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Stephen the Martyr on The Trinity

Posted on 28 March 2018, 14:03

Christians speak of God as a Holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit (Perhaps “Parent, Child, and Holy Spirit”).  When they say “son” they usually have Jesus in mind. But in this communication the spirit of Stephen asserts that in communion with God we can all say that we are part of the Holy Trinity, since we are all sons and daughters of God.  I am reminded of the words of Jesus in St John’s Gospel: “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, ...” John 14:12

Mike Webb: Please help us in our understanding of the Trinity.

Stephen: The Son is the self of what was created, [of Jesus, and of you and me] the Father is the Source and the Spirit is the Cell of Influence [soul].

Therefore, the Son takes upon himself the burden of sin of the created; the Spirit influences through the cell, the continuation of the refinement of the Father’s love.

For only the body and the created can accept the sin of the created.

Therefore the Son came.

And, indeed, when it is said that the Son sits on the right hand of the Father, it means that the created is now an extension of the Creator.

The Spirit, being of the Creator, must also be part of the Trinity.

Therefore we have three in one.

58. Trinity: Spirit, Soul, and the Created.

Stephen: We have spoken of the interdependence on each other and of ourselves.

Let us see then if in our mind we can clarify the picture.

Instead let us think of “three” - a trinity of things - rather than of “two”.

A writer, who may be known to some of you, spoke of this Trinity as being: the spirit - or the God-consciousness, the soul - or cell, being the self-consciousness, and the created that is the body - being the sense-consciousness…

This, then, gives us a very clear picture.

We shall take the two legs of the extreme [polarities]: firstly,  the created, which is the sense-consciousness and all the things that were created for the use of those senses.

We have a collection of created cells joined together in various forms but each complete unto itself.

We see a pattern; we see an inter-connection between all things, so that we might say that all that is created is one.

Secondly, we take the other leg, that is the Spirit - or the God-consciousness.

If that consciousness created what has been created, how else would it create except in its own likeness, and that pattern that is itself?

So that the Spirit, in the realms of the Spirit and in God-consciousness, is of the same interdependence as that of the sense-consciousness that it created. 

The interdependence each upon the other is where we often become confused and has led us into mistaken thoughts more often than any other concept we have been given.

I believe that in the early days a concept that I gave you may have caused a little confusion and it would have helped you to think of only “two”, instead of “three”. So then, let us look at the self-consciousness or the cell of influence or the soul.

This is the intermediary.

If we would say that the self-consciousness is a “thought, created by the spirit so that the spirit has communication and communion with the created”,
it would be a better concept han that previously in your mind.

The mis-arrangement that we have spoken of previously is the mis-arrangement of the self-consciousness, or cell, that acts, as I have said, through the emotions, taking and acting upon the emotions or the sense-consciousness of the body, and not of the spirit or God-consciousness.

We have often worried in our mind about my words concerning “emotion”.
I have said before that the emotion that comes from the Source is the emotion of love and [is] the emotion that stirs what can bring forth [re-]actions of the sense-conscious body to the Cell or Self-consciousness.

Arguments are now coming into our mind about “good” and “evil”, that we cannot have one without the other and that the spirit leads the sense-conscious emotions into the cell,  so that the contrast may be perceived by that cell, or the soul, so that the soul may choose. This is not correct.

The Spirit - the Source, the God-consciousness - is what will influence, beyond question, the final outcome and emotions that each cell will receive and act upon, eventually. To do this, that cell needs to be strengthened and to become unwavering by being exposed to the emotions from the sense-consciousness.

These are the concepts that would be easiest to understand, for it can help us to understand the usage of the cell - the self-consciousness - of different bodies, even in the same space in time.

We would complicate our thinking more by breaking down [into component parts], as we would in the physical and then we would have a discussion about this trinity, as we might have about the concept of which we have been speaking, of the many cells of all of creation that are joined together, [because] they cannot be separate; and yet, each part of that whole, which is creation, is, in itself, a Whole.
Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
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