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Thank You Michael Tymn, Victor and Wendy Zammit and Many Others

Posted on 16 March 2020, 12:20

Michael Tymn, Victor and Wendy Zammit have been very important indeed in providing evidence for the reality of the dimension of spirit, for an afterlife.  A host of reports of near-death experiences give us clear impressions of how it might be for us when we leave our earthly bodies.  And through the assistance of many trance mediums we appear to have a reliable impression of what we may experience in the afterlife. If we want to think more deeply about such matters, Jonathan Beecher is helpful, through the wonderful publications of his White Crow Books. If we were to deny the reality of the spiritual world and the afterlife, we would be closed minded indeed.

But with regard to the physical world of see and touch, what can we say to Progressive Christians who maintain that the physical world is all we have, and to adherents of the old physics who see the universe as a kind of mindless machine, producing what it does by blind chance, and that it produces mind and consciousness blindly as an epiphenomenon, or by-product.

The answer is that it is just a claim and that we live in an informational universe, and there is no denying it.

But we who accept the reality of the dimension of spirit can be lulled into believing that the physical world of stones and rocks, described in ever increasing detail by good and legitimate science, as more real than the world of Spirit.

That is where miracles come in. A miracle is an event which breaks into and disrupts the supposedly proper order of things. A miracle intervenes as it might in a dream, thereby exposing the physical world as the dream or phenomenon of creative mind that it actually is.

Synchronicities are such miracles.

In this regard, Quantum Physics (QM) maintains that physical reality is a kind of illusion produced by observing Mind of Spirit. QM physicists points to acausal synchronicities as evidence.  Influential physicist Wolfgang Pauli collaborated with psychologist Carl Jung in exploring the phenomenon. There is a well-known story about when Jung was talking to a patient about the symbolism of the scarab beetle, when such a beetle flew in through the window and hovered between them.

There several anecdotes involving Pauli, but all that for another time. But they worked together to determine the significance of such events. Several other Nobel Prize-winning QM physicists have experienced meaningful synchronicities, notably Brian Josephson, David Bohm, David L. Peat and several others, which they have discussed in their own books.

I myself have experienced many jaw-dropping synchronicities, which I describe in my book, Into the Wider Dream.  Here is one of them (or if you like, two.)  Prof. Steven Rosen, at the Statan Island campus of SUNY, was in the process of writing a novel, in which the heroine was singing the five notes of attunement of the UFO in movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Rosen wanted those five notes in musical notation but he was not musical.  Wherever could he find them? Just then his father-in-law called down to the basement where he was working to let him know that the mail had arrived. One of the items was an envelope containing the latest issue of The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research. In that issue was article by myself, containing a picture of those very five notes. Steven then wrote to me telling what had happened, perhaps sensing that there were indicating a spiritual connection between him and myself. He then continued writing his book.

Several months passed, and I had been in my study reading a book by Fritjof Capra titled, The Tao of Physics, on the implications of modern QM. In this book I first read a chapter about a philosopher/physicist called David Bohm, called, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”. He, somewhat like how Plato had written that “Ideal Forms laid up in haven” brought into being events in the physical dimension, Bohm imaged a causal world where things and events were “folded together” or “implicate| “ or “explicate” or “unfolded” in the physical. “Word” is a similar idea to that found in the beginning of St John’s Gospel, where read that, “In the beginning was the (creative) Word, and that nothing comes into being without its action.

I became very much impressed with what I was reading about Bohm and resolved to study his work to the extent my abilities permitted.

I felt then that I needed a little break, and decided to see if I had any mail in my country mailbox. I went there, and indeed there was a parcel from the USA. I opened the parcel and discovered Stephen Rosen’s book, now finished and published. It was called “The Moebius Strip”

What is a Moebius? Take an uninterrupted and entire band of paper of any width, is severed at one point. One newly created strip is turned through 180 degrees and then reattached to the other severed end. Run your finger along the inside and you will find that the inner becomes the outer as you go. It is a good picture of the unity of the inner and the outer … the spiritual.

In the acknowledgements the first person named was DAVID BOHM. Then Arthur C. CLARKE. But immediately under the name David Bohm, was my name MICHAEL COCKS. A few minutes ago I had just heard the name Bohm, and now I find my name printed directly under his.

Several other names that followed.  But just as Steven Rosen must have thought that it was “spooky” to get the five notes almost immediately after he wanted them, so I was spooked to find my name printed directly under the name David Bohm, — all this happening perhaps five minutes after my enthusiastic thoughts about him.

These two meaningful coincidences but acausal coincidences, are spectacular examples of how the inner creates the outer, of how the implicate can create the explicate, or how Plato’s Ideal Forms create the physical, or how the Divine WORD, or creative thought that brings events into being.

(For me, on the day that my wife and I were to our engagement to be married, I was to receive another exquisite timed letter from Steven Marc Rosen . We had not been corresponding for some time and he had no idea that I was entering into a relationship with a Swedish lady. 

His letter written months later was to reveal so many amazing synchronicities!

Rosen must have written several days before in New York, USA, yet it arrived on the actual day of our engagement, in time to synchronize with what was about to unfold. I hope to give full details at a later occasion.

Steven’s letter was series of miracles, or synchronicities, which would permit no denial.

I could not possibly doubt that in experiencing the “Five notes” and the “David Bohm” synchronicities, I was experiencing scenarios projected from an higher dimension into the supposedly cause and effect world of the physical.

These two synchronistic events point to the central teaching of St John’s Gospel, and of St Stephen the Martyr, about whom I have previously written, namely that “In God we live and move and have our being”. “God who is in all, through all, and above all.”

As I contemplate yet again these, for me, numinous events, I am moved to pray more earnestly, the prayer I have often quoted:

“Lord, let me forget that I am me,
Let me know that I am with Thee,
Let me not separate myself from Thee,
Because I am me.”

[Readers’ thoughts and comments would be much appreciated. (See box below.]

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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