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From Skepticism to Conviction of a Spirit World

Posted on 04 December 2023, 9:30

At the time her husband, Theodore, died on December 23, 1895, May Wright Sewall, a leader in the suffrage movement, considered herself, as well as her husband, “Radical” Unitarians. “We desire immortality as most happy people do; we believed in it much as we believed in the indestructibility of matter; but we felt no certainty of the survival of the separate individual entity,” she explained in the first chapter of her 1920 book, Neither Dead Nor Sleeping, the introduction of which was written by the famous American author Booth Tarkington (see prior blog).


When, following Theodore’s death, two friends suggested that May visit a medium, she was shocked. “It seemed to me grossly to violate both reason and delicacy,” she wrote, adding that “nothing could induce me to seek to reestablish communication with [Theodore] by such means.”  In fact, the idea repelled her. When one of the friends said she had seen her deceased husband walking by her side, Sewall concluded that the woman was either self-duped or the victim of clever impostors. 

Sewall’s attitude would begin to change on August 10, 1897 when she was a speaker on women’s suffrage at the Lily Dale Assembly Grounds outside the village of Cassadaga, New York. An 1872 graduate of Northwestern University with a master’s degree, Sewall and her husband, both educators, had founded the Classical School for Girls in Indianapolis, and in 1888 she became chairman of the Executive Committee of the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA). She also served as president of the International Council of Women and was appointed by President William McKinley to represent the women of the United States at a series of congresses in Paris, France. 

It wasn’t until she arrived at Lily Dale that she realized that it was a “spiritualist camp.” When “Mrs. B.” another officer of the NAWSA, offered to introduce her to some “famous mediums,” she was further shocked. “I told her that I did not wish to meet any ‘medium’  however ‘famous’; that to me the word was offensive, being synonymous in my opinion with the words, deceiver, pretender, charlatan and ignoramus.” Until then she considered Mrs. B. a very intelligent and competent suffrage worker, but she now had doubts about her.

At some point in her four-day stay at Lily Dale, Sewall was persuaded to sit with a slate-writing medium and was astounded when she received “perfectly coherent, intelligent and characteristic replies” to questions she put to communicating spirits. That led to sittings with a trance medium, a trumpet medium, and variously developed psychics. She heard from her husband, father, mother, half-sister, aunt, two sisters-in-law, a great-grandfather, and a niece, all of whom “had identified themselves unmistakably and indisputably.”  Speaking through the trumpet, her husband told her that he worked hard to bring her to the camp and to impress her to sit with the mediums.  Sewall noted that she kept copious notes of her Lily Dale sittings, filling 70 folios.

“I knew as clearly as I know after twenty-two years of constant study and experimentation that I had, so to speak, acquired actual knowledge, if not of immortality, at least of survival of death,” she wrote of those initial sittings. “I had learned that the last enemy is destroyed, in that he can destroy neither being nor identity, nor continuity of relationship.” 

Sewall invited the trumpet (direct or independent voice, not trance voice) medium to her home on October 31, 1897 and she again heard from different relatives who called her by the various “pet” names which they had been accustomed to use in life.  The voices coming through the trumpet were characteristic of their voices in life, as was their laughter.

Among her visitors was an aunt who had died many years before her birth, but whose name was given to her.  “For convenience I had dropped my second name and when a sweet voice said, ‘I am your Aunt Eliza, and your name is really May Eliza Wright Sewall,’ I was startled,” Sewall further recorded. “My aunt did not chide me for having dropped her name, but seemed amused at my embarrassment over her knowledge of it. She proved a very intelligent, entertaining visitor, as did a strange clerical gentleman whom my husband presented as his paternal grandfather.”

Sitting with another direct-voice medium in Buffalo, New York the following May, Sewall heard from a different aunt, her Aunt Lyddy, Mrs. Joseph Warren Brackett.  “The ‘forces’ seemed uncommonly strong,” Sewall recorded the experience. “I not only had visits with my own dearest friends, on that plane, but with several others who explained their coming on the ground that ‘they were passing by, and seeing opportunity, used it.’ Among these was an aunt who had passed on when I was a young lady, who possessed a striking and quite original personality, and a clergyman who had been my tutor in Latin. I welcomed these most unexpected visitors, recognizing their voices and personalities as distinctly as I ever could have done in life; but was surprised by their entrance into my circle.” 

