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Entity claiming to be Mary, Queen of Scots communicates with rescue circle in UK.

Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587): The evening of 20th November 1995 remains so sharp in memory—heart warming—emotionally charged—historic. The visit had been attempted several months earlier, but conditions had been less than favourable and after a few minutes was terminated. No name was given then, but one present had sensed an identity, wrote it down, sealed it in an envelope and handed it to Leslie (the circle leader) for safe keeping. But now, this time the link was strong:

“Daemon” by Brian Inglis

SOCRATES After his judges had found him guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens, Socrates explained why he did not intend to dispute their verdict:

Lucid Dreaming by Brian Inglis

There is one other type of dream about which relatively little is known, as serious exploration has only recently begun. Awareness in the course of a dream that it is 'only a dream' is quite a common experience, and probably always has been (it was mentioned by Aristotle); but 'lucid dreaming', in the sense of deliberately exploiting the capability, appears to have been rare - though apparently it is used by Tibetan Yogi.

Electric Light Phenomena Associated with a Dying or Deceased Person by Annekatrin Puhle, Ph.D.

Numerous accounts throughout history describe the encounter with an unusual light as an encounter with a being, a personified light. The light often seems to be as alive as a living being, only more superior to an ordinary human. We have to distinguish between a wide range of shapes as well as of situations in which the light is perceived.


THE question of free will is one that has dogged man through the centuries. Can we change the course of our lives? Do we have absolute or partial free will?

“Children and the Light” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

ALF Rose had this experience many years ago when he was ill with pneumonia as a young child of four or five. Suddenly I was out of my body and floating near the top of the window in my bedroom. I could see myself in bed and my mother kneeling at the side of the bed. She was crying and looked very distressed. I gazed at this scene for a little while and remember that I didn't feel any emotion at all and was completely indifferent to what I saw. Without any warning at all I was travelling very swiftly through a dense forest.


Belief in the existence of spiritual entities is arguably one of the earliest manifestations of modern human thought. In seeking the origins of religious ideas, anthropologists in the Nineteenth century looked to indigenous peoples around the world for examples of bygone primitive beliefs. What they found were multitudes of cosmological systems that differed drastically to from the accepted mechanistic world-view of Victorian physics – worlds inhabited by spirits and other supernatural entities, where magic was both widespread and efficacious.

‘Patience Worth’ and Auto-suggestion by Brian Inglis

In "The Nature of Mind and Human Automatism", [Franklin] Prince had written that he could not understand 'how any right-minded person, how anyone who truly seeks after knowledge, can have any sympathy with those who refuse to accept a doctrine, however strong may be the evidence on which it is based, simply from fear that when carried to its logical consequences, it may antagonize preconceived notions.' He was now himself to be confronted with another case of multiple personality which was providing strong evidence against his belief that 'mind' was the last of the supernatural phenomena, destined to be disposed of by the march of science.

Poverty in the Afterlife by Edward C. Randall

Poverty in the Afterlife

Spirits and Crime by Carl Wickland

Habits, desires and inclinations are rooted in the mind and remain with the individual after he is freed from his physical body, until they are eliminated by the will. The spirits of many criminals, murderers, those who were executed or are seeking for revenge, remain indefinitely in the earth sphere and often endeavor to continue their former activities and to carry out their evil designs through controlling the bodies of mortals who are sensitive to their influence.

The Menace of Scientism by Brian Inglis

I was brought up to regard science almost as a religion. It was not preached to my generation; it was taught us as the truth.

Synchronicity by Brian Inglis and Ruth West

How far does the evidence from daemon, muse and the Eureka Effect, coupled with the case histories illustrating ESP, veridical hallucination and psychokinesis, confirm Schopenhauer's idea of two different forms of causality influencing our lives, and Jung’s hypothesis of what he described as acausal forces, manifesting themselves in meaningful coincidences: the principle of synchronicity?

We have been animals by Pierre-Emile Cornillier

Reine sleeps easily, grows cold from the very beginning of the passes, and then, to my surprise, returns to an almost normal temperature. Later on I learn that Vettellini, finding her in bad health, has arrested the chilling of the body.

Capital punishment is considered a crime in the afterlife by Pierre-Emile Cornillier

Reine comes in at two o’clock,—in better health, more buoyant. We set about the irksome task of the table, persisting during a good long hour, with no other result than crackings, violent movements,, and some vague glimmers of phosphorescence on our hands, or on the centre of the table.

