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Purgatory is for real

Posted on 08 September 2014, 10:04

It is difficult to generalize when it comes to traditional Jewish thought relative to the afterlife, as there are different schools of thought, one school not even believing in an afterlife, another school believing in it but not concerned with it, and still other schools with varying degrees of concern. …

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Rolf Explains How Trance Mediumship Works

Posted on 25 August 2014, 12:00

The best explanation that I have read as to how trance mediumship works came from Rolf Little (below) as communicated through the trance mediumship of Gladys Osborne Leonard to his mother, Nelly Little, after his death during World War I. 

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The Story of Australia’s Greatest Medium

Posted on 11 August 2014, 15:42

Having read numerous books about mediums over the past 25 years,  and having written about many of the best mediums, I thought I knew all their names.  However, clearly I missed one.  In recently reading a book entitled The Certainty of Eternity, authored by L.C. Danby, I…

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Life after Death, Guilt & Remorse

Posted on 28 July 2014, 14:22

Dr. Minot Savage, a Unitarian minister and psychical researcher, (below) reported on a December 28, 1888 sitting which his brother, the Rev. William H. Savage, had with trance medium Leonora Piper, of Boston, Mass.  Speaking through Mrs. Piper, Phinuit, her spirit control, told William that somebody…

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“Soul Sickness” in Disneyland?

Posted on 14 July 2014, 9:32

This is a slight rewrite of my editorial appearing in the July issue of the Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.  For more information about the Journal and the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc., go to

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Stafford Betty:  No Pretender, No Player, No Wimp

Posted on 30 June 2014, 17:54

A roving reporter for a TV talk show program recently stopped people on the street and asked them to name the person they admired most.  The first person named Johnny Depp, a movie actor best known for portraying a pirate.  I was puzzled that a person whose main contribution to humanity…

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The Death Process as Described by Andrew Jackson Davis

Posted on 16 June 2014, 9:08

Andrew Jackson Davis (August 11, 1826 – January 13, 1910) is remembered as a “seer” – in effect, a clairvoyant able to enter into a higher state of consciousness and access information otherwise unavailable to humans. In a trance state, he could diagnose illnesses and recommend cures and give lengthy…

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Why “Higher Truths” Have Been Rejected By Humans

Posted on 02 June 2014, 9:51

Why don’t they say something meaningful?  Why not tell us about how they live in the spirit world?  Why not give us a cure for cancer?  Why so much trivial stuff, like what happened to Uncle Jerry’s gold watch?  Such were the questions often asked by skeptics about messages purportedly…

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Was Adin Ballou the First Psychical Researcher?

Posted on 19 May 2014, 12:34

Although the formation of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in London during 1882 is considered by many to be the beginning of scientific research into psychic phenomena, it is clear to anyone delving into the subject that there was considerable research going on well before then, beginning…

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Is Heaven for Real?

Posted on 05 May 2014, 20:14

The principal difficulty confronting the survival hypothesis is an intelligible Hereafter.  – H. H.  Price, Wykeham professor of logic, Oxford Univ.

Most journalists seem to feel that they have to treat anything relating to the afterlife or the spirit world with tongue…

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Calling Earth: After-Death Communication using electronic devices. – x"Calling Earth" is an updated documentary about communicating with the deceased using electronic devices such as cameras, radio, television, telephones, computers, etc. This form of communication is called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) or Researchers include Mark Macy, Alexander MacRae, Konstantin Roudive, and many more. Read here
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