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Has President John F. Kennedy reincarnated, or not?

Posted on 03 November 2017, 12:35

On July 4, 1971 the Gadsden Times based in Gadsden, Alabama, reported a story titled “Has JFK reincarnated?”

The story painted a compelling picture of a seven year-old boy from Munich, Germany named Johan Schuler who claimed to have been President Kennedy in a previous life.

Johan was born on Nov 22, 1963 at 9:48pm. Meanwhile, at that very moment, across the Atlantic Ocean President Kennedy was being assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Years later Johan’s mother recalls: “The first time we knew that there was something unusual about Johan was when he was three. When we brought his new little brother home from the hospital, he looked at him and started saying: John-John! We laughed at that and told him no, it was Erik. But he would simply shake his head and keep repeating John-John.

A few weeks later, the little Johan approached his mother with a page torn from a slick magazine. He held up the page to her. “Jackie” he said. Mrs. Schuler looked at the page and was startled to see that it was a picture of Jackie Kennedy.

At first the Schuler’s were convinced it was all a matter of coincidence and nothing else. But then – the coincidences began to happen almost every day, recalls Mrs. Schuler.

One day little Johan was lying on the floor drawing on a piece of stationary. “Why don’t you draw a house?” – his mother urged him.
Carefully the child drew a long, low house with a dome on top – a crude replica of the White House.

By the time he was almost five, young Johan was searching every magazine he could find for photographs of Jackie Kennedy. Often he would sit for long periods of time looking at one of her pictures.

Johan was five when Jackie married Aristotle Onassis. “When he found a photograph of Onassis, he ripped it to shreds,” said Mrs. Schuler.

When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated, the Schulers were discussing it one afternoon. Suddenly Johan burst into tears. When asked what was the matter, he replied, Bobby is dead! The Schulers said that the reference they had made had been to “Robert Kennedy” not to Bobby.

Allegedly, Johan said he remembered flying in his own jet and being cheered by large crowds. He also had knowledge of American history and a birthmark on the right side of his head, the very same place where the bullet struck JFK.


Dr. H.N. Banerjee, a parapsychologist and author of The Once and Future Life: an Astonishing Twenty-five-year Study on Reincarnation, spent three days questioning Johan and concluded, “In my estimation of the facts, the only logical conclusion is that this child indeed, is the reincarnation of John F, Kennedy.”

A child recalling past memories of a violent death is consistent with the reincarnation studies undertaken by Ian Stevenson and Erlendur Haraldsson in the latter half of the twentieth century.  Many of the cases they researched involved young children remembering “premature” deaths caused by accidents or at the hands of another.

If the story is true, in itself it’s quite compelling, but what also piqued my interest was a later communication between Erik Medhus, who took his own life in 2009 and his mother, Elisa Medhus M.D., who was communicating with him via a medium named Jamie.

Since Erik’s passing, Elisa has set up a blog called Channeling Erik where she’s communicates with her son via various mediums and records and transcribes their conversations. Apparently Erik is able to communicate with other deceased people and if they are willing he brings them in for a conversation with his mother, the medium, and himself.

During the past few years they have communicated with a vast array of celebrities, biblical figures, terrorists and serial killers.

On April 3, 2013, the interviewee claimed to be none other than John F. Kennedy. During the conversation Elisa asked,  “Are you [JFK] currently reincarnated at this time in terms of linear time? I know, of course, there is no time where you are now.”

JFK replied: “Not currently as of 2013.”

You can read the transcript of the interview here.

Keeping an open mind and taking the Gadsden Times article and the Elisa/Erik/JFK conversation at face value; in order for it all to be true, as of April 3, 2013, Johan Schuler, who would have been 49 years old, would have to be no longer with us.

The question is: Is he?


There should be no doubt that Abraham Lincoln was a past life of John F. Kennedy. There are too many coincidences and synchronicity between the two men. Read more here:

Kevin Williams, Sat 12 Aug, 18:22

Entirely possible and the evidence is quite convincing.  I channeled JFK about three times over the years, the most recent being around the time of the film Chappaquidik.  All transripts are included in my psychic memoir “Moving Through Many Dimenions”, as yet unpublished.  In them JFK gives no indication of having a new life.  But then I didn’t ask.  The literature from between and past life regression strongly suggests that a spirit can continue to exist in the astral while sending another part of themselves for another incarnation, if they so choose.

gordon phinn, Sat 23 Jul, 15:15

I beleav I was him in one life I was having reincarnated dreams as bout him and merlyn and going threw parts of himself in my dream doors open with difrnt situations about krnedy I was obsessed at as young age same thing almost but I’m not dead

Carly, Mon 8 Feb, 15:00

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