The Law of Spiritual Growth by W. T. Stead

One of her [Julia] communications, which came on the 18th June, 1893, was obviously addressed to me throughout.

The Role of Affinities and the Group-Soul by Anabela Cardoso

Affinities seem to play an important role in the next world. We have touched on the subject in a previous chapter and I have discussed it in earlier publications (Cardoso, 2010, 2003). Indeed, the meaning and importance of the Group-Soul described in the mediumistic literature, e.g. the information received purportedly from the deceased Frederic Myers by Geraldine Cummins (Cummins, 2012), have been emphasized in my own contacts.

Letter from A Living Dead Man: The Pattern World

When a man comes out here, the strangers whom he meets seem no more strange than the foreign peoples seem to one who first goes among them. He does not always understand them; there, again, his experience is like a sojourn in a foreign country.

Past Lives and Reincarnation by George Moss

There is so much more to existence than just the one Earth life; of this there should be no doubt whatsoever. We have all of us been here before, but for vast majority, all direct memory of previous lives will have been erased. This is the regular system, but just occasionally one slips through with some degree of retained memory—sufficient for proof that this is indeed so.

“A Case to Consider” by Paul Beard

What is it possible to discover about the experiences we shall meet with after we die - if indeed existence does continue - and about how we can best prepare for them?

Personal Recollections of Abdu’l Baha Abbas and the Baha’i Outlook by Wellesley Tudor Pole

What is the special appeal voiced by Baha'u'llah and his son, which has resulted in so many of their followers the world over asserting that they are no longer Jews, Christians, Moslems or Buddhists, as such but have become Baha'is?

ANGELS by Andrew Glazewski

To begin with, angels are not winged creatures with nice faces. They are certain patterns of proportions; intellectual patterns that are self-conscious as we are self-conscious. Just that we have a body, neck and head and they haven’t got one.

Premonitions of Disaster & Death by Michael Tymn

In one of his many stories, From the Old World to the New, a novel published in 1892, William T. Stead described the sinking of a ship as a result of hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The story involved an actual ship named the Majestic, captained by Edward J. Smith, who later captained the "Titanic."

The Cell, the Soul and “Reincarnation by Michael Cocks

The renowned Rev. Dr Leslie D. Weatherhead makes a great number of interesting points in his book The Christian Agnostic (1965) regarding a Christian view of reincarnation. He remarks that Jesus is quick to correct error but his silence is noted when corrective speech would have been so easy on the occasion when our Lord Himself asked of His disciples: “Who do men say that the Son of Man is?” and they said, “some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets” [Mt 16:14, Mk 6:15, Lk 9:8-9] “Is it not extraordinary that He did not tell them not to talk nonsense?”

The Life Review by Michael Tymn

After many years of murdering, raping, plundering, and pillaging with malice and forethought, twin brothers Jed and Ned were finally stopped by the police. Jed was shot and killed instantly, while Ned was apprehended and sent to prison for life. During his confinement, Ned “found” God and repented.

Private Dowding: The Wilderness by Wellesley Tudor Pole

On Monday, 12th March 1917, I was walking by the sea when I felt the presence of someone. I looked round, no one was in sight. All that day I felt as if someone were following me, trying to reach my thoughts. Suddenly I said to myself, 'It’s a soldier. He has been killed in battle and wants to communicate.'

Abduction: The Next Generation by John E. Mack

The alien abduction phenomenon can be defined as the experience of being taken by humanoid beings, usually but not always against the person’s will ...

An Hour in Purgatory by Albert Pauchard

MY dear friend, I heard you say a few moments ago something like: Scoriae.... I know that for my part I have quite a lot to burn and I am prepared for it. But that such a good man like him should have had so many, is almost inconceivable!

Spirit Attachment and Possession by Stafford Betty

A new breed of therapist is healing the mentally ill not with talk and drug therapy, but by releasing troublesome or malevolent spirits—most of them human in a former physical life—who have attached themselves to their victims. I am not talking about religious healers like the Christian “deliverance minister” Francis McNutt, but secular healers, some of them licensed psychiatrists or psychologists, who have discovered, often by accident, that this new therapy works better than what they learned in medical or graduate school.

The Inner Spirit Body by Edward C. Randall

"There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.” Those words have fallen from the lips of priests, over the bodies of the so-called dead, for thousands of years, yet not a single minister who uttered them, nor one among the millions of mourners, who for centuries past heard them, ever formed any rational conception of what they meant and for ages the world has been filled with sorrow."

