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  Earth's Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change
Goerge E. Moss

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This book is about NOW—a time of unprecedented change and challenge. My fifty years as innovative scientist have enmeshed with two decades of séance group encounters. The latter have led to intriguing revelations, that fast became sensational between-worlds adventures, as one from Angelic Realms whom we now know as ‘Salumet’, joined us as teacher and guide. That was mid-1994, was part of Earth’s forward move and the timing not accidental. Our guide’s objectives were twofold: firstly to deflect mankind’s dogged approach towards nuclear oblivion, and secondly to teach truth of existence—much needed in a world devoted to rampant materialism and confused religious fervour.

Angelic light-being and scientist may seem a doubtful alliance, but fortunately for me such light-beings as Salumet are endowed with, not just all-knowledge of this and other universes, but also with infinite love and undying patience. There have been my moments of feeling inadequate of course, but overriding all is our awareness of enormous privilege, shared by the whole team—that team including the essential full-trance medium Eileen Roper, through whom our guide speaks. With own consciousness inactive during sessions, Eileen is Salumet’s pure channel. All exchanges have been recorded and transcribed as was meant to be.

Words of the ongoing teachings that embrace love, truth and living are simple and easily understood by all, unlike a few of my own scientific propositions! But I have learned and have been able to forge meaningful connections between what is spiritual, what is scientific and certain religious criteria; to shed light upon our obviously confused and erroneous thinking. Science and the religions are of course ongoing belief systems that have emerged through a chequered and flawed planetary history, whilst spirituality is vividly now and forever. We were always first and foremost spiritual beings, as are all the sentient beings of this expanding universe.

We are told that Earth is a learning planet in a universe that expands from all points within itself, as does baker’s dough. That’s right! There never was a ‘singularity’ beginning and no ‘big bang’; that idea was a false premise—an error that arose from the mistake of purely physical thinking. At this point in time it has become a necessity that mainstream science accepts spiritual values—that mind, spirit, consciousness, prayer, telepathy and all-pervading aether all exist as non-material realities. These non-material realities are not subject to the laws that govern ordinary matter—the space-time creation. Full acceptance by science of the non-material will activate a vista of new ‘spiritual science’ potential. Mind is linked to, yet is exterior to brain and has the potential to communicate with other minds absolutely anywhere, even across huge universal distance. Brain is an incredible biological computer that can download the thought-behind-words to its known language; so that with the cooperation of those in spirit, interplanetary communication is possible and does indeed prevail. There are no language barriers and there are no time delays, so telepathic mind-link is a favoured method of communication used by truly advanced sentient beings of this universe. But what about Earth’s SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program—an expensive 50-year program based on radio dishes? That was one further example of false premise arising from our purely physical thinking. No one else in this universe would dream of using physical fixed-velocity radio communication when telepathic mind-link is available. Radical matters such as this have been discussed at length with our all-knowing teacher, Salumet.

The interplanetary communications during séance have been a blessing; yielding valuable knowledge of the intricacies of mind, knowledge of how spiritually more evolved beings think and disport themselves and knowledge of how spiritual acceptance can lead to amazing technical progress. The whole of God’s creation is very much alive! Combined spiritual and technical advancement has led many to, amongst other things, cosmic travel using space-ships, utilising ‘wormholes’ as convenient short cuts where appropriate. It may surprise some that this has in turn led to our understanding of the reason for pyramid construction here on Earth—by extraterrestrial visitors. Oh yes! Earth has indeed been visited by advanced sentient beings from elsewhere. They are interested in our progress and they have built their pyramids here. In fact, the first task of a physical mission to another planet has often been to build a pyramid, with one pair of sides orientated exactly East-West. Why so? Such a structure, aligned to planetary spin, generates energy—this energy being required for their sustenance whilst here; also to boost their means of travel for the homeward journey. Without a pyramid they would be stuck here on Earth for the rest of their lives! So there has been good sound reason for Earth’s first pyramids. That they should be seen as tombs for dignitaries is a naive human notion that came very much later.

