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In the Beginning was the Word…

Posted on 22 May 2014, 15:47

..and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” But while we are driving to work, in heavy traffic, and doing everything necessary to earn a crust, we are focusing on life in a way in which the Bible quote makes no sense.  We can call it the Sensory-Physical focus where we focus on all the separate things in the world which can be counted and measured.

Spiritual experience, and the work of many scientists, can push us also to focus on things from a very different point of view and think of ALL THAT IS as a GREAT THOUGHT. It is when we   focus in this way, that the Gospel of John states a fundamental truth. We see “God” as “the one and undivided Creative Mind or Spirit”, and   “Word” as, “What can bring a Thought into Being”.  All aspects of the Great Thought.

In the GREAT THOUGHT “all things were [indeed] made by Him, and without Him was not made anything that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of [humanity].”  [John 1:1,3}


Putting it in scientific language: many leading physicists and also those researching into the nature of consciousness would agree that the material world as we know it is produced by a timeless, spaceless dimension of Mind. And the best way to represent   “timeless and spaceless” is with a full stop, or a point: “. ” The Big Bang is said to have exploded from such a “.”  Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, or the “Akashic Records” exist in such a “.”

So do communications from the “dead.” For instance, we can ask what distance of time and space exists between the St Stephen who died 2000 years ago, and the St Stephen and ourselves who were talking with him forty years ago through medium Tom Ashman, now also “dead”? We can also ask, what time and distance separates the person dreaming for the future, and the future event foretold? What time and distance separates the elements of a synchronistic event?  Always we have to answer, “None.”  We always come back to the “.”  So “.” is indeed a good symbol for the Eternal.

Space and time, number and measuring, belong to the physical. But we cannot count, measure or divide Thought.  Thought which brings events into being in the physical world is not divided, and is therefore One.

In January, I wrote that we should not be be “explainers and conquerors, but conscious participants in the universe.” We cannot explain Creative Mind… we cannot bring the Oneness of Mind into the laboratory to be weighed and measured. But what we can do is to develop our intuitive minds in every way we can, and thus be more conscious participants in that undivided Oneness. (Yes, and that Oneness does include the events that seem to us to be negative.)

Let’s come back to, “In the beginning was the Word.” The undivided Whole, the undivided Mind images, and through its imaging creates and brings into being. The Word images directly and through symbols, just as the Cross is a word that can evoke ideas of sacrifice, love, suffering, punishment. The creative Mind can use words to create, but can also use anything to symbolise anything else to create in physical or spiritual reality. Creative Mind can thus be a poet and create through its poetry.

Maybe when we were children we chanted, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” But that was not exactly true. Names can hurt us, they can make or break us. They can create our reality. They can destroy our reality. I keep coming back to Guy Lyon Playfair’s If This be Magic (such a valuable book) where he gives examples of the power of the mind bringing ill or good health to the human body. Under hypnosis people can sometimes be cured from cancer and other serious disease.

A friend Brian Broom in his book Meaning-full Disease tells of people cured from advanced cancer through counselling and prayer.

The creative mind can produce strong physical effects: Sir William Barrett (1884-1925: a prominent English physicist and psychic researcher) wrote about Table Tilting in his Deathbed Visions: “The table then began to rise from the floor some 18 inches and remained suspended in the air.  “I was allowed to go up to the table and saw clearly no one was touching it, a clear space separating the sitters from the table,” Barrett continued the explanation.  “I tried to press the table down, and though I exerted all my strength could not do so; then I climbed up on the table and sat on it, my feet off the floor, when I was swayed to and fro and finally tipped off. The table of its own accord now turned upside down, no one touching it, and I tried to lift it off the ground, but it could not be stirred, it appeared screwed down to the floor.  At my request all the sitters’ clasped hands had been kept raised above their heads, and I could see that no one was touching the table.  When I desisted from trying to lift the inverted table from the floor, it righted itself again on its own accord, no one helping it.”

Those familiar with work of Uri Geller, will recall many such marvels illustrating the power of mind over matter.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible ...‎Matthew 17:21  ‎

Max Planck, the founder of quantum theory, said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness.”

In the Bible story [Consciousness] “said, Let there be light! And there was light.” God, through his word, is like the conductor of an orchestra. With the baton of his word, he brings all things into being.