Ponder on This by H. H. Shantanand Saraswati

“The fear of death haunts the human mind of even the bravest of people. Everybody, whether great or small, learned or ignorant, fears death; but in fact there is no such thing as death. So-called “death” is nothing but a natural corollary of the phenomenon of birth.

Inter-Relationship of the Two Worlds by Carl Wickland

The reality of an invisible world surrounding the physical world is for many difficult to comprehend, since the mind sphere is often limited to the visible and tangible; however, it requires but little thought to realize the constant change of matter as it occurs in three forms, solid, liquid and gaseous, in its range back and forth between the visible and invisible.

The Sources of Sacred Writings by Manly P. Hall

IN spite of human prejudice to the contrary, there is but one religion and one truth, and all the great faiths of the world are parts or fragments of the Ancient Wisdom. The Scriptures of the world are the written records devised both to preserve and at the same time to conceal the secrets of the forty-nine branches of the Eternal Law

A Spiritual Vision: Evidence from the Scriptures

We think of ourselves as living a purely physical life, in these material bodies of ours. In reality, we have gone far indeed from pure physical life; for ages, our life has been psychical, we have been centred and immersed in the psychic nature. The teaching of the East is that the psychical man is the veil and prophecy of the spiritual man. The purpose of life, therefore, is the realising of that prophecy; the unveiling of the immortal man; the birth of the spiritual from that psychical, whereby we enter our divine inheritance and come to inhabit Eternity.

The Distinctive Roles of Science and Religion By D. M. A. Leggett

In the West, relations between science and religion have tended to be uneasy, periods of relatively peaceful coexistence being punctuated by periods of acute tension. Two such times which immediately spring to mind are those associated with Galileo in the early sixteen hundreds and with Charles Darwin half way through last century.

The Law of Complement: You can only receive what you give.

There is an old joke where John (as we shall call him) kneels by his bed every night and prays to God; "Please, God, help me win the lottery and make me rich." John prays with all his heart night after night, year after year and nothing happens but his faith is not dimmed and he carries on. One night while praying a light fills the room and a voice whispers, "John, John, get up." John is ecstatic and cries out "is that you God, have you come to help me win the lottery?" The voice whispers, "John, meet me half-way, buy a ticket!"

Recollections of an old Soldier: A seaman’s Near-death experience

It is late autumn, 1762… While I was on board that vessel, it appears to me that I died

The Law of Complement and Meditation by Stewart Edward White

THE first great laws in human functioning we have dealt with as The Law of Overflow and The Law of the Positive Ingredient. They are interdependent. We found that we obtained the dynamics of our forward evolution from the Positive Ingredient, whose great reservoir is the Invisible World, and that it is perfectly possible to make conscious contact with that reservoir. But now we encounter a third great law, and this we may call The Law of Complement. It, too, can be simply stated. 'HELP CAN COME TO US FROM THE INVISIBLE, BUT ONLY IN COMPLEMENT TO OUR OWN EFFORT

Atlantis: Fact not Legend by George Moss

Evidence both old and new, endorses the clear message that Atlantis was and is our mother culture; whose influence continues today and adds much to the shaping of Earth’s future. The evidence for this is overwhelming.

Out Yonder, Timelessness: The Seventh Plane by Geraldine Cummins

The Seventh state might be described as the "passage from form into formlessness." But pray do not misunderstand the term "formlessness." I merely wish to indicate by it an existence that has no need to express itself in a shape, however tenuous, however fine. The soul who enters that Seventh state passes into the Beyond and becomes one with God.

Life After Death – The Communicator by Paul Beard

If the telephone rings, naturally the caller is expected to identify himself. In post-mortem communication, necessitating something far more complex than a telephone, it is not enough to seek the speakers identity. One needs to estimate also as far as is possible his present status and stature. This involves a number of factors, overlapping and hard to keep separate, each bringing its own kind of difficulty. Four such factors can readily be named.

A Brief History of Ghost Investigating by Steven T. Parsons

Ghosts and apparitions have haunted man since the very beginning of recorded time. There are many references to ghosts in Mesopotamia. The religions of Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, and other early states considered that ghosts were created at the time of death, taking on the memory and personality of the dead person. There was also widespread belief in ghosts in ancient Egyptian culture in the sense of a continued existence of the soul and spirit after death, with the ability to assist or harm the living, and also the possibility of a second death.