Much to Unlearn

Sewall identified the former Latin tutor as Dr. Alexander, whom she had not heard from since her nineteenth year. He went on to became president of Beloit College and then died a few years later. “He seemed eager to talk with me, and pressed much into a few sentences,” Sewall wrote. “He expressed great joy in being able to tell of the indescribable interest of life on his plane – where he said that he had found much to unlearn, had awakened to known that on earth he had taught many errors; that his former conception fell far below his present realization of God’s goodness – and on retiring he said he would add a test of his identity, that his wife was with him but that their son (an infant in my girlhood and of whom I had since never heard) was still in earth life, facts subsequently verified.” 

Theodore frequently communicated and told May that he often reads with her when she is reading something that interests him. When she asked him if he could read her thoughts, he responded that he is not yet strong enough to do so, but he could usually understand her articulate speech.

Sewall’s mother communicated that one of the greatest griefs there is in trying to awaken friends here to their presence and find them quite inaccessible.  Such was the case with Dr. P. B. Wright, her son (May’s brother), whom she said is not yet ready to accept such communication. “Your temperaments are so very different,” the mother said. “You must both work out conditions you were born under. The planetary influences make it impossible for him to accept what you can until he has worked out certain conditions.” 

On June 17, 1898, Sewall visited a Chicago medium recommended by a Chicago physician. “I had a long audible conversation with my husband by independent voice, and shorter similar ones with my sister and the little niece who had sent me the flowers, Annie Brackett.”  Sewall asked her husband if such conversations with him were preventing him from advancing in the spirit world. “That is a mistake,” Theodore responded. “Taking your earth burdens is so far as I can turns them into joys for me. You do not thus retard my progression, you help it.”  He added that he continues to grow spiritually while helping her.

When May asked about Christ, Theordore replied: “Oh! We are all taught that Christ is the transcendent human being above any other spirit ever humanly incarnated in goodness and purity. The laws of nature are perfect and sure.  They are never broken. Do you understand – never broken.  And all things are under law.” 

While attending a convention advancing women’s rights in London during July, Sewall met with William T. Stead, the renowned English author and editor who was also an automatic-writing medium.  “Mentally I proposed a series of questions,” Sewall wrote. “At the end of each, Mr. Stead’s hand began to move rapidly and as if without his guidance over the paper, and to each was given an intelligent reply… There [were] references to incidents in the past that could have been known only to Mr. Sewall and myself, and there are statements made, my husband said, as ‘tests’ by which I could judge of their validity as time should pass. All this occurred while we were sitting on the balcony, in the open air and in broad daylight.”  Stead referred her to ‘Mrs. B.” (clearly not the same Mrs. B. from Lily Dale)

When Sewall arrived at the home of Mrs. B., the air was charged with electricity from a thunderstorm. Mrs. B. informed her that such electrical conditions interfere with reception from the spirit world Mrs. B. was able to enter the trance state but due to the weather conditions was unable to maintain it.  Arrangements were made for the following Friday.  Mrs. B. told her that she would try to have “Vigo,” her spirit “control” get in touch with her (Sewall’s) spirit friends before then. 

Taking Possession

When Sewall and Mrs. B. met again at Mrs. B.’s apartment, they sat under soft twilight. Sewall observed a slight shudder by Mrs. B. before she passed into the trance state. “Instantly through Mrs. B.’s lips, not her voice, but that of her chief ‘control,’ with whose tone and accents I had become familiar on my first visit, addressed me,” she reported. “She told me that during the week she had met my husband, and it had been arranged that today he should try to take possession of the medium’s organism and talk with me independently of any aid. She added that as he had never before done this, the effort would probably be made with some difficulty, and it might be some minutes before he would be able to ‘use this organism comfortably.’ Vigo added: ‘Our medium may experience convulsions as this personality, your husband, takes possession of her organism for the first time; if this should happen, do not be alarmed; it is all in accordance with law.’” 

