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  Till Death Don't Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life
Karen Frances McCarthy

Amazon  RRP £11.99 UK Paperback
Amazon  RRP $17. 99 US Paperback

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Former political and war correspondent, Karen Frances McCarthy, was on assignment when she received the news that her partner had suddenly died in New York. Skeptical by nature and numbed by the tragedy, she spiraled into a deep state of grief about never communicating with him again … until he actually did.”

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Till Death Don’t Us Part is a true, down-to-earth, but transformational story of one woman’s extraordinary journey through tragedy to awakening to the knowledge that love and life never dies.

Praise for Till Death Don’t Us Part

“Karen Frances McCarthy blends journalistic rigor with the heartfelt pain over losing the love of her life in Till Death Don’t Us Part. It’s a fascinating transformational journey that challenges all our assumptions about death.”

~ Susan Shapiro, New York Times bestselling author of Five Men Who Broke My Heart & Byline Bible

“A beautiful and candid account of Karen Frances McCarthy’s personal experience of falling in love and how her world is torn apart by her fiancé’s sudden death. The shock of loss and the madness of grief are vividly expressed in writing that is full of light and darkness, sadness and despair. Then, confronted by a series of curious incidences, she opens her mind to a challenging possibility that takes her on a fascinating journey of discovery and ultimately hope. A gripping modern love story that transcends all boundaries.”

~ Juanita Wilson, Writer/Director & Academy Award® Nominee

“I saw Karen go through the experiences described in Till Death Don’t Us Part after her fiancé died. At first, we both thought she was crazy, but it became obvious that something was going on. That strange journey is captured in this riveting story of her being forced accept what that “something” was. It blends her inquisitive nature with her dry, Irish humor, and reminded me once again that her experiences made me believe in things I never thought I could believe in.

~ Alexandra Lipsitz, Filmmaker & Peabody Award Winner

“A news reporter and former diehard skeptic, McCarthy gives us an entertaining, impeccably researched, and brilliantly written page-turner about continuing love after life, that will move, amaze, and provide deep comfort with its glorious, inspiring, and deafening ring of truth.”

~ Jennifer Belle, bestselling author of Going Down and High Maintenance.

“This book’s flowing narrative style makes it hard to put down. As you read the experiences described in this easily read page turner, you find out what made a pragmatic, atheistic, skeptical war correspondent become a true believer in life after death. She shows satisfactorily that indeed consciousness continues and that an individual can communicate with those still on Earth, bringing comfort and a sense of joy that they have survived.”

~ Tricia J. Robertson,  Author of Things You Can Do When You’re Dead, More Things You Can Do When You’re Dead & Former President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research

“This beautifully crafted book addresses one of the major questions in life: ‘What happens when we die?’ Karen starts her journey like many people, from a point of skepticism, but after the pain and grief of losing the man she loved, she provides the reader an insight into her journey to a new reality which helped heal her pain and bring a new dimension to her life through which she could help others. She shows how the message of Spiritualism is transformational to the lives of many thousands of people as they come to understand from an evidence-based approach that death is not the end but rather the gateway to a whole new world.”

~ Minister David R Bruton MBA, President Spiritualists’ National Union & Principal of the Arthur Findlay College

“Karen Frances McCarthy is an extraordinary writer. In Till Death Don’t Us Part she tells a love story with a difference. She has a way of capturing your attention and making small moments memorable with an exquisite turn of phrase. This is a book we can wholeheartedly recommend to the newly-bereaved as well as to the seasoned afterlife researcher. It is guaranteed to make you see so many things in new ways.”

~ Victor and Wendy Zammit, co-authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and the Friday Afterlife Report.

“Whether skeptic or believer, readers of this absorbing memoir will not easily put it down. A riveting read, Karen Frances McCarthy’s memoir lifts the veil off reality hidden from many of us and exposes the larger dimensions of life, love, and the appearance of death. In dialogue with science, psychology, and world religions, her memoir restores faith in the old biblical adage that “love is strong as death.” Readers will come away heartened and fortified for whatever lies ahead and will feel themselves changed by the end of the story, but then part of the author’s point is that there really is no end, only beginnings.”

~ Professor Ernest Rubinstein, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Humanities, NYU School of Professional Studies

“Karen’s journey is an important read for all who seek answers and solace after the loss of a loved one. Karen was a complete skeptic in regard to the phenomena she began experiencing after the death of her beloved fiancé́. Even so, with the eye of a journalist, she began to explore widely divergent possibilities about their cause, including scientific ones, religious, and spiritual. Her colorful way with words makes this book even more inviting and inspirational to those searching for hope and a belief that our loved ones can communicate with us even after death.”

~ Nancy Eubel, Author of Mindwalking, Rewrite Your Past to Create Your Future & former co-executive director of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.


About the author

Karen Frances McCarthy, MA CSNU, is a published author, public speaker, and progressive, Spiritualist medium. Formerly a major media political journalist and war correspondent, she now focuses on writing and speaking about spirituality, existential beliefs, and the philosophy of religion, including belief systems surrounding death, dying, and the afterlife. Her first book, The Other Irish (Sterling, New York, 2011) was supported by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs as part of Ireland’s cross-border peace process; for this work, she was named one of the top Irish female broadcasters who have made an international impact. In television, she produced The Crystal Cave and Alchemy: The Art of Spiritual Transformation for Deepak Chopra.

She holds three Certificates of Recognition in mediumship, spiritual healing, and public speaking from the Spiritualist National Union governing body of the Arthur Findlay College in London where she trained. She has a private mediumship and healing mediumship practice in New York, where she also teaches. She is currently researching a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK and is also working on a non-fiction book about science and spirituality and the search for truth.

Publisher: White Crow Books
Published July, 2020
220 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches or 229 x 152 mm
ISBN 978-1-78677-129-2
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