The Illusion of the Summerland by Paul Beard

Living on earth is bound up with a great deal of illusion, of Maya. William Blake puts it forcibly: “Do what you will, this life's a fiction and is made up of contradiction.” As we have seen, such a state of affairs by no means disappears at death. Since humans bring many of their former illusions with them, their insight into the events which now present themselves must be expected also to be tangled up with their limitations. Nevertheless, we are able on earth, even when prey to a good deal of such illusion, to achieve a degree of spiritual growth. After death, as we shall see in later chapters, the situation is similar.

The Coming of the Teacher by Paul Beard

NOT SURPRISINGLY, the first reaction of most people towards a discarnate teacher is that they have no need of him. They prefer to manage their life for themselves. What then has such a teacher to offer which cannot be obtained from earthly teachers or learned direct from life? The first answer to such an over-broad question is: 'Nothing'. In essence the whole task of such a teacher is to be true towards the wisdom of the ages and towards the processes which life itself brings about.

The Afterlife According to the Islamic Tradition

Everyone is scared of dying and rightly so. The uncertainty of what lies beyond is frightening. It may be that of all religions, Islam, provides the most graphic details of what comes after death and lies beyond. Islam views death to be a natural threshold to the next stage of existence.


Who built the first pyramids and when?—and to fulfil what purpose? These are basic questions of prime importance that should ideally have been addressed years ago; but sadly, there has been far too much conjecture and little in the way of constructive thought. There have been reasons for the latter; relating largely to a strictly materialist attitude, to adverse political agenda and to the inherent dependencies that govern project funding.

The divinity of the Christ

Many there are among you who do not find it in them to accept the Christ as God. Now, there is much light talk of this matter on both sides of the Veil. For not with you on earth alone but also here we have to seek in order to know, and miracles of revelation are not thrust upon us, nor is our own freedom of reasoning constrained by any higher power than our own.

Churches in Hell

In this chapter, one of the main communicators known as the "officer" talks about after physically dying, he finds himself in the illusory vibrational state we call hell, or the lower astral plane. This communication came via J.S.M. Ward in 1914 at the beginning of World War I. Here, the Officer and his accomplice come across a church, where they strike up a conversation with a deceased vicar.

Communicators in the afterlife explain how they help the living and the “dead.”

In our life in the Summerland we endeavour to help both those who come over to us and also their friends still on earth. Indeed, the two phases of service are inseparable, for those who pass over here are often much distressed, and so unable to progress until they know that those they have left behind are being helped from this side. So we often make excursions to the earth plane for this reason.

Communicators from the afterlife explain the spheres of existence to Rev. George Vale Owen

In volume 1 of "Life Beyond the Veil," and being named Astriel communicating from the afterlife explains about the spheres people who have physically died find themselves in.

NDE Network interviews Ineke Koedam about her book “In the Light of Death”

Ineke Koedam studied at the University of Humanistic Studies and is a former hospice coordinator. Since 2003 she has her own practice for death and bereavement. From 2009 till 2011 she carried out Peter Fenwicks (UK) research on end-of-life experiences. Ineke speaks and writes about death, dying and organ donation. She is author of a.o. In the light of Death, experiences on the Threshold between life and death.

The Enigma of Oil by George Moss

Oil: Is it a blessing or is it a threat, or maybe even malediction—a curse? Possibly all three views are relevant. Eyebrows were raised while fuel prices at the pump and revenues peaked, and discontent continues still as barrel price of crude oil finally drops with talk of rig workers being laid off. We just don’t seem to be able to get it quite right!

Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I: Raymond by Michael Tymn

Second Lieutenant Raymond Lodge, attached to the South Lancashire Regiment of the Regular British Army, was killed near Ypres, Belgium on September 14, 1915 when struck by a shell fragment in the attack on Hooge Hill. The 26-year-old officer was the youngest of six sons born to Sir Oliver Lodge and Lady Mary Lodge. He had been educated at Birmingham University in mechanical engineering and had plans to become a partner with two older brothers in an engineering firm serving the government. Soon after his death, Raymond began communicating with his parents.

REINCARNATION: Ten Things That Suggest Past Life Existence by George Moss

In any serious discussion of the subject of ‘past lives’, the acceptable evidence is clearly a first priority. So here is presented a list of major evidential sources. But what exactly is meant by ‘evidence’?

