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Near Death Experiences and Synchronicity

Posted on 11 October 2018, 12:10

Researchers trying to prove the reality off NDEs beyond reasonable doubt, have been baffled by things NOT seen in an NDE, like symbols painted over an operating table lamp, invisible except from the ceiling where the alleged NDEr is said to hover,  or when the NDEr reports an object that is NOT there; when NDErs make a prediction of the future which is incorrect. 

It is seen as a real problem with regard to the hidden symbols which are rarely detected, even when accounts have been otherwise veridical.

If we are thinking in the everyday world mode, these apparent mistakes can throw some doubt on the objective reality of what is happening.

Let’s look at things through the eyes of the New Paradigm described by Quantum Mechanics.

Its founder, Max Planck , had this to say, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter”.

This Mind is one and indivisible, and, through Quantum Entanglement, all is entangled with all else, regardless of space and time. That this is so, explains how prayer works, how “psychic phenomena” are experienced, and how the synchronistic phenomena occur, the phenomena that show that the material order is illusory, and is too, an order of mind.  Numbers of QM physicists have written on synchronicity, and prominent are Max Planck, Wolfgang Pauli, David Bohm, F David Peat Victor Mansfield,  and Brian Josephson.  They write on synchronicity, because they understand the physical to be an aspect of Mind, where the so-called “laws of nature” sometimes show themselves superseded by an overriding Mind or Thought.

Let me describe two of many important synchronicities that I have experienced.

In the first case I had been visiting with a close friend who was undergoing a severe emotional crisis. My attempts at support were not helpful, and my friend screamed at me to leave and pushed me out of this house.

That evening I received an email from a Swedish priest, Joakim Thoresson, in which he described a dream he had had about me. In this dream he had been participating in a clergy conference in Berlin. To his surprise he saw me sitting across the table from him. He turned to the woman sitting beside him, and said, “Why, that is Michael Cocks!”  She replied, “You are seeing the spiritual Michael. The physical Michael is back in New Zealand. He has been attacked. But don’t worry, he has plenty of support.”

With this story in mind, let us consider the NDEer supposedly hovering over the presently lifeless body lying there lifeless on the operating table.  Is the NDEer not in a similar position to the dreaming Joakiim in his imagined Conference in Berlin?  The NDEer is not seeing with physical sight,  The seeing is with Mind or Spirit, and such is part of universal Mind, where all is connected to all else, and that universal connection is independent of time and space. Joakim becomes aware that Michael has been attacked and is aware that he is OK. The dream about the Berlin Conference becomes a scenario or story as a vehicle conveying the intimation about Michael.

Since the NDEeer is seeing with spiritual eyes, any anomalies are quite understandable. Whatever process produces a dream scenario is operating   here.

Joakim has been the source of other very surprising synchronicities.

There was an occasion when I had had a long telephone conversation with a friend, Dr Brian Cocksey up in Auckland, New Zealand. We covered many topics, some initiated by Brian, and eleven by myself.  My topics centred around the imagery of the last two chapters of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, and also a paper on Coummunion by a clergy friend.

When I put down the telephone, I looked to see if there were new emails. There was an email from my friend Joakim.  He wanted to tell me about a dream he had had perhaps ten days before,  In this dream all eleven of my topics were clearly featured. (Note that I see this email immediately after my conversation with Dr Cocksey.)

In the dream previously quoted, the information was presented in the scenario of a clergy conference in Berlin. This time it was presented in a scenario relating to his parish church where a very non-Swedish ranting American was preaching,

There seemed to be spirits in a circle above the congregation, and a bride was outside the door.

Once again, all the topics of my conversation were present in this other dream scenario, dreamed ten days in advance of my conversation.

To return to our discussion of the nature of NDEs:

I submit that when NDEers are out of the body, they are experiencing their spirit selves seeing with spirit eyes, as is often the case when we dream.  When we dream I think most us will remember dreams when a preoccupation of the day is dressed up in some weird dream scenario.  So, it should not surprise us when an NDEer fails to see a symbol painted above an operating table lamp, or when objects are “seen” in the operating room that are not there,  The “seeing” or “hearing” are through spiritual senses, not physical. 

I was prompted to write this piece by an article by Mark Fox, in The Christian Parapsychologist,  To explain anomalies in NDE experiences,  Mark Fox invokes C G Jung’s “Trickster” who is similar to the mischievous Scandinavian god Loki. I can well see why he suggests this. But I personally would not look for a particular cause of error, but rather point to the characteristics of the spirit world. Namely, that it exists beyond space and time, and is one and undivided. “God is in all, through all, and above all”. In God all is connected to all else.  The physical Internet is a little like this spiritual oneness. Feed in a search word, and a mass of information from round the world. As for ourselves, our souls are likewise not separate from All That Is.

