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The Remarkable Music Medium, Mrs. Rosemary Brown!

Posted on 21 October 2020, 16:34

“Neither death, nor life, nor principalities and powers can ever separate us from the love of God.” Underneath are the everlasting arms.” The Prodigal Son on his return will always find the arms of the Father running to meet him. Surrender to Love, should always be our aim.

But “Wait! There is more!” (as TV ads often shout.) In previous blogs we have been exploring the work of the Good Shepherd, seemingly leading us along a precisely timed path. So that we may know for sure that we have been receiving Divine guidance. But forever and ever we can cry again, “Wait! There is more!” And that is because there is nothing in this wide world that does not have its origin in Spirit.

Quantum Mechanics has got to the point of acknowledging that the physical world of see and touch, and all that occurs in this domain might be the product of Spirit, as most religions have acknowledged from ancient times.

This world is a kind of “maya” or illusions created by the realm of Spirit.

Now, if readers are prepared “to have their minds blown” and can devote enough time, I urge them to view the following video, part of a series on the afterlife developed by Dr Keith Parsons. It is about, in my mind, the most extraordinary medium of all time. Her name is Mrs. Rosemary Brown, a London housewife of limited means, and who could play the piano quite well, (But nothing like concert level). What is so extraordinary about her is that several of the greatest deceased European composers such as Franz Liszt (below) dictated compositions in their own style, note for note, which Rosemary painstakingly transcribed on to blank ruled music paper. I myself have bought and played some of these transcriptions, and love them.


But not only musicians. George Bernard Shaw, for instance, dictated two plays, which I understand have been performed on stage.

And not only writers. Vincent can Gogh overshadowed her, as she painted pictures in his style.

All creation comes from Spirit. All creativity comes from Spirit. All deceased composers, artists and writers are in Spirit and can still create. Rosemary Brown shows this to be the case.

But let me allow Dr Keith Parsons to tell the story in his documentary “The Rosemary Brown Mystery”. 

Liszt – Brown : “Jesus walking on the water

Chopin – “Brown Impromptu

Rosemary Brown speaks for herself.

On listening to all this, readers may (or may not, depending on t their personal beliefs) accept that this, and in fact all creativity emanates from the world of Spirit.

In recent blogs I have described how Spirit aka The Good Shepherd lovingly guides us on a path of learning, how Spirit aka The Everlasting Arms, can enfold us with love, and how Spirit aka Inspiration is the source of all creativity.

It is strange how we all, at least at times, block acceptance of all this. Surrender to Spirit can feel like death. I know from experience.

I would value reader’s thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                         

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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