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  You are History: The Soul, The Higher Self, and our Share of Divinity
Gordon Phinn

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The third in the Eternal Life trilogy, You are History: The Soul, The Higher Self, and our Share of Divinity continues Gordon’s musings from the physical and astral plane. Along the way, past, present, future lives are explored, as are our Higher Selves, sex, death and God consciousness.
“When you begin to see that your religion is no more right than anyone else’s and your tribe no more righteous than another, then you are on the long and winding road back to us” Gordon’s Higher Self informs us, continuing: “Power and status on Earth, born of deprivation and pain, pleasure and fulfillment in your choice of Paradise, prolonged punishment in the dark valleys of hell, hard won redemption and devoted service, all are the perfected mirrors of illusion, crafted by infinitely clever and creative desire. The radiant light lies outside these incriminating adventures, patiently awaiting your re-entry”.

You Are History is a valuable addition to any spiritual truthseeker’s library.

About the author

Gordon Phinn has been writing all his adult life. Arriving in Canada from Scotland as a sixteen year old in 1968, his love of literature, ignited at Glasgow Academy, expanded with every passing year. An interest in the esoteric, occult and metaphysical fields also developed during the 1970’s, when the likes of Jane Robert’s channeling of Seth and the wondrous instances of human/angelic cooperation in Scotland’s Findhorn Garden were first revealed.

He experienced occasional psychic contacts with his deceased father which developed over the years until by the nineties his OBE’s and lucid dreaming accelerated into overdrive, spilling over into the composition of Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It, the type of guided tour of the realms that hadn’t been seen in many a decade. Published in 2004, this was followed in 2006 by More Adventures in Eternity, where the promise of many lives, the soul’s multidimensionality and the enigma of the Monad/Higher Self was fully embraced. Now we have the final installment of the Afterlife trilogy, You are History: The Soul, The Higher Self, and our Share of Divinity, in which the endless energetic interactions of past/present/future lives with their source self/higher self/Monad is explored and assessed. Here you will find the mystery of our spirit’s true nature and ultimate destination approached, explored and unfolded.

Gordon Phinn continues his writing, exploring, teaching and psychic facilitations from his home base in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. His videos can be viewed on and his blog at

You can here an interview with Gordon here.

Sample chapter

Monad: history of the instant

Readers of More Adventures In Eternity will be familiar with Higher Self/Monad’s perceptions and attitude. Higher Self (HS) joined that narrative specifically to raise the reader’s (and ‘Gordon’s’) comfort level with the notion of a “source self” – Jane Robert’s term – from which little selves spring. This time around we’re going to be submerged in HS’s world-experience/reality-tunnel/angelic dream-life. This will be experiential reality as HS’s sees and feels it in the moment-to-moment energy field in which he moves and has her being.

Right now, on this Tuesday morning in November of 2005, I hear that I am not to be so despairing of ever being able to translate HS’s experience into language suitably supple and expansive in communicating his reality. It is quite possible, I am told, and actually should not be a problem for a writer of my talents and experience; that this is why “Gordon” was chosen for the task. Was I picked or did I volunteer? Both, depending on which level of your being answers the question. Somehow, that exchange seems indicative of how things are going to go.

HS: I do not recall ‘coming into being’, it would seem that I ‘always was’. It is common amongst us, the cosmic clowns of the Monadic plane, to say we are drops of divinity in an ocean of divinity, or sparks of light in a sea of light. En masse we make up the body of God. Perhaps we are not beyond counting, but I have yet to encounter one who really cares enough to undertake the task. We are parts of the whole just as you are. Together you make up humanity, together we make up God. And just as humanity does not actually speak with one voice, nor does God. When you as individuals speak with whom you assume is God, you are actually talking with your Higher Self. It’s as if a pet dog, in communing with its master, felt as if it were dialoging with humanity, when actually it is dialoging with a member of humanity.

You are to us as we are to God. As above, so below. So when you are ‘chatting with the deity’, as the intellectual cynics in your culture would have it, you are really chatting with a representative member of God.

