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Road drill love

Posted on 15 February 2011, 10:41

We sat together in her small flat; another pensioner with time on her hands.
Edna was worried by the road drilling outside and I wasnt surprised. She had lived with it daily for the past two weeks; a relentless and nerve-jangling reverberation, making even conversation difficult. It would have driven me to despair and possibly violence.
I dont know how you put up with it, I said, aware Id be glad to get away.
Oh, its not me Im worried about, she replied, with a dismissive wave of her hand. Its the poor man with the drill.
The poor man with the drill? I exclaimed. Whats he got to worry about?
Well, fancy doing that for a job! I only have the racket for a few weeks; he has it every day of his life!
I suppose so, I said, struggling to sound concerned.
But here was love freshly defined: love is putting your self in someone elses shoes - even when they have a drill in their hands.


I like that Simon.

Jon, Wed 16 Feb, 14:56

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