Spirit Suggestion: How much are we influenced from the Afterlife?

Have spirit-people any influence on our daily thought and action? If so, to what extent and by what process?

Religion in the Afterlife transmitted via Emily French

“What of the religious movement among your people?” I asked. “In the lowest of the spheres, that is, in the earth-bound spheres sectarian strife and religious movement are just as strenuous among the people as they were before these persons left the physical body. That state of transition is but little removed from the physical, for, while the majority there know they have left the body, others have such an imperfect appreciation of the change, or have led such immoral lives that they are not conscious of the fact.

The French Revelation by N. Riley Heagerty

“Back in the past centuries, when the world of spirit had not its present development, there was little original inventive thought. Man built a shelter, killed his food, and fought his enemies, as any animal does. As the spirit-world progressed, and became more intelligent; as it obtained greater understanding, and grasped, with greater power, the life forces, or, in other words, more power of thought, and more ability to help mortal development, then, by reason of spirit-suggestion, acting through man’s sub-conscious mind, he began to feel an awakening for something better, and the process of civilization began.”

You Can Speak With Your Dead by Shaw Desmond

Of all proofs of survival, what is called the "Direct Voice" is the most compelling.

Maurice Barbanell & Silver Birch.

Veteran British lecturer, journalist, and author in the field of Spiritualism. He served as editor of the Psychic News and The Two Worlds for over three decades.

Death on the Battlefield by Lord Dowding

AS A CONTRAST to the somewhat sterile attempt to prove the facts of Survival and Communication by argument, I should like you to read the following messages which have all come from men killed in action during the present war. They came to Mrs. Gascoigne and her daughter through the agency of the late Colonel Gascoigne who is organising the first spiritual contacts with those who die in battle. Colonel Gascoigne was with the force attempting to relieve Khartoum when it fell, and he was also associated with Cecil Rhodes in the early days of Rhodesia.

Dying During Battle.

Mother, I have found out another thing from this point of view. There is little or no fear of death among men who go into battle. The soul seems to remember, suddenly, that it may be about to repeat an interesting experience. The physical side of the soldier is dominated by the spiritual and carried on with a kind of thrilling joy.

The Reason for Suffering by Silver Birch

“We point to a law that is a law,” he declares, “a law that has always operated, a law that will always operate because the Eternal Mind is responsible for its being.

The Divine Plan by Silver Birch

YOU do not see the results of a plan because you look at these things with the eyes of matter. You judge progress in relation to your own short span of life, but we see progress because we look at things from another plane. We see the spread of knowledge, a greater understanding of spiritual things, a rise of tolerance, an increase of goodwill, a breaking down of barriers of ignorance and superstition and fear and spiritual slavery. It is not as if there were to be a sudden revolution. That could never happen, because all spiritual growth must be slow and progressive.

Deceased Art Dealer killed on RMS Lusitania during WWI Communicates From the Afterlife

Lane, 39 at the time of his death, was an art connoisseur and director of the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. He was transporting lead containers with paintings of Monet, Rembrandt, Rubens, and Titian, which were insured for $4 million and were to be displayed at the National Gallery. It was reported by survivors that Lane was seen on deck looking out to Ireland before going down to the dining saloon just before the torpedoes struck.

What Happens After you Die? by Maurice Barbanell and Silver Birch

Clairvoyants who have witnessed the "death" of an individual tell us that they see a replica of the physical body gradually rise, connected for a while by a thread (it is what the Bible describes as the "silver cord") which is attached to a vicinity near the brain. When the thread is snapped, "death" takes place. This etheric body is then seen to rise upwards until it disappears from view.

The Problem of Higher Dimensions by P. D. Ouspensky

If we ourselves enter the world of plane beings, then its inhabitants will sense the lines limiting the sections of our bodies. These sections will be for them living beings; they will not know from whence they appear, why they alter, or whither they disappear in such a miraculous manner. So also, the sections of all our inanimate but moving objects will seem independent living beings.

Jung Revisited by Brian Inglis

In a lecture given in 1977 John Beloff recalled that although when he read Jung's Synchronicity he had been intrigued, regarding it as 'one of the more extravagant products of Jung's fertile imagination', he had not expected it to catch on. Events had proved him wrong; 'fourteen years later, although it could not be said to occupy a paramount place in contemporary parapsychological speculation, it has become a firm fixture.'

