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The Void, Zero Point Field, and the Holographic Universe

Posted on 12 May 2018, 7:20

The simple truth is that All-That-Is is timeless, spaceless, and indivisible creative Mind or Spirit. This Spirit, this Christ, creates events in Spirit, but also events involving time, space and energy. Plato said the same thing, when he said that physical events are brought into being by “Ideal Forms” in heaven.

“As above, so below” and this theme is expressed again and again in the other perspectives on this that follow.

The physicist David Bohm called these Ideal Forms The Implicate Universe, and the created Space and Time The Explicate Universe.

Less spiritually minded scientists have quite seriously compared the entire space-time world we physical beings inhabit to a computer simulation operated by an unknown intelligence. Unconsciously we are supposed to be part of some infinite computer game, over which we have no power whatsoever.

What creates All That Is, can also be called the Christ. We remember the beginning of John’s Gospel. “In the beginning was the Word, the Christ” 

Once again we have the same story: Timeless spaceless Spirit creates people and events in the world we know, with our physical senses. As above, so below, as they say.

People also write of Zero Point Field Energy, and the Void. When it comes to the crunch, both are suggesting the same old situation. From nothingness comes all that can be experienced in the physical world.

“As above, so below”, yes, we can relate this to the first chapter of the book of Genesis, where God created mankind in his own image. It is suggesting that there is a commonality between the mind of God, and the mind of humans.

A popular theme amongst spiritual writers is that of the Holographic universe. This provides yet another persepctive One may recall the properties of a holographic picture. One property is that such a picture enables the viewer to see things in 3-D. Even more remarkable though, is that if you cut out a small portion of the picture, you can still see THE WHOLE PICTURE. It is true that the picture is somewhat more fuzzy and less clear, but we are still seeing the whole picture.  It would be a true to say that if we look at any human beings, we will get some kind of picture of God.

Reality is also described in terms of Fractals. For example, consider a fern leaf similar to that of a New Zealand silver fern. If you look closer you see that the main frond is made up of numerous side shoots with exactly the same shape as the main frond. Look more closely still, each side shoot has its own side shoots of exactly the same shape. Such fractal progressions are widely observed in nature.

Quantum Entanglement provides yet another perspective on the theme, As above so below. All is entangeled with all else in a timeless, spaceless mode.  I mention all this for us to bear in mind when we ponder the words of Stephen that follow.

Section 61 The Void

Stephen: The explosion which was to put me into the Void [through abandoning the personality of Stephen to become at one with the Whole, it has now come about that] I am now imploded!  And once more together. In what way may I help?

Michael:  Would you speak, Stephen, of the Void, and of the “explosion” which scared us a little the other night. We are very sorry that we lost part of your words because the tape was too short. So would you mind speaking to us again of your consciousness now?*

Stephen: We invariably measure things in terms of the physical consciousness until we understand what it is that we are being. We still feel that there are changes which must come about in us, until we become part of something different - the void, if you wish.

Think in the other direction.

—-Perhaps this is enough for now to consider.  Interested readers will gain much by exploring the themes above that are presented in bold type in Wikipedia and other sources of information. There has been exploration at great depth of all these perspectives, And there is a blizzard of information. But I suggest the effort to gain generation impression of all these issues would be very rewarding, in gaining something of what can be found in “Nothingness” and “the Void” 

Michael Cocks edits the journal, The Ground of Faith.
Afterlife Teaching From Stephen the Martyr by Michael Cocks is published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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