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  Earth's Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide us through Times of Change
Goerge E. Moss

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This book is about NOW—a time of unprecedented change and challenge. My fifty years as innovative scientist have enmeshed with two decades of séance group encounters. The latter have led to intriguing revelations, that fast became sensational between-worlds adventures, as one from Angelic Realms whom we now know as ‘Salumet’, joined us as teacher and guide. That was mid-1994, was part of Earth’s forward move and the timing not accidental. Our guide’s objectives were twofold: firstly to deflect mankind’s dogged approach towards nuclear oblivion, and secondly to teach truth of existence—much needed in a world devoted to rampant materialism and confused religious fervour.

Angelic light-being and scientist may seem a doubtful alliance, but fortunately for me such light-beings as Salumet are endowed with, not just all-knowledge of this and other universes, but also with infinite love and undying patience. There have been my moments of feeling inadequate of course, but overriding all is our awareness of enormous privilege, shared by the whole team—that team including the essential full-trance medium Eileen Roper, through whom our guide speaks. With own consciousness inactive during sessions, Eileen is Salumet’s pure channel. All exchanges have been recorded and transcribed as was meant to be.

Words of the ongoing teachings that embrace love, truth and living are simple and easily understood by all, unlike a few of my own scientific propositions! But I have learned and have been able to forge meaningful connections between what is spiritual, what is scientific and certain religious criteria; to shed light upon our obviously confused and erroneous thinking. Science and the religions are of course ongoing belief systems that have emerged through a chequered and flawed planetary history, whilst spirituality is vividly now and forever. We were always first and foremost spiritual beings, as are all the sentient beings of this expanding universe.

We are told that Earth is a learning planet in a universe that expands from all points within itself, as does baker’s dough. That’s right! There never was a ‘singularity’ beginning and no ‘big bang’; that idea was a false premise—an error that arose from the mistake of purely physical thinking. At this point in time it has become a necessity that mainstream science accepts spiritual values—that mind, spirit, consciousness, prayer, telepathy and all-pervading aether all exist as non-material realities. These non-material realities are not subject to the laws that govern ordinary matter—the space-time creation. Full acceptance by science of the non-material will activate a vista of new ‘spiritual science’ potential. Mind is linked to, yet is exterior to brain and has the potential to communicate with other minds absolutely anywhere, even across huge universal distance. Brain is an incredible biological computer that can download the thought-behind-words to its known language; so that with the cooperation of those in spirit, interplanetary communication is possible and does indeed prevail. There are no language barriers and there are no time delays, so telepathic mind-link is a favoured method of communication used by truly advanced sentient beings of this universe. But what about Earth’s SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program—an expensive 50-year program based on radio dishes? That was one further example of false premise arising from our purely physical thinking. No one else in this universe would dream of using physical fixed-velocity radio communication when telepathic mind-link is available. Radical matters such as this have been discussed at length with our all-knowing teacher, Salumet.

The interplanetary communications during séance have been a blessing; yielding valuable knowledge of the intricacies of mind, knowledge of how spiritually more evolved beings think and disport themselves and knowledge of how spiritual acceptance can lead to amazing technical progress. The whole of God’s creation is very much alive! Combined spiritual and technical advancement has led many to, amongst other things, cosmic travel using space-ships, utilising ‘wormholes’ as convenient short cuts where appropriate. It may surprise some that this has in turn led to our understanding of the reason for pyramid construction here on Earth—by extraterrestrial visitors. Oh yes! Earth has indeed been visited by advanced sentient beings from elsewhere. They are interested in our progress and they have built their pyramids here. In fact, the first task of a physical mission to another planet has often been to build a pyramid, with one pair of sides orientated exactly East-West. Why so? Such a structure, aligned to planetary spin, generates energy—this energy being required for their sustenance whilst here; also to boost their means of travel for the homeward journey. Without a pyramid they would be stuck here on Earth for the rest of their lives! So there has been good sound reason for Earth’s first pyramids. That they should be seen as tombs for dignitaries is a naive human notion that came very much later.

