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In the Light of the Self: Adi Shankara and the Yoga of Non-dualism   In the Light of the Self: Adi Shankara and the Yoga of Non-dualism
Alistair Shearer

Adi Shankara was a South Indian sage and the foremost teacher of Advaita Vedanta, the perennial philosophy that lies at the heart of all religions. Such… more
Surgeon From Another World   Surgeon From Another World
George Chapman with Roy Stemman

George Chapman was a remarkable man. He was an internationally known healer and gifted trance medium. In his entranced state he surrendered his identity… more
If Morning Never Comes: A Soldier's Near-Death Experience on the Battlefield   If Morning Never Comes: A Soldier's Near-Death Experience on the Battlefield
Bill Vandenbush

A tragedy of war nearly destroyed my life, but a force intervened and has guided me on an incredible lifelong journey. My Near-Death Experience took me… more
Faith and the Placebo Effect: An Argument for Self-Healing   Faith and the Placebo Effect: An Argument for Self-Healing
Lolette Kuby, Ph.D

In this groundbreaking book, author Lolette Kuby—poet, cultural critic, and activist—raises a prophetic voice against the madness of conventional medicine,… more
Geraldine Cummins: An Appreciation   Geraldine Cummins: An Appreciation
Geraldine Cummins

GERALDINE CUMMINS was Ireland’s most celebrated psychic. Her particular mediumship manifested as 'automatic writing' where, controlled by discarnate beings… more
Light of All Life   Light of All Life
Raynor C. Johnson

Light of all Life: Thoughts towards a philosophy of life is the last book written by Raynor C. Johnson. Originally published in 1984, just three… more
Exploration into God   Exploration into God
George Trevelyan

“AN ELDER statesman of the New Age movement, Sir George Trevelyan saw the mission of his later years as an 'exploration into God'. From the moment when… more
The Voices   The Voices
William Usborne Moore

Over the years, I have read at least 500 books dealing with various aspects of life after death – books on mediumship, near-death experiences, reincarnation,… more
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr   Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr
Michael Cocks

This book records seven years of conversations with the spirit of St. Stephen the Martyr, between 1974-80, Thomas Ashman, being the channel. The experience… more
Autobiography of a Yogi   Autobiography of a Yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the best-loved spiritual classics. It details the life of Paramahansa Yogananda — one of India's Spiritual guru's, who… more
Revelations of Divine Love: A 2011 Edition   Revelations of Divine Love: A 2011 Edition
Julian of Norwich with Simon Parke

Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich is the first book written in English by a woman. But the work is read now not for historical interest… more
Meditations   Meditations
Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius wrote his "Meditations" around AD 170 to 180, while on a campaign in central Europe, most probably in what is now Serbia, Hungary and Austria.… more
Conversations with Mozart   Conversations with Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Simon Parke

‘Conversations with Mozart’ is an imagined conversation with the man behind the music who died largely unnoticed at the age of 35. But while the questions… more
Conversations with Arthur Conan Doyle   Conversations with Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle with Simon Parke

An imagined conversation in which Arthur Conan Doyle's words are entirely his own, speaking about his commitment to spiritualism, which amazed people in… more
Conversations with Leo Tolstoy   Conversations with Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy with Simon Parke

This is Tolstoy is his own words, drawn from his extensive books, essays and letters. Vegetarianism, marriage, non-violence, the military, death, God and… more
Forbidden Words   Forbidden Words
Leo Tolstoy, edited by Simon Parke

Seven short works Tolstoy which he was never allowed to publish in his native Russia. Published in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tolstoy’s death. more
DD Home: His Life, His Mission   DD Home: His Life, His Mission
Madam Home, edited by Arthur Conan Doyle

The life of DD Home, who has been called ‘the greatest physical medium in history', is recounted here by his second wife, revealing a virtual who's who… more
Incidents in My Life   Incidents in My Life
DD Home

This autobiography of DD Home, the famous Scottish spiritualist of the 19th century, documents the amazing psychic events throughout his life and the people… more
The Vital Message   The Vital Message
Arthur Conan Doyle

In this book, Arthur Conan Doyle shares his thoughts on scepticism, religion, psychic phenomena, and Jesus, whom he sees as the highest of spiritual beings. more
The New Revelation   The New Revelation
Arthur Conan Doyle

Written just before the outbreak of the First World War, The New Revelation considers death and the after-life, and contact with the spirit world through… more
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Spirits and Crime by Carl Wickland – Habits, desires and inclinations are rooted in the mind and remain with the individual after he is freed from his physical body, until they are eliminated by the will. The spirits of many criminals, murderers, those who were executed or are seeking for revenge, remain indefinitely in the earth sphere and often endeavor to continue their former activities and to carry out their evil designs through controlling the bodies of mortals who are sensitive to their influence. Read here
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