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What could be “queerer” than talking with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr?

Posted on 30 October 2011, 17:11

The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.

J. B. S. Haldane, in Possible Worlds and Other Papers (1927), p. 286


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What could be “queerer” than talking with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr?

And yet our book gives ample evidence that this is exactly what we have been doing.  “Exactly?”  What are we to think of a strange conversation with Stephen, when I have been suggesting that Christ is to be found in the space between people.

Like a Gestalt, remember the diagram?  Two faces looking at each other, or if you look at the space between the faces, you see a vase with a narrow waist outlined by the two facing noses. I was comparing Christ to the vase.

Stephen agreed, and then said FIVE WORDS in Greek, “ Iacho me,  phaino se, phrontizesthe”: “I proclaim myself, I reveal thee – think about it.”  Much else of interest was spoken, but especially interesting was what I discovered a day or two later.

It was in Berlins, in the Buller Gorge of the West Coast of New Zealand that this conversation with Stephen took place.  But chance conversations led me to discover that about the time of the conversation, late in the evening, almost 200 kilometers away in Christchurch, there were the following events:

(1) A psychic friend was looking for FIVE NOTES on his piano,

(2) my future wife, Gertrud, had a dream in which there were FIVE LINKS from her body to a philosopher’s stone, 

(3) A school teacher friend was making a UFO with FIVE CONNECTIONS to the four walls of the classroom; and

(4) from The Christian Science Monitor two friends were clipping out this poem:

“Message Received:
Sudden sun bursts…in your thought
The tree at your window… takes leaf in your book
Unannounced five birds
five shadows
gather print in their wings
move within the branches’ tracery
that grows through the words
their meanings alight
Notes on the stave of the tree, they remain
after the birds are gone, after the words fly free.
The eye becomes the ear.
You’re wondering why
in all this sun, in all this gentle urging
five sounds frame one
dear cosmic cry.”

[Underneath were written in musical notation the five notes of the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS UFO. In that same conversation with Stephen, we had been discussing the UFO as a symbol of the interlacing of the physical and spiritual realms.]

To study this event further, go to Sections 120-123 in Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr


When we have let this story sink in,  we are faced with the question, What are we really doing when we are talking to Stephen?  I was talking to Stephen later about these strange synchronicities, and asked him whether he “magicked” these synchronicities into happening. He denied that he had, and asserted that it was the Christ of the Space Between who had brought all the events into being, Stephen’s five words, Gertrud’s dream, the psychic’s five notes, the teacher’s UFO with five connections, and the friends cutting out the poem.  -  I called this strange coming together of events, “The Five-fives”.

Perhaps it helps us to understand, if we can accept that the spiritual and physical are dimensions of one whole; and if we can picture the spiritual-physical whole as being like the internet, where everything is connected in cyberspace to everything else, where time and distance mean nothing.  Let my Point of View be that computer screen where first came the conversation with Stephen, and then the four other events in Christchurch.  It is as if I had Googled “Five connections” and then as if from nowhere, (or from everywhere), came the other events.  “Christ of the Space Between” can be compared to the Search Engine.  But let us not be carried away with such analogies. After all, the internet is seen as physical. The spiritual reality is not to be understood in purely physical terms.

For more information on Stephen, go to

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Dear Geoff,
Thank you for the thoughtful raising of important questions. How to respond?  If you would read this blog again, and see what sense you can make of the FIVE-FIVEs synchronicity. “Stephen” (in inverted commas so as not to beg the question) utters five Greek words;  in the same evening, in differing locations, one person dreams of five connections to a philosophers stone, another is looking for five notes, another is making five connections to a UFO, and in another someone is cutting out a poem that summarises the whole strange event. When I asked “Stephen” whether he had magicked the whole event into existence, he said, no, it was the Christ of the Space Between. What is the truth here?
The simple truth is that the FIVE-FIVES did happen exactly as reported. That is the truth. But if we write “Stephen”, then perhaps we should also use quotation marks to write, “dreamer”. “note-finder”, “maker of connections to a (silver-paper) UFO,” and so on,  because we are told that the whole episode was orchestrated by a higher/wider level of consciousness, “Christ of the Space Between.”
I have experienced a great number of these strange synchronicities, and in my case they have been inspiring and helpful.  On the other hand I know someone who likewise has many striking synchronicities, and they all have to do with negative events such as explosions, war, sickness and death? Why the difference? Are his negative synchronicities also the work of the “Christ of the Space Between?”…. Do you understand my problem?  And should I put the Padgett Stephen also in quotation marks?  Of course, I do not know the answer.
(You might like to look at Sections 16-18 to see what “Stephen” has to say about truth.)
If you personally would like to continue corresponding on this issue, then do write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Michael Cocks, Thu 10 Nov, 07:05

Dear Michael,

Its VERY unlikely the Padgett “Stephen” is other than who he said he was. Padgett channeled a very large number of spirits, many of them quite famous and or infamous, and his wife was in spirit and he had a spirit band who would confirm that the spirit was who it claimed to be. July 18th 1915 was a curious day, when Padgett (who was doubtful about all this) received no fewer than eight such confirmations, including his wife and grandmother. These are listed off this page: They were all reassuring him that it was in fact “kosher”.

Re your comment that you felt the “old” Stephen was “talking down”. Curious you had that impression. Perhaps its the language, but that is not something I would have said about any of the over 1500 messages received at that time, with about 240 from the Master alone. He was at pains to destroy the notion he is God, and stressed he is our brother too. Any way, I will read on.

As an aside I first started reading on my Kindle, and was quite annoyed by the formatting that has been used. In fact I first assumed it was just very poor workmanship of the formatter. Later I switched to reading on my pc, where I could discern why the formatting does not suit the Kindle itself. Clearly a particular style was used, which presents fine on a much bigger page, but just does not work on a small screen of a Kindle. It results in words all over the place, making it very hard to read. Its probably one of those examples where the formatting used in the book should not have been maintained on the Kindle.

take care,

Geoff, Wed 9 Nov, 04:04

I have had a look at the material relating to James Padgett. Yes, Padgett’s Stephen seems unlike the Stephen we were talking with. Our Stephen treated us as brothers and sisters, and didn’t talk from on high. He was helping us in our spiritual development, with a point of view much in common with The Sermon on the Mount, and the mysticism of John’s Gospel. He had a sense of humour,joked, and taught often with parables. If you study the last parts of our Stephen book, you will find strong evidence from the kind of Greek that he spoke and other clues, that we are truly hearing from Stephen.
I would not however be so bold as to deny that Padgett’s Stephen was truly the Martyr. It was a different time, and a different audience, and if it were Stephen, he might have related in a different way.

Michael Cocks, Tue 8 Nov, 16:14

I don’t find it queer at all that Stephen the Martyr might be channeled. All that I find strange, is he does not seem to be much like the same fellow channeled a considerable time before. I am familiar with the notion that the medium will colour the message, yet there seems to me at least, to be very little message here. Its almost as if he is unwilling to get into any good stuff.

I admit I am yet to get very far through the book, and I will persevere, but so far he seems to have very little that I would find valuable to say. Contrast that with what he said July 18th, 1915:  There he at least confirmed that James Padgett was talking to the Master and others. And in passing he mentions things like “Celestial spheres” which are a major topic in this earlier work.

Geoff, Tue 8 Nov, 05:32

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