The truth of existence and Earth’s progression of course involve much more than just getting our scientific act together and our friendly recognition of cosmic neighbours. While these details must be addressed, especially by our scientists, institutions, politicians and learned societies, this book which has five parts accounts much, much more. Part I explains past lives, reincarnation, spirit rescues, essential spiritual facts, and then we rejoice in the return to the meetings following a lengthy break, of our dear friend Bonniol who lives on Planet Aerah, many galaxies distant from here. Part II addresses pyramids, their origin and purpose; with special reference to Cahuachi in the Nazca River Valley and to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids—that includes our October 2013 tour of excavations there. The more recent visits of Bonniol to us through 2013 are also included here. Part III differentiates true and false prophecy, the amazing power of thought, proofs of the spiritual existence, and some enlightening conversations with notaries and royalty now in spirit. Part IV concerns some conceptual matters and current Earthly problems, the beauty and meaning of mathematics within creation, the principle of non-violence and how the angels are ever present and may be called upon in times of need. Part V describes details of a scheme being mounted from spirit designed to assist our cosmic ascendancy. And the final chapter: ‘Love, Truth, Peace and Goodwill’ extols the virtues of love, forgiveness, rising above our fears and of being non-judgemental. We are beings of love and Salumet approves the ‘Beatles’ title: ‘Love is All You Need’. Finally a blessing from Sister Agnes; a most dear one in spirit who brought her love and her valuable teaching to the Kingsclere Group—that was in the very early preparative days before Salumet joined us. This was a timely and such a heartfelt reunion, uniting past and present!

And throughout this book there is the teaching, the questions answered, the confirmation of data and of course that all-encompassing love that can be felt—from SALUMET, our guide, our teacher, our inspiration. These pages are all about his mission to this planet—all about his dedication to help EARTH’S COSMIC ASCENDANCY, our planetary ascension with all of us on board, to higher unimagined realities.

Foreword by Prof Ervin Laszlo and Gyorgyi Szabo MA. Contribution re Bosnian Pyramid excavations by Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich.  

Salumet Website:

About the author

Childhood on a small Hampshire mixed farm of the 1930s was my much valued and beautiful introduction to what was then a world more closely aligned to nature. Skylarks sang as swallows swooped, above meadows that were a floral tribute; while evenings closed with the song of the nightingale. The living was basic—water from the well, candle and oil-lamp lighting, a garden privy, log fires and no energy bills. But at the local grammar school, chemistry beckoned and then, following conscripted military service, I had a first job in the plant control laboratories of a big oil refinery. This work had the added bonus of weekly day release and night school for further study at Birkenhead Technical College. This was to lead eventually to C Chem., FRSC qualification and the position of Head of Industrial R&D with J A Radley Laboratories Ltd, a thriving research and development group in Reading, Berkshire. It was a happy organization, and when our Principal ‘JAR’ retired in 1972, I was able to continue with my own practice: ‘Commercial & Forensic Laboratories’, from the same premises; shared with Public Analyst, Microbiology and North Sea Oil laboratory facilities. CFL had chemistry and microscopy laboratories and an office for writing the many, many reports and occasional technical article. Our small team was kept very busy with problems of the day. It had become fashionable for firms to farm out their technical and chemical conundrums, so that workload was extremely varied. Asbestos analysis; also preparation of scientific court evidence were growth sectors, and the latter became an area of personal expertise, leading to casework in several of London’s terrorist bombing trials.

I had meanwhile gathered facts that would become my first book A Smudge in Time—an attempted presentation of selected data, as an easy-read philosophy. In the summer of 1989, in the company of my dear wife Ann and two sons Mark and Paul, I travelled to Palenque, Mexico. There, we visited Las Ruinas—the Mayan site of pyramid-temples, where we shared a most illuminating and treasured experience (fully accounted as chapter 6 of the above book). I think our spiritual journey began here, leading us to the séance meetings of what is now known as the Kingsclere Group. We settled into the regular weekly meetings a little ahead of the light-being Salumet, who joined us from Angelic Realms in 1994, as guide and teacher. My mind, over the years, had become well attuned to the process of logical inquiry and to the writing of reports—such aptitudes were to come in very handy as Salumet’s edifying mission unfolded! It seems to me now, on reflection, that just as the laboratory light microscope has revealed so much truth about nature, we now have a metaphoric spiritual light microscope that reveals all those more fundamental truths of the spiritual existence. And I am so grateful to Paul for creating a website that encompasses all Salumet material, and for making three books available on Amazon Kindle—A Smudge in Time, Salumet – His mission to Planet Earth and The Chronicles of Aerah – Mind-link Communications across the Universe.       
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Sample chapter


How do DNA and genetic modification relate to spiritual progress? Is there a spirit connection? In past years, the ravages of warfare and the ensuing armistice deals have left their mark on this planet, resulting in the national boundaries and political blocs of today. Whilst these changes have taken place and are plain to see, the fundamental nature of living things has remained essentially unaltered—this up to and continuing on through the 20th century.