We speak; when asked, we utter thought-concepts in response to your queries; God does not. Not to put too fine a point on it, God is. You can say the is-ness of everything, the aliveness of all forms, the sub-atomic structure of all creation, the silent submission of all life to the ongoing process of growth and decay; you can say all this and more, but essentially God is. The best way, and indeed the only way to talk with God is to merge with his/her being. Suspend the importance of your individuality and viewpoint, put all your issues in your back pocket and just be a breathing being. Then listen and feel as the universe vibrates around you. This will show you why dialoging with the deity is not only not possible in the conventional sense; it is also not needed.

To be omnipresent and omniscient is more than enough. The joy of being everything and everywhere, with all the energetic impulses endlessly coming and going from creator through created and back again is the thrill of all thrills and requires no commentary. Such ultimate vitality is all. To talk with God, you request one of the representatives, i.e., me or someone like me, and we do our best to come to your level; to experience God, you must, as an incarnate individual, open your heart and your head and feel. Feel the life all about you and beyond you, see how it endlessly intermingles, harmonies and discords constantly appearing and dissipating, all the striving and relaxing, all the desire expressing itself, and know that it is all God.

There are of course, many belief systems extant in your world which insist that many beings and attributes are not of God at all but are emanations of, or are perverted by, dark, demonic forces of one label or another. For us Monads, repositories of the vast majority of human/sentient experience on Earth throughout history as we are, this is just not so. We are hotels, as Gordon once put it, for good and bad guys alike. Victims, victors, the handsome the ugly, the smart the stupid; it’s all the same to us as we head toward a totality of experience upon this unique planetary experiment.

To expand upon this, let me explain that every natural form on your planet is ensouled, not just humans and animals, but the forms of nature also; rivers, mountains, trees and so on. The same energy that ensouls a human has earlier (in your terms) ensouled rivers and mountains. That energy is, simply, our energy projected. In the last fifty or so years many incarnate humans have felt memories surfacing, not only of past human lives, but lives where ‘they’ seem to have been animals or trees or mountains.

Although yet confined to a vanguard of adventurous souls, this knowledge is more or less ‘true’. So think of your energy, or part of your energy, ensouling a volcano. Think of the periodic eruptions and the damage and suffering they caused. Could you do anything about it? Could you alter your essential God-given nature? Think of when your energy ensouled a wolf or an eagle. You killed to survive. But you were also devoted to your mate, your pack and your offspring. Think of your primitive, tribal lives in the forests and mountains. You fought to avoid being killed, you killed to eat; you sacrificed to your notion of Gods who needed propitiation. In all these experiences, the so-called good was mixed with the so-called bad. We, as Monads, absorb it all, and absorb it gladly. It’s all fuel for the fire of knowledge and wisdom. We are all becoming planets of dignity and wisdom, and you and all the ensouled forms of life are contributing to that goal and always have, whether you knew it or not.

When you and we graduate from this Earth, as fully-fledged planets of wisdom-experience, we will be more than able to ensoul distant stars slated to become planets for evolving life forms. We will become that planet’s hierarchy of advanced souls who monitor and shepherd the evolutionary plan, just as advanced souls (called variously the white lodge, the ascended masters, the secret chiefs, the elder brothers) do so on Earth.

And that, in a nutshell of not very many words, is the essence of the divine plan or ancient wisdom. This is the truth passed in deep seclusion in many secret societies throughout history, the truth that the masses were rarely allowed to hear. That you are not just a body, a soul, an agent of the crown, a slave to the master, a sweating cog in the economy, a serf to the aristocracy, a servant of God, a pawn of religion, a provider of arms and children, an athlete, a trader, or a dancer, but only light, the idea of light, the emanation of light, a formless intelligence that loves to play, play in the fields of the Lord, and that is the ultimate piece of subversive information, the one that no family, society, hierarchical structure, religious, political or economic, wants you to know, for they need you where they’ve got you, subservient and obedient.  Remember, Let there be light? Well, that light was us. And let me add, the forces which kept this divine freedom from the poor humans under their thumb, although acting from the selfishness of deep fear and the desire to retain power at all costs, served the evolutionary path well, for many of the souls incarnate during those times were far from ready to accept their ultimate cosmic freedom. They were afraid of the challenge and responsibility, and wished for the chains which bound them. Societal structures and religious threats kept young souls where they felt most comfortable, in the bosom of the seasons and the bondage of duty. And those same structures provided the rebellious and adventurous with hurdles to overcome and prisons to escape. Hungry, tired, and fearful peasants do not care to hear that they are as light and as free. They want more meat, more wine, more holidays, fancier cars, bigger houses. They want to serve a king, a country, a God, a fine raft of ideals; not be slaves to them.

