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Swedenborg gives date of his death

Posted on 12 April 2012, 14:25

During February 1772, John Wesley, (below) the famous theologian and co-founder of the Methodist movement, received a letter from Swedenborg, stating:  “Sir: I have been informed in the world of spirits that you have a strong desire to converse with me.  I shall be happy to see you, if you will favor me with a visit.  I am, sir, Your humble servant, Eman. Swedenborg.”


After receiving the letter, Wesley told some fellow clergymen that he had been very strongly impressed to meet and speak with Swedenborg, but he was mystified by the letter as he had never mentioned the desire to anyone. 

Wesley responded to Swedenborg (below) that he was about to leave on a six-month trip, but would like to meet with him upon his return. In reply, Swedenborg said that it would be too late as we would “go into the world of spirits on the 29th day of the next month, never more to return.” Swedenborg died of natural causes on March 29, 1772, even though he still appeared in good health and gave no signs of dying beforehand.

He had, in advance, also told his landlady and maidservant of his departure that day.  The latter said that he seemed pleased at the prospect, “as if he was going to have a holiday, to go to some merry-making.” 

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I also encourage readers to pick up DIRECT from SPIRIT by Kaleb aka william blake, well known thru history, this is a small pocket book chock full of info pending passing that is good to know indeed.

Todd MichaeL Wiseman
Toronto OnT

todd wiseman, Mon 18 Oct, 03:38

I have read a biography of Swedenborg and much information about him from the Swedenborg Society, but this anecdote is new to me.

You really must slow down your writing of Afterlife books - I can’t keep up with them for reading and reviewing!!

Best wishes, Howard


Dr Howard A. Jones, Fri 13 Apr, 15:30

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