about the distinction between a mental…

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“On the Feast of Stephen”

Posted on 26 December 2017, 12:19

On Boxing Day we also celebrate St Stephen’s Day.  Later Stephen talks to us personally and movingly about his martyrdom But first we hear the story as it is told to us in the New Testament.
In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles in Chapter 6 we read

Seven Chosen to Serve

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Stephen the Martyr: The Heavenly Marriage

Posted on 11 December 2017, 14:06

Do bear with me, if you have read this story before.  I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m thinking about ambiguity and levels of understanding of communications from Spirit.

It was the day that Tom and Olive Ashman got married.  Tom was the channel or medium through whom the…

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To be “Christian” is to participate in One Indivisble Whole

Posted on 24 November 2017, 15:13

More Afterlife teaching from Stephen the Martyr.

[If it were possible to perceive souls as entities, separate from each other, then Stephen here would be talking about reincarnation as commonly understood. But since there is no such separation, Stephen’s teaching is more about…

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Stephen the Martyr on “The Sheep and the Goats” and the Afterlife

Posted on 10 November 2017, 10:50

Michael: My questions relate to Trust [in life, in God]. As a matter of fact I think I am trusting more than I used to. I am less worried and am happier. But I am concerned about the theme going through the New Testament, themes of the Sheep and the Goats [Matt 25:32]; those in the fields,…

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Evil, Devil, Judging

Posted on 30 October 2017, 12:45

In our convesations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, in the 1970s, we found him a wonderful spiritual counsellor.

Stephen: Michael, may I, before your questions, answer the question that you would have asked concerning evil, sin and other things which may trouble…

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Stephen the Martyr’s Prayer the key to enlightenment

Posted on 10 October 2017, 9:22

If we search our hearts, we may find Stephen’s prayer, simple as it is, the key to “enlightnment”, “being born again”, “bodhi” ….

“Lord, let me forget that I am me,
Let me know that I am with thee,
Let me not separate myself from thee,

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The ego mind is like “Hanging on to the tail of a wild horse”

Posted on 21 September 2017, 15:58

During our conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr, he often used picturesque language. Here he sees our clinging to our egotistic minds, swept by currents of emotion and unreason, as clinging to the tail of a wild horse, and afraid to let go.

One can see this in what follows:

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Stephen the Martyr on the Second Coming of our Lord.

Posted on 24 August 2017, 14:24

According to Stephen the Martyr, in thinking of the “Second Coming” of Christ we are not to expect some apparition of Jesus, looking like a man in the sky. We should rather look forward to a general awareness that we are truly participants in an In all, through all, above all God. Almost everything…

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