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Physicist Hal Puthoff talks about Remote Viewing, Psychics, and the C.I.A.


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Healing, “Dying to Self and Rising with Christ” by Michael Cocks: St Paul’s “Dying to Self and risiing with Christ” are words that can come “trippingly on the tongue” in the words of Hamlet. But how many of us actually do this? Read more
Suicide and the Life After Death Factor by Michael Tymn: Following the recent suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and travel show host Anthony Bourdain, there has been much in the media about the alarming increase in suicides in the United States, especially… Read more
Stephen the Martyr: Shedding the skin of the snake by Michael Cocks: The problem for growing snakes is that as they grow, their skins don’t, so every once in a while their skins begin to split, and the snake wriggles itself out, so that a new and more roomy skin may develop.… Read more
When the “Dead” are Alive by Michael Tymn: In the history of mediumship there have been cases in which the “spirit” communicating through the medium turned out to be still alive in the flesh. Such discoveries provided good laughs for the self-righteous… Read more
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