“Dying” by Stafford betty

What is dying like from the point of view of our spirit friends? And what immediately follows dying? One of the richest descriptions of the afterlife was transmitted from the mother of an Anglican minister, Rev. Vale Owen, in 1917. Owen’s mother had died eight years earlier. The book, The Life Beyond the Veil, was first published in 1920. In it is a moving description of a passing that vividly suggests the difference in attitude between typical earth-side views of death and the spirits’. Bear in mind that the speaker is the Rev. Owen’s deceased mother. Here is the full account.

Love, Marriage and Sex by Andrew Glazewski

If I love somebody I am trying to be one with them. With him, with her, with this or that, and the more I can unify myself with the object, the better I comprehend the object. If I unify myself with this chair down to the last atom, I shall have all knowledge of this chair, and I will know exactly everything about this chair: where the wood comes from, how it grew, who cut it down, who made it out of the timber, who supplied it and so on. The whole knowledge of it will come to me. I will fit into the field of the tree and therefore the whole history of the tree will be perfectly understandable to me. Now that is what we have to be. We have to draw light into the Earth.

President Roosevelt’s secretary communicates from the afterlife

The scripts so far considered in this book were either ostensibly from persons in the remote past, evidence for whose historical existence could not be forthcoming, or from persons who, though Geraldine had not known them personally, had made names for themselves in one way or another, so that she might have gained knowledge about them through reading or hearing about them, before forgetting that she had done so. It is less easy to disparage or explain away the two sequences with which the present chapter deals, since, when the first contacts were made, she had never heard of either person.

Rescue Circles by Lord Dowding

During the first half of the 20th century, Lord Dowding (the head of RAF fighter command during the Battle of Britain) was an avid psychical researcher, and he regularly sat with mediums all over the United Kingdom, in order to try and understand what happens after we physically die. The account below is from a sitting with a Rescue Circle he participated in, where the aim of the circle/group was to help deceased earthbound spirits understand their predicament, so that they might improve their situation. The communicator identified himself as Leopold Phibs.

Letter 17: The Second Wife Over There by Elsa Barker

This is a great place in which to grow, if one really wants to grow; though few persons take advantage of its possibilities. Most are content to assimilate the experiences they had on earth. It would be depressing to one who did not realise that will is free, to see how souls let slip their opportunities here, even as they did on the moon-guarded planet.

LETTER 26: “Circles in the Sand” by Judge Patterson Hatch via Elsa Barker

I am just beginning to enjoy the romance of life out here. I must always have had the romantic temperament; but only since changing my place have I had time and opportunity to give rein to it. On earth there was always too much to be done, too many duties, too many demands on me. Here I am free. You have no idea of the meaning of freedom unless you can remember when you were out here last, and I doubt if you can remember that yet.

“Insanity’ By F. W. H. Myers via Geraldine Cummins

A deceased entity claiming to be F.W.H. Myers explains what happens after we physically die. Here he talks about insanity, depression, and dementia.

Leonora Piper: Confusion & Mixed Opinions

By the time Leonora Piper completed her English sittings in February 1890, fraud had been completely ruled out by all who had closely observed her a number of times, and it was clear to them that there was something supernormal going on.

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

The systematic study of NDEs began in the 1970s. Psychiatrists Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Raymond Moody, Jr., and Dr. George Ritchie brought near-death experiences to public attention. Other studies by Dr. Michael Sabom and Dr. Sarah Kreutziger (1976), Dr. Karlis Osis and Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson (1977), Dr. Kenneth Ring (1980 and 1984), Dr. Michael Sabom MD (1980), Dr. Bruce Greyson MD (1980, 1989), P. M. H. Atwater (1988) and Dr. Melvin Morse (1990) extended the early findings.

“The Prison of the Senses” by Frederic Myers via Geraldine Cummins

Your present surroundings are, in a sense, your creation, in that you are mentally so unemancipated, your nerves and senses convey to you your perception of life. If you were capable of focusing your ego or daily consciousness within your deeper mind, if in short you trained yourself to pass into a thought compound from which form, as the senses convey it, were absent, the material world would vanish.

Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview

I thought “Crossroads” was going to just be another materialism versus Spirituality documentary but it's much more than that. It includes an array of regulars including Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, Ervin Lazlo, Dean Radin, Neale Donald Walsch, and many more. There's lots of nteresting stuff and it's very stylishly done.—Well worth watching.

Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials?

A prestigious Harvard psychiatrist, John Edward Mack, thought so. His sudden death leaves behind many mysteries.