That the revelation alluded to above is another initiation is perhaps obvious to the attentive reader. If souls are not quite ready for it, their attachment to their status and sense of importance and mission can sometimes cripple their progress. Everyone wants their lives, their strivings, to be meaningful in some way or other. To have them rendered meaningless through the revelation of cosmic insignificance can reduce the citizen to the perceived status of insect in no time flat. This crucifixion of self-importance is the great challenge of this initiation and I assume that most of you are ready to at least consider its implications if not yet undergo its rigors. Evolution of the soul on this planet can be seen as a growth and accumulation of talents followed by a gradual decay and divestment of attachments, leading back to a beginning with a new depth of understanding. You are always returning to where you once were with a new set of clothes, issues, and insights.

The crucifixion of self-importance is the stage you’ll have to pass through on your may to merging with me, HS. For in that contact, you will be swamped with my light and vision and doubtlessly feel dwarfed by its measure of transcendence. You will also have to confront the others in the group soul, many of which have completed their fulfillment in incarnation. Even though they are beyond the need for homes, communities, and landscapes, and indeed all the functional challenges that life in the world of forms brings, they can spring to dimensional life any moment you express more than a flicker of interest, and their contribution to the mental/emotional/spiritual atmosphere of your incarnation will become quite apparent as the two of you exchange, usually ushering in greater and greater degrees of humility, until your ego appreciation has dwindled to zero or thereabouts. You are not particularly important, but your contribution to the whole certainly is. I, as HS, love all my incarnations equally, and not because it is a good operational management tool. You are not only my beloved children of light, you are my light. My light individualised and set free to explore, just as we Higher Selves are God’s light individualised and set free to create. As above, so below.

The history of my instant, as Gordon has so cleverly put it, is one of rapid exfoliation. I am a tree whose roots and branches spread like wildfire, sprout leaves which bloom and fade, and contribute to a landscape of action and complexity. I am here and I am there. And like those sub-atomic particles you hear about, my positions change when they are illuminated by a focus of attention. When I am not actively examining, your forms and individual characters disappear. It’s as if I exist in the dark, although it’s not so much dark as empty, and have a huge bank of spotlights which I can trigger at will. Any one of these spots can illuminate a life form which my energetic impulse has vivified. I can suddenly see a river surrounded by trees, a wolf in a roaming pack, a villager rotting with the plague, a court jester grumbling in a corner, a child hiding in an attic afraid, a philosopher probing the deep meaning of fear, a rich woman dying in childbirth and a poor woman being handed an orphan, a duke being butchered in a sudden revolt, a thief double-crossing his colleagues for the cash, a priest in doubt preaching, a magician in power gloating, a peasant toiling in semi-barren fields, a fisherman overjoyed at a huge catch, lovers entwined and love denied. I feel the tiny creatures of the forest, frantic with fear, then full bellied and sleeping. Ancient trees in the desert, tiny sprigs in the meadow.

All this can occur in what you humans consider simultaneous time. But as I exist where time is not, it does not seem that way to me. I merely observe and receive the signals from “there”. Of course my energies go out towards you all continuously, but this is rarely perceived, such is the complexity of energetic impulses that you exist in. Some of you may feel blessed by God, protected by a saint, inspired by an angel, guided by a good spirit, or maybe helped by the local witch/shaman figure. Such is the confusion of physical plane belief systems on your dense planet that only a few know the how and why of the Higher Self. Although the soul is most often given its due as a hidden source, one’s original nature or gift of God, most tie themselves to intermediaries, the priests, the shamans, the guides, the angels, the prophets. The idea that the individual can communicate directly with her inner divinity entirely without the intercession of a self-appointed elite is limited to those souls who have not been overwhelmed by the ‘organised’ in religion.

