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An Afterlife Meeting in the Super Human World

The Other World is a vision of the afterlife transmitted from Albert Pauchard, shortly after he passed away in 1934. Pauchard was the president of the Geneva Society for Psychic Studies and it seems his passion for psychical research continued after his death.

In the vein of Elsa Barkerís Letters From a Living Dead Man and Wellesley Tudor Poleís Private Dowding, Pauchard relays his experiences in the manner of a travel writer reporting back from some far-flung land. Here he describes his experience in the ‘Super Human world’ where he meets a divine green entity.

*        *          *          *            *          *          *          *

TODAY I am speaking again. Because of you I came into contact with that lovely Entity. Up till then I had not been interested in the Super Human World. At present I am living through experiences hitherto unknown.

How did I get into contact with Her? By a sort of telepathy consisting of images and impressions. She has not the slightest idea of the articulated language of men. In Her world one does not speak in that manner.

My first impression of Her was that of a mild green light. The atmosphere around Her is delightful. All the music in nature seems to emanate from Her, or surround Her, I do not know exactly which it is.

To describe Her to you as I did with the Great Old Man? Yes, perhaps. But do not forget that the Great Old Man belongs to the human race, which makes all the difference. His appearance, though of a glory I had never experienced hitherto, was nevertheless somewhat familiar to me. Whilst here…. Well I will do my best if you help me with your questions.

She is transparent and ever changing. During Her message, which your mind received in words, I saw it all happening in `symbols’ and `living images’ above Her head.

The reception was not always perfect. Many things became too human. But, nevertheless, she succeeded fairly well considering the great difference of consciousness between you and Her. The essential thing has been well registered and what is still more important the purpose has been attained.

During the transmission her whole being was so intensely alive and vibrating, that it would require a great effort on your part to imagine it. You speak of Angels and Fairies as of something comparatively familiar to you, but you could never imagine the intense vibrations of these Beings. They are so strong that we, here, cannot support them for long…

Human size? Yes. Sometimes She did not give the impression of being smaller than human size. When the apparition took a definite shape, it had the appearance and height of a young girl, tall and very slender. But it also happened that She emerged into Her `aura’ and then her height by far exceeded that of any human being. It became a play of light of ever changing forms, which gave you the impression of `light feet dancing on your consciousness’.

Sometimes She appeared curiously human and gave the impression of actually being dressed in a garment of diaphanous material. It even seemed to me as though She was wearing a wreath of flowers on Her fair, silvery hair…At other times She vanished into Her aura which took the form of a brook. She is a never ending enchantment!

Her colour? I told you already, green, light green. But of a changing light of thousands of gradations. Frequently the colour of the sea penetrated by sunbeams. All the colours are displayed in Her aura, which wraps Her in and gives the impression of being Her garment. A wave of a very tender and delicate green emanates from the region of Her heart when She fixes Her attention upon us, and we feel wrapped in by Her sympathy, for sympathy is the basis of Her being and Her line of development. Animosity is the only thing She does not understand. She has nothing in Her which reacts to such a vibration; She is repulsed by it as by a violent storm!

She is imponderous and everything changes in Her almost continually. Only Her face has not vanished from before my eyes; an adorable, pearl-white face, translucid and illuminated from within. ... No, I cannot remember having seen any feet, but where they should be, I saw some intense luminous vibrations which mounted like magnetic currents along Her form. Sometimes I had the impression of gracefully undulating hands, and with each of their movements vital currents were poured forth, but there was nothing permanent in Her form except on rare moments.’

Her eyes? Very difficult to get an exact idea. At least for me. I saw a look, but to tell the truth, I did not notice the eyes. By the way, this does not only happen with Her. I have seen Angels. Not very often, but I have seen some, and I always was too much absorbed by their luminous radiance and by the reaction of my own soul, to think of analysing what I saw.

However, yes ... you are right. The inner light was considerably stronger through Her eyes. It was also strong, though to a lesser degree, behind Her, where it formed a halo which continually changed its shape, sometimes dragging like clasped wings, sometimes spreading out like a fan.

You know, my friend, I have actually to drag out of myself this poor and very incomplete description.

Her smile? ... Delightful! Radiant! But it is not a human smile. I mean: She does not smile in the way human beings do. It is the smile of a radiant face, intensely alive and expressive. However, it is far more like an `ever changing light’ than a `movement of the muscles’.

The effect of such a contact on the subtle bodies of men is: Poetry.

To be with Her makes one’s heart light and life joyful. Under Her touch all the poetical faculties asleep in us come to life.

Inconceivable to our human understanding is the fact that this Creature of Beauty, Poetry, and joy, this Fairy, roguish and thoughtful at times, should be the one selected to lead those who walk on the road of Abnegation and Sacrifice!

However, one should remember, that metaphorically speaking, those are the substances of which the Gate of Paradise is made.

I have been told that Her work in the future will be connected with the liberation of man through suffering. She will open the door of his prison, the most terrible of all, that of his `separate I’!

But all that belongs to the future.

You do not ask me how She came to you?

She could do it because of a happy combination of your own aspiration with the substance of your wife’s soul. I begin to perceive many things. There exists a link between your mind, my friend, and the World of Angels and Fairies. It is a question of affinity. Your wife has no link, so to say, but she is constituted in a manner that enables her to extend the circumference of her inner being, which thus loses its limits, and comprises many more things than she suspects.

So you benefit by her possibilities. Whilst she, on her side, benefits by the orientation you give them by your faith and aspiration.

It was this, `aspiration’ acting in the `mental sphere’ of your wife, which created the `path of light’ as our Friend Fairy called it, and the `clear stream with pearls’ upon which she came to you.

As you see, many more things happen in the life of an individual than men are capable of appreciating.

It is a priceless experience I have made there, regarding both of you, and it has still further tightened our bond, making it deeper and more poetical.

“An Afterlife Meeting in the Super Human World” is an extract from The Other World: Experiences and Messages Received Telepathically From Albert Pauchard published by White Crow Books and available from Amazon and other bookstores.

The Other World by Albert Pauchard





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