Sewall observed a slight shudder passing through Mrs. B.’s body as Vigo departed and heard her leave. “For an instant, Mrs. B.’s frame became convulsed – a moment of rigidity being followed by contortions; presently relative serenity returned, and as a rapturous smile overspread the features of the medium, my husband’s own voice – low, gentle, but eager and firm, entirely natural and unmistakable, addressed me.  His voice – not Mrs. B.’s voice, not Vigo’s, but his, filled with emotion; his whole manner betrayed excitement. He spoke eagerly, telling me what pleasure he had in this manifestation. He said that as it was his first experience of using another person’s physical organism, he found it difficult, but thought it a ‘satisfactory way to effect a return.’ I was so surprised and awed that I found it difficult at first to act on my husband’s invitation to ask questions. Naturally, however, when I had adjusted myself to the situation, I asked him to explain this manner of manifestation. I quote his exact reply, written down at the time:

Why all there is about it is this: The medium has retired from her body and has loaned her organism to me that I may talk with you all alone without the intervention of a third person; I never have had such an opportunity before, but I am getting used to it and shall get on very well. I am told that I shall not be able to remain long the first time, and I feel this is true, so we must talk as fast as possible and about the things that most immediately concern you.

Theodore told May that he is almost always with her “except when you are with me.” May asked for clarification and Theodore explained that when she is asleep her soul is brought to his plane and has many experiences. May lamented the fact that she could not remember her out-of-body experience while sleeping. “You now are conscious of your soul’s experiences while these are in progress and you now retain them; but you are not yet able to impart them to your mind and your body, i.e., to become mentally and physically conscious of them, so to speak. As body and mind both have many experiences which are unshared by either your real self or by your soul, although through them your real self gets more effective instruments – so the soul has many experiences that in their nature can not be shared by the mind and body, although the value or net produce of such experiences may be and often is communicated to the body and to the mind; to each in just the degree that each is able to appropriate such product.”

Listed as one of 100 women “trailblazers” by Encyclopedia Britannica, Sewall apparently caused quite a stir throughout the country and in Europe with the publication of her 1920 book. (More about her experiences in the next blog)

Michael Tymn is the author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die, Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife, and Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I.
His latest book, No One Really Dies: 25 Reasons to Believe in an Afterlife is published by White Crow books.

Next blog:  December 4  



I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but a good friend recommends a new movie: “Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose.”  As many of you know, Fodor was a renowned psychical researcher, and this movie is apparently based on a true story.

Michael Tymn, Mon 11 Dec, 20:52


The hatred seems overwhelming at times. I heard once that spirit entities regard Earth as the insane asylum of the solar system.  I seems so today.

If Earth is the insane asylum of the solar system, U.S. cities are the violent ward.

Rick Darby, Sat 9 Dec, 04:45


Thank you for always providing such very interesting, detailed and educating true accounts of this type. It is greatly appreciated.

I wish there was more access to serious and sincere groups, societies, etc. with genuine mediums that could offer opportunities for people to have personal experiences.

It is truly an amazing when one does have them.

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Limoges, Fri 8 Dec, 04:16

As Dr. Jon Klimo put it when I interviewed him about 18 years ago, there is a gradual “awakening” of consciousness taking place, one influenced by both positive and negative forces.  He called it a “war on the inner planes.” The ability to accept the positive and reject the negative, thereby awakening to one’s God consciousness, is an individual thing and is part of the challenge we face in our struggle to regain true consciousness, something we somehow lost in what is symbolically depicted for us in the Garden of Eden story and which is called original sin. Right now, it looks like the negative forces are winning, but the adversity provides us with greater opportunities to learn and advance.

Michael Tymn, Thu 7 Dec, 23:41

I have given some thought to what you say and I agree that the world around us seems to be in pretty bad shape.  Maybe it will take a cataclysmic event or another world war to bring people to a more spiritual outlook.  I think that has happened in the past.

There may be an undercurrent of belief gathering and when the destruction occurs, when the time is ripe, that hidden belief will come to the fore and everything will fall into place as a true ‘new age.’

I see this undercurrent of belief when I watch videos of people who have had a near death experience.  Many of them have been afraid to express their beliefs openly, even to their family, regarding their experience in the spirit world even though they have experienced it first-hand. They often hide their beliefs, sometimes for many years until they find support from other people who have experienced the same encounters in an after-death reality.

I try not to add to that negativity so rampant in the world today.  The hatred seems overwhelming at times. I heard once that spirit entities regard Earth as the insane asylum of the solar system.  I seems so today.