It is true that in agriculture, there have been manipulations such as ‘selection’ and ‘grafting’ to improve crop yields. But the underlying genetic make-up of species has remained as it always was—has been left to nature’s process of selection. It has been natural selection that has always prevailed. But now, in the 21st century, scientific humankind has the audacity to question nature’s process that she has so meticulously evolved through countless millennia, and man-made genetic modifications are being clumsily superimposed; this in an attempt to secure better plant hardiness, bigger crop yields, extra food production and more financial gain. The United States has led the world in this venture while many of us are less enthusiastic or perhaps more circumspect, as the case may be. Yet, by 2012, our world had 17-million farms spread through 28 countries, growing GM crops on what amounts to 12% of our planet’s arable land. So biotechnology has arrived and has established its questioned presence. An increasing alternative (re-introduced) system in agriculture is ‘organic farming’. Nearly 1% of Earth’s arable land is currently farmed organically, scattered throughout most countries.

Organic growers equate naturally grown crops to ‘health’, whilst at the same time the system of growing provides excellent habitat for bees, butterflies and all nature’s evolved wildlife.

When the genetic modification of crops was first mentioned to Salumet, he described it as an unnecessary step for mankind but one that had already been taken. It had therefore already become part of our evolution, whether we care to question or not. Later (13th October 2003), he warned against being judgemental:

~ “Since the Earth has existed, mankind has made many errors—shall we call them.”

He went on to point out that within an excursion into ‘error’ there will inevitably be some good outcome. Therefore we should be wary of judging. We must of course always be true to ourselves and should offer opinion, but avoid being judgemental of another.

We pointed out to our guide that in some places people were burning crops, grown experimentally by GM devotees. Salumet used a rather clever double-edged sentence in his reply:

~ “But what you sow you must reap. Remember, whether they feel right or wrong, the time will come when they must face themselves as to whether their judgement was right or wrong.

Remember, I have taught you there are two sides: white ↔ black—love ↔ fear.”

I suggested that destroying crops must stem from fear:

~ “It is fear. Remember—it is simple—all of existence stems from fear or love. That is why people on Earth are disturbed and create disharmony. Therefore, what you must do is send them love.

Surround them with love and in so doing, their thinking will change, and then you will have created that harmony upon this Earth that will ultimately bring a little more happiness.”

So it is now too late to stop this venture, but all is not lost, and we can direct our good thoughts towards some useful application coming from it.

There is a good friend in spirit who has visited from time to time via Sarah—a knowledgeable one where farming and nature are concerned. An aspect of this soul had once supplied grain to an Egyptian pharaoh. He first came to us in that guise and gave us his Egyptian name ‘Ond Kulla’, meaning ‘Big Feet’; so that is the name we have come to know him by. But there have been a number of his incarnations since, so this was now quite an advanced and knowledgeable soul who on this occasion spoke with us (1st June 2009):

~ “I promised I would come back, and this time I am coming in a different guise. Tonight I wish to bring with me many who have guarded the crops that you grow—many who have helped in all forms of nature. We have been quite concerned about your nature, and there are many who have been helping those—I was looking for the word—‘elementals’—they are being influenced from our side. So I have come to tell you that the work that is being done with your crops—the genetically modified crops—”

Ond Kulla’s reference to this subject took us all completely by surprise. Our dear farmer friend from yesteryear was now actually involved in the GM crops issue! Wonderful! He went on:

~ “We are working closely with those who are experimenting with your crops and trying to guide them to work in a more natural form.”

We asked if he saw genetically modified crops as a problem:

~ “There are two sides to this. The consumption of modified crops is not perhaps the best way, but also, the experiments being done with the crops are teaching those who are performing these acts quite a lesson, and this lesson will be of use in another way.”

I asked if the GM crops were a problem to nature’s elementals:

~ “Yes, they are finding this most difficult, but as I said: it is not all doom. They (the scientists) are learning—and there are often periods of not-such-good-times whilst learning is taking place.

There will be much good coming from these experiments, but like most things, it takes time on your planet. So my purpose this time is to remind you that you should not ask for genetically modified crop experiments to stop, but merely to ask that what they do, leads them in the right direction.”

So this aligns to Salumet’s teaching, that we should think the good thought towards happy conclusions. We then asked if GM food will damage the health of those who eat it:

~ “I would say that if you were to eat only genetically modified product all your life, this would be bad for you—but small quantities will not damage you long-term. That is my knowledge, but I am not from the highest level. But overall, for the planet, this is not the best way forward.”