We Are Vibrational Beings: A Documentary

An interesting documentary about consciousness and the spiritual reality that is being scientifically discovered by some pioneering researchers such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Gary Schwartz Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Claude Swanson, and others. Well worth watching.

“Admissions” is a nice little movie with a big theme: Forgiveness

Admissions is a nice little movie with a big theme: Forgiveness. Academy Award nominee James Cromwell plays an enlightened clerk who works in the admissions room for the afterlife. He is called on to guide an Israeli couple (Anna Khaja and Anthony Batarse), and a Palestinian (Oren Dayan), who go through admissions together because they have suffered similar tragic endings. As the details of their deaths and how their fates are intertwined become clear, the clerk attempts to teach them the wisdom required to find everlasting peace.

Survival of Death by Jan Ehrenwald

THE QUESTION of survival after death could conceivably be made more specific: "Survival of what? Of personal identity? Of consciousness? Of an immortal soul?" Left ambiguous as it is, the notion of survival after death is a dogma to the religious believer, a pious wish to the skeptic, and a matter of ongoing controversy among parapsychologists.

Black Elk’s out-of–body-experience

“After awhile I began to feel very queer. First, my legs seemed to be full of ants. I was dancing with my eyes closed, as the others did. Suddenly it seemed that I was swinging off the ground and not touching it any longer. The queer feeling came up from my legs and was in my heart now. It seemed I would glide forward like a swing, and then glide back again in longer and longer swoops. There was no fear with this, just a growing happiness.

Pre-Existence, Reincarnation and Karma by Raynor C. Johnson

It is probably true to say that a number of my readers have already reacted to the title of this chapter with some measure of emotional interest or aversion. Some people seem curiously and almost instinctively interested in these topics, others, frequently religious-minded people, feel antagonistic, as though some strange pagan faith was subtly menacing their cherished beliefs.

“Science Set Free” by Rupert Sheldrake

I’ve always liked Rupert Shedrake’s lectures and this Science Set Free lecture is no exception. Here he talks about the 10 scientific dogmas.

Christmas and New Year in the Afterlife

I wonder if I can make you understand? The love of Christ is always present in the world, because there are always hearts that keep it alight. If the idea of Christ as a redeemer should ever grow faint in the world, He would probably go back there and relight the flame in human hearts; but whatever the writers of statistics may say, that idea was never more real than at present. It may have been more talked about.

A documentary about the physical medium, Helen Duncan

A documentary about the physical medium, Helen Duncan; one of the last people in the UK to be convicted under the Witchcraft Act.

The Celestial Hierarchy by Judge Patterson-Hatch via Elsa Barker

I am about to say something which may shock certain persons; but those who are too fond of their own ideas, without being willing to grant others their ideas in turn, should not seek to open the jealously guarded doors which separate the land of the so-called living from the land of the certainly not dead. This is the statement which I have to make: that there are many gods, and that the One God is the sum total of all of them.

Natural and Supernatural: The New Testament

The Christian Church had grown from shamanist roots; and as described by the gospel writers, Jesus is the most accomplished diviner-magician of them all. His destiny has been marked out for him in Joseph's precognitive dream even before he was born; his birth is heralded by many signs and wonders, notably the star in the east which the Magi - themselves shamans - correctly interpret; and his baptism represents a recognition of his vocation, prompting him to undergo the traditional apprenticeship of self-denial - forty days and forty nights in the wilderness wrestling with the temptations of the flesh for fear that they would impede his spiritual development.

The Nature of a Possible Afterlife Professor David Fontana

How important is it to know something of what may happen to us should we survive physical death?

Frederic W. H. Myers: 1843-1901

A LEADING mind in psychical research, founder of a cosmic philosophy which may yet revolutionise scientific thought, a profound scholar, a poet of distinction and a brilliant psychologist. For thirty years he filled the post of an inspector of schools at Cambridge. Here his resolve to pursue psychical investigation was born in 1869 after a starlight walk and talk with Henry Sidgwick.

Gladys Osborne Leonard: 1882-1968

CELEBRATED TRANCE medium, Hereward Carrington designates her as the British Mrs. Piper. She saw visions as a child.

The Certainty of Survival of Death

Even for the most fortunate of men, if we perish when the body dies, then the things we have most valued when alive, the love we have known and given, the beauty at whose shrine we have worshipped, the sacrifices which others have made for us, these things must bring to us our saddest thoughts. I take it therefore that there is no more urgent question we can ask than this: `Do I survive death in the fullness of my powers?' I think we have a right to expect an answer satisfying alike to our thinking and feeling.

