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Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal   Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal
Brian Allan

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In Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal, researcher Brian Allan in his characteristic matter-of-fact style, presents a fascinating smorgasbord of information relating to paranormal phenomena with the intention of demonstrating, once and for all, that a separate reality really does exist alongside our own that can and does interact with us.

The book contains recent events involving approved séances in the Vatican and a demonic infestation in Seattle, to an apparent Incubus attack in Morecambe, UK, plus some truly alarming occurrences at the ruins of Seafield House in Co. Sligo Ireland.

Allan considers aspects of Gnosticism, magic, the astonishing implications of the Scole Experiment and the results of a scientific appraisal into the unique attributes of paranormal acoustics and kinetics. He also draws comparisons with the findings of quantum physics which reductionist science has no explanation for.

This book could permanently change the way you regard the paranormal: the truth is indeed ‘out there’.

About the author

I have had an abiding interest in paranormal and occult phenomena in all their varied forms for as long as I can remember. Although I have experienced strange and unusual encounters from a very early age, I had initially confined my interest in the subject to a passive role involving studying the subject via books etc, and it is only in the past thirty years or so that I actually became involved in a ‘hands on’ basis. During this period of time I have been privileged to meet some genuinely fascinating and spiritual people and witness at first hand some truly wondrous sights. I have also written and had twelve books published, all dealing with the paranormal in one way or another. I am currently the editor of Phenomena Magazine and a regular speaker on the conference circuit.

~ Brian Allan, 2018

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published January, 2019
248 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-054-7
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