These are wise words from one whom we know from his several visits, progresses well in spirit. And he will of course have awareness of the many contributions by those in spirit as well as the work of nature’s elementals.

How do genes and genetic modification relate to DNA, and what is DNA? Firstly, DNA is a chemical abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a molecule of lengthy spiral form. The chromosomes within a cell nucleus are made up of DNA molecules and these contain the genetic codes that fix details of character in plants, animals and humans. In animals and humans, genetic code determines such things as colour of eyes and hair. In plants, genetic code would relate to such properties as disease susceptibility and drought resistance. But with 24,000 genes per cell, the research becomes highly complex. Objects of gene manipulation that might be seen as useful are drought and disease resistance of crops. In searching for these objectives, there would of course be much learning along the way. And clearly, there is the connection of chromosomes, genetic code and DNA, with all existing at the very fount of the physical life format—chromosomes containing DNA-bound proteins.

It again took us by surprise when Salumet launched into a discourse on DNA at our meeting of 5th March 2007. He had earlier spoken of the raising of consciousness:

~ “Not only is the consciousness of man being raised – and I would say it is partly being raised because of the lives of many good people upon this earth who show their love and their knowledge by example—that is the way forward. But what we in my world are trying to achieve now, is to alter all of the ‘stuck’ knowledge that is within your DNAs. This is little known at this time, but there are those upon your Earth who are gaining knowledge of this particular aspect of change.”

He then paused and announced:

~ “I feel some questions at this point—”

Graham: “Could you expand a bit on what you mean by DNA and stuck knowledge in DNA?”

~ “In the same way as all conditions of your life are within your DNA pattern, so also are thoughts.”

The principle of thought-connection to DNA pattern was entirely new to our awareness.

Graham: “Gosh! That is interesting!”

George: “Does this change and connect to a noticeable degree in genetic change?”

~ “Not particularly—it is something that has always existed, but mankind down through the ages in the many areas of living has become ‘stuck’—I believe that is your common word—and it remains so. Rather similar to those of you who reincarnate with problems from past lives, so too does humankind come with DNAs which are stuck.”

George: “So I think you are saying that there is a particular spiritual connection to the DNA helix—”

~ “Of course, of course!—although it has the physical connotations, all of spirit has to be involved in these things. That is the way forward—to release people from past thoughts and actions. It is something for you to think about.”

I suggested it is not quite like wiping the slate clean of our past ways:

~ “That cannot be; that would be much too easy, would it not?”

George: “But it is a factor that would make our way forward a little easier—”

~ “—In changing your lives and thinking—to become that more spiritual being.”

Sara: “Re-programming the mind with better thoughts—more positive thoughts.”

~ “That is exactly what it would achieve.”

Sara: “So that clearly relates to what was said recently about the fact that any condition can be overcome; not necessarily taken away, but overcome by the power of thinking.”

~ “Yes. Again it demonstrates the power of the mind. Do you see how thinking joins in all aspects of your lives and how powerful it is? It is that part of you which will always exist.”

I ventured that we had not really thought about a DNA link to consciousness.

~ “No, it is something that is very new to your knowledge. DNA, in the amount of years that it has been discovered—but of course in our world it has been known for ever—so it is not new. So, I hope my dear friends it has given you a little more to consider.”

Graham: “DNA is linked with our future evolution, so if we are stuck with past consciousness in our DNA which we have at the moment—if we can let that go and move forward with our spiritual learning and awareness, then we will physically evolve.”

~ “Yes. Would you like to sit here?”

Salumet’s humour brought much laughter, as Graham replied that he did not feel quite qualified yet.

~ “You started this conversation and now you have given a very apt explanation. It just shows how much you have all grown.”

So once again a topic had been introduced of which we in the group had no prior knowledge.

It was 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins discovered the double helix structure of deoxyribonucleic acid that we now know more simply as DNA. Much has progressed in this field through half a century and scientific endeavour continues forward. Data posted on the Internet by Sophia Fotopoulou in the e-magazine ‘Newsfinder’, just three days following our meeting included the statements:

‘The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA”. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA”. Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication.’

I referred those recent research details from Newsfinder magazine to Salumet when he was with us the following week (12th March 2007), concluding with: “I think the meaning there, is that information can be put into the DNA, and information also comes from the DNA, to have its influence.”