Jung Revisited

In a lecture given in 1977 John Beloff recalled that although when he read Jung's Synchronicity he had been intrigued, regarding it as 'one of the more extravagant products of Jung's fertile imagination', he had not expected it to catch on.

Paranormal Beliefs and Practices in Tribal Communities

The evidence about the supernatural in tribal communities has to be treated with particular caution, for two reasons. One is that although, in its historical perspective, it is the earliest available to us, most of it has been collected in the past hundred years; tribal customs have therefore often been affected directly or indirectly by contact with civilisation.

An Afterlife Meeting in the Super Human World

The Other World is a vision of the afterlife transmitted from Albert Pauchard, shortly after he passed away in 1934. Pauchard was the president of the Geneva Society for Psychic Studies and it seems his passion for psychical research continued after his death. In the vein of Elsa Barker’s Letters From a Living Dead Man and Wellesley Tudor Pole’s Private Dowding, Pauchard relays his experiences in the manner of a travel writer reporting back from some far-flung land. Here he describes his experience in the 'Super Human world' where he meets a divine green entity.

The Near Death Experience: Evidence of an Afterlife

An interesting interview with Dutch Cardiologist, Pim Van Lommel about his research into Near Death Experiences. Van Lommel’s research has been published in the Lancet and he is one of the many credible scientists and physicians whose work has led them to the conclusion that consciousness is primary and not a product of the brain.

Writer, Medium, Suffragette, Spy? The Unseen Adventures of Geraldine Cummins by Wendy E. Cousins

On 7th November, 1941, at the American Legation in Phoenix Park, Dublin, a most unusual reunion took place. Only Cummins and Gray were present and at that meeting, via automatic writing, Geraldine transmitted messages purporting to come from President Roosevelt’s late mother, who had died a few months earlier, from former President Theodore Roosevelt and also from Arthur Balfour, former British Prime Minister and yet another SPR past President

Daniel Dunglas Home: 1833-1886

THE GREATEST physical medium in the history of modern spiritualism. There was a certain mystery about his parentage. According to his own footnote in Incidents of My Life his father was a natural son of Alexander, the tenth Earl of Home. Through his mother he was descended from a Scottish Highland family in which the traditional gift of second sight had been preserved. He was a sensitive, delicate child of a highly nervous temperament and of such weak health that he was not expected to live. Adopted by Mrs. McNeill Cook, a childless aunt, he passed his infancy at Portobello, Scotland, his youth in America in Greeneville, Corm., and Troy, N.Y. It was noticed that he had keen powers of observation and a prodigious memory. He saw his first vision at the age of 13. His schoolfellow, Edwin, died in Greeneville and appeared to him in a bright cloud at night in Troy, thus keeping a childish promise with which they had bound themselves that he who should die first should appear to the other. The second vision came four years later. It announced the death of his mother to the hour.

Question 3: You Should Get The Most Out Of Everything You Do vs. The Value of Just Playing Around.

Super Joy Thinking: Playing around is not something we do as a reward for "really hard work." Non-competitive, time-wasting fun activities engaged in without full involvement are healthy in themselves. The hang-gliding husband I met on the beach echoed one of the most frequent ideas of a modern society that blocks our super joy.

1: People Should Work And Play To Their Full Potential vs. How To Live Beneath Your “Potential

Super Joy Thinking: There is no such thing as "human potential." When we pressure ourselves to do all that we should be able to do, we fail to fully experience and enjoy what we are doing. The mother and father had waited for what seemed like hours to see the teacher of their kindergarten daughter. As they nervously took their seats, the teacher uttered the words the young parents had feared most on this parent/teacher conference night. "I'm afraid Molly is not working up to her potential," said the teacher as he turned to the parents with a stack of what were in his opinion Molly's below-potential work samples to support his evaluation.

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“Children and the Light” by Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick – ALF Rose had this experience many years ago when he was ill with pneumonia as a young child of four or five. Suddenly I was out of my body and floating near the top of the window in my bedroom. I could see myself in bed and my mother kneeling at the side of the bed. She was crying and looked very distressed. I gazed at this scene for a little while and remember that I didn't feel any emotion at all and was completely indifferent to what I saw. Without any warning at all I was travelling very swiftly through a dense forest. Read here
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