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White Crow Books, under the broad umbrella of world spirituality, is a search for truth. We're looking for the insight which can be found both in the mouths of spiritual teachers – and also under stones where others don’t always look. Accordingly, the blogs in this section of the website will be updated regularly, going where they will, reflecting pioneering thinking and ideas for your consideration. Drop in when you have a moment and seek different company. You can of course join the conversation by adding a comment; or you can simply join in by being here.
Michael Tymn   Michael Tymn
A 1958 graduate of the School of Journalism at San Jose State University, Michael Tymn has contributed more than 2,000 articles to some 50 newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, and books over the past 70 years. While nearly all of his early writing was in the sports arena, Mike also wrote travel, human interest, and metaphysical features. He won the 1999 Robert H. Ashby Memorial Aware given by The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research for his essay on "Death, Dying, and After Death." Writing assignments have taken him to such diverse places as Bangkok, Panama, Glastonbury, Jerusalem, Hollywood, St. Paul, and Tombstone. He has interviewed and written about more than 40 Olympians in his sports writing and more than 30 scientists, researchers, educators, and philosophers in his metaphysical writings. He is the author of seven books, one on long-distance running and six dealing with life after death.
Stafford Betty   Stafford Betty
Stafford Betty, brought up Catholic in Alabama, earned his Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, where he specialized in Asian religious thought and Sanskrit. In 2020 he retired from California State University, Bakersfield, where he was a professor of religious studies. In 2011 he published The Afterlife Unveiled, the first of his afterlife books. Heaven and Hell Unveiled and When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying? followed. He also writes fiction. In 2020 White Crow published The Afterlife Therapist, a novel set in the afterlife. He has published thirteen books and numerous articles ranging from scholarly articles (needed for tenure and promotion) to popular essays on hot-button issues. His futurist novel The Womanpriest, which tells the story of the first female pope, will appear in 2023.
The White Crow   The White Crow
The name ‘White Crow’ says much about us. It pays homage to the great 19th century spiritual adventurer, William James: ‘To upset the conclusion that all crows are black,’ he said, ‘there is no need to seek demonstration that no crow is black; it is sufficient to produce one white crow; a single one is sufficient.’ William James was a truth seeker, and in this same spirit of exploration, we journey on—seeking out spiritual truths where we find them, and hopefully becoming a little more enlightened along the way.
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Ukraine War: A Story of Survival, Sacrifice, and Service – If charitable service to those in need is the ultimate in spirituality here in the physical life, this book most certainly deals with spiritual matters. The author, Amber Poole, an American woman and her husband, Paul, from Scotland but with Polish roots, operated an educational center in Poland when the Russians attacked Ukraine in 2022. As many Ukrainians fled to Poland, they turned their center into a home for as many as 40 refugees. The author kept a very interesting “war diary” over the first 18 months of the war, discussing everything from the cultural adjustments required by both the Polish and the Ukrainians to her own reactions and adjustments, as well as philosophical concerns and conflicts that often surfaced. In spite of the adversity and distress, she embraced the adversity. Read here
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