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Stephen the Martyr asks, What is truth?

Posted on 06 June 2017, 8:26

Stephen. [The truth is that] we are here alive, able to move, communicate and reproduce. This is truth. The sun shines daily over all the earth. This is truth. The rain brings us the essential water for the growth of plants. This is truth and cannot be denied. Truth is a fond embrace, love, compassion, the wanting of good for all people, the healing of the sick in mind and body… one could go on and on.

Therefore, what we have learned of the truth will always correlate with what we learn again and again. For truth is like sun, constant and the same. One could wither an arm by constant suggestion then, by the same, one could correct a malady. This is why all the truths that we have known, all that we know of our Lord, must be repeated and repeated and be repeated again.

What we must look at is not the individual attitudes and actions in the narrow perspective but at the results. For, looking from a different point of view, the actions of Judas were as necessary as the actions of Pilate or the soldiers. We are always inclined to narrow the perspective to just the moment as the truth.[And say,] Here it is!

But the perspective of the Whole is not just the moment. It is for all moments past and all moments to come. Each one, as it was for Judas in his time onwards, was the truth. Now, in retrospect, we may look back and see all the truths of those moments in a much broader perspective. We can see that the truth can become enlarged as part of the pattern of the Whole. All moments, every moment that is being perceived now for all people, is part of the pattern.

It is difficult I know, to be told to look at what is in front of you as the ultimate truth and then to be told to look even beyond that, to search for a greater perspective through the Source and visualize or image what again, could be the whole truth. This of course cannot be done by one mind alone and segregated. It must be done collectively, through each other, through the Whole and from the Whole and the Source back to us.

Recognizing the truth.

Stephen: There are many things that cause us to wonder and perhaps become excited. There are many things that we may hear or see that would show us things that are known to be true, and this is good. But as always, even these words that I speak, they must be looked at with the greatest care. For man, in a body or without the body, believes many things in himself. The conclusions that he has drawn he fits into things that are true. He explains them to himself and would be apt to say, “I know these things that I have concluded are true, for are not these words here written a confirmation of that truth? Does not this that I do, speak with truth? Do not my figures add up? Therefore, the truth that is mine, I might give to another.” Then he perceives others and says, “They are mistaken; they see the same things as I but their additions are incorrect. Therefore I shall take them back through what they have heard, and think they know to be true. Then from my conclusions of the truth, I shall adjust their arithmetic.”
Can we then blame or judge that one who, when believing that he has the truth, offers this truth as a gift to others.

[But] we have been taught that to draw conclusions is to stop learning. To lead others to draw such conclusions, not from hate or deception but from love, would stop them from learning also. This is why the Father needs to watch over what we do. The Father has given each man the will to decide and listen for the truth and feel the truth for themselves, but not alone for His hand is outstretched. The hand of truth is always outstretched that we might grasp, each one for ourselves.

Physical man is complex; he might conclude that the egg may mean love, but truth is not the egg, but love! Think then, of how we must always look only for the Truth. Think of the emotions that come when we hear the stories of our Lord Jesus. We know the truth of these. You should disagree with what I, Stephen, say if it does not bring love and peace.” 

Question: Is the picture of reality as stated in the book I’m reading, true?

Stephen: The picture of reality, that is the true picture, is well known by the words of our Lord. It has been told very clearly, what is real and what is unreal. If the words that you read are simple and give the same concepts of reality that you have received they must be true concepts. Do not mistake what I have said, for words may be different; the methods of teaching and the description of reality might well, to the intellect, differ greatly. Summarize the book into the briefest concepts. Then compare the seeds of that book to the seeds of your knowing.

We often seek to analyse an expression of feeling, into concepts of mind that we place in words. Each of you here would describe the words that I have spoken differently and according to your own minds. But this I say to you, that your feelings are the same, although the understanding of your minds may be vastly different.

There are many paths to learning the Truth. Each path has different contours and to know the rightness of your path you have to look at your destination. If you feel sure and at peace within yourself that your destination is the same as those whose path may differ, then be at ease with your path and follow it. For it is your path, it is the one that you choose and understand.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

Michael on Skeptico.

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