Gordon is saying to me that there are many on Earth who would argue that man’s natural laziness and timidity is actually the prime cause of the communication breakdown. To this I would say, yes, given the immense density chosen for this planet, challenging the incarnate souls with the greatest hurdle yet devised for maintaining active links to spirit, that is an originating factor, a factor that was originally coped with by the incarnation of more advanced souls who would become the tribal shaman figure, the one with conscious communication abilities to spirit. The priestly castes which gathered around the inevitable organising principle generated by the love of power and status merely took advantage of the individual’s need for direction, and instead of encouraging those who fell short of the courage necessary, usurped their heritage and made them pay for the privilege.

Of course, there is a counter argument to this, which involves the acknowledgment of gross misuse of psychic powers during the long fall from grace of the Atlantean civilisation and the resultant necessity of priestly bureaucracies to reign in and redirect such self-centred, indulgent anarchy. A necessary evil some will say, to use your limiting Earth terminology for a moment. But again it could be added, with the inevitable dualism encountered on the physical plane, that the usual pendulum swing of energy caused an overlong repression of individual spiritual impulse which is only now being corrected, mainly by the efforts of those adepts and masters who would rather encourage such movements than further debate the cause of the logjam. Monads, you might have guessed, given our minor deity and impartial referee status, float above the rough seas of such debate, unable and unwilling to take sides. For us the outcome is as unavoidable as the endlessness of eternity. We champion no argument or movement, preferring to welcome the cut and thrust of debate, for the accumulation of competing viewpoints is pretty much what we’re all about.

You might suppose we provide balance to paradox, argument and differing viewpoints, you might wonder if our level of bliss calms out the rivals and enemies. Both are partially correct; but what needs to be emphasised is that the post-mortem journey through the planes of spirit, with each level “burning off” the energies of desire and divisiveness and allowing the divinity within to gradually emerge through the veils, is actually how the balance is achieved. The energy for argument, rivalry, and vilification has been completely depleted by the time souls arrive “back here”. If you, as an individual, are still burning with the passions, resentments, or competitive agendas of political, economic, or religious systems, not to mention their more personalized counterparts, you will be held at the astral level for which the working out and dissipation of such energies is appropriate. Simply put, you cannot get to where we are with that kind of baggage. Sometimes, if their hold on the individual has waned sufficiently, they can be put aside and left for later retrieval for the purposes of a quick visit. And when those brief initial merges with HS are achieved, much as Gordon has earlier detailed, the baggage cannot remain intact; it is worn away, smoothed out, diluted. You could also say it is leavened by bliss and objectified by distance. Highly detailed attitudes and elaborately tooled prejudices are revealed in their intellectual mediocrity. Clever defences stand naked in their mechanisms. Egos crumble for lack of validity. Without those veils the soul reassumes its original radiance and merges, however briefly, with its source.

When I send out a spark of my essence I am experimenting and exploring, combining and recombining energies to create a completely unique expression in the territories of time and space. For although it will be subjected to the rigors of the gene pool into which it is finally inserted and be subjected to the traits and tendencies so determined, its unique nature will never be fully compromised by genetic inheritance. The soul energy, which is, essentially, my contribution, will always assert its independence from even the most overwhelming of environmental factors. This streak of stubborn individuality is what makes humans stand out from other planetary based life forms and guarantees Monads like me enormous freedom in concocting our contributions.

It has always been a wild ride on Earth, from the heights of Atlantis to the depths of the Middle Ages, and humanity has benefited from the harshest incarnational regimen yet devised. When you, and we, graduate, we will be unbeatable. And perhaps we will ensoul a new species and series of civilisations on a planet not yet cool enough to support the extravagant terms of our design.

