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  PSI WARS: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet
Craig Weiler

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When TED, the global media platform, took down scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s lecture, “The Science Delusion,” deeming it not scientific, it ignited a fierce discussion around the globe. Bloggers, commenters, distinguished scientists, Internet trolls and even a Nobel Prize winning physicist all contributed to this once-in-a-lifetime debate. The subject? The most controversial question of all time—what is nature of reality?

In Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet, Craig Weiler, in journalistic fashion, demonstrates how science, the accepted arbiter of truth, is constantly being manipulated and propagandized in an effort to uphold prejudices and beliefs in the scientific community.

There is a division within the sciences about the nature of consciousness and the legitimacy of parapsychology as a science. Weiler examines how so-called guerilla skeptics and organizations lobby mainstream media, universities, colleges and scientific organizations, and use digital media such as Wikipedia to defend their point of view and discredit consciousness researchers and scientists.

The controversy over the nature of reality has a profound effect on our society and helps determine our thoughts and actions and how we view the world. Brainwashing and propaganda, thought by many to be the tenets of religion and totalitarian regimes, is alive and well in the world of science and influencing our daily lives.

Praise for PSI WARS

“Craig Weiler reports vividly from the front line. Like any good war correspondent he’s been in the thick of the action himself and shows how the dogmatic sceptics and psi deniers work both in public and behind the scenes.  He charts the recent online conflicts better and more topically than anyone else.  This battle is an inevitable part of the process of paradigm change, and Weiler’s book is an essential guide.”

~ Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., biologist and author of The Science Delusion / Science Set Free.

“Science is often portrayed as a dispassionate truth-seeking activity, but because scientists are human it has the same frailties and prejudices that can be found in any social context. Psi Wars deftly highlights this all-too-human side of science in a controversial domain, but the same story can be found in many areas of science. An important book for students of the sociology of science, and an especially eye-opening book for anyone interested in how science really works.”

~ Dean Radin PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic and other books.

“Craig gets it right from start to finish well, not “finish,” because the controversy still rages. He understands the sociocultural and academic issues clearly and has the guts to say so in this excellent book. “

~ Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of ONE MIND: Why Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Since the initiation of the Parapsychology Foundation (est. 1951), its basic principle has always been for fair, honest and balanced scientific inquiry. This book exposes where such responsibility for science communication has been abused in the technological era.”

~ Anastasia Damalas, Director of Digital Media, Parapsychology Foundation

“Bad practice and hidden agendas which aim to sway the public’s views on science – and evidence surrounding psi – deserve to be exposed and debunked. This book achieves that! Since the beginnings of the Parapsychology Foundation (est. 1951), our most basic remit has always been for thorough and balanced scientific inquiry. Science should be communicated in no other way!”

~ Lisette Coly, President, Parapsychology Foundation

“Craig Weiler has compiled a compelling case … which delivers the evidence and certainly makes no apologies. The more people are aware of the controversies, the easier the fight will become for fair and balanced science communication. Psi Wars is certainly not fruitless – this book bears many fruits!”

~ Callum E. Cooper, Ph.D., author, Conversations with Ghosts.

About the author

Craig Weiler is a parapsychology journalist, speaker and host of the popular blog “The Weiler Psi” on the science of parapsychology, the skepticism and the psychics. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Craig runs a small successful construction business.

Craig has had an eclectic mix of interests over the years including acting, filmmaking, painting and writing and also built his own house.

Craig began his spiritual path during the New Age movement, teaching and practicing psychic healing, but found that it wasn’t a good enough business. He does not follow any particular teachings, rather he explores a very westernized mixture of science and spirituality. He lives on the San Francisco Peninsula with his wife and too many cats.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published June 2020
270 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
ISBN 978-1-78677-117-9
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