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  Dead Men Talking: Afterlife Communication from World War I
Michael Tymn

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As science flourished in the years leading up to World War I, religion floundered. Thus, the warring countries were little prepared to deal with the grief and despair that arose from millions of deaths. Apparently, the spirit world took notice, and, while greatly limited in its ability to communicate with us, the spirits managed to get through to more open-minded mourners, providing comfort and solace.  Messages, many of them very evidential, came from fallen warriors, through various mediums, telling their loved ones that they were still “alive” and still with them. This book is an anthology of their communication from the afterlife.

Praise for Dead Men Talking.

“Michael Tymn has become an acknowledged authority on afterlife communication. Here he reviews published accounts of messages from World War I casualties coming through credible mediums.  This is an altogether upbeat, reassuring and enlightening book with many insights into discarnate existence from those ‘on the spot.’ The original texts are interspersed with informative commentary from the author.”
– Howard A. Jones, Ph.D. Author of The World as Spirit & Evolution of Consciousness

“We have reason to be grateful to Michael Tymn for his masterly presentations of evidence both for our survival after death, and also descriptions of the nature of the afterlife. I have been fascinated and moved by his abridgement of five books coming out of WW1 involving communication from soldiers killed in that war, in which they describe their experiences in their new state. I found it an inspiring and uplifting read.  As an Episcopalian/Anglican clergyman, I long for the time when church congregations will read such books and have an informed faith in the realm of Spirit.”
Michael Cocks, M.A. (NZ)  M.A. (Oxon) Editor of The Ground of Faith

“Michael Tymn has collected post-death sayings from soldiers killed in the First World War.  They tell us through mediums how they died, what life on the Other Side is like, and how we should look at death.  They want to be our teachers, and Tymn, one of the world’s foremost experts on afterlife communication, allows them to speak for themselves.  The result is an eye-opening revelation of a world we are all about to enter.
– Stafford Betty, Ph.DAuthor of The Afterlife Unveiled  & Heaven & Hell Unveiled

“Michael Tymn has once again created powerful literary magic by spinning together a collection of related psychic/spiritual materials from five separate books into an edited synopsis form. Those books by various authors all relate to contact from deceased men of WWI, through well-known spiritual mediums of the day, to the families of the deceased. For the unrepentant skeptics, of course, this is all so much hogwash; but for those either interested or reasonably open-minded, we are given a brilliant summary of the case for survival of consciousness after death, as well as a concentrated description of life in the “hereafter” and of the very process of spirit communication itself. For the better-informed readers, this book brings together a share of a number of historically important books from the early years of modern Spiritualism, highly significant for their day, as well as for the present. Read, and be moved!”
– Paul D. Biscop. Ph.D.
Cultural Anthropologist

About the author

A 1958 graduate of the San Jose State University School of Journalism (B.A. Public Relations), Michael Tymn had two concurrent careers after spending three years as an officer in the U. S. Marine Corps – one as an insurance claims representative, supervisor, and manager, and the other as a freelance journalist.  In his 40-year insurance career, Mike was called upon daily to apply the scientific method by weighing evidence in various types of civil claims and litigation and to make decisions relative to settling the claims or allowing them to go to trial.  He also served as an arbitrator for the Insurance Arbitration Forums, making decisions in certain civil disputes.  He holds the professional designations of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) and Associate in Claims – Insurance Institute of America (AIC).

As a journalist, Mike has contributed more than 1,500 articles to some 50 publications over the past 50 years. Writing assignments have taken him to such diverse places as Bangkok, Panama, Glastonbury, Jerusalem, Hollywood, St. Paul, and Tombstone.  He currently serves as editor of The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and The Searchlight, both quarterly publications of The Academy for Spirituality and Consciousness Studies.  His metaphysical and paranormal articles have appeared in Atlantis Rising, Fate, Mysteries, Vital Signs, Venture Inward, Nexus, Psychic News, Psychic Times,  Christian Parapsychologist, Two Worlds, Dark Lore, Alternatives, Alternate Perceptions,  The Honolulu Advertiser, The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, and The Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  He has authored seven   books, The Articulate Dead,  Running on Third Wind, The Afterlife Revealed, Transcending the Titanic, The Afterlife Explorers, Resurrecting Leonora Piper, and Dead Men Talking. the last five published by White Crow Books.

Mike is convinced that the hedonism, turmoil, and chaos we see in the world today are primarily the result of religious and scientific fundamentalism.  While religious leaders have rejected modern revelation and have been unable to offer its faithful anything more than a very humdrum heaven, science has arrogantly dismissed all religion as superstition.  The end result is that people no longer take the survival of consciousness at death seriously and therefore life has lost its meaning.  Consequently, the majority of people selfishly strive to become “one with their toys” in a march toward extinction.

Having devoted much time to the study of psychical research over the past two decades, Mike has found strong evidence for the survival of consciousness and a more intelligent afterlife than that provided by orthodox religion.  He says he is impelled to bring this evidence to the attention of others, especially those in despair.         

A former nationally-ranked distance runner, Mike writes a monthly column for a national track & field publication. He is a native of Alameda, California and now lives in Kailua, Hawaii with his wife Gina.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published July 2014
174 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-13-9
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