In the case of Joakim Thoresson, he is aware of information from another time and place, and seems to construct scenarios which make sense of this information to his dreaming self.

In the light of all this, I am maintaining that NDEs and synchronicities are functions of the spiritual and causative level of reality. These functions are much less circumscribed than the “caused” level or reality that we call the physical.  NDEs and synchronicities are manifestations of a spirit realm where all is connected to all else. This realm brings the physical world into existence with all its “natural laws”.  But the causative and creative spirit world,  from time to time,through NDEs , synchronicities, and many other phenomena,  show these “laws” apparently suspended by the higher causative realm of Spirit.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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Rev. Thoresson’s dreams are extraordinary!  I was wondering if he shows any psychic ability while awake.

Elene, Mon 22 Oct, 07:46

In addition to the fact that the NDE experiencer is not seeing through physical eyes, I was going to say something similar to Keith’s comment about eyewitness accounts often going astray.  We often unconsciously fill in gaps in our memory, and memory is actively constructed to begin with, not a recording such as would be made by a machine.

A couple of nights ago I was directly behind a car that was smashed by someone running a red light at high speed.  Since I was one of the nearest witnesses, I gave a statement to the police.  Although the event had been quite straightforward, it had happened very fast, and I was in a mild case of shock.  I found it surprisingly difficult to give a clear description of exactly what had occurred.  (Everyone survived, by the way, and hearteningly, lots of people stopped and tried to help.)

Elene, Mon 22 Oct, 07:44


Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.

As for the NDEr not seeing the numbers or whatever the target is for them to see, I do wonder if it is more a matter of focus.  On my daily walks, I usually pass by a service station (petrol station?) which has a large sign in front giving the price of a gallon of gas.  I’m sure I “see” it every time I walk by, but the price doesn’t register as it makes no difference to me whether it is a penny more or a penny less than yesterday.  It may be that the NDEr doesn’t realize he/she is supposed to be concerned about some target in the room and therefore doesn’t focus on it.  He/She is more concerned with the experience and the general surroundings rather than some number or code word.  I think Keith is saying the same thing.

Michael Tymn, Mon 22 Oct, 06:29

Michael, I have heard in the past of how when witnesses are interviewed by the police they will often both miss details and get facts wrong. Both my wife and I witnessed a crime and neither of us could specifically identify what the people were wearing during the crime.  People notice what they think is important and ignore details they think are not.

Keith, Tue 16 Oct, 19:01

This interesting post raises a very interesting and long-neglected topic (at least for several generations), the question of curious events that may surround the dying which could be classified as connected with death and/or synchronicity.
Regarding the comment: “These functions are much less circumscribed than the “caused” level or reality that we call the physical.  NDEs and synchronicities are manifestations of a spirit realm where all is connected to all else. This realm brings the physical world into existence with all its “natural laws”.  But the causative and creative spirit world,  from time to time,through NDEs , synchronicities, and many other phenomena,  show these “laws” apparently suspended by the higher causative realm of Spirit.” One need not go as far as declaring spiritual laws (I don’t think Jung might have gone so far at least he did not in a letter in Feburay 1960 to British researcher Tony Cornell) but the possibility of associated physical effects around a person undergoing an NDE or reported at the moment of death is well worth exploring exploring as they would be capable of leaving objectively recordable traces. This was an issue that the late Guy Playfair was very interested in, as it yields opportunities for objective evidence.

Alan Murdie, Mon 15 Oct, 10:44

“You begin to live from love when the personal self gets out of the way. And when the personal self gets out of the way in any instance, it is the turning point. It is the signal that you are ready to live from love. This is what this Course is about. Living from love. Living from love is what will reverse the lessons of the past. Reversing the lessons of the past is what will allow you to live in love in every instance. Living in love in every instance is what occurs when the whole Self is involved in the love of life.”
~Perron, Mari. A Course of Love: Combined Volume (Kindle Locations 3555-3559). Take Heart Publications. Kindle Edition.

In case anyone would be interested, here one can hear a series of audios read from that book:

About the personal self this idea came up today:

“If I must think of my Self as of God, and of God as of my Self, and if God is my Being, but I am not God’s Being, then the human personal I, me, mine, self, and myself is but an imagination. The imagination may exist as a dream, but in reality the personal I, me, mine, self and myself does not exist. In that sense but the Being exists which is my real Self, which is also causing this experience, and is experiencing this.

The Cause of this experience -the Being that is my real Self- wills that this experience takes place exactly as it takes place, so let this experience take place exactly as it is taking place.”

Lodewijk Langeweg, Sun 14 Oct, 01:14

Consider parallel realities similar to our own.

Chris, Sat 13 Oct, 10:02

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