(And God is in all through all, and above all, and also in the phenomenon of the lantern fly which develops the head of an alligator, the predator of the predator of the lantern fly.[See my previous blog])

If we focus on the Sensory-Physical we see things one way, when we see things in the light of the Great Thought, we focus quite differently.

But whichever way we focus, it is the same reality.

From time to time I refer to a book by Lawrence LeShan, Alternate Realities. It was published in 1976, and should be a “Bible” for people thinking about the relation between the spiritual dimension and the sensory-physical. Here is some of what he has to say about focusing on The Great Thought. His name for this focus is the Clairvoyant Mode.

1.  All objects and events are part of the fabric of being, and cannot meaningfully be separated from it.  You are most important aspect of any object or event is that it is a part of the total ONE and it has to be primarily considered under this aspect.  Considering it under any other aspect is an error.

2.  Boundaries, edges, and borders do not exist.  All things primarily are each other, since they are primarily one.

3.  This lack of boundaries applies to time also.  Divisions of time, including divisions into past, present, and the future, are errors and illusion.  Events do not “happen” or “occur,” they “are.”

4.  Since no object or event can be considered in itself without considering the all of space and time, the concepts of good and evil do not have meaning.  Any application of them would automatically mean the application applies to the total context of being, to everything.  The universe cannot be categorised in this way.

5.  All forces or situations in space-time, or places where the fields of activity are weak or strong move with a dynamic harmony with each other.  The very fact of the universe as a flow-process universe means that moves with harmony.

6.  One can only be fully in this mode when one has, if only for a moment, given up all wishes and desires for oneself (since the separate self does not exist) and for others (since they do not exist as separate either) and just allows oneself to be, and therefore to be one with the all of existence.  To attain this mode, one must –at least momentarily – give up the doing and accept being.  Any awareness of doing disrupts this mode.

7.  Valid information is not gained through the senses, but through a knowing of the oneness of observer and observed, the spectator and spectacle.  Once this complete oneness is fully accepted, there is nothing that can prevent the flow of information between a thing and itself.

8.  The senses give a false picture of reality.  They show separation of objects and events in space and time.  The more completely we understand reality, the less it resembles the picture given by our senses, by this sensory mode of being.

9.  This is the only valid way to regard reality.  All other ways are illusion.

“these words are apparently primarily adapted to dealing with the processes that are completely out of our sensory range.  They are not adapted to biological survival; it would not want to cross a busy highway while using them.  Uniting with a truck is not good for you, biologically speaking.  At the present time there must be used by three classes of individuals or, to put it more correctly, by individuals attempting to obtain three types of experience..  These are theoretical physicists working with relativity theory, trying to understand how reality works; mystics attempting to experience their oneness with the universe; and clairvoyants attempting to obtain paranormal information. (telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition are the usual divisions we usually use to discuss paranormally gained information, information that did not arrive through the senses or from the extrapolation of information that did.”

.....A long quotation from Lawrence LeShan.

I hope to discuss it further in future blogs.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.

Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

His forthcoming book, Into the Wider Dream will be published summer 2014 by White Crow Books.

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Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr - Michael Cocks


If we can get into that Clairvoyant Mode or live in the “.” for even a moment, we don’t have to “find,” “identify,” or “comprehend” God or anything else. We’re already there.

Elene Gusch, Mon 26 May, 20:01

I do agree about using the inductive approach. My thinking begins with what we know of consciousness in the physical and spiritual realms.. Mind creates in both realms, and ultimately Mind is not divided but one. I call “creative Mind” “God”. But we can’t really define “creative Mind” or understand it. (Just as we can say what Energy DOES, but not say what it IS)

Michael Cocks, Mon 26 May, 11:49


The bottom line, I think, is that most of it is beyond human comprehension.  However, both science and religion think that it is possible to comprehend it.  As I see it, orthodox religion makes the mistake of believing that a person must find and identify “God” before he or she can accept the survival of consciousness at death.  It is a deductive approach, i.e., find God and then we’ll look for the afterlife.  The inductive approach looks for evidence for the survival of consciousness first and then lets God unfold from that.  Most people calling themselves atheists reason the same way, assuming that God must be indentified and comprehended before they can consider the possibility that we survive death. It seems so logical, yet so difficult for most people to grasp the inductive approach.

Michael Tymn, Sun 25 May, 07:33

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