~ “Yes, that energy, whether going in or out, is transmuted. Yes, you are correct—it is beginning to enter the consciousness of man—it is now becoming more available to human thinking.”

George: “Certainly there is the evidence on the Internet that, as you say: it is entering the consciousness.”

~ “Yes, that is the purpose for it, and of course, that mankind might have better control of his own spiritual being.”

George: “It is openly declared that thought and words have that influence and—”

~ “—As you well know my dear friend. That, I have told you on many of your years now.”

George: “Indeed—and I think that thought can come from the individual himself, or it can come from a healer, or it can come from those in spirit, or as I think you were saying last time, it can enter from deeper spirit. All those thought places would, I think, have their effect.”

~ “Of course, your words are completely right.”

George: “Thank you, it is good to have your confirmation on that.”

~ “I applaud the fact that you have gone on and found for yourself what is being made available in other areas. That, my dear friend, will and should satisfy your own need for what you would call ‘proof’. Do you not agree?”

And I very happily agreed to that!

In response to a further question from Sarah, Salumet made it clear that whilst DNA energy can be transmuted, the change is not so great that a physical individual’s identity becomes obscured. Identity of the individual remains clearly stamped within the DNA.

Several months later, I had chanced upon the intriguing book: Bringers of the Dawn, and I began ticking paragraphs that aligned to Salumet’s teaching. On reaching page 40, I found I had ticked every paragraph! Wonderful! Then I got onto confirmation that DNA modification is a very important happening; and there were further details of the upgrading from double helix character. These details were queried with Salumet during our meeting of 30th July 2007. Our teacher first affirmed that our group is not the only one to be receiving this information, and he reminded us of his previous assurance that his words would be confirmed from other sources. He then continued:

~ “Of course, when you speak of the expansion of the helix—reaching out to other galaxies—that is the energy connection which is needed for mankind to connect further and further; and although you have mentioned a number of twelve (chakras), I will confirm for you now that there are many more, but not known of at this present time. Do not be surprised at this information—the human form is just one mass of energy.”

I mentioned the scientific realization that 10 % of DNA has good purpose while 90 % has been referred to as ‘junk DNA’:

~ “May I interrupt and say to you, that your scientists will soon be considering another 30 % ‘good DNA’—that is to come.”

Wonderful! I suggested the 90 % would all in fact be found to have purpose, which Salumet affirmed. And likewise, with that part of the brain which is not seen to have application—that also will be found to have purpose:

~ “You only have to think of all those seers and mystics, as you call them in your world. They are using more. Is it not logical that this must be so? But yes, I agree that, on the whole, so much is not utilised.”

I responded that it all seems to make so much good sense.

~ “I am pleased that my words can help you. But it is not an easy topic for most to understand. That is why it has been my purpose in a group such as this, that we go slowly, in order for each one to digest such information.”

That of course we all appreciate. And we must recognise that if our teacher were to state all he knows, just like that, it would fall upon deaf ears, because it would simply be beyond our comprehension. But following Salumet’s 2007 statement on ‘junk DNA, it was revealed in the Press six years later that there had been a break-through in our understanding of DNA. That part known by its acronym ‘Crispr’, previously thought of as ‘junk DNA’, is no longer considered to be junk. It instead represents a store of genetic information relating to invading virus, and this has led to a valuable and precise method of correcting inherited disorders and disease. So we have much less of what is considered ‘junk DNA’ in 2013.

Just prior to that Press revelation, during our meeting of 28th October 2013, the subject of DNA came up again in a totally different way—this time in such a way that I felt it to be very nearly beyond our comprehension, but not quite. I had been reading about the Anasazi people of North America, this in a new book by Dr Semir Osmanagich—The Mystery of the Anasazi Civilization34. By boring into the rock of a canyon wall, they seem to have devised a system of 23 chambers connected by tunnels, the whole arrangement being in the shape of a helix. And each chamber has within it an artefact. All seemed to be modelled on the DNA helix; leaving me with the impression that the people that we know as Anasazi, understood about the DNA helix and chromosomes.

~ “Yes, again it is a case of understanding energy. It is a case of those beings who are much more spiritual than those of you today, using the energy and gaining knowledge. It is my dear friend as simple as that; we can have as many examples as you like about different areas of your world, but what it all comes down to, is that each and every one of you are spirit. You have lost a great deal of knowledge over time, and it is now up to each one of you, if you so desire, to regain that knowledge, to be used for the betterment of mankind.”