It is also said that, “We are what we think about all day long.”  Although it is difficult for me at times, I try to think positively about things knowing that I won’t see the end of it all but hoping that the evolution of the universal consciousness will continue as planned and that everything, good and evil, has its place in a grand scheme of things.  As Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” I try not to take it all so seriously knowing that I am playing my part, and I will learn from the experience, whatever it may be and after a moment of rest upon the wind, I will take on another role to continue my journey toward the infinite.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 23:07

That’s very kind of you, Amos. I was fortunate to have connected with Michael 12 years ago and I like to think of it as a mutually beneficial relationship.

I’m as curious as you are about the nature of reality and I enjoy reading the erudite discussions. Thanks for being here.

Jon, Wed 6 Dec, 22:23

Reading this morning’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser about this Sunday’s Honolulu Marathon got me to thinking about how the various words used can mislead readers.  The article refers to all of the participants as “runners” and later articles will no doubt refer to them as “marathoners” and even “athletes.”  When I covered the race for the morning paper between 1978 and 2001, I would always say that the participants included runners, joggers, plodders, frolickers, walkers, and strollers. Some brought their lunches to eat while having a picnic at a park near the half-way mark.  The true “runners” amounted to about one percent of the field.  90% were in the frolicker, walker, and stroller category. Fewer than a dozen of the 30,000 participants could be called “athletes.”  I believe it’s much the same in surveys involving spirituality.  Most of those who show interest in the subject are equivalent to the frolickers and strollers.  They take a passing interest in the subject matter, but they barely leave the ground and they eventually lose interest, primarily because they don’t dig deeply enough into the subject to really understand it and their boggle thresholds are too low.

Michael Tymn, Wed 6 Dec, 20:19

One of my comments from yesterday got lost in the ethers. I mentioned that my observations were based primarily on the reactions of family and friends, both in Hawaii and abroad.  They all seem to see the subjects of this blog as demonic or crazy.  I can’t think of more than one friend or relative who said, “maybe there is something to that.” However, I realize that is not a very big sampling.  But I also look at the world situation and see that materialism has seemingly become even stronger in recent years. It is difficult to measure it, but the insane world situation speaks for itself.

Also, as mentioned, the mainstream media gives absolutely no indication of any change. Friends on the Mainland have suggestd that Hawaii is the “hotbed” of spiritual activity, but I haven’t found it.  Like Don, except for one, my few experiences here in attempting to find a good medium or psychic have been negative.

The fact that the internet has many more spiritual outlets than it did 10 years ago does not, to me, indicate a “significant’ change in the spiritual outlook. Again, the current world situation argues against it. I hope I am wrong.

Michael Tymn, Wed 6 Dec, 19:16

Sometimes we fail to recognize those things that are standing right in front of us, staring us in the face and making our lives more enjoyable.  How could I have failed to acknowledge White Crow Books and Jon Beecher. If it weren’t for Jon Beecher, who knows if Michael’s books would have gotten a publisher.  If it were not for Jon Beecher, many of the out-of-print classic books would not have been made available to new audiences and some books with esoteric subjects would not have been published.  I think we can all thank Jon Beecher for moderating Michael’s blog, making sure that everything runs smoothly, and our voices get heard.  Thank you, Jon, for spreading the good word.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 17:52

Wow!  What an oversight!  I forgot to list your site; Michael, as vital in providing information for more than ten years, probably longer than any of the others. You have provided an education for me.  Please forgive me! - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 14:38

I understand your thrill of finding something in a bookstore.  Recently I have found on the internet an original copy of Stanley Braithwaite’s “Anthology of American Poetry 1917”.  Nobody else cares about it but that was the listing of good poetry in 1917 that listed 5 of Patience Worth’s poems while other well-known poets only had one or two listed.  I also found a copy of the Saturday Evening Post of 1922 that had Pearl Curran’s short story “Rosa Alvaro Entrante”.  It is exciting to be able to have these original books. You might want to give the internet bookstores a try.  You might be surprised what you can find.  Some of the antique bookstores have interesting treasures.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 14:21

AOD @ 5 Dec, 19:20,

Thanks for mentioning the videos, mostly on YouTube, that examine the evidence for various psychic phenomena. Some are important both to newbies and others who have considerable background in the field, and I’m not sure why I neglected to mention them in my recent comment. Videos produced by Jeffrey Mishlove, Wendy Zammit, Keith Parsons, Susanne Wilson and others are extremely valuable to open and opening minds.

