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Edward C Randall   Edward C Randall

Edward C Randall (1860-1935) was a prominent New York trial lawyer from Buffalo who served on the board of directors of a number of large corporations. He became interested in Spiritualism around 1890, following his attendance at a séance. Soon afterwards he established a ‘Rescue Circle’ in order to help ‘earthbound’ spirits progress.

The circle comprising of Randall’s wife and some close associates including a prominent judge Dean Stuart of Rochester, sat every week for over 20 years at the Randall family home.

Soon after the sittings began, Randall met Emily French, a ‘direct voice’ medium in her 60’s, also from Buffalo. Emily was from a well-known family, and had a reputation in her community as a person of integrity; she sat with the Randall’s circle for many years until she passed away in 1912. During the long and dedicated relationship she never charged a cent for her time.

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