And that, really, is the ultimate game of life: devising new species and the planetary conditions to challenge them. Nature thrives, forms adapt, and species evolve. We are the intelligent designers, the finished product, the evolutionary pinnacle. In a very subtle and elaborate fashion, we are entertaining ourselves in the worlds of form. Because, as totally enlightened beings, minor deities morphing into planetary intelligences and back again, we require some interesting and diverting creative activity when we step out of the bliss of non-being. Stars, planets, and sentient civilisations floating suspended in the vastness of interstellar space are as interesting a challenge as anyone could devise. At least we think so.

And I put it in such a light-hearted way because Gordon tells me that many souls, although evolving to a deeper understanding of spirit and its evolutionary journey, still need to be reminded that all those achievements of intellect, spirit, social and economic organisation that they have spent centuries pushing for, are but preliminary exercises preceding graduation. They feel, as almost all mature souls do, that they will be resting on the laurels of their cultural achievements in a sophisticated heaven, custom tooled for their type. And while there are, in the heaven worlds, grand institutions along the lines of universities and temples where such achievements are exalted and celebrated and even greater plans constantly ruminated upon by the long and recently dead, the great leap is still of the beloved form into the long-forgotten formless, where everything cherished is instantly relinquished in the surrender to the bliss of non-being.

That final surrender of self-importance, that crucifixion of ego and soul and all their carefully nurtured attributes, is, of course, merely a blending of the little ‘I’ with the big ‘I’, in which nothing is lost and everything gained, but it sure doesn’t look like that to the soul still mired in pride of accomplishment.

When we Monads send out our beloved explorers into the antipodes of consciousness we know that many of you will become so enmeshed in the depths of physicality and the charge of excited desire that is the reincarnation cycle – not to mention the almost innumerable belief systems concocted by various individuals and groups trying to make some kind of sense of the hardship and suffering of the physical plane – that you will not only quickly lose track of home base and its inherent divinity but also soon deny any trace of that quality in yourselves. That you can cycle through the physical and astral worlds chasing your tail, as the saying goes, is a recognised and inherent risk. In fact it was built into the design from the beginning. You are free to traverse the worlds of form for as long as your illusion sustains your desire to penetrate it.

We are content to wait while you become caught in the attractive traps of honour, pride, and achievement, of religious devotion and tribal loyalty. We are content because we have so much else to focus on, so many divine sparks ensouling forms of one type or another, that even a large group being “lost” in the folds of illusion for centuries can easily be coped with. Lost in hell, lost on Earth, lost in Heaven, it’s all the same to us. We’re interested in how you cope, your strategies and how you develop them.

When you begin to see that your religion is no more right than anyone else’s and your tribe no more righteous than another, then you are on the long and winding road back to us. Power and status on Earth, born of deprivation and pain, pleasure and fulfillment in your choice of Paradise, prolonged punishment in the dark valleys of hell, hard won redemption and devoted service, all are the perfected mirrors of illusion, crafted by infinitely clever and creative desire. The radiant light lies outside these incriminating adventures, patiently awaiting your re-entry. And like a giant party, only those at the door will notice you have come back in. The general swell of good humour and hilarity will soon absorb you, and you will be happy to join the fun. Losing yourself in those vibrations is why you came in from the cold of your separated life. This you know as you remove your coat and your clinging and whining.

Gordon says he likes this metaphor but wonders if it doesn’t mislead the reader. After all it is the bliss of non-being is it not? Well, let me compare it to taking an after-lunch nap. Both the napper and the soul exiting incarnation for the eternal bliss of non-being know that the world will still be going on in all its complex interactions and that they will not be missed. They are both happy to check out and feel that the upcoming rest is their due. They have both tired of action and feel that as much as possible has been accomplished with the energy available. And they both know that they will, as you say on Earth, live to fight another day. Perhaps the only difference is that the napper will awaken refreshed and ready to resume their life, and the soul returning from the light will arrive recharged as someone else. The beginning of someone new.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published November 2015
168 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-61-0
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