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Being reincarnate a thousandfold: Stephen the Martyr

Posted on 27 February 2018, 12:56

The astronomer James Jeans wrote that, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine”.  There is now wide agreement with those words. 

You and I similarly are thoughts within this Great Thought. If this is so, what is the distance between the thought which is you, and the thought that is me? What is the distance between you and me, and the universal Christ?  What is the distance between one incarnation of you and me and another?  These are nonsense questions. We cannot locate thoughts in Space and Time, we can neither measure nor weigh thoughts.

Readers may be less confused if they bear this in mind In the following conversations with Stephen.

53. Being reincarnate a thousandfold.

Michael [to Stephen the Martyr]:  Olive was saying to me that she had the feeling that as Christ also spoke of himself as being a thousandfold, so too this could be said of Anne and Jacob. What do you think about that?

Olive: I am not going to give up!

Stephen: This answer is most difficult. The understanding of the phenomenon is sometimes beyond even myself but hear me now. Even as I speak through this body, I am Stephen and reincarnate possibly a thousand fold. The confusion is not in the reality of this. It is on in the concept of your conscious mind where it can but think of one body, where you are so mentally confined as to think of this [spirit being confined to one body]. Even with those you love, you still feel separated physically. You are conscious of the gap that is between you, yet you know and yet you feel that you can reach out and touch and caress the ones that you love be they a thousand miles away. Because of the physical function of the brain that has to associate, has to balance, has to move the limbs, has to operate the heart, lungs, the blood vessels, the antibodies, that has to compensate and balance the body when it moves and the million other physical things, the mind imposes upon the power of thought a confinement to that body. That poor physical mind. The innumerable duties that it needs to perform and yet always to serve the purpose we must ask more of it. Glad I am that I am not restricted forever in your body, Thomas, for the burden is very great and one I would feel myself unworthy to undertake at this time.

To return to the question: blame not your mind for feeling restricted in the body, understand that yourself are more and that when you come out of that body you will fully understand that what is you, Anne, is you in any form.  For it is not logical that you could restrict the whole of you in one body for I cannot do that, not because it is impossible, but because it would take greater courage than that and only One has ever done it and will do so again. [The Cell of Jesus expresses itself in only one body, and will do so again ... at the Second Coming.]

Note: When Stephen talks about the ‘Cell’, he is referring to what we would call the ‘soul’. 

Olive: I know these things, Stephen; how do I know them?

Stephen: Bless you Olive. Would I but be able to take all of you out, Anne, I would, everybody that you may be. I would do it. Forgive this poor answer… You have other questions? (If you have the strength!) The strength is Thomas’s.

Michael:  I was going to ask what it was like to be you. But you have said it, as best as I think I can understand. I cannot understand that you can have a thousand consciousnesses, but in some ways I am glad that you are not just for us because that makes me feel more comfortable.

Stephen: My consciousness, as is your consciousness, is a thousandfold,  is not divided, it is the guest in many physical thoughts, brains, or what you think of as consciousnesses, the whole of me…

Michael: All right… now reading what you had said to Tom and Olive in their record and also looking at what I seem to have received myself, I seem to have had experience of what is called the group mind. Is the group mind myself in multiplicity?

Stephen: No. This is the short answer. I can explain it like this: Anne and I and many others are of a group. The consciousness that is in each of you may be separated in separate consciousnesses but they are part of the group, and even you will see this on the physical plane.

There is an interesting book by Michael Newton: Journey of Souls, [1998] in which he describes sessions under hypnosis where subjects are questioned about their state between incarnations. I do gain the impression that Newton’s approach is serious and trustworthy. At pages 151-5 he relates a session dealing with multiple incarnation, then comments: “Most of my colleagues who work with past life clients have listened to overlapping chronologies from people living on Earth in two places at once. Occasionally, there are three or more parallel lives. Souls in almost any stage of development are capable of living multiple physical lives, but I don’t see much of this in my cases.

Olive: The trouble is that we all belong to one another in the group. We cannot abdicate this.

Michael: We are all leaves on the one tree, if I understand you correctly. Stephen, was I present at the time of our Lord?

Stephen: You were present and therefore you are now present.

Michael:  It is very good to speak to you like this. It gives me a feeling of being expanded to what I am, to what I was, what I shall be.

Stephen: Only, what I AM.

54.  On being realistic about ourselves.

Michael: Your teaching Stephen, always feels true to me. Yet this very teaching, and more especially the knowledge of who some of us have been, becomes a burden and a source of anxiety for me, for I feel much responsibility and accountability to the Father for the use of what I know. I feel my own sinfulness and, indeed, a stagnation and a caught-upness in the events of my own past. I am also caught up in the imaginings that a great and glorious event must be wrought in the material world by an assemblage which includes Jacob and Anne,  Judas and others, under the teaching of Stephen and somehow I have an important part to play in this happening. Might I add that I am talking about my imaginings… my thinking says, “Accept what comes, step by step, and be content with not knowing”... but my imaginings nevertheless often confuse me.”

Stephen:  The self-imposed discipline, of course, says that Michael should accept what comes without question but we are not made this way. That this assemblage of “great” persons should be gathered together with Stephen who is also “great”, must have some “great” object is the question that is asked. Let us say this, and let the mind not be so disciplined, but let the mind say that at one time all of these “great” personages were in close proximity with the Lord Jesus for a great purpose, not under noms de plume or in diverse bodies, but there as they were and as they were created. At this time what were the “great” things that they did themselves? Think, Michael, then look at the things that these same personages are doing now, then explain to your reasoning the difference, if you can find one. Are their achievements “separated” again from what they have achieved before? Would their purpose be different? This is what we would expect; but your discipline is an advantage, that we should always listen, that the Father may, if it be His will, use any of us - His creation - as instruments for a purpose, in a particular way that may be needed.  What we should do is to remain attentive, for the need may come that we be used in a particular way but let us not fail to recognise that we are now being used for the purposes of the Father in a way that we, as personages, have always been used.

Michael:  Thank you Stephen. Another question which arose out of the last time, was the strand and the thread, a thousand - shall we say - X’es or Annes in one thread… I wonder whether the number of people who have Judas at one end of the strand increases as time goes on? Whether perhaps we should use the image of a tree. Could you perhaps give me a concept? And is there a limit to this? Does the number of strands become infinite or is there a time when there can no longer be more?

Stephen: First, let me take away the appendages that we have had. We shall speak of X, for that is the name of the time of that self which is still now. When we should speak of such a time to distinguish it from many parallel times or times of different threads we name that time and the time that we speak of and wonder of as the time of “X”. Is that not clear to you?

Michael: That is clear.

Stephen: The time of that thread now is called “Michael”, the length of that thread has many points of time, both incarnate and in other states and other places; each is recognised by its Time Name. That we be made aware of a Time Name is for the purpose always of partial recall of an experience that would be advantageous for the needs of the Time Name now. The question you ask, only the Father could answer, for you ask to come beyond and see the pattern and the texture of the whole of the tapestry.

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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