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  The Dark Messiah:Magick, Gnosis and Religion
Brian J. Allan

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Amazon  RRP $17.99 US Paperback

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Did religion legitimise magick or magick legitimise religion? Logic would suggest the latter, because shamanic and animistic traditions have long predated organised religion.

In this book the author considers the observations made by Sir James Fraser in The Golden Bough, when he wrote: “Magic is the bastard sister of science; it is therefore a truism, almost a tautology, to say that magic is necessarily false and barren, for were it ever to become true and fruitful it would no longer be magic but science”.

In demonstrating just how accurate that statement is Allan considers sorcerer priests, biblical magick, wicca, the inquisition, the Big Bang and even quantum physics and concludes that religion and magick are, and indeed have to be, one and the same.

He also asks if there any difference between the magickal displays attributed to saints and other conventionally ‘holy people’ and those manifested by people such as faith healers, psychics and mediums? Most controversial of all he poses the question, was Jesus really the Son of God or a Master Magician? All of this and much, much more is considered here. This book could permanently change how you see the world.


About the author

Brian Allan has been interested in manifestations of the supernatural and paranormal since an encounter during his early childhood, and since then he has seen more than enough to convince him of the existence of another reality that lies alongside our own. He is also sure that if the conditions are right, and they are willing, we can contact and communicate with whatever exists there. He also believes that the paranormal and ufology are only two sides of the same coin and as result of this he has lectured extensively and also written several twelve subject related books and several documentary scripts dealing with these matters. Another of his interests is the enigma of Rosslyn Chapel, where his research revealed what is thought to be one of its secrets and that relates to specific frequency based on a chord structure called the ‘augmented fourth’, which is encoded into some of the carvings within the building. Brian is a presenter and scriptwriter and was a former editor of Paranormal Magazine, he is currently the editor of Phenomena Magazine: and can be contacted at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published March 2018
222 pages
Size: 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-057-8
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