You say Chrome won’t let you post to this site? Presumably you can with other browsers since your comments appear here. Browsers all have their quirks. I mostly use Brave, but it simply will not let me connect with my bank even though I enter the correct username and password. When I switch to Chrome it’s easy peasy.

Rick Darby, Wed 6 Dec, 12:23

Amos, a little addendum to my earlier comment. I agree that so much in the way of books, old and new, is now available on line.  I am especially thankful to White Crow Books for their contribution to this effort.  However, I do lament the fact that book-hunting at used-book stores was once my primary fun activity while traveling.  I especially looked forward to trips to Hay-on-Wye in England, the used-book capital of the world. The fun was taken out of travel when I started finding books on line. I admit that aging has limited my travel.  I can no longer endure the cramped steerage seating on long flight, and every flight from Hawaii is a long flight, and my limited budget does not permit first-class travel.

Michael Tymn, Wed 6 Dec, 02:13

Thanks for the links to Stead’s experiences with telepathy. It is interesting to me that he mentioned the Sidgwick Group as Eleanor Sidgwick proposed telepathy as the way spirits communicated with Leonora Piper. 

As an aside, The Bangs sisters produced a precipitated portrait of Stead which is a surprising likeness of him.

Appreciate and enjoy your Friday website.  Keep up the good work!  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 01:12

You and I must be surfing the same sites.  I think there is a lot of good new stuff on the internet today.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Wed 6 Dec, 00:29

I’m a little more optimistic than Michael about the value of the internet concerning mediumship and other paranormal topics. I can’t speak about social media, having zero presence there, but the information and discussion on standard websites is impressive in quantity and often quality. However diligently one surfs the web there are always new sites to be discovered in the realm of spirit communication.

Granted, some is superficial “new age” babble, but I believe any serious searcher will quickly find more than enough genuinely rewarding material.

Even if you believe most of the best published work took place more than a century ago, a surprising amount of that is available online. For example, the early SPR Proceedings can be read in PDF format (a sample: ).

Encouragingly, there seems to be a high degree of readership hungry for knowledge of postmortem survival. You would never know it from mainstream media, but the sources on the internet suggest that lack of interest by the establishment is far from the whole story.

Rick Darby, Tue 5 Dec, 23:42

Hi Mike -

I enjoyed your post. I can’t get it to accept my reply. But I do want to connect to let you know I appreciate this post.

Fascinating to follow her progress and learn from those with whom she connected on her journey. Looking forward to your next post. The mention of William T. Stead, who died on the Titanic, lead me to further investigate his writing on Spiritualism. I read about him previously, but this time I found a wonderful website with additional background. Thank you!

His writing about telepathy is fascinating.

“The more I experiment with telepathy the more is the conviction driven in upon me that the mind uses the body as a temporary two-legged telephone for purposes of communication at short range with other minds, but that it no more ceases to exist when the body dies than we cease to exist when we ring off the telephone.”

Hope all is well with you.



Wendy, Tue 5 Dec, 20:56

I apparently don’t see things the way you do in Hawaii.  Not only “New Age” bookstores are struggling in my area and the one or two may now be gone, but I think all brick-and-mortar bookstores are having problems as well as local libraries.  It is so easy to get a book, new or used, from Amazon.  Used books are very inexpensive.  And then there are e-books! (Which I never get.)  With two or three clicks I can have a book delivered to my door in just a few days, sometimes in one or two days.  I haven’t been to the local bookstores in years.  Amazon has refined ordering books over the internet to a fine art. 

I have never heard, in my lifetime, of any spiritualist groups in my town of about 115,000, not counting surrounding suburbs and small villages.  I don’t think there have ever been any.  There are no mediums here that I am aware of, at least none that advertise, although I am aware of the possibility of one or two.

I spend a lot of time at the computer and on-line so perhaps I am mislead by the numbers of blog sites and pod casts concerning reincarnation, OBEs and NDEs, mediums and other psychic phenomena that are now available on the internet.    There seems to be a lot of interest in them, and the numbers keep increasing.  I see more and more streaming movies and TV shows dealing with the topics of ghosts, and spirituality.  The exceptional Matt Fraser, psychic medium, conducts weekly computer Zoom readings that attract so many people that they get sold out almost as soon as they are available, and he makes many personal appearances across the country which sell out to large audiences months ahead of the scheduled dates. He has so many requests for personal readings that he no longer does them. 