The truth of existence and Earth’s progression of course involve much more than just getting our scientific act together and our friendly recognition of cosmic neighbours. While these details must be addressed, especially by our scientists, institutions, politicians and learned societies, this book which has five parts accounts much, much more. Part I explains past lives, reincarnation, spirit rescues, essential spiritual facts, and then we rejoice in the return to the meetings following a lengthy break, of our dear friend Bonniol who lives on Planet Aerah, many galaxies distant from here. Part II addresses pyramids, their origin and purpose; with special reference to Cahuachi in the Nazca River Valley and to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids—that includes our October 2013 tour of excavations there. The more recent visits of Bonniol to us through 2013 are also included here. Part III differentiates true and false prophecy, the amazing power of thought, proofs of the spiritual existence, and some enlightening conversations with notaries and royalty now in spirit. Part IV concerns some conceptual matters and current Earthly problems, the beauty and meaning of mathematics within creation, the principle of non-violence and how the angels are ever present and may be called upon in times of need. Part V describes details of a scheme being mounted from spirit designed to assist our cosmic ascendancy. And the final chapter: ‘Love, Truth, Peace and Goodwill’ extols the virtues of love, forgiveness, rising above our fears and of being non-judgemental. We are beings of love and Salumet approves the ‘Beatles’ title: ‘Love is All You Need’. Finally a blessing from Sister Agnes; a most dear one in spirit who brought her love and her valuable teaching to the Kingsclere Group—that was in the very early preparative days before Salumet joined us. This was a timely and such a heartfelt reunion, uniting past and present!

And throughout this book there is the teaching, the questions answered, the confirmation of data and of course that all-encompassing love that can be felt—from SALUMET, our guide, our teacher, our inspiration. These pages are all about his mission to this planet—all about his dedication to help EARTH’S COSMIC ASCENDANCY, our planetary ascension with all of us on board, to higher unimagined realities.

Foreword by Prof Ervin Laszlo and Gyorgyi Szabo MA. Contribution re Bosnian Pyramid excavations by Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich.  

Salumet Website:

About the author

Childhood on a small Hampshire mixed farm of the 1930s was my much valued and beautiful introduction to what was then a world more closely aligned to nature. Skylarks sang as swallows swooped, above meadows that were a floral tribute; while evenings closed with the song of the nightingale. The living was basic—water from the well, candle and oil-lamp lighting, a garden privy, log fires and no energy bills. But at the local grammar school, chemistry beckoned and then, following conscripted military service, I had a first job in the plant control laboratories of a big oil refinery. This work had the added bonus of weekly day release and night school for further study at Birkenhead Technical College. This was to lead eventually to C Chem., FRSC qualification and the position of Head of Industrial R&D with J A Radley Laboratories Ltd, a thriving research and development group in Reading, Berkshire. It was a happy organization, and when our Principal ‘JAR’ retired in 1972, I was able to continue with my own practice: ‘Commercial & Forensic Laboratories’, from the same premises; shared with Public Analyst, Microbiology and North Sea Oil laboratory facilities. CFL had chemistry and microscopy laboratories and an office for writing the many, many reports and occasional technical article. Our small team was kept very busy with problems of the day. It had become fashionable for firms to farm out their technical and chemical conundrums, so that workload was extremely varied. Asbestos analysis; also preparation of scientific court evidence were growth sectors, and the latter became an area of personal expertise, leading to casework in several of London’s terrorist bombing trials.

I had meanwhile gathered facts that would become my first book A Smudge in Time—an attempted presentation of selected data, as an easy-read philosophy. In the summer of 1989, in the company of my dear wife Ann and two sons Mark and Paul, I travelled to Palenque, Mexico. There, we visited Las Ruinas—the Mayan site of pyramid-temples, where we shared a most illuminating and treasured experience (fully accounted as chapter 6 of the above book). I think our spiritual journey began here, leading us to the séance meetings of what is now known as the Kingsclere Group. We settled into the regular weekly meetings a little ahead of the light-being Salumet, who joined us from Angelic Realms in 1994, as guide and teacher. My mind, over the years, had become well attuned to the process of logical inquiry and to the writing of reports—such aptitudes were to come in very handy as Salumet’s edifying mission unfolded! It seems to me now, on reflection, that just as the laboratory light microscope has revealed so much truth about nature, we now have a metaphoric spiritual light microscope that reveals all those more fundamental truths of the spiritual existence. And I am so grateful to Paul for creating a website that encompasses all Salumet material, and for making three books available on Amazon Kindle—A Smudge in Time, Salumet – His mission to Planet Earth and The Chronicles of Aerah – Mind-link Communications across the Universe.       
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Publisher: White Crow Books
Published May 2014
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-910121-28-3
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