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The Severed Breast: A Novel   The Severed Breast: A Novel
Stafford Betty

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The queen of the great Chola Empire has taken the tall, light-skinned saint from the mysterious West for her guru and, as if predestined by some primordial karma that must play itself out, she falls in love with him.  But Thomas—or “Doubting Thomas,” as he is known to all the world today—is in love with God.  Or is he?  Cut off for seven years from everything that nourishes his inner vision, he sees his old world of solid certainties wobble. 

The Doubter doubts again.  In the meantime Kumaran, a low-caste Tamil-speaking poet who has accompanied Thomas on his missionary travels, succumbs to a different kind of karma.  As a result, Thomas confronts, not martyrdom for preaching the new faith, but “execution for adultery.”  Torn between his love for God and the queen, he tries to bring order to his soul.  Meanwhile, in the breast of the queen, a plan so momentous takes shape that it will determine the course of an empire.  Behind the scenes, as always, is Kumaran.  He too loves Thomas, but loves jealously; he too plays a part in the evolution of empire.  But unlike Thomas and the queen, he must live with the consequences of his deeds.  What begins as Thomas’ story ends as Kumaran’s.

Stafford Betty unforgettably evokes ancient South India’s villages, cities, palaces, wars,  famines, Satis, tribes, castes, gods, beasts, her mountainous jungles and fishing coasts and rich rice plains, her steamy climate, and her traditions about St. Thomas that are still a vital part of Christian life in Kerala today.  He recreates the opulent life of the court in fabled Puhar, long ago swallowed by the sea, and describes the historic Battle of Venni in horrifying detail.  He imaginatively presents through flashbacks the critical events in the story of Jesus and Thomas in faraway Judaea.  He gives valuable insight into Hinduism’s historic resistance to Christianity.  He even sets the table for a reconciliation of sorts between the two faiths. 

Readers who love Dostoyevsky are likely to love The Severed Breast.  The way it weaves together high adventure and timeless spirituality is extraordinary and important for our time. 

About the author

Stafford Betty got his Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, where he specialized in Asian religious thought and Sanskrit. Today he is a professor of world religions at California State University, Bakersfield, and a researcher on death and what follows. In 2011 he published The Afterlife Unveiled, which maps out the afterlife as described by seven discarnates communicating through mediums. Another of his recent books, The Imprisoned Splendor, is a novel set in the world beyond.  His most recent work, Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit, published by White Crow Books, is a more fully fleshed out presentation of the afterlife.  Stafford writes a blog for The Huffington Post and White Crow in an attempt to reach non-specialists. Many of his articles are available at

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published January 2016
414 pages
Size: 229 X 152 MM
ISBN 978-1-910121-85-6
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