The JeffMara podcasts provided by Jeff Reynolds have many interviews sometimes every day with people that have had psychic experiences or other strange happenings in their lives and then there are the Jeffrey Mishlove “Thinking Allowed” videos , Keith Parsons’s videos, and Alex Farrari’s “Next Level Soul”.  All of these podcasts provide excellent information concerning parapsychological experiences of many people. Personally, I also like the German shows “Thanatos” by Werner Huemer and “After Life Experiences” presented by Franz Dschulnigg both of which have English translations.

I think that spiritual belief systems are changing and are being absorbed onto the public mass-mind as having some validity and there may not be a need for small support groups of spiritualists any more. A lot of people are saying they are spiritual and not religious.  Personally, I think that is a good thing and the way belief systems are going.  Perhaps it is a natural evolution from religiosity to spirituality.

I don’t argue with Wikipedia anymore.  Most educated people are just ignoring it.  - AOD

Amos Oliver Doyle, Tue 5 Dec, 19:20


Your comments about the present state of spiritual affairs in Hawaii brought back memories…

My one and only experience with a seance-type situation was in Hawaii, back in the 1960’s. My then-wife had a budding interest in this area, and had been directed to a medium at a home in Kahala, just on the other side of Diamond Head. As I recall, nothing of any note occurred at the seance, which was attended by perhaps ten or so people. Looking back, I can only hope that the “non-event” was not the result of any negative vibes coming from my own head, which at the time, held thoughts that were only ambiguous at best…

The may Sewall material is new to me, and quite fascinating—totally in line with Imperator, et al…

Don Porteous, Tue 5 Dec, 13:34


I keep hearing that times are changing and progress is being made, but I’m not so sure. Before social media and the internet, we could get some indication of it by the number of “New Age” book stores and the bulletin boards which posted meetings of various groups and their meeting times.  Here, in Hawaii, we no longer have any such book stores and I am not aware of any groups that meet at homes. Our IANDS group folded some years ago, although they have one on Maui, another island, which is mostly on-line meetings, to my knowledge.

More nationally, we had the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, which had over 1,200 members and an annual conference 15-25 years ago, but the membership dwindled down to about 200 three years ago and the organization now exists on paper only. The internet seems to be to blame for the decline in those areas, but it is difficult to measure what progress has been made on the internet. Why pay an annual membership dues when you can get it all free on the internet?  I believe the Wikipedia mindset really discourages significant progress. I’ve had so many people tell me to check Wikipedia for the truth on certain phenomena.

Thanks also to Stafford and Mike for the comments. I don’t know what the problem is relative to Google Chrome. Thanks also for the links on the prior posts.

Michael Tymn, Tue 5 Dec, 01:16

Her conversion from utter contempt for mediums to a remarkably rich series of highly evidential communications is stunning. Two of my very bright nonbelieving friends will be forwarded this blog. Many thanks for your work here, Michael.

Stafford, Mon 4 Dec, 21:47

Another good blog. I noticed that the blog contains a reference to the effect of thunderstorms and electricity on spirit communications. A hundred years later, in a communication to a modern medium Jane Roberts in the 1970s, a disembodied intelligence, Seth, says the exact same thing. Supports the idea that the such communication is real and universal.
Mike S

Michael Schmicker, Mon 4 Dec, 19:52

Thanks Michael, for the information about May Sewall.  That was all new to me.  I think what she said before she was converted might be the non-believer’s mantra.  “I told her that I did not wish to meet any ‘medium’, however ‘famous’; that to me the word was offensive, being synonymous in my opinion with the words, deceiver, pretender, charlatan and ignoramus.”  I think that is the opinion of the majority of people, especially the religious, at least in the western world today. But perhaps things are slowly changing as more information is easily available on the Web.  I suppose it helps if one actually has a meaningful experience with a good medium.  How can one discount evidence of survival from a direct voice of a loved one, or a medium who provided information only known to the sitter and the spirit entity. Even then I suppose doubt always creeps in to question whether or not some kind of fraud or other means of getting the information was involved.  But I think recognizable voices either by means of a trumpet or by direct voice are difficult to discount.

I am looking forward to more information about Sewall on your next blog.  - AOD

PS: Google Chrome won’t let me post to your site.

Amos Oliver Doyle, Mon 4 Dec, 19:01

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