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  If Morning Never Comes: A Soldier's Near-Death Experience on the Battlefield
Bill Vandenbush

Amazon  RRP £12.99 UK Paperback
Amazon  RRP $17.99 US Paperback

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A tragedy of war nearly destroyed my life, but a force intervened and has guided me on an incredible lifelong journey. My Near-Death Experience took me to the place where Spirit meets the Universe and showed me that we can all be enlightened, regardless of religious beliefs. Come join me on this journey and learn how Spirit taught me to overcome overwhelming odds and find my purpose in life. In this book, I share with you the insights and lessons learned from an excursion into a dimension of enlightenment, and my return home from the hell of combat.”
~ Bill Vandenbush

About the author

Bill Vandenbush is an inspiring public speaker and has appeared on Arthur C. Clark’s Mysterious Universe, Sightings, Town Meeting and a variety of TV talk shows. He has also appeared in several PBS and BBC specials that feature near-death experiences. Bill has frequently shared his story at the International Association for Near Death Studies conferences and local study groups and with numerous community organizations, colleges, high schools and church groups. Bill completed a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Washington and worked as a mental health counselor and program coordinator for the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington for nearly twenty years. He took early retirement in 2000 to write and pursue other career opportunities and has recently appeared in a feature story on Monday Night Football.

Bill and his wife Shannon currently live in Grays Harbor County, Washington, with their dog Luci, and operate the local cable access television station. Bill is also the co-host of a radio talk show called Strange Harbor.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published September 2016
304 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-002-8
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