George: “That’s a wonderful thought—what I wanted to go onto was to point out that the Anasazi people mysteriously disappeared as a race, as did the Maya. And it just occurred to me that perhaps they made a collective decision that it would be better for them to continue in spirit instead of reincarnating on the Earth.”

~ “They were spiritual beings who had decided that they had something to do upon this Earth, and when that time was up they too returned to spirit—yes.”

George: “And that would have been a collective decision?”

~ “A collective decision, yes—I do not like to use the word ‘power’, but it is the power of the spirit, when you can attain that degree of knowledge.

George: “Yes of course, mankind thinking in a very material way—“

~ “Yes, I would always try to steer you from that way of thinking. I am always very simplistic in my views—”

I had replied that the physical explanations put forward can sometimes be almost laughable. But then I was reminded that we have received much helpful guidance to assist in our own understanding. How very true!

Reverting back to 12th March 2007, we had, following the DNA exchange, drifted on to the topic of children and how school meals were being re-thought at a physical level, but unfortunately not on a spiritual level. That subject ended and our conversation wavered just a little:

~ “But you have allowed me to continue most aptly to what I wish to say to you this evening. It has led very nicely to my topic. Since the beginning of this millennium there has been much spoken about children coming into this world who are much more spiritual in nature and who in fact have come to this planet to bring much knowledge. This my dear friends I have to tell you is what is happening now; that as we progress through the next one thousand of your Earthly years, much change is coming to mankind—mainly through those small children who have spiritual gifts and knowledge which will in many cases astound the human race. Over your next few years of Earthly life you will be made aware, whether it be by mouth or through your media—there are many children who bring to you much love and truth and they are and will be the forerunners on this planet to help make the change in human consciousness.”

I asked if we could think of this as an injection of different-from-the-usual soul material:

~ “Yes, it comes from our world. When first I came to you I told you my dear friends that this time we could not—I use your Earthly word ‘fail’—but that is not to say that we have failed, but that mankind has strayed just a little from the spiritual pathway.”

Sadly, this is all too apparent from our history of warfare, weaponry, irrational investment in the nuclear arms stockpiling and financial greed!

~ “But I wish to tell you to watch out for these children; they will appear in all parts of your world, they will deliver to mankind the love, the hope and the change that is needed for mankind to go forward. Their spirituality will shine forth from them. It will not be denied. These spirits or souls have come for this purpose, but it has been decided that it is the children who shall take the forefront of this knowledge because children have an innocence and a beauty which many adults lose.”

Paul observed that it would be very fitting to let the children lead the way.

~ “Yes, all conditions will be suitable. But it is one way forward—not the only way.”

Sarah: “It will be very exciting to see that in our lifetime.”
Lilian then referred to the report of a small child with terminal cancer. She had said to her pregnant mother: ‘don’t worry mother, wherever I am, I will help you with the new baby’, and she had remained cheerful.

~ “—A spirit with much knowledge.”

Lilian: “Yes. That impressed me.”

~ “—A small example of a child who knows the truth and who is bathed in love. There will be many cases—exceptional cases, of children.”

Lilian: “The mother would obviously repeat that story.”

~ “The mother could not deny the words of the child, and how can a small child know of these things unless it is truth? That is what you must ask of yourselves, not you of course my dear friends, but those who have lost their way, who do not know what to believe—and children are always a great gift to humanity.”

So we may think of DNA within the cell nucleus as an interface between our body’s physical structure and spirit. It seems that the changes mentioned above are more subtle than to modify the gross characteristics that identify an individual—this from arrangement of DNA chemical compounds within chromosomes. And it is becoming steadily clearer that the mission projected from spirit to uplift this planet, has so many parts. A list would include:

(1). Teaching by masters such as Salumet.
(2). Easing the ‘stuck’ condition of DNA.
(3). Introduction of children having spiritually ‘sourced’ soul origin.
(4). Influence from spirit towards political leaders and scientists.
(5). Inspiration for striving individuals.
(6). Revelations such as achievements of ancient civilisations and the Bible Code.
(7). Extraterrestrial and interplanetary communications that reveal Earth’s true place within the pattern of creation.
(8). Light signs reported worldwide (Salumet, 14 July 2003).

One may see all these as facets of the one grand movement mounted from spirit to raise spiritual awareness on the Earth. How fortunate we are to have such wonderful support!—this in what is becoming more obvious by the minute, both a time of need and a time during which Earth moves forward to a much more enlightened future.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published May 2014
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-28-3
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